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Adrian's Pizza
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We offer 38 menus, including 4 Cheese Pizza, Archy Pizza, Bacon Cheddar & Fries Pizza, Bacon Chicken Ranch Pizza, Barbeque Pizza, BLT, Broccoli And Chicken Pizza and so on.
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By Lauren P. at 2016-10-30

Molly's is one of our staples. It always has solidly good pizza though does tend to be a bit greasy. It deliver to our house in Brookline and you have to call to order. The Molly sticks are really good too because they're huge.

By Jennifer B. at 2016-05-18

Solid, delicious pizza. Get the deep dish it's sooooo good. Tip - check for coupons - they usually have a ton floating around online or in mailers or magazines. They had a $3 off any deep dish - soooo good. I've also had the margarita pizza and their hoagies (the meatball and the turkey) too which are pretty tasty. The Molly's cheese sticks is actually like a small pizza - really tasty if you order it as an app you might be too full for your actual pizza. Molly's never disappoints.

By Liv F. at 2016-06-14

Ordered from Molly's a few times now and all the food I've had has been pretty good so far. They have a nice menu - wings, hoagies, pasta, salads - I'm a fan of their chicken salad! I feel like it's a bit on the pricey side, but considering the food and service has been good, it's worth it to me.

Update: tried their Stromboli and I liked it - my picky eating 6 yr old even ate some of it.

By Victoria S. at 2016-01-15

I have yet to have anything to have anything bad about this place. My family has been ordering from Mollys for quite some time. The pizza is good, the salads are good, and the pasta is good. For what you get for the price it has always been decent for us and for a pizza joint. The gravy fries are a must when you order. And the delivery is usually faster then what they say. I have had only one negative experience when I was put on hold and forgotten about, but being that it was a game night and it was probably very busy, I'm not holding that against them seeing as it hasn't happened since. When we went there to eat, the staff was very attentive and tried to make us as comfortable as they could and were very nice. When I order take out they are always offering to help me to the car. I'm a glutton for etiquette. But yah. For a local pizza place, it's a thumbs up.

By Mike L. at 2016-05-02

Tell me why we waited so long to call Molly's again. I reviewed Molly's in April 2014, gave it a positive review and... never called them again for some odd reason. We were at a neighbor's house the other day and they said that Molly's was their favorite pizza. Hmmm, I remember Molly's!

So tonight my lovely bride suggested that we call Molly's and try their deep dish pizza. The young lady on the other end of the phone was pleasant enough. The estimate was forty minutes, the delivery person pulled up right on time.

The pizza itself is quite good, I have traveled to Chicago many times, Molly's has gotten Chicago style deep dish pizza right, or certainly as close as any pizza shop in Pittsburgh should be expected to. The sauce is spicy and a little sweet, the toppings were generous and the crust was just right.

We won't wait five years for out next pizza from here!

By Benjamin P. at 2016-04-21

This place closes at 10. We order at 8:52 and give us delivery time of 40 mins. The person was new and had to change our address but other than that was very pleasant. At 9:50 we call no answer we call at 9:52, 9:54 and again at 9:56 till my phone just gives up hope of anyone coming to our food hungry aid and hangs itself up at 9:59. Obviously my phone has come to the realization that in my best guess is that whoever is closing this place is just laughing at the phone ringing while pleasing himself into their ingredients, who knows? What else are they doing with the time they could be making what I'm sure are delicious hoagies. Who knows? All I know is that it's 10:11 and my pregnant friend and her husband and hungry child are sitting at home watching tv wishing their stomachs were full!

By Ang S. at 2014-02-11

Just like I don't prefer ordering a pad thai from a chinese restaurant - similarly I don't prefer ordering anything but pizza from a Pizza Restaurant. This was one of the first place that people recommended when I moved to the neighborhood and so far we've ordered numerous times from here. I'm not much of a meat lover - so I almost always order Fresh Mushroom Pizza and it's always been hot, fresh and great!

The only issue I have with this place is I get price differently (a dollar up or down) even when I order the same item. I know they have specials on certain days but I usually end up ordering on the same days. I guess I'll have to ask them why the next time I order which I'm sure will be soon.

By Amy B. at 2016-02-20

The white pizza and Sicilian are consistently great. Yelp said this isn't long enough so I will say it again. I love their white pizza and Sicilian. Yum

By J L. at 2016-08-18

Molly's Pizza just lost a longterm customer. There was a mealy worm in my french fries. When I called manager was not nice, challenging me...etc. Not interested in the fact how or why they may have bugs, had to argue to even get a refund on fries.

By April M. at 2015-10-30

Molly's Pizza is consistently very good. We've been ordering from them for years and have never had a bad item. I love their white specialty pizzas like spinach and feta. Other favorites are the Italian hoagie, sausage sandwich, chicken salad, fried zucchini and wings. My only complaint is that more often than not, the wait for delivery is over an hour. It's worth waiting for and we just plan ahead to not be starving by the time it gets delivered.

By Nichole M. at 2014-08-21

Guess who's back... back again... Nix is back... tell yer' friends. The self proclaimed Pizza Princess is here to review an entirely new neighborhood of pizza!! I hope you've got your Pittsburgh pizza pants on and are poised and prepared to party! (Alliteration gives me chills!)

Truth bomb: South Hills pizza may be outdoing Pittsburgh's "Little Italy" (Bloomfield) by a long shot. Once of the most recommended and most delicious is Molly's. I've ordered from them for delivery twice now in the almost month I've been "Beech-livin'" and I'm a happy customer, to say the least. Quick efficient staff on the phone, about 45min/1 hour delivery time on average, and a slightly below par website (menus are difficult to view).

On to the pizza... Hello, beautiful! A chewier crust, nice and thin though. I ordered extra cheese (because I love my cheese) but I always try to keep my first sacred slices plain. I let it sit for a little while to cool down as I don't particularly love a piping hot slice. The cheese was flavorful and the sauce was on the lighter side, which I prefer.

A true test of my pizza scoring would be the "Tomorrow Slices." What is a Tomorrow Slice you may ask... a Tomorrow Slice is that coveted slice of pizza you eat the next day (I prefer mine cold or room temperature.) and savor the true taste once all the ingredients have had time to mingle. The last time we ordered from them we decided to switch it up and go with subs. We heard great things about the Pittsburgh Peppercorn Cheesesteak and I stuck with my standby of Buffalo Chicken.

I've not had a single thing from them that I don't like, the people are always courteous and efficient. I can't ask for more in a local pizza shop.

By Dan P. at 2016-02-15

The pizza was good, but the three stars is due to the fact I used their coupon for an xlarge cheese pizza it was supposed to be for 11.99 and i asked to add pepperoni which i agreed to pay for and they charged me for it, upon arrival i received a cheese pizza so I paid for something I did not get.

By Ashley L. at 2014-09-15

I've gotten molly's in the past and it was pretty good. However, I ordered it tonight and never received my food. I called and the same girl who answered the first time initially blamed it on me giving her the wrong phone number (I never gave her a number, which I felt was strange considering they generally ask for one). Once it was established that the food was taken to the wrong place she insisted that they would have it delivered to me soon. No apology was offered. I have now been sitting her for ANOTHER hour! It's a good thing I had some chicken defrosting.

By Shana D. at 2015-05-26

Not sure if mollys changed their sauce but it's super salty and tastes like it was picked up at a Sam's club. They used to have amazing sauce. The cheese seems cheap and the normal crust is super thin. They do not shortcut on pizza toppings which is great . Been ordering here for ten years but will have to move on after giving them several shots recently.

By James D. at 2014-05-26

Really disappointed in this place after reading so many previous Yelp reviews that were so positive. Bottom line was the pizza and cheese sticks we had were less than mediocre. I have high pizza expectations as it is my favorite food and has been for forty years and Molly's just doesn't stand up. No crispness to the crust...very floppy. Sausage is grated? No where near enough cheese especially on the cheese bread...ahem...cheese bread...hellllloooo? It should be covered in cheese. See my pics. One positive...inexpensive and fast...but you get what you pay for.

By Rachel C. at 2012-12-13

I would never say I"m a pizza connoisseur, but I know what kind I like. I do not like Pizza Hut, a hot greasy mess. I thought Slice on Broadway in Beechview tasted like cardboard. But I love Adrian's in Bloomfield because they have crazy concoctions. So you can trust me, I've been around the pizza block.

For Molly's, I needed a couple tastes. I went in when it had just changed over from Adrian's, and I think I was just pissed they changed ownership, so I didn't like it. I've been twice more since moving to Dormont and I can confidently say I'm a fan! I like pizza that has a lot of sauce and a doughy crust. This pizza has both! Plus, they have fresh mushroom toppers, which is a plus considering a lot of places will throw on that canned crap. Ew!

This last time we also tried their Molly's bread. It's ooey gooey cheesy bread and it was good. A bit greasy, but greasy in a good way and not a gross way, I promise! They also include a huge cup of sauce, which is a plus on my part because I love extra sauce!

Thank god I can put faith in this joint's pizza once again!

By Darren W. at 2012-11-10

Molly's Pizza just continues to impress and impress. With my Baby Doll away for the weekend, I dined last night with my parents, whose NEW pizza delivery vehicle is Molly's.

Molly's now has a deep-dish pie that comes with cured tomatoes and is doughy, cheesy divinity. Some say that no pizza purveyor has the right to offer more than one style of pizza pie. Molly's has overturned that rule.

Also worth ordering: The crispy, wafer-thin strips of deep-fried eggplant.

Support Molly's for she is mighty.

By Halstead M. at 2015-03-06

Mediocre food. Terrible customer service. So many great pizza places in Dormont and Beechview. Go to ANY other pizza place in the area.

By Ashley K. at 2014-06-21

Not your average chain pizza. Homemade, flavorful, delicious. I really enjoy Molly's!

By Natalie P. at 2014-12-21

The best pizza in Pittsburgh by a landslide. The Pierogi pizza is THE BOMB! And the Ranchero Steak really hits the spot. The pizza place is original with a capital O. Also, the staff are very well mannered and efficient. I've never had to wait over 15 minutes! Hallelujah!!!!!

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