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Estimated average consumption of $8.91 - $17.82 per person. We offer 63 menus, including Fried Pickles, Onion Ring Basket, Chips & Queso, Tortilla Chips & House-made Salsa, BPH Fries, Fried Shrimp Tacos, Cheese Steak Tacos and so on.
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By Phillip B. at 2016-09-01

What is there 'Not' to like the BP! Yes I must say I am a hamburger guy and Here is where you will find the most delicious and cooked to the rareness you want. Oh but the variety of food is totally out of even the Top (Think they are) restaurants in ATL !!!
That is just about the food. The service is awesome and with a true - not give me a good tip - smile all the way but so professional, most others should watch them work so much that you feel that your table they are waiting on. Plus observing, even before you might be thinking about it, what your need or want will be - from a cocktail to mustard

By Andre' M. at 2016-10-22

The service was good and the food was good.
I went after reading yelp reviews and was expecting great so unfortunately good was a little disappointing.
I had the Patty Melt and it was ok to good. The onion rings that I upgraded to were great. My wife had the falafel sandwich, which she eats a lot of being vegetarian, and said it was just ok. She said it was very dry as there was no sauce. She said that her fries were great.
They're celebrating their ten year anniversary which is awesome! We might have just ordered wrong.

By Brett R. at 2016-10-05

So, four years ago, I didn't stop because I was from out of town and thought the area looked questionable at night. I left a 2-star review -- my very first Yelp! review and now I'm back to give credit where credit is due. These days I live only a couple of miles away and am more familiar with the area and appreciate the town of Clarkston as a welcoming and safe community.

Sara was our bartender/server today and made our visit a pleasure. She was helpful with suggestion and showed a lot of employee pride in the food. We had the Crispy Brussel Sprouts for an appetizer. It was terrific. The flash fry is just enough to crisp the sprouts without soaking them in grease. They are then tossed with some salt and chopped green apples - delish!

I settled on the Braised Beef Grilled Cheese on Sourdough at Sara's advice. I was deliberating over the Rueben as well, but I'll be back for that soon enough. My sandwich was fabulous. Lots of gooey cheesy goodness and the beef is moist and tender. All in all a superb sandwich. The fries are also standouts. Not too fat, not too thin and a nice salt and pepper toss makes them a must try.

My wife had the chicken wings. None of those nasty, over battered Sysco Foods wings here. These are naked and tossed in sauce like a good wing should be. Although perfectly cooked, she likes them a little crispier and will be sure to order that way next time. The hot sauce was good but not great in her estimation. She's decided she will get the wings without the sauce and will have the sweet and spicy sauce on the side next time, but again, we will back sooner than later.

Finally, there's a decent craft beer selection with offerings in most craft classes - yet another reason to return.

Thanks to all the other Yelpers who left such great reviews that I felt compelled to return. I'm so very glad I gave this spot a chance and it certainly didn't disappoint.

By Sovanna K. at 2016-12-14

The burgers are so good and it's only $5 on Tuesdays! The staff is always so nice. It's hard to find parking sometimes and it's attached to a sketchy liquor store but other than that I liked it!

By Alan S. at 2016-12-14

Sorry to report they have stopped half price burgers after many years. Food and service still really good. Never had a bad meal. Sometimes the place does get crowded and the parking is difficult.

By Amy M. at 2016-12-07

Great food, friendly atmosphere, amazing waitress! We had the Ruben and a Philly cheesesteak with fries and sodas. YUM!

By Christina K. at 2016-05-07

This is such a nice, solid hole in the wall neighborhood pub! I've been here a few times now and each time has been consistent with the food and the service. It's a total no-frills type of place, perfect for that ice cold beer after a long day.

They always have a special of some sort going on, on Tuesday its $5 burgers along with special desserts which are all made in house. Ive had the burger, and although slightly more done than I had requested, it was good flavor and portions. The fries came out crisp and hot, straight from the fryer.
I also highly recommend the wings. They are all good sized and very flavorful without being burnt or under-cooked. I did have a bite of my brother's braised beef melt and all I have to say is, OMG, get this!

On another visit with the brothers, I ventured out and had a salad - since I had ordered a tall beer LOL. The salad was a large portion, filled to the brim with fresh greens.
They carry a good variety of beer, I really like that they have a nice selection of Belgians to try out. So far, my favorite has been the Wihenstephan Vitus which is a really refreshing beer.
The servers have always been super sweet and nice. I've seen them greet regulars by name which is always a good sign.

By Michael T. at 2016-06-13

When I first walked in I honestly thought this was going to be a bummer. It was a few blocks away from strikers... I really doubted all the reviews I saw, but honestly the food and beer saved it from a bad destiny. They have a pool table and is a good local sports bar.

I got the Eventide Kolsch beer and it was a smooth honey type beer. Try it out it was a smooth refreshing, sweet beer. The description was that it hints lemon grass and a medium dry finish with a hop pop. I highly recommend it. I'm a vegetarian and I've tried a lot and this vegetarian quesadilla with fries OMG... If you're vegetarian I say try it out it was really good. Even my non vegetarian friend said it was good. Delicious.

Overall there was a little drama tonight with one of the customers, but we talked to local that come here often and they said that it's really chill here. I definitely have to recommend this place, it's very down to earth, recommend the food and just come if you're around the neighborhood and you'll have fun, granted this is game 6 of the NBA finals a drive game is 97 to 90 Cleveland.

By Thao M. at 2016-01-25

Oh my gosh what had I been doing with my life?! I live literally 5 mins away and every day I drive past it but never stop. So one day while on Yelp i decided I wanted burger so I searched for a location near my house. Surprise surprise Brockett Pub showed up. I click and read the reviews and the next day my friends and I gathered for brunch. At the end of the meal we were all full and absolutely satisfied. Our waitress was pretty nice but I didn't catch her name. She made sure we were comfortable and we felt she was very genuine about it unlike other restaurants.
Over all I am excited to have such a nice place that is so close to my house that I can easily drive out too. Can't wait to take my parents back for lunch or dinner. They never been to a pub so this should be interesting.

By Hillary F. at 2016-07-06

I have been to Brockett Pub quite a few times this summer. I am always eager to come back. My first meal included the brussel sprouts. They are exquisite. My friend had the salad with a dressing that had a bit of ginger in it. I day dreamed about that dressing for weeks!
The other day I had the tasty and we'll seasoned meatball appetizer as I gleefully watched both UEFA and The Tennis Channel (Wimbledon). I also had a crisp balanced Belgian beer from the tap. Their beer selection is fantastic!
Andrea was my awesome waitress. Kind, accommodating, helpful, on-time & on-point. All the people who work at Brockett Pub are fantastic.
This neighborhood gem is an oasis for laid back atmosphere, friendly people plus a patio deck & a pool table inside.

By Ben R. at 2016-11-07

Great food, good beer selection, phenomenal service!! Glad we stopped. Don't let the looks of this place fool you. The food was excellent. Bar food but excellent. Service was A+.

By V P. at 2016-06-30

This is my spot!! Lol hidden, perfect gem. You'll think you are in the city. The area is a little sketchy but the food and dranks are worth it!! The staff is fun, friendly and great cooks.

By Jim S. at 2016-04-28

I visit the Atlanta area several times a year but generally stay in the I-85/Pleasant Hill area. So Stone Mountain left me looking for a decent place to eat. I couldn't imagine that this many great reviews could all be for real. They ARE!

It's a bar with what appears to be a largely local clientele. But is the atmosphere ever friendly. I don't know what impressed me more - the food or the service. The special the evening of my visit was shrimp etouffee. I had to try it. It was outstanding. But there were so many other great choices on the menu, I wished that I could come back again and try something else.

As good as the food was, the service might have been better. Raye was a delight. She was right there every time with iced tea refills (tea also delicious). All-in-all, just a great experience. A place that I would never have considered had it not been for Yelp. You locals are lucky to have this place nearby!

By Robert M. at 2015-12-22

The hard part about writing this review is not to repeat what others have already stated, i.e. hidden gem, fantastic food, great staff, can't believe I've not been before (when I've driven by many times), etc.

My friends (who come here often) & I had drinks and food. The tuna melt with fries is amazingly great. The lemon pepper wings are perhaps the best in Atlanta (dry rub type).

A bit of a dive atmosphere-wise; however, the place easily deserves 4.5 stars. Since this is my first time I will dispense with 4 (I doubt this will hurt them). I expect to upgrade my review to 5 stars soon (with future / repeat visits). This could easily become one of my new hangouts.

By Alex T. at 2015-10-27

Great overall experience at this place. The bartenders were extremely pleasant. I knew it was a great place when the bartender asked my name and introduced herself and her colleague to me. They referred to me by name for the rest of the night. Its the little things such as this that I love.

The food was great, i was offered a taste of the Red Brick Stout that was on tap and it was great. i ordered based on review recommendations: the shrimp tacos and the lemon pepper wings. Absurdly great, thats right, absurdly.

The tacos were fresh, and the tortillas are grilled with gave a good flavor. The shrimp was made in house, and the slaw was just acidic enough to cut the sweetness of the sauce and the shrimp.

The wings were good, fried to perfection and fairly meaty. The sauce was outstanding, at one point I caught myself dipping the celery in it wondering "what do they make this with?" Really good and unique.

Give this place a go. Sit at the bar with Matt and Christina and they will take care of you.

By I. J. W. at 2016-03-18

I came here after work for a quick birthday treat with a co-worker after seeing all the negative reviews on other more well known places. I now know why this place is so highly rated by other patrons in comparison to a TGIF Fridays or Applebee's. The service is very personable, it has a cool ambience, and the food is fantastic! I had a Philly Cheeseburger (not the cheese steak) and it was made to perfection.

Darren is great bartender and Alex is a great server. I can't believe it is so close to my house and I pass by it everyday but never knew about it. This place is truly a hidden treasure, and John is a great owner as well as a wonderful cook. I recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

By Holly O. at 2016-10-10

Great foot, great beer selection and specialty cocktails. Wonderful service. Perfect lunch spot on the patio.

By The S. at 2016-09-09

The Asian chicken salad was not bad, but the bits of fried dough strips added a welcome crunch but less than healthy note.
And the Greek salad was not Greek enough for us and not very satisfying.
Service was a bit slow today but very friendly as always.

By Mary M. at 2014-12-02

Brockett Pub House and Grill!! I live about 10 minutes from this place and have been in walking distance of the pub on more occasions than I can remember. When I pulled up on a Monday night, I couldn't believe I had never been here. From the specials on a boards when you walk in, the numerous televisions to the crazy beer selection; I may make this my new favorite spot.

I had seen the pictures previously on Yelp! so I already had it in my mind what I wanted to order. I ordered the braised beef grilled cheese with muenster cheese on sourdough bread accompanied with a side of fried pickles! FREAKIN' DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like to try new things if I frequent a restaurant but I'm not sure if I want to try anything else. I didn't try a beer because the weekend before I had one too many alcoholic beverages and I'm fasting from alcohol (until the next weekend, that is). I got an Uptown (up north this is what we call Arnold Palmers).

The waiter was uber friendly. The atmosphere was definitely loud, but on a Sunday while the football game is on - this is the perfect place to come! On this Monday, you could hear a baby yelling, a group of men cheering, my boyfriend talking and the waiters all around. This isn't the ideal date spot but definitely a place to come hang out with friends and enjoy some good eats.

Next time I come will have to be on a Tuesday for half off burgers! They have this burger called the Cuban burger! I think this may be my next victim on their menu.

I'll definitely be returning very soon.

By Kai E. at 2015-01-12

I love love love Brockett Pub. At first glance this place is definitely a spot you wouldn't notice or think would be a decent place to eat. When you walk into this establishment there is nothing fancy about it but perfect for watching the game with plenty of TVs, tables, and a large bar. In the back there is a pool table. You seat yourself and a waiter comes over immediately to greet you.

Customer service is excellent. The entire staff and the owners are extremely friendly and professional. The food is impeccable. Even if you didn't like Brussel sprouts growing up... you have to try it here as a appetizer you won't be disappointed. The wings with Brockett sauce is my favorite and their lemon pepper wings has a close second place you can't go wrong with either. Most importantly the drinks are strong just like I like them , made very well and reasonably priced.

This is my go to spot If I want some tasty comfort food in a relaxed friendly environment, or I call my order in and pick it up.

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