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By Tim L. at 2016-10-06

Bodillaz has great food just make sure you order again once you get there because they never take their phone order seriously it seems as if I'm always ordering twice once on the phone and went when I actually get there expecting my food to be ready but it's never ready.

By James W. at 2016-11-16

A nice little establishment right in the mix of things. If my friend is hungry in the area, and he doesnt think of anything to eat immediately, this place is his go- to default. And its easy to tell why - its cheap, tasty, and theres a lot of it: a winning combination if there ever was one.
Its a small, cozy, oddly narrow place. There seemed to be two kitchens, one in the front one in the back, which is unusual. A whole prep kitchen? I dunno. The place is a little messy and sticky, but who cares, this is a greasy cheesey food joint, youre not here for fine dining. Youre here for a filling and good meal.
Apparently there are things on the menu that arent quesadillas. Huh? Why would you order that? Get a darn quesadilla! My friend ordered the Firestarter, which was spicy enough. The jalapenos arent the hottest weve ever had, but with the buffalo sauce, the heat kind of sneaks up on you.
I ordered their monthly special, which was a quesadilla with shrimp, onions, pepper, etc. It was good, and tasted just like the ingredients said it would. Crunchy shrimp was a good choice. It was more than a little drippy, but the shell came nowhere close to getting soggy - much appreciated.
I dont think you can get something bad here, but i also would be shocked to find something mindmeltingly delicious. If i go back, im trying something different on the menu every time. You know what youre getting when you come here, and i doubt youll find it disappointing.

By Michael N. at 2016-08-08

I have been one of Bo Dillaz customers for years and have ordered from them a few hundred times, I have always really enjoyed their food and until recently ordered from them as my splurge food about once a week, it got to the point where the guy on the phone knew it was me and was already putting my order in. I got really busy recently and didn't have much of a chance to order out.

This past Friday (08/05/16, 7-8 PM) was the first time I have ordered from them in a couple of months and is last time I will ever order from them after many years of good food. I ordered through Grub Hub and made a very clear request to have lettuce removed from a wrap and to have mushrooms put in its place (the same order I've made for 5 years with no errors from them in that time). The first wrap came to me after a 50 minute wait and was incorrect [Bo Dillaz uses Zoomer (Uber for delivery) which means that they were slow in the restaurant as Zoomer is *very* fast].

I called them and asked if they could fix the problem and I'll send the old one back with the driver, they said they would do that no problem and have it to me ASAP. They said that the instructions didn't seem clear (I work in food service so I know that if you aren't sure about an instruction you pick up the phone and call, but I digress). Now at this point I have no problem with them, I work in food service and understand that mistakes happen sometimes and there is nothing you can do because Murphys law.

The second wrap comes out 45 minutes later with the exact same problem, minus the type of tortilla and sauce I had originally ordered. It was also luke warm. I called them again, not mad just hungry and wanted to see if they could fix it again; he asked if I wanted a refund and I said no I would prefer my food please. At this point the person on the phone must have gotten the attention of the cook who came over and started loudly talking (they didn't mute their phone or put me on hold) to him about how he knows he made that right and yeah he messed it up at first but fixed it and re-wrapped it so there shouldn't have been a problem.

Then it happened "But if he wants to be a f$#@ing a**hole about it im not making it refund his money."

Goodbye Bo Dillaz.

To other customers, I would suggest ordering elsewhere.

By Collin T. at 2016-05-21

I've been asked what's my favorite restaurant in the city, and EVERY single time BoDillaz is the first to enter my mind!

Okay, so RVA is foodie heaven and narrowing it down to a single favorite is impossible. Depends on your mood, flavor you seek, etc..

BoDillaz is my simple go to. I'm craving flavor on a budget, BoDillaz. It's late night and I'm in downtown RVA, BoDillaz. I'm in the mood for some good greasy grub, BoDillaz!

Ok... I will say as a person who is conscious as far as the healthy aspects of what I consume.. BoDillaz quesadillas are on the greasy side. It's great if you are into that sort of thing, like me, but I totally get how it can be off putting to some...

With that said, this place is still has love in my heart! Not only me, but my friends as well! I don't know a soul who doesn't enjoy BoDillaz!

I recommend The Boss on wheat, with a honey mustard dipping sauce. The Boss is a chicken quesadilla with ranch, tomato, and bacon. My choice is simple, but their menu features much more complex items! All of which are served on your selection of tortilla White, Wheat, Black Bean, Spinach, Tomato Basil, & Habanero.. A dipping sauce is also included. The basic Sour Cream you'd expect with a quesadilla and quite a few others..

They also serve wings which are delicious. Served with your choice of sauce, Honey BBQ, Buffalo Bo, Spicy BBQ.. Or Tripps (all three mixed) my personal recommendation!

What ever you do order don't hesitate to pair it with a side of fries, they're pretty good!

Overall I highly recommend you give BoDillaz a try if you haven't. It's great food. The service is excellent, friendly and speedy...

You definitely should Eat at Bo's!

By Robin D. at 2015-11-21

Unless you are a skinny mini trying to impress people with a bulked up physique, there is no way you could eat at this establishment more than three times in a year. It really deserves a 3.5 rating, and there needs to be a way to adjust this in initial ratings.

It's not that the food isn't good, because it is, but my hunch is that it has 1,000,000 calories and a bunch of fat and a sprinkle of heartburn headed your way. That's because these place a lot of flavor in their dishes, but they are not going to win any awards on the Health meter.

The quesadilla portions are big and you will not leave feeling hungry. I had a meat, cheese, onion, black olive and jalapeño quesadilla with a lot of what I think was cheese whiz style cheese dripping from it. Really good, and a nice lunch while hanging out around VCU.

I just feel after having this mammoth meal that all need to work out more and have a salad a few times to balance things out!

By Elizabeth Y. at 2016-04-02

Quesadillas are so greasy here. They are good but I can only get through half of it before I stop. The wings here are pretty good! Very saucy. This place also has sweet potato fries. Its okay when you want something different on Campus. If you are craving something greasy, you will find it here.

By Suhan K. at 2015-08-25

You walk in this place and will probably start questioning whether or not you will be spending the rest of your day on the toilet but this little quesadilla joint will leave you feeling satisfied with gas brewing in the inside for you to later excrete to share your lunch/dinner with everyone around you making some memories.

As always, customer service first. Your greeted with a friendly welcome and the set up is like a chipotle or subway so everything is run based on you. Friendly and informative, I appreciated the recommendations given to enhance my quesadilla experience!

It was nothing special but nothing terrible at the same time, just good. You choose the overall setup for your quesadilla and add on other things you'd like in your quesadilla. I've never really had a bad or great quesadilla. Perfect place to grab a quick reliable bite, especially if your feeling something greasy and heavy.....great after a long hike or run[which I only say because I workout, solely to eat]. I normally get buffalo chicken or steak quesadilla, there wings are also not bad.

Price is fair, your really getting what you paid for. For a quesadilla, it's pretty big and it will leave most feeling pretty full. Comes with a side of dipping sauce as well which I wish they would give you a little more of but I'm sure you could ask for more.

Good Day

By Lauri W. at 2015-02-27

The interior is nothing to get too excited about, but the wings are alright with me!

My birthday night arrived and of course drinking ensued. At the end of the night, I'd say around 2am or so, an overwhelming craving for chicken wings took over my body but nothing was open! Luckily my friend frequented Bo Dillaz while at VCU and she immediately directed the car in that direction. Best decision all night!

The wings were just what my inebriated body needed to soak up all of the alcohol. But, besides that fact, they were just plain delicious. I got the spicy BBQ and devoured every single one of them. I cursed myself for not knowing about these wings beforehand! My goodness. I'm intrigued by the rest of the menu too. It looks like they have a little something for everyone. Plus, there's nothing like being able to order a quesadilla overflowing with cheesy goodness, burgers, and chicken wings from the same place. Oh, the different cravings that can be satisfied here!

I am definitely coming back to Bo Dillaz and next time it won't be at 2am!

By Taylor S. at 2014-11-23

Bodillaz has never disappointed me. I think the only reason I don't eat here as much is because I hate trying to find parking down near vcu. I can definitely see why students love this place. $7.29 for a quesadilla is pretty good. Plus we aren't just talking about thin slices it's thick and packed full of yummy flavors.

They have tons of flavors to pick from or you can make your own! Today I decided to try the mr. B's burgers. It had pickles, ground beef, onions, mustard and ketchup. I love how at Bodillaz you and choose your own tortilla and a dipping sauce. Now to my finishing product. It was super greasy! Now I love grease, but this was a lot. However it was still yummy. I loved the pickles in it, it gave it this nice crunch and extra flavor. So yummy even though I felt like my heart might explode with grease (worth it though!).

By Tommy B. at 2014-11-23

A quaint little spot near the arts building on VCU's Broad Street campus. The service is fast and friendly and the prices are fair. With lots of different options and the ability to create your own quesadilla, if you have an adventurous palate like I do, you'll never have to worry about ordering the same thing twice.

I tried the "No Way Jose" on my first visit. Everything was hot and readily prepared quickly, and I was surprised you get four large triangles and your choice of dipping sauce with your order. The soda fountain is small, but they have all the essentials, so don't fret quite yet.

The only downside to any of this is the decor, but most of the time dumpy, hole-in-the-wall places serve the best food. Such is the case for Bo Dillaz. Definitely recommended. A

By Jeffrey Q. at 2015-06-04

The owners are really nice and helpful. They recommended me to order 'The Boss' and it was both very filling and extremely delicious.

Also, since I enjoy eating dinner late their hours are perfect for me.

By Martha D. at 2014-03-03

Oh man this was purely a yelp find and did it surely pay off. We just needed a quick lunch that was close to our hotel, which being from Houston close to our hotel was a much different meaning to us. So really it was like a 20 minute drive.

I just have to say that we need one of these in Houston, it made me so happy. I got The Boss, grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes and ranch, and my hubby got The Firestarter, breaded chicken, buffalo bo sauce, cajun spice, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes, only $6.99 a piece. I think I have dreams about it they were so deliciously satisfying.

If we're back in Richmond I know exactly where we're coming first!

By Elijah C. at 2013-12-14

I have mixed feelings about this place.

The food has always been cooked well, well seasoned, and consistent. I always get the Mr B's burger to go. While Bo Dillaz is about two blocks from my office, I have to take the order out of the container when I get back to my office, or by the time I get to finishing it, the bottom two pieces in the two go container are drenched in grease. I would like to see some aborbant material in the bottom of the container. For the prices they charge, I'm assuming they can afford it.

Like some other reviewers, I'm also a little sketched out having a ten year old ring up my order at the register. But everyone is always polite.

By Marvin M. at 2015-09-13

Went here after a night of drinking. Ended up getting a version of a buffalo chicken quesadilla that was pretty good. Line was out of the door but what do you expect smack dab in a college town. Would I go here again yes but only after a night of drinking. A lot of sauce and flavor on the quesadilla left my stomach rumbling in the morning.

By Olga C. at 2015-02-19

Me and my friend went there on a Thursday night at around 8. It was pretty empty and there no line.

You could easily miss this place if you weren't looking for it; it's across the street from Five Guys and Coldstone. The ambiance of the place was a little stiff. It wasn't very well lit and was not the cleanest it could be. They had a TV running in the front and the cashier station was near the back.

I got the Twisted Southwest Cajun quesadilla and I had some MAJOR problems. I found pieces of bacon inside my quesadilla- and consuming bacon is against my religion. It was pretty empty in there so I can't imagine the mistakes the make when they are busy! Besides that fatal flaw, the quesadailla was pretty standard to me and lacked any original flavor or spice.

The reason why this rating is 3 stars instead of 1 is because of my friend's order. She got The Boss. She said it was good, very cheesy and had good taste. You get to pick one sauce with your order and she choose sour cream. They were quick when taking into consideration that they made it from scratch. It was warm and just what she needed.

She will be returning; I will not be.

By Latrice G. at 2014-10-24

Once a year my employer treats us to an appreciation lunch. This year it was the Bo Dillaz food truck. I can honestly say this was the best service I've ever received from a food truck. The menu has great options and although it was free for me the prices seen reasonable. I ordered the Mis -steak with those heavenly cheddar fries. I will definitely be visiting the store location.

By Angela W. at 2014-08-05

Yelp find. Needed a late night spot after a show in Richmond.

Hubby & I got the twisted Caribbean with pork, friend got the chicken parm. Both are quesadilla's. Yes, a chicken parm quesadilla.

I'm usually not a fan of non-traditional quesadillas (groan at all menus with them drenched in ranch & filled w/ bacon). Bodillaz has found a balance though.

Very good and, yes, filling. Hubby loved it. A little greasy, but not bad.

We'd eat here again. A nice Yelp find.

Would be interested in trying their nachos next time.

By Keegan Z. at 2013-08-12

Went here today with a friend to use a gift certificate I had received. I have to say it was not what I was expecting.

Pros: The quesadillas were excellent and portions were ample. The food was well-priced, and with the "buy one, get one half off" coupons which are available many places, it made for an even better deal. The customer service was good, though I will say...

Cons: ... that it is an interesting experience to have a 10-year-old kid ring you up at the register. I'm not trying to get anyone in trouble here, though this was extremely interesting. Sadly, he also got my order wrong (ignoring the two items I did not want in my quesadilla), though the food was still quite good. The chairs/seating are about what you'd expect from a quasi-fast-food establishment: unforgiving metal. I normally wouldn't mind the TV being broadcast in Spanish, though the frequent interruptions of my conversation with "GOAL!!!!!!" did make non-soccer-related discourse a bit difficult.

Overall, I liked the food, though I'd probably prefer to do take-out next time. If you're craving quesadillas, this place will definitely leave you happy.

By Yvonne M. at 2013-06-30

Great place for quesadillas! Im a die hard quesadilla lover so I am always looking for a good one. Bodillaz satisfied my craving! The menu is great, there are a bunch of choices, but if you prefer to make your own, they are willing to make it for you. I chose "the boss" quesadilla" it was piping hot and was cooked to perfection. They really know what their doing,. It was very good. The ice cold a& w rootbeer I had with it was the perfect touch to a delicious lunch. the quesadilla proportion was huge too, i couldnt eat all of it in one sitting, so I boxed it up to go home with me. I couldnt be happier to have a 2nd meal from there for the same price.

By Keith B. at 2015-03-26

We tried to eat here at 1am on a Thursday but they were already closed. If your website says you are open till 3am, it is in your best interest to actually stay open till 3am or at least update your website to reflect your real business hours so that you don't disappoint potential customers. Thanks for ruining my night, I was really looking forward to eating here, but now I'm just upset.

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