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Estimated average consumption of $7.12 - $14.24 per person. We offer 66 menus, including Free Appetizer with Order of $30 or More, 2 Quesadillas and Dessert Special, 2 Wraps and Dessert Special, 2 Signature Quesadillas and Dessert Special, Can Soda, Water
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By Kate G. at 2016-11-11

The BEST quesadilla I've ever had, and I'm not even exaggerating. Super fast, very affordable, and many options. Excellent customer service and atmosphere. Within walking distance of the Richmond Coliseum.

This place is the truest 5/5 star location.

By Michael N. at 2016-08-09

(I originally posted this on the Bo Dillaz Broad Street yelp as I was unaware of this one existing).

I have been one of Bo Dillaz customers for years and have ordered from them a few hundred times, I have always really enjoyed their food and until recently ordered from them as my splurge food about once a week, it got to the point where the guy on the phone knew it was me and was already putting my order in. I got really busy recently and didn't have much of a chance to order out.

This past Friday (08/05/16, 7-8 PM) was the first time I have ordered from them in a couple of months and is last time I will ever order from them after many years of good food. I ordered through Grub Hub and made a very clear request to have lettuce removed from a wrap and to have mushrooms put in its place (the same order I've made for 5 years with no errors from them in that time). The first wrap came to me after a 50 minute wait and was incorrect [Bo Dillaz uses Zoomer (Uber for delivery) which means that they were slow in the restaurant as Zoomer is *very* fast].

I called them and asked if they could fix the problem and I'll send the old one back with the driver, they said they would do that no problem and have it to me ASAP. They said that the instructions didn't seem clear (I work in food service so I know that if you aren't sure about an instruction you pick up the phone and call, but I digress). Now at this point I have no problem with them, I work in food service and understand that mistakes happen sometimes and there is nothing you can do because Murphys law.

The second wrap comes out 45 minutes later with the exact same problem, minus the type of tortilla and sauce I had originally ordered. It was also luke warm. I called them again, not mad just hungry and wanted to see if they could fix it again; he asked if I wanted a refund and I said no I would prefer my food please. At this point the person on the phone must have gotten the attention of the cook who came over and started loudly talking (they didn't mute their phone or put me on hold) to him about how he knows he made that right and yeah he messed it up at first but fixed it and re-wrapped it so there shouldn't have been a problem.

Then it happened "But if he wants to be a f$#@ing a**hole about it im not making it refund his money."

Goodbye Bo Dillaz.

To other customers, I would suggest ordering elsewhere.

By Mary G. at 2016-12-15

This place has awesome food. And if you eat in the restaurant it's all good, but my last three takeout orders have been missing something or I got overcharged. They are quick to fix the situation including delivering whatever is missing. I love this place for the food but it's annoying as crap to constantly get the wrong order.

By Giselle W. at 2016-08-06

Blonde hair In my wing sauce first place I have ate at in Richmond puts a horrible taste in my mouth give th city a bad name yuk yuk . I always check my food before I eat y'all people better start looking at ur food end up with a mouth full of hair ..... Lmfao lol not worth th six bucks or whatever cheap or not that's very unsanitary

By Silvie C. at 2016-03-11

BoDillaz Togo is the smaller, East Broad cousin of it's original West Broad street predecessor. I swear I always get the same thing here: Happy Hawaiian quesadilla (chicken, barbecue sauce, pineapples, add jalapeno) with sour cream on the side on a spinach wrap. It's definitely unfancy finger food but perfect for lunch after a few morning classes or an afternoon spent on Belle Isle.

BoDillaz offers delivery, take out and dine in. What's great about this place is its menu and many options to customize your order. Although it's not a visual assembly line, like Chipotle or Subway, you can still pick if you want a wrap, salad or wings, choose the type of tortilla that you want or skip it. Limited patio seating is available and if you choose to sit outside, your food is brought out to you (cheers to being lazy!). The specials change daily (today was free French fry Friday) so make sure you ask the staff, consult the chalkboards or consult the menu before you lock in your order.

By Kyle H. at 2016-11-12

Okay whew, where do I begin? I'll start with saying the quesadillas are not too shabby but that's where it all stops for me. Had the veggie Cajun and the black bean quesadilla with cheese fries and it just seemed like I should have opted to not order and make food at the house instead. The first thing I opened was the cheese fries and I wish all of you could have seen the disappointment on my face. The cheese is a poor excuse for cheese. It should be shredded cheese, not slime. When you order out you are expecting a treat right? It should not be a hassle to deliver it's just quesadillas and fries!!!! Their delivery service is awful, phone tag is annoying. Expect at least an hour and some change for the wait. Order w/ caution people, very disappointed the menu and idea both look promising.

By Liana A. at 2016-07-28

One of my favorite lunch spots in downtown because ya just can't go wrong with their signature quesadilla, The Boss. I've even ventured out and tried The Steakalicious and that is equally delightful as well but those are definitely my two go-to's. The onion rings also always hit the spot and they even have daily specials Mon-Fri for pickup and dine-in orders. Would definitely recommend Bodillaz for anyone seeking some quick, delicious quesadillas in downtown.

By Elliot H. at 2016-11-01

I placed my order 20 minutes before close, get a text five minutes after they close saying they're closed and our order was cancelled. I called to see what was going on directly after and they said our order was being bagged and would be here in 20 minutes. Here I am 2 hours later with no food, no call, no answer on their phone, and a clueless eat 24 rep. If I could give this place a 0 star I would. I paid 30 dollars for this nonsense. If I get my money back AND free order it would still not reconcile. This business is very half assed and I'd never recommend it to anyone. They need to learn how to do business or just close.

By Jasmine J. at 2016-10-22

The wings were amazing we had Spicy BBQ and Tripps. It came with a free side of fries because it was Friday and the side of frees were enough for two people. They provide friendly and fast service. Overall no complaints.

By Nathan F. at 2016-10-06

Delicious food and fast service. Ordered delivery and it was extremely quick. Sweet potato fries are pretty delicious and pretty good wings as well. They definitely have some unique menu items and I will definitely be coming back again.

By Mike W. at 2016-06-13

Unique and fun quesadillas, honestly, what could be better? Simple shop, nice enough help. Big portions. A little sketchy of an area of town, at least for us visitors from out of town. For something quick, simple and cheap I'd absolutely come back

By Ryan N. at 2015-09-18

Always come here for wings. Deliciously well done. Service is wonderful! They definitely don't skimp on their ingredients and you can always switch out ingredients for something else!

By Timmy L. at 2015-07-03

Been going here since it opened last year, the food here is actually pretty good. The wings are on point and they look like wings. Look on grubhub this place got a 4.6 stars highest of the two Bodillaz. Plus. The staff is extremely friendly and if you want to dine in and watch a movie just ask any of the staff members and they are more then willing to put it on for you, same with music any song you want they will put it on for you. Great vibe, great service, and great food can't ask for much more. I am more then recommending this place to my friends I would take them here myself.

By Caiti L. at 2016-01-13

The atmosphere is awesome & everyone was friendly.

Went for $2 Taco Tuesday, I had a Greek inspired taco as well as a buffalo chicken taco. Very filling and delicious!

By Jon B. at 2015-07-10

While on my quest to find great new places that deliver downtown during lunch time, I stumbled across BoDillaz. The reviews that were posted prior to me placing my first order appeared to give the restaurant a great recommendation. Taking the prior reviews into consideration, I took a chance on BoDillaz. How did my experiences go? To find out, read below:

The Good:

Online Ordering- As stated in other reviews, I am a sucker for online ordering. Makes the process simpler without having to wait on the phone or verbally communicate with anyone.

Condition of the Food- One mishap that occurs during delivery service is that the food arrives either lukewarm or appears to be old. The food that I received from Bodillaz was hot and appeared to be fresh.

Taste of Quesadillas- On multiple times, I ordered the Triple Crossing Quesadilla. The quesadilla comes with chicken, steak, bacon, onion, tomato, sweet pepper, jalapeno, sriracha and ranch as well as dipping salsa and tortilla chips. The quesadilla had a great taste with a bit of a kick to it due to the jalapenos and the salsa complemented the flavor profiles.

Price/Portion- The price of the Quesadilla meal are upwards to $9. Initially I thought it was pretty expensive, but the quesadilla's were pretty full of items and I could barely finish them all. The chips were also plentiful. I also ordered a 6 piece wing which was $5.99. The wings appeared to be good size and the price puts each wing at 83 cents.

The Not So Good:

Inconsistency- From my experience, delivery times have varied throughout the different times I've ordered from this place. I've received my food as short as within 25 minutes or as long as an hour. The first time I ordered the Buffalo Wings, they had just enough sauce on them to be enjoyable. The last time the wings were drenched in sauce and it was very messy.

The Bad:

Forgotten Item- The last the I ordered from this restaurant, I ordered a $1.00 soda to meet the delivery minimum. When I realized that the soda was missing from the order, I was too hungry to call back for them to redeliver the missing item.

Overall- I like this place for its online ordering, great quesadillas and big portions. But there are a few inconsistencies that hinder me from making this place my main go to place for lunch. I would still recommend it to anyone else looking for a good bite. FOUR STARS.

By A A. at 2016-07-08

This was my first time at bodillaz and it Definitely was not worth the $12 I spent. I ordered my wrap and fries for carry out. When I got back to my office to consume the food everyone raves about ....1. My wrap was burned 2. My fries were sub-par 3. Overall my lunch sucked. Will not go back. Sorry but I tried. Even after I attempted to pick off the burned sections I could still taste the char.

By Christopher B. at 2015-09-18

The employees greeted me as soon as I walked in. Ordering was quick and receiving the food was even quicker. The quesadilla I ordered was excellent and all the ingredients tasted fresh. Will be going back to this bodillaz for sure.

By Vivienne L. at 2016-03-14

This place is not only great for lunch or dinner but also for catering! The service is great and the food never disappoints. Your food is ready fast and the portions were nice. I would recommend definitely recommend to anyone craving wings or quesadillas! The ambiance is causal but welcoming.

By Hiep D. at 2015-09-18

Fantastic quesidilla for a great price! Definitely try it for the convenience if you're trying to find a quick bite im the Jackson Ward area.

By Christopher J. at 2016-01-24

So good! Wings were stellar. Not a fan of the breaded style but it worked for BoDillaz. 620 wrap was great. Delivery guy was medium on the effort but food was great.

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