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Estimated average consumption of $8.51 - $17.02 per person. We offer 96 menus, including 1. Samosa (2 pcs), 2. Panner Bhajia, 3. Vegetable Cutlets, 4. Aloo Papdi (Cold), 5. Chili Paneer, 6. Sev Batata Poori (Cold), 7. Bhel Poori (Cold) and so on.
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Bollywood Grill reviews

By Benjamin C. at 2016-07-30

Stopped by to check grab a quick bite as a late lunch and discovered this little gem has a wonderful lunch buffet. The goat curry is wonderfully flavorful with very tender meat, with just the slightest gaminess that lamb/goat/mutton lovers love. They also serve beautiful tikka masala and a big shocker... Pani puri!! The naan is freshly made and wonderfully crisp on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside. For those chai lovers, they also have some deliciously spiced hai as part of the buffet too! What a wonderful surprise this was to find this place! I don't know what their dinner service is like or the a la carte menu items, but I found the food wonderful (and not all that spicy... ). Happy eating!

Update: just had their gulab jamun and it is by far the best I've ever had in a restaurant! It is so tender and creamy in texture! And surprise surprise... I found out, after talking to a nice man here, It's because they actually make everything from scratch!

By Isabella D. at 2016-08-02

Avoid this place:
*2 hours to get food delivered to nearby hotel
* cold food in delivery bag had spilled all over
* no cutlery
* restaurant attempted to conceal bland taste by excessive hot spice

By Jon V. at 2016-07-16

They have a poke stop for pokemon go. You can set a lure and eat amazing indian food.

I highly recommend the Dosa with the sambar. It's fantastic.

Amazing and spicy onion chutney

Methimuttor malai was wonderful.

Great service and parking!

By Tasha H. at 2016-03-16

Decent food, ok service. Good value though! 7 people are their fill for about $15/person

Samosa - good, but I've had more flavorful before. They also didn't bring out any chutney until we requested it.

Naan - a little too thin and crisp in my opinion

Dal - nice buttery flavor, recommend getting this one

Shrimp biryani - seemed a little spicier than the rest. Shrimp were cooked nicely.

Overall not my favorite, but ok if you have a craving for Indian and are close by!

By B P. at 2016-09-26

Ordered the paneer tikka and egg biryani. Paneer tikka was not cooked. The marinade was still raw. Every other time I've ordered this from any other Indian restaurant, the paneer is slightly crisped from the oven/grill and the marinade is always cooked. The egg biryani was slightly better. They took a simple biryani with good flavor and added boiled egg.

By Susmitha V. at 2016-06-11

Out of 5 items we ordered, only one tasted good. Though Mango lassi is the best one of all I had this summer the others were a disaster. Salt less gobi parata, chilli chicken was different from what I've had so far. Tried chicken coconut for the first time which didn't turn out to be good. Chicken biryani was very disappointing.

Probably I'll give a shot to buffet after a while, but still a definite no to ala carte.

By Robert P. at 2016-06-07

Ok food and nice people. We had the lamb vindaloo and saag paneer.

I had rated it higher but my second trip back the counter guy tried to charge me a 100% tip which he fixed after I raised it to him and the food was waayy spicy; much more then our first time there. I ordered medium but ate it anyway

By Park R. at 2016-11-04

The funny thing with this place i was staing at the Hyatt and i was looking for somewhere to eat when I found this place so i walked about a half to get here and after eating it was dark i had to walk back in the dark but the food good and authentic but watch the heat it seems to be hotter than other places i have been to

By Helen W. at 2016-04-09

Bollywood Grill is my favorite Indian place on the east side of Milwaukee. I've had better elsewhere (imo, Maharani in Madison and Tandoor in West Allis are superior), but this is my go-to place for Indian near where I live on the upper east side. Their lunch buffet is probably the best I've personally experienced and also a great value. Their dinner is very good too, although I would say their lunch buffet is of higher quality than their dine-in evening meal experience.

Their shahi paneer, chicken tikka masala, sesame chicken, and vegetable biryani are fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of their saag paneer or tandoori chicken, although I'm not especially crazy about tandoori chicken in general. Their naan and rice are both very good, although occasionally, the naan I've received has been burnt.

I strongly prefer Bollywood over Maharaja. This is where I usually go when I'm craving Indian food. The prices are good; the food is good; the atmosphere is energizing, fun, and true to the restuarant's name. Overall, I highly recommend it!

By Avinash K. at 2016-10-15

I have been to this place after a lot of contemplation and i was right about it. We ordered basic stuff like chilli chicken and biryani but I never ate such a chilli chicken before. Most disappointed with the taste. Service was decent.

By Sudhi K. at 2016-01-17

Ok ok kind of food. If you are staying in Milwaukee downtown and finding lazy to drive to other places then this place may be an option

There are lot of options but somehow I felt that taste is missing.

By Jai S. at 2015-11-19

The beginning was good with the starters.. However, everything after that was downhill..

We ordered paneer sizzler. When the order came out, we checked with the waiter if it was paneer, cuz it didnt look like paneer. He confirmed and assured us it is paneer. Turns out it was chicken. So much for attentive service.

The rest of the food was ok. I appreciated the fact that they try to apologize by giving us free ice cream. Also called us a cab.

Good customer service, but poor experience with the food.

By Amy Z. at 2016-08-25

I love Bollywood Grill! Excellent, authentic Indian dishes. As a vegetarian, I can always find something delicious. Service is quick and friendly!

By Sarah A. at 2016-07-25

The food is really good and I enjoy it every time I go there. Their buffet is from 3 to 5 and it's $13 which is perfect because it gets you full and the varieties are always intriguing! The staff is friendly and helpful when you ask them to explain what the dish is and always welcome you with a smile!

One note to the owner though, not every brown girl is from Saudi! If you have so many customers from that country you don't have to make the assumption that all brown people are from there! I could be from your own people you know!! It gets annoying when someone assumes something based on nothing, he didn't even ask me if I were from there! My credit card didn't work for some reason so he asked me if my card was from my country Saudi! What now?? That honestly pissed me off! But I didn't wanna make a scene in front of my friend whom I brought to specifically try Indian food!!

Anyways, the food is impeccable there!

By Jayesh B. at 2016-05-17

I strongly prefer Bollywood over Maharaja. The prices are good; the food is good; the atmosphere is energizing, fun, and true to the restuarant's name.

Bollywood Grill is my favorite Indian place in Milwaukee. Their lunch buffet is probably the best I've personally experienced and also a great value.

Overall, I highly recommend it!

By Erica W. at 2016-01-31

The Bollywood Grill seems to focus more on showcasing harmonious flavors and less on masking them behind excessive heat. While I handle spice without much trouble, I appreciate tasting more than just "hot" as I go through my buffet-gathered Indian goodies.

I live just about halfway between the Bollywood Grill and my old Indian standby - Maharaja's. For a time, my SO and I split our patronage between each restaurant, alternating visits to each for their lunch buffets. It would be fairly accurate to say we've been to Bollywood about once a month on average for the past year or so. For a time, we have considered the the two competing restaurants to be quite comparable overall - each with their strengths and weaknesses.

However, it seems as though the quality and the variety both at Bollywood has gradually taken a significant lead. A couple of months ago, I praised the masala chai offered on the buffet and announced across the table, "The only things missing from this buffet that we've seen elsewhere are coconut soup and Indian sweets." SO, mouth stuffed with paneer-soaked naan, simply bobbed his head in agreement.

Lo and behold, we went yesterday with a hankering for tikka masala and SO's favorite "glub glub balls" (gulab jamun) and found each, as usual, on the buffet along with a new surprise of sesame sweets and cold poori - neither of which we have seen much of at Indian buffets in our past.

Given the option, I would award the Bollywood Grill an extra half star. I have just one grievance keeping me from choosing a 5-star rating, though management has only so much control in improving this flaw:

It seems that almost every time we get lunch at Bollywood, there are children running inside of the restaurant, often up and down the length of the buffet at full speed, which never ceases to rattle my nerves as I come from a culture in which a restaurant is a place where people show off their very best behavior and I feel as though nothing is stopping a loose child from crashing into me while I am holding a plate full of hot sauces. I've managed to splash curry sauce into my eye in the past, and I am not inclined to do so a second time.

Go for the buffet and be sure to sample the best tamarind sauce I've ever had, budget your plate space for a little of each of 3 basamati rice dishes and grab a masala chai tea right away so it has time to cool before you finish off your meal with a capstone dish of mango custard. Don't wear white, and don't plan on being very active in the few hours following your visit. You will not be grabbing a light lunch at Bollywood. With many sizes of dishware on the buffet (and extra napkins!) it is easy to go back for "just a little bit more." time and time again.

With a soup choice on the buffet and well-mannered mini-patrons, Bollywood Grill would, without a doubt, be my favorite Indian restaurant in the state of Wisconsin.

By Marco P. at 2016-01-17

Been here a few times before, mostly take out. Food is pretty good, but my reason for the one star is purely because of their customer service. Went there with my girlfriend and my mom that was in from out of town.

Their website says they stop seating at 3:30 pm, we were inside at 3:20 and they did want to seat us. They said we can do the buffet but when we looked at the buffet, it was completely empty and they were not going to refill it. If you close at 3:30 seat until 3:30, if you are so well off that you don't need any more business, change your hours and close at 3:00.

I will never go back to this place, plenty of good Indian restaurants in Milwaukee.

By Maitri M. at 2016-07-10

Bollywood Grill is the best Indian restaurant in Milwaukee. The owners and staff are friendly and accommodating. This is now my regular hangout, if you want to experience true Indian delicacies, this place is your answer.

I have food restrictions (being a Jain) but the staff here is always ready to cook and customise the dishes as per my requirements with a smile on their face.

The place is great, with Bollywood songs being played in the background, you would be transported to India. I am grateful for this restaurant right opposite my apartment.

P.S: Mango lassi is the best, if you are coming for the first time, you ought to try it!

By Molly C. at 2015-08-10

Went here for the lunch buffet after finishing a triathlon in Milwaukee, and it fit the bill perfectly.
Three whole carts of food, meaning a very wide variety of entrees. I love that they had both chicken tikka masala (my mom's favorite) as well as tikka masala with cheese cubes for those avoiding meat like me.
Great food and service. Our water glasses were never empty!

By Alex D. at 2016-05-05

Yum! Friendly staff, typically not busy - seems to cater more towards banquets and parties - but food is yummy and very reasonably priced!

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