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Estimated average consumption of $3.37 - $6.74 per person. We offer 33 menus, including Cold Fountain Drink, Bottled Water, Orange Juice, Milk, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate and so on.
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By Andrew A. at 2016-12-26

There have been many Billy Goat locations, from Lower Michigan, to Franklin Street, and Van Buren Street. Some have vanished, never to return, and we may lose the Van Buren and Wells location soon. During the Cubs Summer of "Reverse the Curse" I promised my friend Lori that I would not step in until the Cubs won the World Series, and when they did, I was here nearly every day. Great double/triple cheezborgers and to wash it down, the Billy Goat Dark Beer.

By Jasmine H. at 2016-12-22

This place was quite packed around the lunch hour on a weekday. It's definitely a grab-and-go type of establishment. I got an egg burger, which was quite tasty and fresh. It was fun to watch them prepare the orders on the grill. I would have preferred a larger variety to pick from on the menu - but definitely a cool place to check out (especially the location below the Tribune tower!)

By Arch G. at 2016-10-22

This is pure fun! If you remember the SNL bit, it will bring back memories. If you just love a fun stop with good burgers, it's the place for you. A little hard to find, so use your GPS!

By Andrew K. at 2016-01-27

They have cheez-burgers but they aren't the best I've had. The bun is way to thick and the meat patty is way too thin. That's my opinion. The interior is nice at this location, but again, nothing to write home about. It's just a burger joint. At least they don't overcharge for their burgers. Their website is:

By Alma C. at 2015-07-26

Native Chicagoan here. The only reason I ever come to any Billy Goat taverns is because tourists I'm with insist on it bc of SNL. This place gives me a case of the sads bc when I have to come here it means I'm wasting prime stomach space for food that actually tastes really good in this city that is full of wonderful eats. Everything else about the place is very good except the food. Take a quick picture for your Instagram feed, hang out for a cheap beer maybe, and eat something that actually tastes awesome elsewhere is my recommendation.

By Lauren B. at 2015-09-29

I come in here every Saturday morning for breakfast.

It's a very odd space, seems like fast food, but there's a bar? I dunno. I get take out and bring it to work rather than eat amongst the cliques of construction workers watching Friday night's sports highlights.

The food however is what gets the four stars. That is some damn good French toast! Add bacon and it's still only about 6 bucks. It's the eggy, fresh, and thick bread French toast that will keep me coming back. And when I relocate to another job? I'll relocate to another Billy Goat.

By Dave P. at 2016-08-30

The guy at the register with the mustache seems to enjoy belittling customers. I'm not sure what he's trying to compensate for. I feel bad for him.

By Karma K. at 2015-11-08

So we all know this an outpost of the original on lower Michigan Avenue. That said, the burgers suck. Yep, a lot of bun, thin meat, it is what is. If you order a burger, get a double.

So why four stars? Their French fries are the best in the city and burbs. Trust me on this yelpers. This outpost is also where drunk loop workers including day traders go for grease after getting wasted at Ceres Café in the Board of Trade building. You don't go here for lunch. You go here after several cocktails post work for a crappy burger, awesome fries and a to go cup with your cocktail to drunkingly walk to the train to the burbs or hail a cab to take you pack to your pad in the city. It exists for this solely and does it quite well!

By Emily B. at 2016-08-03

You cant beat their awesome lunch special - burger, fries and a drink for only $5. GREAT DEAL

By Alex J. at 2015-08-21

Being in the bottom of my building, the Goat is a convenient place to hop down and grab a bite. I personally enjoy their salami sandwiches more than their burgers; the salami is cut thick and grilled well, slapped with some tasty cheese. Burgers are hit-or-miss, fries are pretty boring and not incredibly tasty or amazing, and the staff is generally fine. Three stars: A-OK. It's safe, but don't go out of your way to stop in this particular location.

By Anthony M. at 2016-05-09

Very inexpensive burger and fries without frills. I was able to order and get my food in a timely fashion. I would much rather come here than any of the fast food burger chains. The decor is what you'd expect and staff is courteous

By Christina E. at 2016-03-29

Burgers aren't the best I've had but are pretty good, don't bother getting a single as the patties are way to thin. Double or more or else you're eating all bread. Fries are very good. Setting is in a bar but during lunch it doesn't get all crazy. Video games and TVs are available.

By Deja B. at 2016-02-09

I work across the street and today i was about an hour early for work so I thought I'd stop in for breakfast. The steak and eggs were ok.. I wish it was seasoned. However, they do leave salt and pepper on the side with the condiments.. Their burgers were good. A little greasy but great if u have a hangover . They are polite. And I like that you can see the cooks handle your food.

By Adam S. at 2015-11-21

Look, I'll be honest. I will never understand why this place is such a big deal, nor do I understand where the idea for this business stems from. It's like a diner with really good food. Kind of fast food looking from the inside, like a little cafeteria. But nice in the morning or for lunch. The bar seems really out of place, but if you want a cheap beer (Bud, since that's pretty much all they have) go for it. The bottle will be dusty, but enjoy. The bartenders here are really nice though. It feels like a townie bar. Other than that, coming here after work just feels depressing. On the upside, you meet a lot of nice retired folk. So it's up or drink. Neither. A quick breakfast and lunch for cheap. Or none of the above because you just don't care.

By Mark C. at 2014-08-03

This place is supposed to be known for their burgers, but they are absolutely paltry. There's no lettuce and tomatoes to go with these burgers. Yes, you can add onions and cold pickles at their condiments table. The size of the fries is also fairly small so you don't get good value out of your meal here.

By Julianne Z. at 2013-06-18

Before watching Star Trek 3, a couple of friend and I came here for a quick bite. This place is a Chicago staple because of it's feature on SNL and the "rude staff." Their motto, Cheezborger, Cheezborger Cheezborger, No pepsi, Coke, No Fries, Chip." They are know for double cheeseburgers and they don't have lettuce or tomato. There is a pickle and onion bar that you make your own sandwich with and you can also buy a bag of chips if you want. The burger was quite filling and super cheap and the clientele is a mix of tourists as well as locals that were there to watch the game. I think that you should make trip before leaving Chicago and also get one of their $3.50 goat beers!

I give it only 3 stars because it isn't anything special and I didn't come during a game time. I would recommend going with friends to watch a game and I would take advantage of the beers. I would also be prepared for a rude staff and wouldn't recommend getting the polished sausage which is just a sausage and a hamburger bun. The decoration is just a hodgepodge of Chicago history and it is almost a bit too touristy for me.

Overall, just an okay experience.

By Chris M. at 2015-07-16

Awesome burgers.
I have been here many times and it's always very good. Fries are very good as well.
I recommend the double.

By Michael M. at 2015-05-15

As the 2 star average indicates, there is nothing incredibly special other than the very cheap food. The burger to bun ratio was a bit unbalanced and if you know sandwiches, you know how detrimental that can be. Also, the bun was not toasted or heated at the particular time I dined.

That being said, it did serve it's purpose as a casual eatery for two passerby'ers. The staff was friendly and there is something charming about the mom and pop esc duo manning the register and grill.

TIP: if you dine, hollow out your burger bun for a better meat to bread ratio.

By Yocelin S. at 2015-10-20

Good, cheesy, juicy CHEEZBORGER. Can't go wrong with a classic.

By Elisa B. at 2015-05-21

Definitely not what I was expecting. It's pretty much a fast food with a bar.

The hamburgers have no lettuce, tomatoes or anything. They offer onions and pickles on the side, and my husband also asked for some jalapeños en they gave some on the side. The French fries were delicious!

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