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Buchanan Arms Restaurant & Pub

Buchanan Arms Restaurant & Pub
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Estimated average consumption of $9.11 - $18.22 per person. We offer 148 menus, including English Breakfast, Sausage Roll And Two Eggs, Two Bangers And Two Eggs, Ham Steak And Two Eggs, Scrambled Eggs With Diced Ham, American Bacon And Two Eggs, English S
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Buchanan Arms Restaurant & Pub reviews

By Victor C. at 2016-10-18

Old school style pub that offers the right ambiance, food, and service. We arrived on a Saturday morning right after they opened up. So, it was very quiet and empty. We ordered the Chicken Strips (daughter), Monte Cristo (wifey), and Fish & Chips (me!). Two of the meals came with soup, one of which was Mulligatawney and the other similar to French Onion. I really like the Mulligatawney with its curry influence. Yum!

The chicken strips were ok, as were the shoestring like fries and their chips (aka steak fries). Both types of fries could have been a bit crispier. The Fish tasted fresh, having the right amount of batter. They use the same batter for the Monte Cristo sammy. Each MC order came with two halves that were battered and deep fried. Both were monsters to tackle. I would recommend battering and deep frying quarters of the sandwich. Overall, it tasted good. However, it still could not match the sweetness and flavor of Cafe Orleans in Disneyland! But heck, you don't have to pay the entrance fee nor have to deal with the crowds.

Prices for all three items were very reasonable, a bargain in fact. We'll definitely be back should we ever be in the area again!

By Jo S. at 2016-11-27

I love British pubs and I was very excited to try another one in the area.

When we got there for dinner, the place was empty. It stayed empty pretty much the whole time we had dinner. The bread from the house was bland. We got the sausage rolls with chips (and peas) and once again, the food was very bland. We got a couple of Newcastles which we like and get in pubs.
Service was good, but the experience was disappointing. The food had no flavor whatsoever and the place was dead. I'm used to pubs that are alive, with music on, fun atmosphere, people crowded at the bar talking loudly and laughing, people throwing darts, pubs where you can have fun.

Our visit was short. Yes, you can park on the street, no hassle. I wish this place was better. There are cooler, more fun pubs in the Valley. If you want fun and good fun, skip it, if you want quiet, meaning really quiet, you're in the right place.

By Elijah D. at 2016-10-04

We started with the Mulligatawney soup, and then we had fish and chips, the banger bits and a sausage roll and bridie for our mains.

Dalena: The cod was great. It was cooked well and it was really firm. I didn't care for the peas and carrots; I felt that they were just plate fillers. The bridies were great. Gravy was really just gravy flavored sauce.

Those little banger sausage bits were delicious. The batter was a little to much after a while, but that was because we ordered all batter-based dishes. The sausage was no ordinary sausage. It was...advanced sausage. Super yummy and different from what I can get at a grocery store.

Elijah: Yea, everything was great, and maybe we will do a little less batter on our next visit to Buchanan Arms -- but that's a good sign. This was our first time at this pub, but we definitely plan on returning.

I actually enjoyed the starter soup a bit. It was a curry vegetable soup essentially. It was a little dense (hence the curry) so we shared ours. Plenty to go around, between the two of us. And it doubled as another nice cup of gravy for our other plates. Pretty sure I dipped everything in there.

I've had bangers before, in its more traditional bangers and mash set up, but never "banger bits" which are really just mini (sliced) banger corndogs. Cool idea. And the sausage roll and bridie were yummy as usual. I love just about anything with a buttery, flaky crust.

There was a lot of room for seating. Great place to catch a game. Wasn't busy at all on our Thursday evening visit. If anyone in the LA/Valley area misses or is looking for the look and feel and food from an East Coast or European pub, Buchanan Arms is capable of satisfying those cravings quite a bit.

By Kevin P. at 2016-03-15

My wife and I were craving for fish & chips, and we decided to give Buchanan Arms a try. Man glad we did, their fish & chips are fantastic. The restaurant is located on Burbank blvd. very close to the Costco.
Buchanan is famliy owned , and i love supporting those mom and pop's restaurant. The inside of the restaurant isn't modern or anything, but felt like we were back in the 70's. It Felt very homie.

SERVICE: The service was excellent and friendly.

PARKING : Plenty of street parking.

FOOD: Zucchini Sticks. Great appetizer while waiting for your main food. The zucchini sticks were perfectly fried. The batter was light and cripsy. Not oily at all.

Fish & Chips. Fantastic! You get two HUGE hand dipped cod filet good enough to share. The fish was perfectly battered and fried. The cod was super moist and flaky. Can't say enough about the batter. It light and cripsy and it wasn't greasy at all. One of the best fish & chips I had in a long time.

Whenever I'm in the mood for fish and chips. I now know where to go!

By Joe E. at 2015-11-14

Rude staff.....No.
Slow service.....No.
Small portions.....No.
Overpriced food.....No.

I found myself in Burbank on an evening stroll at the Hobby Lobby on Victory Blvd. I only went because it was around dinner time and I knew I would get a beer and food out of the excursion. The place is like a craft Costco. Anyway, I'd bookmarked Buchanan long ago and I was glad we were both in the mood for fish & chips. Loved the place and I wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Saturday night. The place was busy. Unbeknownst to us, there was a live band. Normally, all the fixings for a dining disaster. Started with the zucchini strips. Fresh cut, dipped, and fluffily fried in a not-so-greasy batter. Delicious. Split the fish & chips. Two huge pieces of fish that were again fried perfectly in the aforementioned fluffy, not-too-greasy batter. Standard steak fries and peas also accompanied the dish. What was not standard was the soup that was included in the entree. Guinness beer onion soup. Next time, I'll order a bucket. So good. All of the food came out quickly considering the busy night. The staff was awesome, friendly, and attentive. She ordered a 20 oz. Firestone 805. So not British. I got a Smithwicks. Not British but Irish, but much more meal appropriate, I think.

The crowd was a bit older. Definitely not a hipster spot but any foodie would appreciate! Also, please read all negative reviews. Not for their validity, but for the owner's responses. Classic.

By Tina M. at 2016-09-09

Had the fish not been fishy I would have given this place a better rating, we had the mulligatawny soup which was awesome had a nice spice to it. The cock a perky soup was good also. I will come back for the soup.

By Nikki T. at 2016-03-20

As a vegetarian Brit in LA it's often hard to find somewhere I can satisfy my craving for a Sunday roast dinner without the meat. We called ahead to this pub & I spoke with James who was delightful & accommodating & said it was no problem at all to do a veggie burger patty with the usual roast trimmings :D
The pub was warm & welcoming & all the staff pleasant & attentive.
The food was DELICIOUS! The patty was good, the mash was smooth & obviously fresh & the Yorkshire pudding almost rivaled my Mums....almost ;) The horseradish is bomb! Literally...that stuff is firey!
Very kind of them to make my veggie substitution - I was also assured the beef was really good too.
Prices were very reasonable & i'd definitely go back - YUM!!

By Vanessa V. at 2016-11-02

I had a hankering for British cuisine so I decided to check this place out after a morning movie. My friend got fish and chips and I got the shepherd's pie. The meat was tasty and the mashed potatoes were good. The best part was the sticky toffee pudding. Yum!! Good family friendly restaurant staple

By Art L. at 2016-10-25

Decent place, would come again. The food was yummy, and while I'm not a drinker it looked like they had a good selection of beer.

By LC M. at 2016-06-14

Food that hits the spot and a waiter that keeps it coming and cold brew that hits the spot!!!! Such a nice way to relax good dinner, live music listening to the strumming of a guitar and listening to good alcohol poured over ice......ended with Guinness Brownie yummy

By Steph C. at 2015-09-30

I met up with a friend at the Buchanan Arms before a house party in the area. We picked it for proximity but also because a British pub in Burbank sounded like fun.

We walked in at around 5 on a Saturday afternoon, and the pub was pretty much empty. It was a large space with a comfortable, homey aesthetic that incorporated its British them. There were flags hanging by the bar, coat of arms decorations on the walls. We got a huge booth, and from my perch, I noticed an adjoined space dedicated to British paraphernalia--Keep Calm and Carry On shit, etc. etc. Service was pleasant, prompt and unfussy.

We had a couple pints of Guinness, which seemed right, and shared a plate of thin fries. Enjoyed my Guinness, but the fries were legitimately terrible. They were limp and soggy, but on the wrong side of crispy--they hadn't been fried properly at all, and had a raw texture that kind of offended my teeth. We ate maybe a quarter of them altogether, with lots of ketchup and mayonnaise, complaining the whole time about how bad they were.

I hope the rest of the food is better than those fries, but I probably won't be back to find out. I'd use the Buchanan Arms for the occasional drink, though, if I lived nearby--I'm sure, for one thng, that it's never crowded. My friend noted that there was nothing about the place that suggested we were in Burbank, or even L.A. And while we could just as easily have been in middle America as in the UK, I did enjoy that calm, Anglophile vibe.

By Kevin R. at 2016-06-28

I love a good English pub, and this is the best I have been to outside of the U.K. The Shepards pie was awesome and the beer on tap was phenomenal. I am coming back to this place again.

By Franklin M. at 2016-05-07

Old school since 1977. I ordered the Shepherd's Pie which seems to be as popular as the Fish & Chips. I could've shared this plate since it was more than enough food for me, I actually took a doggy bag home. I like this neighborhood English pub, especially the old school look to it. I don't understand why some people will bash an old establishment and make comments that it's old and needs to be refurbished. Does someone go on vacation to England and complain about how old and outdated that 1800's pub they had beers in, probably not, these whiners have no clue about history and character.

By Gerry P. at 2016-07-03

Today's special is rib eye with mash and gravy and Yorkshire pudding and peas so we all tried it . I ordered mine medium rare so it was grilled as I wanted. The mash potatoes were probably powdered and the gravy from a combination of drippings and powdered stock. Service was fast and professional. The 100 capacity restaurant only have less than a dozen patrons including us. Maybe all of the British citizens have exited and left the building.

By Shoshana W. at 2016-05-31

Tons of street parking and super friendly staff! Drinks were great and the fish tacos were delicious! Karaoke was a blast and the seating and faculties were great!

By Jessie M. at 2016-05-15

Only reviewing the bar. Yelp said it closed at 10pm but we were here from 10-11pm at the bar so... not sure what's up with that. We both got a 10 yr Speyburn, about $10/glass. Bartender didn't know what that was so that was a little weird. Also strange crowd, but I guess that's Burbank at 11pm on a Wednesday night.

By Arika A. at 2016-09-02

I come not just for the great food but the excellent service. Sonia has made the bar a hot spot for the regulars in the neighborhood. She has a knack for brining people together. Thanks for making my Saturday nights!

By Ken M. at 2015-12-11

This is a pub/restaurant that is family owned and run. The service has always been friendly and the atmosphere when they get a fair few in is very good. I have been going in here for over 25 years and little has changed in that time as far as that goes.
That said, this business needs a good slap in the arse. I'm not an expert in either decor or menu creation, just a patron, so from a respectful customer's point of view EVERYTHING needs a fresh new or updated look, top to bottom. Same old, same old while riding your reputation will just not cut it in the restaurant business IF you want to survive. People are spoiled for choice and will go elsewhere.
I only say IF because the replies by the management to the reviews below are bemusing and are nothing short of reckless.
Please, please upgrade and we'll be back!
P.S. dirty cooks smoking out the back is just about as off putting as it gets.

By Kate H. at 2016-03-25

Came here for fish and chips on Good Friday, and they were AWESOME! Service is great! Food tastes great, probably one of the best beer batters I've had! They even have a lunch special size if you have a smaller appetite.

Definitely coming back!

By Jennifer S. at 2016-07-22

Great service. Good food. Clean restaurant. Consistently enjoyable. This is why we come back.

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