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Build A Burger

Build A Burger
  • Street 633 W Wisconsin Ave
  • City Milwaukee
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53203
  • Telphone (414) 270-1070
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  • Raging (153)
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Build A Burger introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.59 - $13.18 per person. We offer 80 menus, including Soda, Sprecher Root Beer, Sprecher Cream Soda, Freshly Squeezed Juice, Juice, Fresh Smoothies, Milk and so on.
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Build A Burger reviews

By Nizar A. at 2016-10-09

Great food & very nice staff too.
Lv the Bloody Mary it's delicious.
Breakfast is awesome so if ur a morning person u have to go there after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

By Debbi C. at 2016-09-16

I would give this place a 0 star if i could. We came here on recommendation of my son who lives in Milwaukee right from the beginning the server seemed to be in a hurry to get our drink order even though I said I hadn't quite decided yet. I got a shake my husband got a tea my son got a soda. She came by and asked if we are ready to place an order and I said that we wanted to order an appetizer we ordered the loaded nachos and they were good didn't care for the ground beef that was on them we proceeded to place ouir orders for burgers I had a quarter pound burger med rare my husband had a quarter pound burger medium and my son had a half pound burger medium rare. Both mine and my sons burgers were overcooked... I asked her to have them remake it that that was not cooked medium rare my son chose to eat his however I had to flag the server down and my husband and son had gone through more than half of their burger before she even checked and she only checked because I asked her to so by the time I got my burger they were already done and ready to go. I asked for honey mustard on the side for my burger ( that even in their menu says it's free with a burger)! But I was charged $0.75 then we're told we could only have 2 refills for the team and the soda because I'm like almost anywhere else you go at least down here where I live it's unlimited refills and it's one of the cheapest things you can make. So she told us that we could have another but she'd have to to charge us ??? right then and there she probably should have just said you know what don't worry about that your burger was wrong really sorry they messed it up here's another tea on the house. Happy me..... but no so then I just went to pay the bill gave the credit card and she sent some guy you didn't even bother to introduce himself but she said for them to talk to us so explain to him why I was unhappy my burger not being cooked properly I mean come on the name of the restaurant is build your breakfast build your burger and inside the menu it even says have it the way you want it....
I wanted it medium rare or the fact that i did not get to eat with my family, how they wanted to charge us for another tea and then we'd only had two refills and then the honey mustard that supposedly comes with my burger for free cost me $0.75 and when I asked the server why she seem like it wasn't a big deal and when I mentioned it to the manager he didn't care there is no apology not even for overcooking my burger the first time around nothing he didn't try to make anything better he didn't make eye contact with me so then I get up. I put zero as a tip which I've never done in my whole life in fact I usually tip 25% so sorry server and to the 2 girls who for whatever reason insisted on joining me and my family dinner and invading my privacy and my personal space karma's a b**** !
and don't think that I didn't hear you have to ask the same server 3 x for a dish of ranch dressing for you're french fries... and then these same patrons of this establishment threatened me and got up in my problems with this place defiantly none of their business. All in all but very strange situation. I know I don't live in Milwaukee but but i do have friends and family there restaurant people restaurant chain should all be the same anywhere you go this manager if that's what he even was is so he probably should go back to school Hospitality management is what it's called..
He did not give me his name. I definitely would not be coming back here and I would definitely suggest that anybody who is interested in coming here read all of the reviews because now that I'm looking at the reviews are probably wouldn't have gone there to begin with.

By Lauren A. at 2016-08-05

Cute little diner overlooking Wisconsin Ave. The staff was efficient, friendly, and knew many regulars by name and order.

As the name suggests you can craft your own dish which is great for picky eaters or those with allergies/intolerances. I altered the breakfast burrito to accommodate my egg allergy without any upcharge.

This isn't a greasy spoon nostalgia diner but the comfort food is definitely worth the reasonable prices.

By Bri W. at 2016-05-29

I like the view of Wisconsin Avenue in Build A Burger, I went around brunch time but it was pretty empty. I ordered the Floating BB Burger (1/2 lb Angus beef, onion, tomato, lettuce, bacon, fried egg for $12.00, cheddar, pepper jack, & BB's signature--tasted like Thousand Island maybe sauce on a toasted brioche bun), sweet potato fries, and a pineapple, blueberry, strawberry shake $5.00.

I know some of you probably are thinking that must be a pretty big burger, YESSSSS it was!!! That thing was massive and we all know brioche buns aren't small either. The burger itself was lightly seasoned and tasted very fresh as well as the fries. The shake seemed a bit watered down and was just strawberry and pineapple. The staff was nice and there were a lots of tvs so I could watch Emerill LaGasses show (Emerill's Florida) and dream of more food while I

Noticed on the way to the bathroom so if you like playing poole like me, you will love wreck room in the back, there area about two poole tables, tv and digtal jukeboxes to enjoy.


By Nichole C. at 2016-12-16

Probably one of my favorite places to go. Excellent food, costumer service is amazing and the prices aren't too shabby. I especially like the seating, anywhere you sit has an awesome view of downtown. It's beautiful, especially when it's raining. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a bite to eat without going somewhere too over the top. Also, if you're a Colectivo coffee fan: you're in luck.


By Alyssa S. at 2016-12-19

Enjoyed the eggs at breakfast, and this was very reasonable,with large portions, and close to my hotel. Lunch was disappointing though. The salad was not very good, nor was my sandwich. I would come here for breakfast but not lunch.

By Justin D. at 2016-11-03

Good service, great food, nice atmosphere. I'm not looking for anything fancy when I'm looking for breakfast. I'm just looking for some good food and some quality service... and preferably somewhere that won't make my clothes stink for the rest of the day. This place met all of those criteria. Well done!

By Francillo D. at 2016-05-26

Great service Ash D was great she came to me as soon as I sat down and got my drink order. I ordered the biscuits & Gravy with a side of hash. The food came out quick and the price was very affordable. I will go back again love the food it was great.

The Cable Gods Club.

By Athena C. at 2016-03-23

Wow. Just mediocre. Ordered two eggs scrambled, hash browns and pancakes. Bacon was extra 2.50 and I got two skinny pieces that were mostly fat.

They jammed 5 of us in a small table and pulled up a chair. Restaurant was empty so I moved two kids to a separate table.

This place is overhyped.

By Jerry E. at 2016-10-02

This review is for a pickup order. Chicken and waffles had no butter or maple syrup included. Nachos ended up being disgusting; when we got home we discovered that they only gave us chips with some burnt cheese melted on top of a couple of the chips and there were a couple burnt fries in the bottom of the container. None of the fixings listed came with it i.e. jalapeños, sour cream, salsa. When I called to ask about a refund for the nachos, the manager stated that he could not give me a refund, only another order of nachos(or a credit for a future order of nachos). I was not going to waste my time driving back there and will not be ordering from there again. This place should not offer pickup if it cannot ensure that orders will be processed or filled correctly.

By Nathan B. at 2016-10-01

Food was good & the waiter was beyond nice but the service was really slow & the atmosphere seemed very "fast foodish".

By Liz T. at 2016-06-08

We were just walking by looking for a reasonably priced breakfast. Amanda welcomed us warmly, made a few recommendations and let us peruse the menu. I chose the Granny waffle, which was wonderful. If you a looking for a nice place to eat, don't overlook this little place. It would also be a nice lunch place for a burger.

By Alicia S. at 2016-07-03

One of my favorite places to get Breakfast! Breakfast is served until 3 PM. I've tried their French toast and the chorizo hash and they were both delicious you won't be disappointed. Great food and good service

By Sip D. at 2016-09-30

I work in the building and would not recommend this place. I wish it were better, but he food is overpriced and of poor quality. I ordered bacon twice for breakfast asking for it to be crispy (how hard is that?) and got soggy bacon both times. Also, they have Collectivo coffee (good coffee) but only have plastic cream (e.g. Coffee Mate) to add to it!
The staff is very friendly, but the owner seems to think that friendly staff makes up for lower quality food. There are lots a friendly staff at McDonald's.

By Rick R. at 2015-04-15

Grabbed a bite before an event at the Wisconsin Club. I built my own burger with a 1/2 pound Black Angus patty ($9) and added American cheese (no extra charge), Applewood smoked bacon ($1), a fried egg ($1) and peanut butter ($1) on a pretzel roll (no extra charge) with a side of the house BB Sauce ($1). If I had ordered the burger with the sauce, they would not have charged me, but on the side it comes in a small cup which holds more sauce than they would have applied on the burger, so I'm fine with it. Although I can't name another place that charges extra for the sauce on the side.

I asked for the burger to be cooked medium, and it was. The burger was cooked over an open flame, and I could taste the char on the patty.

My burger was very messy to eat, which I don't mind. The peanut butter was melting from the heat of the patty, so the bun was sliding around. The bacon was thick and crispy and generously applied. The egg was a perfect over medium, which is exactly the way I like my fried eggs. After I bit into the yolk, the burger was even messier to eat, but every bite of it was delicious!

There were 6 in our group and we needed plenty of extra napkins. Our server made two trips bringing a few extra napkins on each trip, which is cool. No need to waste napkins. We used them all.

The bathroom is a bit of a trek, but I was thankful for a soap dispenser that was full and an effective hand dryer.

Our server was accommodating and patient with us, as we waited to order until the last guest in our group arrived.

My only complaint is the choice of sides, which were regular fries, sweet potato waffle fries, or side salad. When I get a burger, I want fries, but I'm REALLY picky about fries. The burgers and sandwiches include a pickle spear and regular fries or side salad. I believe the sweet potato waffle fries were an upcharge.

The fries were battered, which a lot of people like. I'm just not one of them. The fries were crispy and perfectly cooked, but I didn't like them. I don't like the texture of battered fries, I didn't taste any seasoning on these. I don't feel like I'm eating fried potatoes with battered fries. I feel like I'm eating a product that may or may not be made with potatoes, like Pringles.

Same with sweet potato waffle fries. I just want sliced sweet potato "sticks." Give them some seasoning. Keep it simple.

Simple, seasoned waffle fries would have worked for me or simple seasoned sweet potato fries would have worked for me, just without the upcharge unless you're cutting those sweet potatoes fresh and in-house. I'll pay extra for those fries.

I ordered a small side of cheese sauce ($1) for the fries because I knew I would need help getting past the texture. The cheese sauce disappointed. It looked like something from a jar of Tostitos cheese and salsa combination. I didn't like the taste nor the texture so barely touched it.

Luckily, someone else in the group liked the fries and finished mine so they weren't thrown out.

The breakfast menu looks good, so I plan to go back to try the house made corned beef hash and maybe the chorizo hash on another visit.

I liked my burger and would be willing to get a burger again. I just might have to bring in a bag of chips and skip their sides. Adding potato salad or baked beans to the menu as options would help. Cutting their own potatoes in house would REALLY help.

I hope to get breakfast there soon. Not sure when I'll get back for another burger.

By Daniel H. at 2016-05-27

Great food and great service to go with it. First and foremost, everyone we encountered was wonderful, including our waitress Amanda. Second, the food was great! I did the Warrior's Breakfast with biscuits and gravy, and it was all delicious (particularly the hash browns). My husband got the corned beef and hash and devoured it all, so he obviously loved it.

Definitely can't go wrong here! We'll be coming back to try the burgers for sure!

By Annie M. at 2016-03-26

Walking in downtown Milwaukee this place caught my eye, I was dying to try Build a Burger. I finally had an opportunity to try it for lunch yesterday-- It was an extremely disappointing experience.

My friend and I arrived around 12:30 and waited for at least five minutes (non exaggeration) before anyone even greeted us. After waiting a few more minutes, AJ greeted us and took us to our table. She was very friendly and appreciative of our patience.

There were a few large groups dining in and all of the servers appeared very flustered, they needed help.

We finally got our waters and ordered. I ordered the turkey burger and upgraded to sweet potato waffle fries. AJ checked on us right away; our meals included pickle spears which I look forward to, the pickles were forgotten so I asked AJ to bring me one. She did, but didn't check up on us again until we had finished eating.
The turkey burger was very messy because of the avocado and spicy mayo sauce; I would have appreciated her (or any server) stopping by our table once more so I could have requested a refill on water and an extra napkin. My friend ordered a medium rare burger, it came out very well done. The sweet potato fries were flavorless and not worth the up charge.

When it was time for the bill, AJ asked "do you mind if I put both of your meals on the same check?" We both thought this was a very strange question to ask, and we did mind. It seemed like we inconvenienced our server because we were paying for our own meals.

I understand that the restaurant was busy, maybe there was a call off, maybe the manager couldn't be there for some reason, but the service overall was terrible. This place needs a solid manager to step in and lead this team, because watching the chaos of the team trying to work through this busy lunch shift was like watching a train wreck.

By Dick G. at 2016-09-29

We were looking for a place to get a burger after the Sunday football games. The restaurant at the hotel was packed so we asked for alternatives. We were greeted by the friendly bartender when we walked in and he quickly seated us.

He took our drink order and because we were not familiar with the local beers, he poured samples and gave his recommendations. After making our choice, he gave up the perfectly poured beer. By then, the waiter was there to take our food order.

The whole meal was delicious and the onion rings were among the best I've ever had! We first picked the size of the meat. Then we had a choice of four different buns; we both chose the pretzel bun. We had a choice of seven cheeses, eleven toppings, eleven sauces, and nine specialty toppings. We made our choices and the burgers were great!

The food and the service were exemplary! The staff was knowledgeable and friendly. A hidden gem downtown!

By Lauren L. at 2016-11-20

ABSOLUTELY ABYSMAL. If I could give it 0 stars I would. Terrible service; rude, unhelpful staff, and completely unaccommodating for a place called BUILD A BREAKFAST and tout " breakfast being done "your way" (I'll be the first to admit when I'm being unreasonable but I promise that's not the case). First off they refuse to take phone orders on the weekends and told me to order online. I tried but the site they use, said the restaurant was closed even though it had been open for several hours when I tried to order. I made the mistake of walking to the restaurant which is kiddy corner from my condo to order. I was met with attitude, hostility, and a slew of issues that followed. For people with heart problems or dietary needs STAY THE FU** AWAY. They drown their food in butter substitute to the point you can't even taste the food. They do not carry egg beaters or heart healthy substitutes, REFUSE to do egg whites, hard or soft boiled eggs, or poached; and even after being told of a gluten allergy (non-life threatening mind you) managed to contaminate my food to the point I could barely eat for 2 days after. Their corned beef hash, and the hash browns my boyfriend got were drowning in oil, and they didn't drain their corned beef so there were pools of oil on the plate (I'm talking at least a quarter to 1/3 cup). I'm not that picky, but McDonalds does better hash browns, and they're FAST FOOD. Bottom line, I wouldn't go back even if I was offered a free meal.

By Kelly B. at 2015-04-14

After moving Joe all day, we were starving. It was around 1:00 and we wanted a burger. Of course this popped up in my yelp search, and I had heard good things, so we headed over.

We were seated at a high top right by the window which was nice, there were a few other tables and then one big group of young girls - seemed like a soccer team. Our server came right over and asked what we wanted to drink. It is noted on the menu that pop only comes with one refill - so Joe was a little peeved that his was flat.

Our server seemed to really push us along, he came over three different times asking if we were ready to order before he had even delivered my beer - we found this odd since the restaurant wasn't busy. Finally I just caved and said sure I'd figure it out. The boys both got Floating Burgers, medium and medium rare. I got a BYO beef patty with feta, spinach, tomato and kalamata olives. I opted to gorge and go for the french fries with cheesy dipping sauce.

I kid you not, our meals came out in about 8 minutes. We were shocked. It was amazing that somehow with the tiny amount of time it took to cook the food, that all the burgers were overdone. The medium rare had a SLIGHT pink to it, and both mediums were extremely dried out and well done. Disappointing, and if we'd had the time we would have just sent them back. On top of them being dry, there was just not a lot of flavor in the meat at all. I will say that the toppings were generous.

The fries were really good, but the cheesy dipping sauce was... weird. I asked him about it and he said it's simply a small container of their beer cheese soup. Well when I read the description for their "soup" it proudly boasted the main ingredient was VELVEETA. SERIOUSLY?!? I cannot imagine the brick that would form in the stomach of an unsuspecting soul to eat a bowl of Velveeta "soup".

All in all this was fine. Service was pushy, food quality was sub par - but the fries were good, the toppings were ample and it was quick. I likely won't return.

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