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Boka Tavern

Boka Tavern
  • Street 506 W Broad St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 447-0469
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Boka Tavern introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.45 - $16.9 per person. We offer 51 menus, including Acai Bowl Brunch, Brunch Quesadilla Brunch, 2 Poach Eggs Brunch, Loco Moco Brunch, Shrimp and Grits Benedict Brunch, Boka Mess Brunch, Brisket and Eggs Brunch and so o
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Boka Tavern reviews

By Divya S. at 2016-11-23

We were on our way to Atlanta from DC and we were looking for a place off of 95 in Richmond. I took a look at the menu and decided to give it a shot - well worth it!
Boka Tavern is located 5 minutes from the 95 ramp- making it very convenient for road trippers. The food is Asian Fusion ( Mexican and Asian dishes). We ordered to pick up on a Wednesday night- wild boar empanadas, grilled chicken taco (Asian style), Premium Pork Sausage taco and the Sambal pork burrito.

The breakdown:

Ambiance: bright and colorful with a string lights. An interesting white faux-antler chandelier hangs from the ceiling and the bathroom is chock full of chuck Norris quotes. Totally empty the Wednesday night before thanksgiving but I'm sure this place is busy usually as it has an open neighborhood vibe.

The food:

Wild boar empanadas: LOVE. Crispy and flaky four empanadas in a subtle tangy hot red sauce.

Sambas pork burrito: meat packed with a sweet and slightly spicy white sauce. There is a slight smokiness that kept me nomming on this delicious burrito.

Premium pork sausage taco: amount of meat and the sauce was awesome. The meat was juicy and well seasoned. However it was a bit salty - salty sauce and salty pork made it a tad salty.

Grilled chicken taco, Asian style: in truth we can't remember if we tasted the kimchi but together it was great! The soft taco itself was excellent!

Overall a great choice for a quick bite in the road. I can easily see this as a great place to take my friends ( if I lived in Richmond) before a night of bar hopping.

Very pleasantly surprised :)

By Timmy C. at 2016-12-20

I've been here twice, first time I came in and had to wait around for a minute with no one in the restaurant. The waitress told me not to sit at the bar because she was trying to make money. Did not feel welcomed at all.

Gave it a second chance with my friends around 7 or 8 at night. Again, did not feel welcomed, food was cold waiter didn't give us his name. The music was very unsettling. The bartender/waiter only talked to one person at the bar, we had to wait an extremely long time between finishing our food and getting the check.

There was also a guest who came in and asked for his order to go, and started to eat in the restaurant. Then the bartender told him next time to get it for here so he didn't have to waste the to-go container. I just don't understand how a paying customer is wasting something. I thought this would be a nice close to my apartment late night snack place, but it is awful. Hopefully they make some changes.

By Miguel R. at 2016-11-12

Strongly recommend the Bulgogi/Asian or Chicken/Mexican style tacos. Awesome vibes on a late night, down the street from VCU, there are locals that jam out on open mic night. Plus the staff is super friendly & outgoing.

Highly recommend for a casual lunch or late night snack run.

By Brigitte G. at 2016-12-22

Awesome taco place super close to campus and my work so I started going more often, they have delicious tacos and drinks for a great price I usually get a the happy hour margarita. They also have really great staff love the bartenders and one time I got there one minute before the kitchen closed the kitchen manager was clearly done closing the kitchen but when he saw that I wanted a taco he happily went back and made it for me it was way above and beyond what he had to do... bottom line I would recommend this restaurant to anyone!

By Eitak R. at 2016-12-20

I randomly popped into this place expecting the same Taco stuff the other Boka has. I was completely wrong. The menu there is bangin, the service rules and the bearded, tattoo covered bartender was possibly as delicious as the food. I'm just saying, I highly suggest treating yourself to Boka Tavern!

By Kathleen C. at 2016-12-19

The office was ordering from Boka Tavern, I wasn't in the mood for tacos so I ordered the
TURKEY APPLE SMOKE SANDWICH. Bad move. The foccacia was greasy. There was maybe ten matchstick pieces of apple on the sandwich, a ton of melted cheese and you could not even taste the apple. and there were no greens on the sandwich. It was a greasy soggy mess. Never again.

By Lillian P. at 2016-08-21

So this is a review for a delivery order.
It was about midnight and decided on here since the reviews looked good.
I got the tater-tot appetizer and the tempura chicken and egg bowl.
First off delivery was fine it took a little longer then the estimates time but that fine.
The food though was just not good. The middle bowl was stuck together just a mass of noodles with no sauce except for the corner , everything was in the corner so it was hard to mix. There was nowhere near enough to coat the pasta and pretty much couldn't eat it since it was so stuck together.
The appetizer was mainly taters with very little topping again.
I wanted to like them the menu looked great but was just bad.

By Samita J. at 2016-08-08

Amazing and should deserve over 5 stars.

The owner, Patrick Harris, is so friendly. He greeted us right when we entered and explained practically everything on the menu. When we mentioned what we were in the mood for or "what's good," not only did he tell us what's good, but he described every dish.

We started off with the tater tots and brussel sprouts. I don't eat brussel sprouts, but these were SO good. May have to do with the seasoning used. So delicious. I could imagine just eating a side of these as a snack. Then the tater tots. The cheese used makes it gooey and delicious.

For the meal, I was told I can substitute anything to my liking. I am veg so I ordered the boka mess without the onions and tofu instead of the pork. OMG. I ate every last bite even though I thought I was stuffed. All the ingredients just worked perfectly and tasted amazing together.

For dessert, we got the bread pudding. Again, not a huge dessert fan, but we definitely polished this off.

I wish I wasn't 2 hours away because I would be here all the time. Every time I plan a trip to Richmond, this will be my stopping point. Thank you for making our visit perfect. We will be back!

By James L. at 2016-12-12

I wish I know how to post pics of the food on the review. We will not order from here again. The salads here are just awful! How can you charge $8 for about 3 oz of few greens? Same goes for the $13 grill chicken salad. The "nacho" tots where so salty, no one could eat it. The burrito was dry and the broccoli tasted like it's been soaking in a sauce for couple of days. It was a large corporate order so we got to try variety of stuff and only things we liked was the noodle dish. Also, since we had a very large order, we asked to put the names on the containers and they didn't do that either. I took a while to sort out the food. They did send us a new item for the salad but we will not be ordering from them again. We are all not very impressed.

By Aaron B. at 2016-08-29

I have to say I was really excited to have a Boka right around the corner from me, saving me the trek to Robinson for those amazing tacos. But it was not to be. I check on Yelp & seeing that they were open until midnight, my better half and I decided to walk the half mile to Boka and get our favorites. Walked through the door at 9:50pm only to learn that the kitchen closes at 10. If you're going to advertise hours until midnight, you're pretty much saying "come get a late meal here." You could at the very least have the kitchen open until 10:30 or 11 if the place is going to have the lights on until midnight anyway.

Patrick- one of the owners- reached out personally to inform me of changes made to the staff at Boka Tavern and assured us that the issues we encountered won't happen again. We will be headed back to give it another go soon.

By James W. at 2016-09-29

The place we wanted to go to had an hour wait, so we tried Boka for the first time and I was generally impressed. This menu isnt without flaws, but all the ingredients are fresh and individually tasty.
We stopped in and it was totally empty (filled up over time) so our service was prompt and food came out quick. I ordered the Gauntlet because I wanted to know whats up, and my friend ordered 3 Mexican tacos with a different meat in each one. We ordered the boar empanadas to start.
The empanadas came out first and it was by far the standout of the meal. Its essentially a gamier-tasting meat in a mouthwatering flaky pastry, topped with jam and a radish, with "amish" mustard to dip. The boar was delicious, and Im always a sucker for a flaky pastry - my friend and I took a bite and gave each other a look. It would be hard to top this. Definately recommended.
Their fusion noodle bowls sounded interesting, but I went with the Gauntlet because thats the "thing" here. It was a mixed bag. The corn tortilla worked well with the Mexican, because duh. I liked the American taco, but it just tasted like the bbq sauce - all the other ingredients were lost to me. I wasnt that much of a fan of the Asian taco, however - the kimchi mixed with the corn tortilla just didnt work that well for me, it wasnt bad, just weird. Couldnt really differentiate between the meats much, but I will admit, my mind was still on those empanadas as I ate.
Id definately eat at Boka again, but i feel as though they do better on the more traditional stuff than their "fusion" cuisine. Those noodle bowls certainly do soind interesting, though.....

By Lisa G. at 2016-08-14

Your favorite Boka tacos near the corner of Broad and Belvidere. Larger and more charming than the Robinson Street bar location. Great service. Same great flavor.

By Sarah S. at 2016-12-03

Loved this place/ small chain since they came to my work place in the food truck. Our server was very friendly. Tacos were as great as I remember them. Sister was impressed too. They tasted more like a gourmet meal more than just mere tacos. We got the shrimp and grits one and the white fish one. The shrimp and grits one is amazing. The noodle dish also looked good, but someone else was eating it, and I felt like having the tacos, you know.

By Hannah L. at 2016-09-17

My new favorite spot for vegetarian fair. They really have a way with tofu! The tacos are absolutely divine, and the general tso's burrito blew my mind. Shut up and take my money!

By John B. at 2016-09-13

I ordered the shrimp and grits taco and loaded tater tots for delivery. It was the worst $15 i've ever spent on food in Richmond. Once I received my order nearly an hour and a half after I ordered it, the taco shell the shrimp and grits came on was complete mush. Every time i picked it up it broke. Once i opened the loaded tots, I noticed there was barely any ingredients (bacon, jalapeños, "secret sauce", scallions). Then, and finally, I tried the tots thinking they couldn't get worse than the tacos, they were complete mush as well. Solid job Boka Tavern on a completely crappy/microwaved meal! I'll never return nor recommend.

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