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Estimated average consumption of $8.22 - $16.44 per person. We offer 36 menus, including Soda, Coffee, Sweet Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Fresh Tacos, Bayou Baby Cakes, Seafood Gumbo with Rice and so on.
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Big Eazy reviews

By Alexis B. at 2016-05-27

Get ready to listen to some good jams! NICE music! My 2YO daughter was shaking her booty standing on the chair, but YOU, yes YOU, grown up yelper won't be called cute for doing this same thing.
Service was good, it helped that we were the only people on the whole place, maybe Friday at 5 is still slow? A couple came half an hour later. Janice was our server and she was attentive and nice, also flexible on our orders and polite; perks of having the place for ourselves, maybe? No, not maybe, DEFINITELY!

Hush puppies: *drools* delicioussssssss they were so good, and moist, and flavorful, and the dipping sauce was a great pairing *stops drooling*
Moving on: gumbo was meh. Maybe the Hush Puppies stole all the flavor from the gumbo, because that is exactly what it was lacking: the sausage was bland and the broth was too, the chicken in there was good tho!

Jambalaya had a good flavor, the chicken was perfectly cooked, with nice grill marks, and well made sauce, I would personally put more of the seasoning if I was going to add rice to it, because it took away some of the favor. And I would also avoid using parboiled rice, it just takes away from all the good things.

Fish Po'Boy: it was really really awesome, that king of awesomeness that explodes in your mouth and blows up your teeth, just the feeling tho, no mouths were hurt in the making of this review, it was just very tasty and fresh, and the fish was good too, the sandwich was missing the lettuce, but it was unimportant, because we could not stop eating it to open our mouths and ask for the lettuce, so when we were able to speak, it was too late, there was no point anymore. Great Po'Boy!

I think that's it, yeah! Good place! I hope that they stay and keep improving, they are a very nice cultural addition to the neighborhood!

By tom b. at 2016-05-11

Had the jumbo shrimp and crab cakes. The food was terrific. Great friendly service. I'll be back. Have to admit, ate so much that I am still stuffed.

By Lydia L. at 2016-03-20

OK, let me start off by saying - the food was great. The service was, however, as others have mentioned, lacking. Friendly - what there was of it - but lacking. I waited (standing awkwardly, because there wasn't a good place to do so) for about 10 minutes as the lone server whisked past me, with apologies and a promise to be right with me, four or five times. When she finally got to me, she asked if I was placing a to go order - and seem surprised when I told her I would like to sit down and eat. I was seated, and then waited about 10 minutes more for anyone to come and take my order. No water, no taking of drink order... In fact, the owner sat down at a table across from me, at some point noticed I was there, and came over to ask if anyone had taken my order. I was pleased to meet him, I asked about BBQ Shrimp - my favorite - and was excited to find it was on the menu. The owner, who is also the chef, mentioned that he'd brought the shrimp back from the Gulf, himself.

My meal came out in a timely manner after that, accompanied by French bread breast with garlic butter. It was fabulous! It's hard to find good BBQ Shrimp in Milwaukee. Huge, head on prawns, served in a tasty, buttery sauce - spiced quite nicely with worcestershire and rosemary - over rice. I also ordered sweet tea, which was quite good, but freshly brewed (a good thing), and so still a little warm (a bad thing), with not enough ice in the glass to change that.

I was determined to have a good experience, and so I did, but more attention to detail would make this place great. I hope the owner will take this, and the other reviews to heart, and make that happen. I'd love to see this place succeed!

By Brice C. at 2015-11-21

Overview: One of, if not, the only authentic New Orleans style restaurants in Milwaukee. Biggest downfall is their poor service.

I love New Orleans. Their vibe, food, music, and zest for life is infectious. Living in Milwaukee, I have been searching for a true authentic NOLA-inspired restaurant. That being said, I was eager to try out The Big Eazy.

Shrimp and Grits: Shrimp was seasoned, grilled to perfection. Grits were flavorless.

Po Boy: Delicious Po Boy. Best in town, IMHO.

Drinks: My wife and I both had a couple of Hurricanes. They tasted great.

Dessert: Sweet Potato Cobbler. Quite possibly, the best slice of pie I have had in recent memory.

Atmosphere: It was absolutely bare-boned empty on a Friday night. The service was brutal. The waiter was nice, but we had to remind him a few times for water, which we never received. The owners came out as we were wrapping up our dinner. They were sweet, but at the same time, we felt smothered while we were eating. Gregory, who is the cook/owner, was born and raised in New Orleans. We were offered a complimentary slice of Sweet Potato Cobbler, which enhanced our overall impression of the place.

On another note, we wanted to have The Big Eazy cater a party we were hosting. Unfortunately, we e-mailed a couple of times and only received a form to fill out. We called and they told us to fill out the form, which we did. Sent it in, but never heard anything back.

If anything, I will order take-out from this place. I hope this restaurant learns a little more etiquette with customer service.

By Damaris A. at 2016-05-08

Great Mother's Day brunch and live music!! Hurricanes were also amazing. We will come back soon.

By Reginald K. at 2015-12-23

Hello my name is Reginald and I've been to The Big Easy twice this year and can attest to how horrible the service is and how sub-par the food is. Only those who have not had truly authentic New Orleans cuisine could say that this is great Cajun style food. Because it truly is not.

I lived in Nola for 3 years and I can tell you that this restaurant is a very cheap imitation. The waitstaff is unprofessional and inept at best. They don't even know what's on the menu. They didn't offer my wife and I anything to drink as we waited for our food. We had to ask for drinks. We also had to ask to order appetizers. Of which they had none. In fact there was a plethora of items on the menu they did not have due to whatever reason they gave us.

Our first time eating there we waited 40mins for our food. It came out and I laughed because it looked liked they rushed cooking it and it was not hot. The second time we ate there we experienced the same treatment. Therefore we will never eat at the Big Easy ever again. My advice if you want some real authentic New Orleans style food is to drive down to Schaumburg, IL and go to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. It's absolutely worth the drive and the cost. You won't be disappointed at all.

It's unfortunate that the Big Easy could not be a better eating establishment because there aren't many black owned restaurants in Milwaukee. We try to support local Milwaukee business in the area but it's difficult to do that when the food and service is so awful. Also I think many people here in Milwaukee have a low bar when it comes to dinning out because this restaurant should be out of business due to the owner's absolute ineptitude. Je suppose c'est la vie!

By Paul B. at 2014-09-05

Mouthwatering is putting it lightly. If you want a sandwich this is the place. Best Po Boy in town. Take out takes bit but well worth the wait. The second time around was faster than the first. Real friendly people with a positive attitude towards success. Real plus for the area!!!!
See you again 'Big Eazy'........

By Nancy K. at 2015-05-21

This place is amazing. Nice atmosphere and one of the best po boys I have ever eaten. Like ever. And I'm a fat kid who has eaten a lot of po boys. Lunch entrees are all under $10 and they didn't skimp on the seafood either. The wait was a little long but the food is made fresh and good food takes time! And this is damn good food worth the wait. The waitress was super friendly and apologetic about the wait but I really did not mind at all. I was just chillin to the nice jazz music and sippin' on my strawberry lemonade. They also a bunch of sides for 2.95. I got grits with sausage which were pretty good. The sausage was delicious and the grits were nice and buttery but standard. I can't wait to go back for dinner someday soon. I urge you all to eat here because I NEED this place to stay open! You won't regret it.

By Lena J. at 2015-04-30

The big Eazy has a lot of potential. For those people in my party that recieved our food order, it was solid. My mother thought the brisket was tough, but my seafood platter was good and the people who got the pork chops were complimentary of the preparation.

Cons- the customer service. Sigh....I hate when customer service is lacking.
Where do I start? Sat down for about 10 min. And had to beg for water.
Our food came out each a different times.
My brother was told his meal was accidentally given to someone else. They promised to make it again. NEVER HAPPENeD!! When we finally asked, it was "oh it got messed up" Whaaaaaaat? When were you going to tell us. We were offered yet a THIRD entree!. It was finally brought out- an hour after seating.

We had to ask about the specials....and we constantly had to ask for refills. Finally the server brought water flasks, --- shouldve done that in the beginning.

I will say that I shared my views while I was there in the hopes that feedback will help them improve in this area. Im very big on providing feedback in the hopes that it can help improve an establishment. I would rather this business continue to thrive on king Drive.

I might be back, but I hope they provide some additional training and coaching for waitstaff. There is another New Orleans restaurant across town that has EXCELLENT customer service. Im not giving up on The Big Eazy, but I sure hope they try to improve.

By TW P. at 2015-01-30

Here with my Family. The food was EXCELLENT but the service from Tony was impeccable! He made our evening SPECIAL with his smile & accommodating demeanor. This was our first visit. It's in the neighborhood & we wanted to patronize...glad we did! This was well worth the visit! We will be back!

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