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A1 Pizza and Grill

A1 Pizza and Grill
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Estimated average consumption of $11.86 - $23.72 per person. We offer 305 menus, including Can Soda, 20 oz. Soda, 2-Liter Soda, Bottled Water, Juice, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad and so on.
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A1 Pizza and Grill reviews

By Claudia P. at 2014-08-18

I just got my delivery after ordering through foodler, the food is delicious I got the cheeseburger plate and a steak bomb both are really good:) and their delivery guy was so friendly ...5 stars

By Catherine B. at 2016-09-04

If I could give this place 0 stars I would. I ordered the chicken bacon ranch wrap that was supposed to come with lettuce, tomato and cheese per the description. The wrap that I actually received had 6 pieces of chicken in it with about 1 piece of bacon. If it had actually tasted good I would have looked past the fact that it was not as described and then to add insult to injury the bag of chips that I ordered to go with it were stale. Not only am I very dissatisfied and never ordering from here again I am now still hungry.

By Liz P. at 2016-09-06

I used to order from A1 when my regular place is unavailable, but this is the last time I order. It was late, cold, and I paid way too much money for canned mushroom pizza. Also 10 wings and one sauce container? For a pizza and wings I spent over $40! If it were worth it I would not have minded but I'm tired of paying so much money for poor service and severly lacklustre food quality. Wish I could get my money back, but oh well! Sorry A1, I'm done!

By Patricia B. at 2016-05-13

WARNING! WARNING! Don't order anything from this place. It should be closed down. I ordered a chicken and steak tip dinner , gyro , French fries with honey mustard through Foodler today 5/13/2016. I received a gyro without the Greek sauce, no honey mustard , and a RIB and steak tip dinner instead of the chicken and the steak tip dinner. I called the restaurant and the man answering the phone said " oh that is not good" after I explained. I agreed and told him I didn't eat pork. First he said he would send the right order back right away and then recanted when he realized I ordered from Foodler. He said I had to call them and have them call him? I did, Foodler, called them and he asked them what did I want to do, this is after he already told me they would send the correct order out. After a surreal back and forth he agreed to send my food out. A minute later, Foodler called me back and said he said he doesn't deliver to my area and to call in the morning to talk to the manager for a refund . Yet, the very sweet and professional person from Foodler stated, I will give you 20 dollars in Foodler bucks, apologized for the idiot on the phone. In my mind I am saying I paid 19 dollars for a meal I did not order and can not eat and it's their fault but I am supposed to suck it up? I congratulate Foodler, and I pray the owner has better common sense then his staff because I will mail them their food back before I take a 20 dollar loss from incompetent staff!

By Mary W. at 2014-04-15

Ordered through Foodler while I was in Boston for PAX over the weekend. Couple things:

1. The person who answered the phone when we called to verify delivery was extremely rude and refused to even answer our question about whether the order had been put out for delivery yet.
2. The pizza wasn't bad, to be fair, but it was lukewarm, not sure if that was foodler or the restaurant though.
3. The antipasto salad I got was disgusting and had spoiled lunch meat on it. Also who puts baloney on a antipasta salad? But honestly disgusting, the lunch meat was bad, the lettuce was brown in places and their idea of "italian" dressing was olive oil in a plastic container. I threw the whole thing out.

Next time I'll just order chain pizza when I'm at the BCEC.

By Anna C. at 2014-01-13

I ordered on Foodler the other night and was surprised by the speed at which they delivered my order. However, the accuracy was far from correct. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and received a "regular" cheeseburger with no bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion or any condiments for that matter. I don't know in what world that constitutes a burger but it was rather sad that I paid money for something so unlike any burger I have ever had.

If only that were not the end of this... When I called to ask about the order the man who answered the phone was very rude the conversation went a little like this:

ME: I explained that the order I was sent was incorrect and missing bacon...
The Guy: in a harsh tone "What do you want me to do about it?"
ME: Silence then "Um.."
The Guy: "Well what do you want me to do about it? Send you bacon?"
ME: "Maybe a refund?"
The Guy: "I'll call Foodler and give you a refund on your missing Bacon."

He then hung up on me before I could even respond. I did receive the refund within the next few hours but, I will never order from them again.

Customer service is VERY IMPORTANT and this man should not be answering the phone, the sub-par burger would have been no big deal because the calzone was rather tasty.... but if as a company, you have people who are answering the phones that are rude to the customers they do not need my money.

By Dan S. at 2014-04-09

This place is awful. Waited over an hour and a half for my pizza to arrive. When it did, it was lukewarm. I had to microwave food that was not yet even leftovers. To top it off, this is probably the worst slice of pizza I've had in Boston. Avoid at all costs.

By Kevin C. at 2013-02-19

i called and ordered from a1 grill and was late not tomention ice cold proportions arent the best and never will order agian

By Aboud Y. at 2012-03-08

Ordered from A1 a few times and its not bad. Their steak and cheese sandwiches and cheeseburgers were borderline 4 star..

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