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Across the Street

Across the Street
  • Street 668 Highland Ave Ne
  • City Atlanta
  • Region Georgia
  • Postcode 30312
  • Telphone (404) 781-0931
  • Opentime
  • Raging (279)
  • Website
  • Cuisine Mexican
Across the Street introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.8 - $13.6 per person. We offer 54 menus, including Caesar, Summer Salad, Taco Salad, Plain Ol'Cheese, Bean & Cheese, Tomato & Spinach, Spinach & Mushroom and so on.
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Across the Street reviews

By Kristin R. at 2016-12-04

The location it's self is amazing. Loving the decor.
As far as the food I don't have enough words to describe how amazing it was. I had the chicken and biscuits and couldn't get enough of it. Very large portion.

By Kelly J. at 2016-07-14

I went here once and had the fajitas, and was so impressed that they branched away from the traditional fajitas of just onions and peppers (theirs have spinach, sweet potato, plantains, mushroom, peppers, onions, corn... really nice combo).

However last night I went back and was so disappointed.
1) The chicken on my fajitas was dry - it looked like it was cooked and cut 4 hours prior
2) They served the guacamole ($$$$9!!!) on top of lettuce. Have you TRIED to scoop guacamole off of lettuce? It does not work well. Plus I feel totally scammed on how much guac I received for $9 freaking dollars.
3) My friend got the tacos - tried chicken, steak, and pork. She said they were not good. I tried and agreed. There was nothing special about the toppings, the chicken was dry. If you serve mexican, you at least need to make a good taco.

You guys are officially off my list of restaurants to eat at in Inman Park area.

By Sajani P. at 2016-05-06

I went for Cinco de Mayo and it was just okay. I'd potentially give this place one more try on a non "holiday" just because it has potential and an awesome outdoor seating area.

- VERY VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY. They can sub tofu or TVP (some vegetable protein crumble thing) into almost anything. It was kindof nice to get Mexican food with some other filling than beans for one.
- Strong margs (the house marg had everclear in it...)
- Decent prices
- Super nice outdoor seating
- Really wonderful staff (Reggie is probably one of the most fun waitresses I've ever had)
- Pretty fast service (especially considering it was Cinco de Mayo)
- Pet friendly patio

- There is no parking lot so it's all street which can be tough in the Inman Park area
- No free chips and salsa (it's basically expected at Mexican restaurants)
- The food was just meh. I got Tofu and TVP tacos. The tofu tacos were pretty good but the TVP had a weird charred taste (but not in a good way). My friends also got the jalapeno brisket mac and cheese and it was all types of weird. First, the brisket and the mac and cheese weren't was more of brisket with a side of mac and cheese. Second, the mac and cheese tasted like it had been made with pickled/powdered/funky jalapenos. It didn't really taste good. Also, the salsa that comes with the queso is pretty bad. It's watery and not recommend. The queso was okay...I've definitely had better.

Like I said, I would give this place one more try just because the margaritas were pretty good and because I think cinco de mayo may not have been the best day to get an honest judgement of the place.

By Ashlee B. at 2016-06-23

I thought I was going to love this place. I ended up liking it just fine.

I visited this past Sunday because I was looking for a dog-friendly place to enjoy a boozy brunch. Though they didn't have bottomless mimosas here, the menu prices seemed reasonable so I figured there would be some drink specials to take advantage of.

Well, when we got there the menu vaguely resembled the one I'd seen online when making my decision, but the prices were nearly double! $16 for chilaquiles?!

We wanted to start off with some bellinis, but all the brunch drinks were $8. Not what I was anticipating, but for $8 maybe they'll come in a mason jar or something sizable, right? Nope. $8 for tiny champagne flutes. Our next round of drinks--the bartender's spin on a mimosa with tequila, simple syrup, and grapefruit--came in much more reasonably sized pint glasses and were the same price.

I ordered the migas with onion, jalapeno, and bacon. The bacon seemed undercooked and the eggs had almost no flavor as well as some burnt parts, but the fresh pico and refried beans on the side were great! My friend had the chicken and biscuits and seemed to like it.

I got the sense that everyone dining there was part of some secret club that we weren't in on--people were ordering chips and salsa and lunch items while we'd only been given a brunch menu to look at, others received bottles of champagne and little carafes of orange juice while we were paying $8 for a single drink.

I will say our server was wonderful. He made great recommendations, checked back on us often, and even grabbed me a side of housemade habanero hot sauce when I asked for something to add to the unfortunately bland eggs.

I'd consider going back if I was in the area, but I definitely wouldn't go out of my way to dine here.

By Mick S. at 2016-12-02

Obviously the owners are out of town (because we've had beautiful experiences otherwise) ..... we ordered a Texas margarita but instead received a vodka/oj. Extremely disappointing. When we called them out, they acted stupid. Then brought us "free" shots of tequila..... no bueno.

By Rusty T. at 2016-04-10

The Crab Benidict was good but the Rancheros left something to be desired for $12.
Ask for Omar, he is the best.

By Amanda K. at 2015-06-30

This was my second visit to Across the Street and I've always had a really great experience.

The Service:
The two times I've been were at off-peak times and I seriously had some of the BEST service I could ask for. My waiters have always been especially friendly. I even overheard a waiter ask a diner if he wanted to borrow his sunglasses because he noticed him squinting.

The Food:
They have really unique menu offerings - definitely a twist on your normal Mexican fare. Thing are a tiny bit pricier though. I really love the fajitas (they have plantains and sweet potatoes!) And Tuesdays are $2 tacos!

The Atmosphere:
It's all about the patios! Very fun, casual, laid back atmosphere.

You may have to drive around just a little bit to find street parking.

By Jahmin L. at 2015-03-26

So, let me start with the positives: I love the location of the restaurant and the laid back atmosphere. Additionally, the wait staff is very welcoming and attentive.

However, I'd have to say that the food left something to be desired. I opted for the three taco plate and ordered a combination of three different tacos--pulled pork, fried tilapia and chipotle shrimp. The one that confused me the most was the fried tilapia taco. I was expecting your typical fish taco but instead, I received one large piece of fried tilapia with a tortilla wrapped around it. I couldn't even finish it. The shrimp taco was just meh...the flavors weren't memorable...basically, nothing to write home about. The only item I would consider ordering again was the pulled pork taco, but there are several other places in Atlanta where you can get amazing pulled pork tacos.

I will go back to Across the Street if I'm just going to have a couple drinks on a patio, but it's not my choice for good tacos. Sorry.

By Hana C. at 2016-04-06

Why I went: My friend and I were looking for a dog friendly place to eat at and we came across this restaurant.

Parking: We parked on Sampson Street which is. 5-7 minute walk from the restaurant. They do not have a parking lot, so you will have to park on the street or nearby neighborhoods located not too far away. I never seem to have trouble finding a spot in this area though, just FYI.

Service: Our waiter, bartender and other people working there were so nice!

Setting: The vibe was great-- very chill and laid back. The setup was great! I loved their hippie vibe with their paintings and colors they had on their walls. Their music was awesome too. They were playing 80s hits and I loveeeee 80s music, so I was jamming while I was eating my tacos.

Food: We ordered fish tacos and house margaritas. Their drinks were on point! I definitely recommend going in and at least trying their drinks. Their food was okay. I don't know if it was because 30 minutes until closing time, but their tacos were dry and seemed to be missing an ingredient like maybe some sauce.

Overall: I enjoyed my time there, music was great, people were great and they didn't rush is out either which I can appreciate. Just wish their food was yummy so I could give them 5 stars!

Would I go again: I would go again, but with a full stomach and only ordering drinks.

By Danielle P. at 2016-04-24

This was truly an awesome experience, loved the seating in the back, breezy, but shaded, music was nice, very chill vibe. Drinks were on point, had a mimosa which is not your typical mimosa, this one had vodka and was big, but it was very very good. But what I really loved was #Migas! I absolutely love migas and they had a very good one. I will definitely come back again!

By Lauren R. at 2015-09-16

We came here for a post bachelorette party recuperation brunch. They sat us immediately with our reservation outside on the porch. The decor is eclectic and feels like a little hole in the wall spot. The menu has all your Mexican favorites, plus some brunch twists. The margaritas were fantastic! Highly recommend.

The food was also that sort of really good tex mex variety that makes you feel satisfied and greasy in the best way. I had the nachos and they were enormous! The only downsides were that the service was pretty terrible. Our waitress was really nice and personable, but they must have been understaffed that day because she was also the bartender and the only one covering tables outside. I doubt this is her fault, but it made everything run extremely slow and we were there for 2.5 hours.

Overall, solid Mexican spot, but don't expect anything fancy!

By Bre B. at 2016-03-23

My husband and I are avid ScoutMob users and wanted to try something different. You can never go wrong with Mexican food right? Well, this was just ok. Let's start with the service. Friendly staff but they seemed a bit overwhelmed as they were helping tables inside as well as outside. We didn't feel like we got the level of service or attention we normally would at our regular Mexican spot. The food was average, nothing to write home about. We shared the chicken and steak fajitas. The steak was extremely chewy. The trio which consisted of guacamole, queso, and pico saved the day, however my margarita tasted like an overload of simple syrup with a splash of lime juice. We won't be going bck here, but we were happy we had an opportunity to save money on dinner.

By Pablo S. at 2016-03-26

Outstanding breakfast. The Pan Perdido is there version of French Toast which was great. The Fish and grits is very good as well. Everything we had was very good.
Servers are excellent.

By Maura M. at 2016-08-19

Roaches in the food, $10 for congealed queso , no fans useful fans on a sweltering patio, what's not to love? Some friends wanted to go there for dinner and I love the highlands so I just assumed this spot would be nice too. Wrong. It is not Mexican, more like a broke college kid putting whatever is in the fridge together and calling it Mexican, then charging $15 for it. The quac is literally a bowl full of lettuce and a tiny dollop of actual guac. Did I mention the queso is cold, gross and TEN dollars? And then my girlfriends taco plate had a dead roach in it! Disgusting! I'm only giving two stars because the server was nice but other then that this place is a hot, overpriced, and gross.

By Tiffany P. at 2015-05-30

Today was one of those days where everything was aligned in such a way that this review merits five (5) stars! The parking was perfect. The short jaunt from the roadside to the restaurant's entry was pleasant. The moment we entered into ATS the calm and coolness captured me.

We made our way to the middle of the front room where a few of the servers were standing around. We were greeted by a nicely bearded server who offered us our choice of seating--front area or back patio. We initially ventured to the covered back patio, but upon reaching it we were overtaken by Hotlanta's heat and humidity. We decided to take a table in the air-conditioned front area. Fortunately, we were the only party inside. No crowding, no problem.

There was island music waifing throughout that instantly was reminiscent of being inside Bahama Breeze. It was clean, calm and comfortable inside. Our server was very amicable, helpful, patient, and overall awesome at what he does. We were told we missed brunch and when I asked if the menu was the same he offered me to look at the separate brunch menu for future reference.

My party all ordered something different from each other with the exception of myself and my oldest. However, I had an add-on to mine wherein she ventured slightly from the dish by taking off a few of the accouterments included.

The food was delicious! The flavors within my dish complimented so well my mouth had a calypso party on its own! Literally my food tasted so good I passed on the opportunity to taste my husband's dish because I didn't want to ruin my good thing. Plus, I fell in like with the place I already had my mind set to return and knew I would order something altogether different for the adventure of it!

The prices were reasonable as far as Mexican is concerned. Complimentary chips and salsa abound in these type of establishments so when something like exceptional tasting salsa comes into play you take notice. ATS salsa was slammin'! It had just the right amount of kick. Not only was the salsa hittin', our server started us off with a separate dipping bowl for each of us. No double-dipping-cooties necessary! He also planted two baskets of chips off-center for a party of our size. No "pardon-my-reach" to grab chips while waiting on the entrees to arrive.

Which brings me to the wait. The expeditious service from sit down to entree serving time was super fast! We haven't had such quick service within a Mexican restaurant since our go to spot back in Winter Park, FL.

All in all, this will get repeat visits from us. More than likely I will come for brunch and again for 'linner' I'm sure.

By Randall G. at 2016-07-24

Hour wait (after being seated) for okay lukewarm food (3 mistakes in our party of 13 and canceled drinks after 30 minutes) with tons of attitude.

By Garrett M. at 2016-07-30

Atmosphere was nice. Food was between meh and blah. Don't order the crawfish tacos. Waitress attitude comes free with a side of eye rolls.

By Kubi K. at 2016-06-25

We were there for breakfast as a family with kids. The waitress was the rudest ever. She threw the extra utensils to the table when we asked clean ones. The coffee cup had stains from the previous customer. Not even washed. When we complained about it she rolled her eyes and left table. We left without waiting for our orders.

By D P. at 2016-01-10

Service was good our waiter was very friendly and attentive.

Food presentation is excellent! The food itself was okay. It wasn't bad but I wasn't blown away. I had a steak tostada and my friend had the. Chicken enchilada. The tostada itself was good but there was some white sauce drizzled all over which I did not enjoy.

Salsa trip was egh. Didn't care for the queso or traditional salsa but the gauc was good!

All in all it was okay. Prices are kind of high and menu is limited.

By Jenifer W. at 2016-06-12

Guacamole bowl was 3/4 full of lettuce, CHEAP. food was ok, then we see the waiter and chefs having a food fight in kitchen with lettuce, only to pick it up off the floor and place back in the serving bin. This place is no Bueno, stay on the other side of the street.

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