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Bangkok Wok

Bangkok Wok
  • Street 3146 W Touhy Ave
  • City Chicago
  • Region Illinois
  • Postcode 60645
  • Telphone (773) 761-0000
  • Opentime Mon: 11am-9pm Wed-Sun: 11am-9pm
  • Raging (65)
  • Website
  • Cuisine Thai
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Bangkok Wok introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.68 - $13.36 per person. We offer 79 menus, including Egg Rolls, Fried Tofu, Spring Rolls, Crab Rangoon, Fried Wonton, Pot Stickers, Moo Ping - Spicy Pork Satay* and so on.
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Bangkok Wok reviews

By Ed L. at 2016-09-10

I'm guessing that these guys are closed because they haven't been there the last few times I passed by during normal hours. Which makes me sad because they had really good food. Everything I've ever ordered from here was delicious.

By J C. at 2016-02-16

They should not have reopened this place!
I was quoted an hour delivery time from Grub Hub and it became a two hour wait.
When I called to find out what the hold up was, whomever answered the phone could not speak English and was in no way helpful.
The food did eventually arrive, but it was cold and fairly unimpressive.
The old management was really great, but these guys are not on the ball.

By Carlos S. at 2016-02-03

This place sadly declined last year. We ordered a couple times and received meager sized, flavorless noodle entrees. We stopped ordering and were sad that our favorite Thai restaurant was turning out terrible food and skimping on the servings to boot. They reopened under new management, yet we were hesitant to try it. We recently ordered delivery and they are quick and deliver hot food. Unfortunately, it's just not as good as before. They don't seem to have pork for their noodles and their beef is super chewy and grisly. It's almost inedible; you eventually give up trying to chew it and just swallow it or spit it out. The Pad Kee Mao was super greasy. The Pad See Ewe was tasty but seemed kind of small portioned (not many veggies or noodles to the dish). The BBQ Pork rice had what seemed like canned veggies, you know those carrots and peas that your mom would put in the rice to make it more filling but you look it at like, naw that tastes like watered down veggies from a can. Yeah, those veggies. Still, the rest of the rice and BBQ pork was super tasty. I still think Pride Sushi and Thai is better and Sushi Thai III used to be better, but we stopped ordering them after their food lost all flavor. Anyway, this place is cheap, fast, and pretty tasty. Far from the best Thai in the area, it is still worth a shot.

By Dane K. at 2016-04-27

FOOD NEVER CAME after 2 hours of waiting; Unable to contact restaurant. Eat24 customer support unable to contact restaurant and unable to do anything than cancel order after 2 hours of ordering. BOTH of these establishments are completely useless. Will never use eat24 or order from Bangkok Wok again. The old restaurant was great, ordered it 3-4x/month. Never had any issues. Sounds like the new one is the same name attached to a loser face. Use to use eat24 3-5x/week too but will never again. Grubhub support is way, way, way better.

By Farida J. at 2014-12-26

oh man, what happened here? The last couple of times I went, the quality of the food kept declining. I went here last week for a pad thai with no peanuts. I was the only person at the restaurant. I got my food fairly fast, which was nice. Automatically, I noticed that it did not smell fresh to me. The chicken didn't taste fresh. I had to put soo much hot sauce on it to make it remotely appetizing. 30 minutes later, it sure as hell did not sit well with my stomach.

I will definitely not return here. As another reviewer mentioned, it did a good job the first few months and went to garbage within a few years.

By Marc W. at 2014-11-10

Same West Rogers Park new restaurant model: Come in, open new restaurant, get rave reviews-do a good job for a few weeks/months/years and then dive right on in to the toilet.

We've ordered from here off and on since they first opened. The first time we were so surprised at the high quality of the food we wondered if we had stumbled on a gold mine of delight. It became our staple-ordering periodically (every few weeks) and the food was consistently good and the delivery shockingly fast. Since we live less than a half mile from the place we figured it was a good staple for delivery-especially with two kids under the age of 5 at home.
But the place has undergone a slow and steady decline-you know; the kind of place you order from in June, get your food and look at each mid-dinner and say "wasn't this better last time?" By the time August rolls around, you've almost forgotten June-until you bite in and it's a little bit worse. Which brings us to November and last night.

I've ordered from the place 2-3 dozen times-let's assume they don't keep numbers on file-should I have to spell and say the name of the street 4 times-maybe-but what if it is the street next to your business? Pretty straightforward order on a Sunday night-nearly two hours for delivery. When I call to check in at 1 hour and 35 minutes I am assured that the food is in the car and on the way-I can almost see the restaurant from my house-it takes two hours. I could have walked there, cooked the food myself and then walked to my own home in less time.
When the delivery driver does arrive-he insists he had just left the restaurant. Either he's lying or they cook food, then immediately put it in the fridge-it was ice cold. Crab Rangoon-disappointing won ton fried with what I assume is a 4mm diameter sphere of mayonnaise in it. Tom Yum soup-disgusting-never had Thai Tom Yum with whole gooseberries in it. Noodle entrees cooked to mush. Jasmine rice - only if Uncle Ben has a daughter with crabs named Jasmine. Red Curry Duck-they need to learn how to carve duck-more cartilage and bone shards than an orthopedic ward at a hospital. Pad Ke Ewe-ewe is right. We ordered 3 entrees and each was slightly worse than the one before it. Another West Rogers Park restaurant going straight into the crapper.

By Amanda C. at 2014-04-29

Came here by Yelp chance with my bestie for a nice lunch break from work.

I got there a little early, so being the awesome Yelper that I am I snapped a few pics & read some reviews. Cute little place ambiance is nice.

I asked for lemon with water. Server goes, comes back, they have no lemon. No problem I can live without it. A few minutes later I ask for a Thai iced tea, server goes, comes back. No Thai iced tea. Getting slightly annoyed, we're starting off on the wrong foot here. I asked her how many pieces come with the appetizers for the lunch special, she says two, I get one egg roll. Hm.

Anyway, to start I had the cucumber salad with the ONE egg roll and my BFF the vegetable soup & crab Rangoon, SHE got two pieces! We shared. I have to say the crab Rangoon was delicious!!!! Everything else was decent as well.

Out with the pad thai. It didn't wow either of us. It was fine but nothing special- even funnier it was served with lemon wedges. No lemon for my water eh?! Hmmmmmm. Mine was packed with tofu while my BFF's had 3 small pieces of beef.

I mean for $7.95 it wasn't bad but the little errors just irked me. Not saying I wouldn't go back for those crab rangoons but I wouldn't rush over there either.

By Sara P. at 2014-09-07

How does this place have 4 stars?? I decided to give this place another chance because last time I ordered from there last year and since them they received a lot of positive reviews. I should not have done this. The food was inedible.

By Migi S. at 2015-06-09

I went on a Sunday night with one of my friends. We walk in the restaurant around 7:50 pm. We sat down and waited for the waitress to bring the menus. It took the waitress about 15 minutes for her to acknowledge us. We finally received the menu and we order some appetizers and our main course meal. We ask for a wine opener we assume they would at least have a wine opener due to the fact it's byob place. No wine opener we let it go. It took them 35 minutes for them to bring out the appetizers!!! Like seriously the place was empty it was just me and my friend. It was around 9:10pm (resturant closes at 9)when we decided to leave. It's ridiculous the service we got there. I'm sorry but I'm so disappointed in this place I always had good service until this past weekend.

By Krystal L. at 2014-09-15

My boyfriend and I ordered the Phuket Platter and the combination Fried Rice from here through Grubhub. We ordered at 7:45pm and were scheduled to get our order at 8:45pm. The delivery driver didnt get the food to us until 9:24pm. We are only 3 miles away from the restaurant and the driver said he got lost. (Ive had no other issues with any other delivery drivers before this, especially since I live on a main street)

The food was not good to me, especially for the amount of time we had to wait and the price. ($33 total including tip) We can get that same type of food from our fave Thai restaurant, Hot Wok, with MORE food and less delivery wait time. We will never be ordering from this place again.

By Rebecca O. at 2015-02-04

I use to order delivery from this place at least twice a month and the food was delicious. It seemed every time I ordered the food kept getting worse but I would always try again in hopes it would get better. The last time I ordered , it took two hours to get my delivery and the food tasted absolutely horrible. I took 40 dollars of food and threw it all in the garbage. Everything tasted horrible not even one thing was edible. My husband ( who will eat anything and everything) did not even want to eat this food. Don't waste your time at this place .

By Peter Z. at 2014-06-21

Two of us wanted to eat out on a Friday night but the restaurant we went to had 45 minutes wait. HELL NO! I admit, we should have called ahead ... but we were starving.

Yelp to the rescue! This was one of the few 4-star restaurants around the area and so we thought to give it a try. We were a little apprehensive when we walked in because it was completely empty on a Friday night around 7:30pm. But we already walked in and the waitress already greeted us courteously with a big smile, leaving would have been just plain awkward.

We sat down and got a pot of green tea (for free) because we aren't "cool" enough for tap water (sorry about the bad joke). Now, onto the actual review:

Food (5/5):
I'm trying really hard to describe the food we had using some big SAT/GRE vocabs, but I'm an engineer, so I'd rather make some engineering / science analogies. If the food here was a shape, it would be a circle with all its perfections and symmetries; If the food here was a P-value, it would be like less than 0.000001; If the food here can be published, it would be in Nature; If the food here was a physics experiment, it would like finding the first tremors of the Big Bang (at the South Pole).

Or you can describe the food using one word: delicious.

We had Crab Rangoo (deep fried crab meat and cream cheese wrapped in wonton) as an appetizer; it was good and definitely worth a try but not for everyone. If you like cream cheese and fake crab meat, get it for sure!

We had Pad Kee Mao and Duck Curry as our main dishes. I have never tasted rice noodles cooked to such perfection! If you overcook them, the noodles will fall apart, and if you undercook them, the noodles will be chewy and hard. But the rice noodles in the Pad Kee Mao was cooked just right. The duck meat in the curry was also heavenly. It melts in your mouth without chewing much. I don't know how the chef cook the meat to be so tender. Taste for was splendid for both dishes. The Duck Curry was really flavorful and came with rice. The proportions were generous, especially the Pad Kee Mao.

Service (5/5)
I believe our waitress (the only one there when we went) was a college student in the area. She was courteous and provided great service. Definitely different from the usual over-worked / don't-give-a-fck waiter / waitress at other Asian restaurants in the SAME PRICE RANGE. We gave 30% tip; I'm usually pretty stingy with tips (~10-15%) but the waitress and chef here definitely deserve the tip.

Price (4.5/5)
Fair price for the proportions served. Comparable to similar restaurants but not overly cheap. For the quality of food, I think the prices are more than fair.

Decor (4.5/5)
Simple and clean. Just the way it should be.

I will definitely be back. This might become my to-go place when I don't feel like being creative with my dinning-out experience. Of course, this is no Michelin-rated restaurant, but it's perfect for take-out or a casual meal.

And sorry about the long review and bad jokes ... I can't help it.

By Holly W. at 2013-08-24

This place was wonderful!! We came here with a groupon, I was a bit iffy and worried it may not be worth it, but the truly exceeded my expectations!!!

The actual presentation of the resteraunt itself was simple and classy. I felt very comftorble. The waitress was also very nice and was very on top of everything. I don't think our glasses were ever empty.

I ordered my regular, which is Pad Thai with pork. It was sweeter than I have had before, but very good! They did not replace any pork with tofu which pleased me quite a bit. Their portion size was huge as well!! I was very surprised!

This place has become my new favorite and will be the one that I go to from now on!!

By Karen C. at 2015-04-18

They no longer have the belly card service, but it is still okay thai food.

By Lauren R. at 2014-12-04

The food was tasty but the portions were way too small for the prices. The chicken satay is very flavorful but you only get about 3-4 small skewers. I ordered the eggrolls via grubhub and the menu says 3 eggrolls for $4, I received 2 small eggrolls. The two would be fine if they were normal size. When I called about it the woman said that I'd have to order from their website to view an accurate menu. The Tom Kha was tasty but the consistency was too thin. Usually when I have Tom Kha the liquid is a little thickened. Overall, I would NOT order from here again,.

By Ian M. at 2014-05-17

A nicely-decorated, low-key interior coupled with friendly staff and good food make this one of the very few good restaurants of the area.

I go once in a while, and the waitstaff have very good memories about my preferences, asking if I want what I had last time---which may have been a few months ago.

The service is very, very quick. Order an appetizer, and your main course may be at your table before you've finished round one.

This is also a very clean restaurant; a sharp contrast to the Vietnamese place that occupied this space prior.

Most business seems to be through carry-out and delivery; the phones ring non-stop, but since they opened, they've turned down the volume of the phones to interfere less with guests' experiences. Since opening, they also seem to have figured out how to keep the climate controls at a comfortable level for guests. The only thing that kind of gets to me as a returning customer is the ambient music---the same "light" versions of pop songs are on a repeat reel from whatever Sirius/XM channel they have their system tuned to.

This is a BYOB shop. There's a convenience store with Liquor, Wine and Beer just two doors down. Wi-Fi is free, but you have to ask for the login info.

I wouldn't say this is the best Thai food I've ever had, and depending on who's in the kitchen, the same dish will vary from visit to visit. Regardless, it's still heads and tails above other restaurants in the area, and certainly worth repeat visits for the overall value and for the excellent level of service.

By Pam D. at 2012-06-09

We stopped in after a double- header at the movies. We were both quite hungry and decided to try their lunch special. As it was our first visit, we opted for the tried and true Pad Thai. I had mine with chicken and Christopher opted for beef. Both were quite nice and well flavored. The portions were large. I brought home my leftovers for mom. She really loved the Pad Thai,

The lunch special comes with the soup of the day and you get a choice of appetizers. The soup was Tom Yum. I love it, and Christopher who had never had it before enjoyed it as well. The appetizers were good, but not great.

The restaurant is clean and cheerful looking. Having a parking lot is a big plus. We will be back again to try other options. Now I want papaya salad. Geesh.

By Sandra M. at 2013-11-04

I came here with some work friends soon after they had opened up. It is located in a little strip mall and can be hard to miss. They have lunch specials for about $10 that include a soup, appetizer (spring roll), and an entree. I had the pad thai with a spring roll and their soup of the day, which was a spicy chicken soup. It was all so delicious. The staff was really nice and the food came out quick. I cannot wait to go back next week!

By Khris L. at 2013-01-14

This Thai restaurant was fairly decent. We ordered massaman curry, pad see ew, papaya salad, shrimp tom yum soup, and thai iced coffee. My review may be biased because I have been to Thailand countless times and have tasted authentic Thai cuisine. The massaman was a bit lacking in flavor and spice. The pad see ew was on the sweet side. The papaya salad was almost tasteless. The shrimp tom yum was watery but still okay. All in all, the food is similar to what you would find at any other average Thai restaurant in Chicago.
What I considered special about this place was the service. Our server was very nice and attentive.
I'll probably give this place another try later on, but probably not in the near future.

By Ang P. at 2015-05-07

This was the worst experience that I have had from ordering anywhere. My food was cold when it got here 60 minutes after the said time. To add insult to injury, the noodles on my noodle dish were missing. I called them and they said they would bring them right away. I decided to skip the noodles and shared the rice with my wife. We finished our food, watched tv, and as we decided to go to bed the doorbell rang. The brought our noodles! I would review the bland watery food but who cares at this point. In all honesty, skipping a meal is better then ordering anything from this joint. Bye bye Bangkok Wok.

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