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We offer 131 menus, including Chicken, Apple & Cranberry Garden Fresh Salad, Chicken BLT Garden Fresh Salad, Chicken Caesar Garden Fresh Salad, Garden Side Salad, Ranch Crispy Chicken Wrap, Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Wrap, Whopper Sandwich and so o
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Burger King reviews

By Lindsay C. at 2012-04-03

I, like another reviewer, was not willing to fight for lunch at McDonald's... and so I travelled up the road to Burger King. I haven't been to a BK in years and have heard several quips about their "new and updated menu."

I got a Whopper Jr. meal (no update there). Their fries are good, more satisfying than other fast food restaurants-- "now with sea salt"-- as if that makes them more appealing.

The Whopper Jr. itself is just... meh.. I'm sorry, I don't do mayo. I do appreciate the fresh (?) veggies on top though.

Soda seems syrupy here to me.

If McDonald's is busy, head here. They DO have a nice outdoor patio, though. And Iike their workers' uniforms better. Does that count??

By Steven Michael M. at 2016-12-15

Waited nine minutes for my order. I sat there and watch my food sitting there the entire time. I ordered chicken nuggets and french fries, that's it. Slow and incompetent. Not happy.

By Jackson F. at 2016-05-13

Good, fast, friendly service. The food was hot and fresh and the store was very clean. I'd stop by here again on my long drives to Vegas.

By Liz A. at 2016-09-10

Drove through Wickenburg yesterday, was going to stop in for iced coffee. The entire building is gone, and the lot is fenced off. It does look like there is work going on in the lot however.

By Jeremy S. at 2015-05-14

Clean store. Prompt service with very nice staff! Food is fresh. Clean restrooms. Always a pleasure when I'm stopping for something quick to eat.

By Terry M. at 2015-04-17

Quick stop on the way through town. My server amber was very efficient and professional.

By Scott W. at 2011-02-24

I've stopped here a few times on my way to Vegas. The alternative is to fight for a parking space at MCDonalds up the street and somehow fighting to park at McDonalds just feels wrong. The building is different than most Burger kings and has what looks to be a nice shady patio for outdoor summer dining.

Just before 9AM they were out of biscuits. And the restroom could use some attention. I ended up taking a breakfast Ciabatta sandwich, which was pretty good, and a small decaf on the road with me. The Seattle's Best version of decaf is no better than what it replaced and in the small version uses a cup that doesn't work well in my cup holders. I'll probably stop here again in the future because it is convenient but I am still not very impressed.

By Mike H. at 2011-11-13

This is your average Burger King that's a decent place for Phoenix-Vegas travelers to stop. Looked pretty clean.

By Todd G. at 2013-09-29

Its Burger King.. I was in the area for work and stopped here on the way out of town.. I'm not a big fast food guy in general, but when on the road, I'm usually not all that motivated to look for better places. Anyway.. the food is Burger King food - its the same everywhere.. and what you'd expect. My complaint here was that they had a sign on the door for free Wi-Fi.. so I went back to my car to get my laptop. Got my food, sat down.. no Wi-Fi whatsoever. Then again.. its Burger King.. Its not like I went there for the free Wi-Fi.. Eh.. shouldn't eat fast food like that anyway.. But for a Burger King, I guess its fine.

By Kenya B. at 2014-09-17

Phenomenal Service! Food is hot and the facility is clean. We will always stop here on our way to Vegas. Best Burger King I have ever eaten at!

By Jesse C. at 2012-11-27

Not much to say about BK. I enjoy a few things here, but mostly because it's cheap. The BK stacker is small, but good. I like how they serve it HOT with melted cheese on it. Probably need to order 2-3 of them to get full, but it's tasty and inexpensive. I also like coming here for the cheap sundaes although they have a bacon sundae which just sounds terrible and I wouldn't try it unless it was free. You get what you would expect from this BK, nothing to great, but it's quick and cheap.

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