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Auntie Anne's Pretzels

Auntie Anne's Pretzels
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We offer 9 menus, including Sweet and Savoury Pretzels, Pretzel Dogs, Dips, Fresh Lemonade, Soft Drinks Including Dutch Ice Frozen Drink, Coffee, Ice Cream and so on.
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Auntie Anne's Pretzels reviews

By Matthew U. at 2014-08-25

Fast and efficient are these busy little bees. Located below the food court in the mall, it kind of wraps around the one escalator. There always seems to be a customer waiting here, but that is a good sign that they are doing brisk business.

The only reason I am giving three stars here is because it's basic. Basic pretzel, basic soda, basic sauces.

By Lori D. at 2015-12-13

I visited Auntie Anne's while my kids were visiting with Santa at the Ross park mall. My daughter wanted to watch how the pretzel's were made. I quickly noticed that that the girl making the pretzels was not wearing gloves. When she saw us watching her she got an attitude. She then gave her friends a free drink and pretzels.

By Justine K. at 2015-12-27

I don't know what has become of this place, but it's far from what it once was. Today the high school student bad attitude gang working ruined my family's Ross Park Mall tradition of getting pretzels. I'm not expecting stellar customer service or gourmet pretzels, but I do expect respect and semi-fresh pretzels. The leader of white trash pretzel makers/cashiers gave us cold, hard pretzels and then made a bizarre scene when we asked for them to be replaced. When we returned to pick up the "fresh" pretzels after the 7 minutes they advised, none of the 5 girls working remembered us even though I had my drink in hand and we had just been there. The main girl we had been interacting with started yelling "IT'S A PRETZEL! IT'S A PRETZEL!" It's odd, they had lots of time to talk to and give pretzels to their friends behind the stand, but were rude and short with every customer in line.

By Justine J. at 2013-06-26


Only location that I know who has this, AND accepts the stamp cards. Service is hit or miss, but them pretzels make up for it! Too bad the pretzels are made of butter and crisco :/

By Jennifer S. at 2014-03-08

The line is always long but god, the original pretzels with cheese sauce are worth it.

The main location is on the upper level near Macy's. This one is usually the freshest but it is more crowded. The other location is in the middle of the lower level near Abercrombie & Fitch. Still pretty fresh and smaller lines. Take a firm stance in the line though because for some reason no one here knows how the lines are supposed to form and will casually cut even if you've been waiting longer.

By Sal G. at 2009-12-04

After my recent, sub-par pretzel the other day at the Robinson Township Mall, I was quite amazed to get such a delectable treat at the Ross Park Mall. There are at least three different "stalls" at the Ross Park Mall, but they all have their own ovens to cook the pretzels. People know this and each of the locations is packed. The salt pretzel that I got was soft and slightly sweet on the interior with a slight crunch on the exterior. Just the right amount of salt. This is what a pretzel SHOULD taste like -- when blown up to exaggerated sizes.

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