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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar
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Estimated average consumption of $7.04 - $14.08 per person. We offer 75 menus, including Boneless Buffalo Wings Wings, Chicken Tenders Tenders, Traditional Wings Wings, Naked Tenders, Chicken Tender And Popcorn Shrimp, Onion Rings, Buffalo Chips and so on
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Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar reviews

By Melissa S. at 2016-09-25

Went here for a late night dinner. Service was great once someone noticed we were there and seated us. Food was yummy as usual. Only other complaint was that they seated us right beside a huge group of people that were super loud and the whole section was empty so I didn't understand why we had to be right next to each other. All in all a great dinner.

By Sam B. at 2016-12-26

I want to start out with a big F you. WAY OVERPRICED AND SUCKS.

I thought the dirty table I sat at was bad enough.

Every single time I go into a buffalo wild wings the bathroom looks like doomsday, you're lucky I don't take pictures and post what it looks like on the toilets and floors. I seriously am beyond furious that I cannot even take my child out to dinner without there being $#*# smeared all over the toilet seat and piss all over the floors because you idiots won't clean the bathroom. This is happening at every BWW but this is the final straw. I don't care if it's a sports bar, only uncivilized imbeciles crap and piss all over the floors and toilet seats in EVERY TOILET.

By Karen L. at 2016-11-05

The experience my friends and I had today at this location was the WORST service and attention I've had at any restaurant in my 35 years. Where to start...

4 people in our party sat down at 3:45 and ordered drinks (water, iced tea, and 2 beers). My boyfriend and I got there around 4:00 and they still had not gotten their drinks. When she took our drink order finally, their drinks still weren't there. We finally got all our drinks around 4:05 and was ready to order. The waitress came back like 5-10 minutes later to tell us that they were changing servers and we got another waiter. He took our orders and left to put them in the system. Another friend showed up around 4:25 and the waiter came back and she placed her order.

We were sitting until 5:00 and still did not have our food. We had all ordered a variety of items - wings, wedges, corn dogs, etc - and received nothing. I finally went to go ask if they would check on our order and they said that the food was ready, but they were waiting for the last person's food to be done to bring it out. So our food was sitting there while a quesadilla was being made. We finally got our food out around 5:10, but for some reason, he only put like 5 items on a tray at one time. So it took about 4 trips to bring us our food. AND he missed many items. I ordered wings with blue cheese and celery, corn dogs to share, and wedges with mayo on the side. NONE of my dippers came out so I was waiting to eat any of my food. I had to hunt him down to get my stuff I asked him for the dipping sides and he forgot the blue cheese and celery. It took me hunting him down again to get my blue cheese and celery.

He took forever with our check (we told him just to bring 1), was never attentive during eating as we had many empty water cups, and was the most soft-spoken waiter ever. We couldn't hear him at all.

In the entire BW3, there were only 11 occupied tables. We saw at least 7 staff just hanging in the kitchen chatting, at leaat 5 more just walking around, and I think 2 behind the bar. It should NOT take 1 hour to get our food, and we shouldn't have to flag down someone to refill our drinks when the last time they stopped by was 30 minutes ago.

Since they were waiting for the quesadilla order to be done, even when it was placed 15 minutes after the initial group order, some of our food was overcooked and definitely tasted like it sat out for a was not hot, more room-temperature. He should've let us know they were waiting for that order to be done before he brought our food.

I have heard similar reports from friends who have been to this location in the past - the slowest service. One Tuesday they placed an order for wings about 30 minutes in advance of picking them up and we're told they would be ready. They got there about 30 minutes after they ordered and the wings were not ready until about 45 minutes after they got there. I understand that wings Tuesdays can get busy, but when your specialty is WINGS and you say they'll be ready in 30 minutes...they should be ready in 30 minutes, not 1 hour 15 minutes later.

By David L. at 2016-09-15

Came to Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time hungry expecting a somewhat-similar taste of Buffalo Wings Factory in northern VA.

We were waiting nearly 5 minutes at the door with no one trying to seat us; few waitresses literally passed us. We went at nighttime but there were only about 5 tables of customers so I'm not sure what took them so long to notice a group. Finally someone came and seated us. Our waitress was nice and she was great - the only reason for the extra star.

We ordered boneless chicken and the food took about 40-45 minutes to come out even though there weren't many customers. It was long but I was ready to dig in the food once it came out. The chicken was dry as if it was left out for a bit amount of time before being served to us. I ordered Teriyaki, Permesan Garlic, and Honey Mustard. I didn't order spicy because I'm not a fan of spicy food. Permesan Garlic was somewhat ok other than being bit too salty. I don't know what the other two flavors tasted like. Certainly not what I ordered for sure. Honey Mustard flavor tasted nothing close to the sauce that you would get in small packets in other fast food restaurants. Teriyaki? Don't even ask. I have tasted plenty of Teriyaki flavored food and I haven't tasted worse. I'm a person to always finish a given food even if it doesn't taste what I expected but this got me sick and disgusted.

I don't know what their flavor of Honey Mustard and Teriyaki is but it was gross.

My friends go to this place a lot so I asked them about the taste and they agreed the Thursday boneless tastes bad but Tuesday wings(with bones) tastes different(good).

By James M. at 2016-10-28

For a place with Wings in the name, I expected better wings and better flavors. I've been here twice recently since I moved to the neighborhood and have yet to be impressed. The first time, I ordered a small side of wings just to taste them. They were the traditional buffalo flavor and they were okay. The last time, we decided to make a meal of the wings so ordered a large (20 wings) with 4 different flavors: buffalo, jerk, zingy Asian and honey bbq. Again, the buffalo were okay but the others were just uninspired and even had odd tastes to them, in my opinion. I'm assuming that a chain like BWW has corporate recipes and maybe even pre-made sauces shipped into the stores, so the wings at this BWW should taste the same as the wings in Denver. If that's the case then I don't know what to say. Maybe I'm just not the customer for BWW. Maybe they taste better after 5 or 6 $7 beers. I'll probably come back to watch future sports games because they are certainly generous on the televisions, but I'll stick to something else to eat.

By Tracy K. at 2016-04-14

Exactly what the 2-star description says: "Meh. I've experienced better."

Love wings and beer - and I used to always be a fan of buffalo wild wings. One thing that remains consistent with most chicken wing establishments is the slow service. Probably due to the many steps it takes to make fresh wings.

However, the main reason as to why I am not impressed is due to the very poor, slow service received. My two friends arrived about 35 minutes before I did. They ordered and still had not received their food. We waited about an extra 15 minutes until their wings came out, which, was given with no silverware or any napkins.

Additionally, I ordered a beer and my friend ordered a cocktail. After about 10 minutes of waiting, my friend got his drink and the waitress finally let me know that they were out of So then I ordered another beer at that very moment with the hopes that I didn't have to wait too long for it. It came about another 10 minutes later. That's a total of 20 minutes of waiting I had to do for a draft. Why??????

My friend's cocktail was also supposed to be a double shot - in which it definitely did not taste like one. When we asked for the double shot to be given in a separate glass, it didn't even look like two shots...I'd say more like 1 and a half. Sad.

I understand that they were crowded and chicken wings have a rather long process to be prepared, but come on. They have to compensate with something else, such as quick drink service.

I mean once we got our food and drinks it was okay, but that wait to get to that point was painful.

By Hector R. at 2016-04-03

Great place to hangout! The environment is way better than Short Pump. Our waiter Rizki sucks, and has no personality but I won't let that get me down. I'm a Buckeye so this place Is PERFECT since it's the official Ohio State Football BW3 in Richmond. Beers ate cold and the environment is lively.

By Alison K. at 2016-02-10

I ordered boneless BBQ wings which were good, but my cheese fries were terrible. They also give minimal dressings as this location and you always have to ask for extra. The service wasn't amazing, I have a feeling the server was new. We felt like he was rushing us out of there even though there were numerous open tables.

Prior to this visit I had come on a football Sunday and the place gets really packed. But it's definitely an enjoyable atmosphere for watching football.

By Christopher T. at 2016-11-05

I accidentally spilled my girlfriends Margarita and the waitress didn't return to ask if we wanted to order another or any help whatsoever incredibly rude staff. will not ever return to this location.

By Alex T. at 2015-12-13

Environment was energetic. Staff was friendly, service was great. Beers were cold and place was clean. No beer specials on game day which most places have. Great for large and/or loud groups. Casual setting which is great for all sports watchers!

By Erick W. at 2016-07-30

Horrible service, ended up waiting 1:30 for food...then got the food for free and they gave us the wrong food to take home, never going here again for food, all the Friday night staff was lazy af and careless. The assistant manager was a jerk but the actual manager was nice I was going to come back after all the crap but my food was wrong and strangely the manager let the servers talk crap back when we were leaving...

By Ellen H. at 2015-07-28

Normally, I wouldn't come and have a sit down meal at BW3. But wings were in demand and wings we were going to have.

This place had stellar wait staff. From the get go I could hear the staff engaging with customers, asking questions and clarifying orders. I didn't feel so sad walking in.

We sat down and the waitress greeted us, took our drink orders, and knew the answers to our questions. When she started listing off the beers on tap, I knew she knew her stuff. I was pleased.

When I went to order the new flavor of wings, she immediately recommended that I try the sauce first before ordering a whole order of wings. Kind and wise she was because once I had the sauce, I knew I wanted to stick to my ole Asian Zing. We tried the honey mustard, the thai curry, and the carribean jerk. The honey mustard and thai curry were too thick for me, but the carribean jerk was a nice addition to the asian zing.

I would definitely come back here even though I don't do chains often! The only thing I would recommened with this place is to make sure there is enough space between different patrons' tables. Too close and I could hear almost the entire convo of the table next to us (right on top of us, really).

By Michelle B. at 2016-09-20

I've been sitting here for an hour, still haven't gotten my food yet. The waitress is nice, but being nice can't make up for no getting what you are here for (food) #hangry

By Rich G. at 2015-09-28

Fun place to have a casual lunch. We loved playing trivia. Service was fast and friendly.

By C R. at 2016-09-28

third and last time we will try this location. Generally we like the wings and sauces at BWW, but the people at this location just can't seem to get it right.
Tonight I called a to-go order for 2 medium size wings, simple right? By my phone I made the call at 8:36, I walked out of the restaurant at 9:14, 38 minutes for two orders of wings??!! Somebody isn't doing their job. I walked around the dining area, there were 3 tables with a total of 7 people, less than 20 people in the bar area, it was a SLOW night. In the 25 minutes I stood and waited in the pick-up area, I never saw any food come out of the kitchen, I did count 6 servers between the to-go counter and the nearly empty dining room.
I was walking around the dining area(counting heads) when a served came to me and asked if I needed something, I told her I was there for a to-go order and she asked if would like her to check on it. I'm not saying that's a dumb question from a server, you can decide. The two people behind the to-go counter never when to check, so I said "Yes". Several minutes later she came back with a bag. I dashed home to my very pregnant, very hungry wife(6 minutes) to find I was charged for medium orders and received two small orders, no blue cheese, no celery, and oh yes the wings were ice cold.
Hey if "WINGS" is in your company name you should really be able to do a better job at producing them correctly.

By Caythar N. at 2016-02-09

Extremely slow service the staff is friendly but doesn't make up for having to wait for over 30 mins for food. To get seated it took a while even though it was pretty empty. The one in downtown is better. On Tuesday they have bone in wing special for 65 cents.

By Vivienne L. at 2015-12-04

Went here for 60 cent wing night, Thursday boneless wings only with a minimum of 4. I got the spicy garlic with the sauce on the side and the buffalo zoo drink. The sauce was good but my friend ordered the mango habanero and thought it was spicier than usual. The Buffalo Zoo was not my taste prefference, I thought it tasted more like jungle juice. Bone in wings are def better than boneless.

By Joseph B. at 2016-05-24

I've placed an online order for wings arnd 9 pm.. Website allowed me to choose 9:40 pm as the pick up time.. We went arnd 9:40 pm and paid for the order then they informed that our order is not yet ready... After waiting for another 20 mins they told me that web orders are not placed in their system when they are placed online .. They will put in only when we pay.. Its ridiculous.. If u are not considering web orders don't keep that option in ur Website..

By Jeff H. at 2014-12-06

The food here is fast and adequate. We had the burger sliders and wings which they serve with various dipping sauces.

I'm giving it three stars because the TV screens here are old and need updating.

By Keegan Z. at 2014-06-05

I've been here twice so far and it's a great place for wings if you don't mind spending a bit. It's especially great for groups.

I came here with a group of friends recently and we came armed with coupons (which they send out periodically, so be on the lookout for "$5 off $25" or "free snack size of wings with purchase" in your email once you sign up for their email club), so we made out like bandits. Happy hour drink pricing definitely makes this a good time to drink if you time it right, so long as you're okay with domestics.

The variety and taste of the wings here is impressive, and the smell of it all is enough to keep you eating long after you've felt full. I've had a burger here as well before, and it was similarly great.

Service is inconsistent here, though I've never had an awful experience at any Buffalo Wild Wings before. My advice: if you sense you might have one of the slow servers, get water refills early and often, since when you really need it later, your server might be a ghost. Also, have your server read your order back to you, since wing number/type can get mixed up pretty easily. If you're splitting checks, PLEASE double-check to make sure they did it right. It's hard to make it all work out right, and if you've already run credit cards, it's near impossible to fix the mistakes.

If you're looking for a fun hangout to watch sports and eat wings (and you have a fair bit of money), this is a great choice. If you're looking for something a bit more affordable though just as delicious, head to Wing Zone with a coupon in hand. You can't go wrong!

Overall: 4.0 stars
- Wings are delicious, as their name would indicate.
- Drink specials make domestic drafts nice and cheap (the way they ought to be).
- You tend to be seated quickly even when they're busy, so not usually much in the way of long waits.
- Easy parking right in front.

- Service is inconsistent, though never that bad.
- In the absence of coupons, this place is pricey.

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