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We offer 135 menus, including Brew Pub Pretzels & Beer Cheese Dip, Green Bean Crispers, Appetizer Sampler, Queso Blanco, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Classic Wings, Cheeseburger Sliders and so on.
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By Mina K. at 2016-11-28

I haven't been to an Applebee's in about a decade but since they revamped their menu, my boyfriend wanted to give them a shot.

We didn't have to wait to be seated at 5pm on a Saturday and our server was friendly. We started with the Mozzarella Sticks ($7.99) which did not disappoint. I also had an OK cocktail called Bourbon & Berries ($7.99). While waiting we played the trivia game on the touchscreen.. although it makes time go faster, it does repeat some questions and you can find better trivia online for free. The games cost 99 cents so keep your kid away from the screen if you don't want to pay.

The Thai Shrimp Salad ($10.99) does not look much like the photo. There was barely any lettuce; it was mostly the white rib and small shreds of cabbage with a couple wonton strips only garnishing the plate. There was not much in general. Although it tasted good there was too much pepper. I would have preferred some fresh chilies but I know the clientele here wouldn't be able to handle that. My boyfriend's Brunch Burger with fries was the same price so I felt a little cheated. I know that there is a significant mark up for dishes containing shrimp but there were plenty; just give me more lettuce!

By Ashley S. at 2016-11-22

So this was a couple of nights ago .. Sunday to be exact. Tabitha was bartending but we came for late night apps which she was great but at 10:45 the tvs went off which we thought was strange and the manager kept eyeing us because we were the last table in the place.. and when I got up to ask the bartender when they closed because it started to get awkward she said we closed at 11 and we were fine.. at 10:58 we walked out the door and I didn't even get off the sidewalk before the manager had turned the outside lights off. I've never seen such horrible service and it wasn't even service i don't understand how he is managing.

By Serious R. at 2016-04-24

Great service, short wait time even on busy Saturday night. Waitress was amazing, manager accommodating and nice.
Food came out cold like it was in the fridge, should have been hot. The replacement came out, noticed hair in the food. I couldn't even attempt to eat at this point. Manager took it off the bill. While my family is finishing their food, 3 tables around us were also Sending there cold pasta back, another had a very fatty steak and the third had uncooked chicken steps.
I wish them luck. I'll never visit again.

By Heather L. at 2015-11-27

Service was excellent. However my brother and I both ordered the 4-cheese Mac and Cheese with chicken tenders. I got sick. Am still sick and my brother was sick too. There was for sure something wrong with it. Ugh.

By Jamie L. at 2016-01-17

The service isn't bad, but the food is bad. We got the Spinach/Artichoke Dip & chips for an appetizer and the chips were basically inedible due to salt. The waitress said that they had complaints but nothing was done. You could pick up a chip and see salt caked on it. It was so gross. I ordered the Brisket Enchiladas and they kind of reminded me of a TV Dinner. Everything seemed half done and we'll worth missing.

By Julie I. at 2015-03-21

Found plastic in my salad & while the manager offered me free dessert the rest of the meal was greasy & tasteless.

By Christie P. at 2015-11-11

the food was ok but the service sucked.. we had to tell the waiter 3 times for a high chair, we had to wait forever to even order our drinks, let alone our food. my father in law ordered a bacon cheeseburger and only got: meat, cheese, and a bun. the waiter didn't even offer to take it off the bill. just overall a bad experience..

By Buck J. at 2013-12-03

Don't know what's happened to this place, but the kitchen staff needs to be fired.

Went there last week, ordered the Marsala Mushroom Sirloin 9oz. Medium Rare. Food came out, my wife's pasta dish was stone cold. My steak was raw in the middle, and the mushrooms were not cooked. It's like they had slapped the steak on the plate, pored sauce on it, then sliced cold uncooked mushrooms on top of that.

Our waitress was very nice, and took our plates back to the kitchen. 20 minutes later, the food came back out. My wife's pasta dish was as hot as boiling water. They had completely redone my dish, but this time it was way over cooked and dry. Not to mention they stuck a 7 oz steak on the plate instead of the 9oz.

I noticed there was a new manager. The time we went there before this, I ordered a steak and it came all fat and grissel. The manager back then, took my plate back, made sure a good steak delivered back to me, and took the whole thing off the bill with an apology. Now that was good service, but apparently no more.

By Jason H. at 2012-12-05

I feel weird giving your typical Applebee's four stars, but there aren't a ton of options in Midland so this one is a go-to. It always seemed to be awesome as well, moreso than any other Applebee's I've been to. Who knows why that is, but this is a solid choice if you're ever in The City of Modern Explorers.

By Pedro C. at 2012-06-03

My sister, one of our friends, and myself all decided we would try Applebee's in Midland because usually it is always a safe choice. It was around 6PM so we only had a 15 minute wait which was not really bad.

I honestly feel that because Applebee's has been around for so long and pretty much has become a permanent fixture in small town America that has given them reason to get cocky and just totally relax when it comes to their food.

Our waitress brought my sister the wrong cocktail but seemed very apologetic, and that is ok I guess, but it really is not that hard to actually listen to what your customers are ordering....hey and you can even write it down if you do not trust yourself or your memory right?

My sister and I decided to get the pick 2 for $20 and I ordered the Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp, which for the record looked amazing on the menu. When our food came a really creepy waiter says "WHO ORDERED THE BEST DISH IN THE HOUSE?" I raised my hand to let the server who kept staring at me the entire time we were at Applebee's hands me the plate and states "You should have ordered the Red Skin Mashed Potatoes" I had no idea that was even an option, guess our server totally forgot.

So I looked down at the plate, actually a very dirty greasy cast ironed skillet with the smallest thinnest piece of chicken and the smallest shrimp I had ever seen. The cut up potatoes were actually very dry and looked like they were cooked probably 2 hours before we arrived....the entire plate was covered in grease and I was only able to take 2 bites of chicken, one shrimp and one potato before I decided it was not worth the grease that was going to be coating my stomach.

Our server came up and asked if I wanted a box and I responded that I would never take this home with me...she did not seemed phased. What I found very funny is the other server claimed it was the "BEST MEAL IN THE HOUSE" I guess he has never eaten anywhere besides that greasy establishment.

Six hours after eating my meal, I became violently ill, I truly feel I had food poisoning but never bothered to contact Applebee's, because I know the only thing the Manager would do is offer me a free meal at his establishment and I value my health more than a free greasy dinner.

I would not recommend this dish to anyone. I do not want to say that everything Applebee's serves is bad, but I was very surprised on the quality of their Best Dish.

By A H. at 2011-12-08

Very pleasant atmosphere, with a lot of nice local touches and decor. We were shown to a table which was pretty noisy, but the staff cheerfuly moved us to a very nice and quieter table.

But--our meals were pretty disappointing. One person complained that his chicken meal was very salty; I found the steak to be quite tough. We were hoping to make this our Go To place for a homey takeout meal... but Applebees definitely didn't cut it. When I've eaten at other Applebees locations, the food has been much better.

By Shirley G. at 2012-03-16

Our second visit since the renovation and sadly still very disappointing. We started by ordering a Sam Adams Lager which we told the staff was actually Cherry Wheat! We were told we must be mistaken as they did not sell Cherry Wheat. After insisting they check the barrel..they acknowledged that it was indeed Cherry Wheat. My coffee cup was half refilled and I was told more coffee would take 10 minutes...why even bother to give a customer a half cup of old coffee?

We ordered the chili lime shrimp and a shrimp and spinach salad. After 30 minutes it arrived but the shrimp and vege's were cold and had to be sent back. Another 15 minute wait...and still no food. We decided to get the check and leave just as the Manager appeared all too late with our food. there were apologies and our one beer and coffee comped..but we will not be going back.

By Kermit K. at 2010-08-14

Typical Applebee's but compared to the bars and restaurants in the immediate area, it wins hands down. Rarely had a problem and when I did they were quick to fix it or accommodate me.

By Joshua M. at 2013-01-12

Horrible food and slow service. I don't think I have ever had a good meal at Applebees, but this one was really bad. 45 minutes before getting food. Was overcooked and cold.

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