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Banzo Shuk

Banzo Shuk
  • Street 1511 Williamson St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 441-0012
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  • Raging (18)
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Banzo Shuk introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.26 - $12.52 per person. We offer 27 menus, including Soda, Bottle Water, Izze Sparkling Fruit Juice, Nantucket Nectar, Reed's Ginger Ale, Soup of the Day, The Banzo Entree Salad and so on.
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Banzo Shuk reviews

By Rachael G. at 2016-05-14

We all know Banzo is the best place for delicious falafel, but let me tell you why this location is even better than the original store front.

Sweet. Potato. Falafel.

Get it, and then thank me later after you've basked in its glory.

Also, I'm not sure how I lived prior to Banzo's hummus. I love it so much I buy it every other week at Whole Foods or the Willy Street Coop.

By Tony B. at 2016-11-06

One of the hardest things for Madison restaurants and take out places to get right is consistency, and unfortunately this place does not deviate from the norm. My last order consisted of a sandwich filled with dry, burnt falafel balls, but also a pita a stuffed with perfectly seasoned chicken shawarma, vegetables and a delicious tahini sauce. I wish I could say that this was an anomaly, but I have had an issue with quality control on almost every order since. When they come correct, it's difficult to argue with the hype. But when they stumble, it leaves you wondering why you willingly forked over $13 for a sad lamb pita.

By David M. at 2016-07-12

Portions are comically small. 12.50 for a Salad and 2oz of lamb. Same with the chicken. Literally 2oz of meat. $40 dollars for 6oz of protien and lots of salad. This has frequently been my biggest complaint. Lots of hummus and rice, which are cheap, and very little substance when it comes to protien, yet prices would suggest otherwise. 15 years working in the service industry all over Madison. This stands out for me time and time again, I love the flavor and the food but the portions are laughable.

By Jonathan S. at 2016-03-25

So you want delicious Mediterranean food yet you don't want to break the bank? Look no further than Banzo Shuk. The food is fresh and delicious, yet priced so well you can eat here every day, if I lived closer I surely would!

First of all the hummus is rich and creamy, not at all gritty like some I have had in the past. The chicken, juicy and tender, melt in your mouth good. The flavors are authentic but reinvented with a modern twist.

One question - WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS? Find your way there today and try it, taking my word for it is not good enough, you simply do not know what you are missing.

By Bobb S. at 2016-02-26

We had a great meal at Shuk. Banzo's falafel is second to none and my girlfriend's falafel salad did not disappoint. Fresh greens, crispy falafel, chickpeas with a side of homemade sumac dressing. i opted for the Lamb Salad. Replace the falafel with Pinn-Oak Farm's lamb and you have something delicious. The Shuk seems more carry out than dine-in (limited seating) which is fine by me. Friendly service. Great food. Fair prices.

By Benjamin H. at 2016-01-22

Banzo does it again. This time they veer just slightly away from their regular menu and branch out into some lesser charted territories. What can I say, I prefer the path less traveled and wholeheartedly welcome their divergence into such dishes as sweet potatoes falafel and shrimp pita with apple butter and lemon cream.

The shawarma pita was superb. An elevated take on you're average greasy wrap, their fresh baked pita is already epic and then filling it with tangy chicken, veggies, potato chips and pickles just knocks it off the cliff. I'm already craving eating another one!! The sweet potato falafel didn't seem to interest me, but after trying it, I quickly changed my tune; crisp outside and moist inside they are at once slightly sweet and savory and addictive as all hell. The hummus and French fries were just nails in the coffin.

Well done, Banzo. You just wooed me (again) with a level 5 charm spell.

By Hannah B. at 2016-06-19

Ordered for delivery because we wanted to bring it to the Solstice Festival but ended up missing the event because our food took over an hour and a half to be delivered (and I do not live far from the restaurant). I called after an hour of waiting and all she said is that they were busy and it's coming. Over 30 more minutes it was finally delivered but the food was cold. Think I'll be sticking to the original Banzo for now on...

By Block F. at 2016-03-13

Banzo's a welcome addition to Willy St. I agree with another reviewer who said they need to decide if they're a restaurant or a take out place. Similar to the original Banzo location it is a self service format when dining in. But at Shuk plates were absent, making the experience of eating a large delicious falafel in a pita really messy! An order of tabouli was delivered in a plastic deli container, which was unexpected.

They were very busy with delivery orders, and I bet they are still figuring out how much food to have on hand because they had run out of all meat items by 7 o'clock on a Saturday when they're open to 2 AM.

I'm a huge fan of the original location and the carts. The food at Shuk is excellent quality and carefully prepared, but seemed a little under seasoned for my taste.

They have made the small space inviting and comfortable. We'll definitely come back, try more things, and hope to add a couple more stars.

By Udbhav D. at 2016-06-11

The batata falafel is heavenly! Love the spicy sauce that comes with it, too! I think it has coriander and green chilis in it? Reminds me of my mom's chutney!

By Roni P. at 2016-06-21

I just love the Batata salad; mixed greens with chopped vegetables and sweet potato falafel! One of the best options for vegans in Madison!! For desert I had the vegan Baklava - amazing.

By Yair K. at 2016-06-20

I love these from Banzo, and the new place is Supreme. I got the delicious batata falafel, my friend had an excellent vegan version of it. Both were great. A desert named Basbusa (some kind of honey cake) sent both of us home smiling. Really friendly service, two thumbs up.

By Bill H. at 2016-04-04

Grabbed a couple of falafel pitas to go on Saturday while doing housework and came back on Sunday for the same thing. The falafel balls were well cooked and the hummus, tahini, and veggies (cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cucumber) complemented it well.

The service was friendly too.

By Viral D. at 2016-02-23

We had an office party. Some of us were vegans and we decided to order from Banzo Shuk. We had heard great reviews from some of our colleagues in office who have tried their food and boy they were so right. The Pita was very fresh and soft, Farmhouse salad was amazing. Hummus and BabaGanush was out of the world and best I have ever had. Overall we all had a great time and enjoyed some great Food. I would recommend Banzo and Banzo Shuk to all the people who love middle eastern food. A big thumbs up !!

By Lindsay T. at 2016-02-20

LATE NIGHT BANZO OMG. This is so good. So so good. Banzo is already one of my favorite restaurants in Madison and I hate having to compromise on where to go/what to get when it hits the later hours. My boyfriend and I stopped in around 12:30 on a Friday night. It seemed quiet which was sad because it should be BUSY, hoping others will soon catch on. The interior is beautiful, I love the getting a peek into the kitchen! While we waited for our sandwich and fries we were offered lamb broth to sip which was DIVINE. Our food was ready fast and we were pleased that there didn't seem to be any difference in quality/taste compared to other banzo locations. A slightly different menu make take a little getting used to for some, but I'm just really happy to have them in my neighborhood and at extended hours!

By Natalee D. at 2016-01-21

My husband and I ordered a beef pita to share with a cup of coconut curry soup and baklava. All of it was fantastic. The pita was super flavorful with perfectly seasoned beef, the baklava was rich, and the soup was delicious. I am so happy to have this place in our neighborhood and I especially love that they're open late.

By Sarah W. at 2016-02-27

This place is pretty fantastic. The quality of the food is super high. They advertise that they use local/organic ingredients whenever they can and I believe that's probably true. We ordered the fresh cut fries, falafel pita and lamb pita. All tasted fresh and flavorful. The woman working the counter was very friendly and our food was ready pretty fast. Banzo Shük is open late night in a neighborhood that could use more variety in its late night food options. Really the only reason that I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because I thought some of their food items were too expensive. The lamb pita (no sides) was $12.50 and I saw small triangles of baklava there for close to $4. I realize that if the lamb is local/organic than that might just be what they have to charge, but I thought it was a little too steep. Overall, I recommend checking out this place and we will definitely be back.

By C G. at 2016-02-06

Amazing food! But they need to decide if they are a take-out place or a sit-down restaurant. They need plates and silverware! It was so challenging to eat.

By Olivia C. at 2016-03-03

This place is amazing. The food was awesome-- tasty and healthy. I love that it is open late. It is absolutely the BEST late night restaurant in town. Everyone was very pleased. I got the roasted veggie sandwich, it was tasty. Next time I hope to be able to try the baklava!

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