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Baba Ghanouj
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Estimated average consumption of $5.35 - $10.7 per person. We offer 59 menus, including Fountain Drink, Canned Soda, Hot Tea, Coffee, Iced Green Tea with Rose Water, Iced Zahra, Rose Water Lemonade and so on.
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By Jason A. at 2016-07-14

What in the fuck is wrong with Milwaukee Yelpers? Do you work really hard to try to find something wrong with a local business? Because of your idiocy, this is why we have Chipotle everywhere and not amazing locally owned places like this.

This place is phenomenal. My wife and I went on a Friday and had some of the best Mediterranean food we've had in a while. Everything was made fresh, and the service was fantastic. The value for your money is excellent. We ate a complete dinner, and were stuffed, for under $20.

If back in the Milwaukee area, I'd head straight to Baba Ghanouj. Don't listen to the other idiots who are reviewing this place on Yelp.

By Amber L. at 2016-07-27

We used a Groupon which was an excellent and inexpensive way to try this place out. Being a Friday night around 7 pm, it wasn't that busy and we sat down right away. Here you find the table you want, someone brings you water, and a server takes your order. I thought it would be more of fast food type of scenario.

I knew I was going to try the veggie platter and my boyfriend was in the mood for a gyro. The food took a little while to come out but that's okay, made me think they weren't just microwaving the whole meal.

The falafel were super good, crispy and full of flavor. The tzatiki sauce was excellent (I stole some from his gyro). The platter came with 2 pitas so there was enough left for another meal.

My bf liked his gyro, but did have an issue with the sauce cups. They put a take-out plastic container in the plastic ramekin for some reason, maybe so they don't have to wash them later? He ended up spilling the sauce all over himself twice because he didn't notice this. Oops. Maybe they should just use the take-out cups. His fries were really good and perfectly cooked.

I thought it was a cute little place and I will definitly be back to try more items on the menu.

By Maggie J. at 2016-12-17

Amazing! Ordered some side stuff before but I ordered a pick two platter (kofta and chicken shawarma), gyro sandwich and falafel and fries for delivery. All so flavorful and perfectly cooked. Personally by go to spot for Mediterranean food now!! Falafel is perfect, gyro is great and the kofta and shawarma were so juicy but not greasy! Delivery was early, food was piping hot!

By Nichole F. at 2016-05-07

Tried the Gyro Supreme and the large Gyro salad tonight and it was delicious. The rice and meat were cooked perfectly!! The food was not greasy and according to their website they were rated one of the healthiest restaurants in Milwaukee. Bonus!

Parking can be challenging in that area but if you go within a few blocks of the restaurant you can typically find a spot. I was a little disappointed to discover pita bread and tzatziki sauce did not come with the gyro salad but I know for next time. Can't wait to go back!

By Sean F. at 2016-12-06

Awesome! Stopped here for lunch on my way back to Chicago. Chicken Tamook and hummus were great. Excellent service too.

By Nancy B. at 2016-07-10

What a great deal! A falafel sandwich combo (includes fries and soda) for under $8. Two can dine here for under $20 and be completely satisfied. Fresh ingredients and tasty food. For dine-in or carry out and they have Apple pay. It is located across from Fink's and right on the 14 bus line.

By Melba G. at 2016-11-01

I really enjoyed the food here. Service was fast and friendly, and the food is affordable. Ordered the veggie platter appetizer. The falafel is the best I have had in Milwaukee, and the tabbouleh was a tasty contrast to the fried falafel and smoky baba ghanouj. Also tried the beef kabob and chicken shwarma sandwiches; both were excellent. We will definitely come back, and look forward to trying more of the menu.

By Molly W. at 2016-04-21

Really glad Bel Air had such a ridiculous wait! The namesake dish was so flavorful, smoky and earthy but also smooth. The falafel were perfectly done and the pits were toasty warm. Great service and a very casual atmosphere, plus they played Prince all night (RIP). Definitely coming back.

By Amina A. at 2016-09-11

My first time here, also used the check in offer of a free hummus.
Parking was hard to find.
It's a cozy corner shop, we ordered a chicken kebab and beef kebab and could not have been happier. The food was served hot, salad was delicious, rice perfectly made (not a soggy glop) and the meat with both kinds of kebab was too good!! Generous serving size too, we both took left overs home.
I'm surely returning to try more!

By Zona H. at 2015-09-19

My 1st time eating mediteranian food besides was really good. The owner's very friendly. I ordered Gyro supreme with fries n soda, Shrimp fry, and baba ghanouj...u can taste that all the ingridients are really fresh.
I'll be very happy to come back and eat here again.

By Evan L. at 2016-11-21

Best in Milwaukee. The Baba Ganoush, Kifta and Faafel are excellent.

By Kellee C. at 2016-03-26

I wouldn't return. The only item I would order again is the falafel. I really liked the flavor, but, like everything else it was a bit salty.
We also ordered the kofta, it was average (by comparison, Falafel Guys is outstanding) and over salted.
The beef schwarma had an okay flavor but was overcooked, dry and too salty.
The rice was good!
The tzatziki sauce was terrible. Watery and bland. I have had better from the grocery store.

By Jessica K. at 2016-01-20

This place is OK.

I've tried this place twice, once was carry out, and once was delivery. Carry out seemed to take forever, even though I was the only person in the restaurant at the time.

The rosewater lemonade was probably the best that I've ever had! The Baba Ghanouj was also pretty great (thank goodness, since it's their namesake, right?!). I also like that they have pretty good pita bread - the full circle of bread toasted on a grill/hotplate, not that pre-cut half circle business.

I decided to try the Chicken Tawook both times I was here, and unfortunately, both times the chicken and the rice was very dry.

The other thing is, it's kiddie corner from Bel-Air Cantina, which is a pretty popular place, and whose customers take up what little parking there is near that intersection. This is why I tried delivery the second time, which I can say was super easy through the Yelp app, and pretty speedy!

By Tom R. at 2015-07-20

This is really good middle eastern food. I've had the shwarma and the beef shish kabob sandwich and both were excellent... Best shwarma in milwaukee perhaps. I was talking with the owner and he told me the chef is from Egypt.

The deserts here are incredible as well. I think they are homemade. Really tasty and unique. This place is really really good.

By Ryan S. at 2015-12-06

I'm not sure this place will be around long. Service was poor, leaving much room for improvement. Food was average. Two stars is generous for the unpleasant experience.

-server couldn't tell me what types of ingredients and spices were used in most sandwiches. Stating the reason was the cook was sick.

-wouldn't accept the free hummus or babaganoush check-in offer in Yelp.

-prices are unbalanced. Sandwiches are all $6.99 (no side) and plates are $12.99. A middle ground would be nice, I would say requisite if they want to survive as a business in this neighborhood.

-service was SLOW.

The actual food was just okay. You're much better off at Apollos on Brady Street! Their food is tastier, prices affordable, and service more refined.

By Jordan M. at 2016-07-24

Best falafel I've had since moving home from NYC. Exceptionally friendly staff. If you want falafel in Milwaukee, don't waste time trying to find somewhere else.

By Vik U. at 2016-03-25

Outstanding food. For Chicagoans, this place is as good as or better than Pita Inn. The Pita bread here is unbelievably good. And the food is fresh. I had the chicken tawook and falafel.

By Mary K. at 2016-01-31

Poor quality ingredients and everything I got was burnt. Not pleased- I don't suggest this restaurant to anyone who enjoys good Mediterranean food.

By F B. at 2016-01-02

this is a hidden gem. fresh food at good prices with a quiet, low key environment. the falafel was so crispy and delicious. I could eat it everyday.

By Eric A. at 2015-12-12

top notch. fresh ingredients, amazing flavor. we had the falafel plate and the Greek gyro salad, both excellent. fresh juicy tomatoes, greens, and the lamb cuts were well-seasoned with expert sear and temperature.

the staff was attentive and friendly. definitely coming back.

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