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Big Boy Restaurant

Big Boy Restaurant
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We offer 94 menus, including Buffalo Chicken Salad, Fiesta Salad, Turkey BLT Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Big Boy Soups, Loaded Chili, Chicken Tender Meal and so on.
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Big Boy Restaurant reviews

By Jack L. at 2016-10-12

Big Boy has always been one of my "go-to" places... I love their food, and service is usually exceptional. A few of the servers at the Wilson store.. Stephanie, Noe, and Ian always do a good job.
Ya just can't go wrong at Big Boy

By Sara C. at 2014-09-07

This used to be my favorite salad bar in GR, but I had a gross experience here & can't go back. :(

I went here with a group for a late lunch and we all ordered the salad bar. We were all close to finishing when one of the women at the table found a long hair in her potato salad. She told the sever, who politely said "okay, sorry about that," but didn't offer any remedy or remove the dish from the salad bar. (!)

I've never asked for my meal to be comped in a restaurant, but in this case it would've been appropriate. The woman whom had the hair in her mouth didn't want to eat anything after that, and the rest of us lost our appetites, too, as we watched unsuspecting diners continuing to eat from the same contaminated container. I was embarrassed that I had suggested this place & won't ever do it again.

By Jay S. at 2015-02-03

This is my granddaughters favorite breakfast spots otherwise we probably would not go. The breakfast is fair and the quality of the food is typical Big Boy. Service was okay but slow.

By Kaitlyn S. at 2015-03-01

The only thing nice about this location was out server. She was very attentive and pleasant. The greeter didn't seem like she particularly cared for her job. She wasn't rude really, just not very welcoming. Even at two in the afternoon, the waitress said that the salad bar wouldn't be open for a little while yet because the breakfast bar was still up. By the time she had come back with my soup, the salad bar was up and running. That was the main reason I chose Big Boy in the first place so I was pretty disappointed. I would have just waited 5 more minutes if she would have just said something. My fork and knife chicken was very small, very rubbery, and border line undercooked. My potatoes looked like part of them had gotten burnt to the bottom of the pan and still served to me anyways and the place was disgusting. The high chair we received still had loose food in it. I generally let my son eat directly off the table because it's easier than having him throw a plate across the room so I wiped it down with Clorox wipes and I had to use four of them before they even started to not be dark brown after I wiped the small area. On top of all that, when we got there the last customer's receipt was still on the table with all of their information and covered in food. It made me a little bit nervous to leave ours sitting there when we left but the waitress wasn't near when we got up. I would never recommend this location to anyone. I feel bad that our excellent waitress had to work in that environment. She needs a raise for having to deal with that all the time!!!

By Dennis S. at 2012-03-09

Just as I remember it from when I was a kid.
Love it!

By George N. at 2011-03-09

We've always loved the food at this Big Boy restaurant - as compared to others. Also very clean and the staff is quite friendly.

The breakfast buffet is a huge hit with all of us. Big selection and they keep it stocked fresh all through the late morning.

Even the bathrooms are some of the cleanest, best maintained bathrooms I've seen. And that's saying something!

By Candis H. at 2012-06-24

I went to Big Boy at noon with a groupon for a taco lunch buffet. They had a breakfast buffet going on. I was told that they do not serve the taco buffet until 1:30. Luckily, I was able to use my groupon for the breakfast buffet. The food was mediocre with a limited selection. Big boy should have been more clear with the buffet times. I was also disappointed with the low variety.

By Charles F. at 2010-04-27

I've always liked Big Boy. Ever since my grandmother used to take me to the location in Rogers Plaza as a child, I've loved their food. This location is pretty nice, although on busy days it can seem a bit cramped. Good food specials and a diverse menu will keep you coming back.

By Lili H. at 2012-07-27

Bad bad service!!
I went to this Bigboy to use the taco lunch buffet coupon. I arrived there at 1pm and I was told the lunch buffet will not start until 1:30pm. Then I waited until 1:30pm and I was told the lunch buffet will start at 2pm. No explanations!! Then I waited until 1:50pm and the waitress told me they will postpone the lunch buffet and they do not know the exact time!!!! Can you imagine? Lunch buffet starts after 2pm!! I waited for about 1 hour and had nothing! The important thing is when I bought this coupon, there was no time limit on it. This was the worst experience I've ever had in any restaurant! I would give zero star if I could!

By Becky D. at 2010-01-19

What a pleasant surprise! It is clean, people are friendly, there is NO SMOKING, and it tastes pretty good for a diner. As long as you don't expect too much from the food you won't be let down. My only complaint, one time we called to see how long the breakfast buffet would be running to they gave us the time. We showed up well before they said it would be over and they were closing it down. So we left. Sadness at lack of French Toast.

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