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Estimated average consumption of $3.48 - $6.96 per person. We offer 44 menus, including Soda, Bottled Water, Arizona Green Tea, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, 2% Milk, 2% Chocolate Milk and so on.
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Burger King reviews

By Joshua B. at 2012-08-19

This Burger King has always done a great job when it comes to accuracy in orders. The staff is generally friendly and I haven't come across any rude staff members, yet.

I wish that Burger King (as a company) would work on reducing their prices. I just don't feel like the food is on par for the prices you pay. $7.00 for a Whopper combo? That seems high, the burgers are good but there not anything to write home about. In the meantime I continue to utilize this Burger King.

By Alan K. at 2016-02-16

This review relates only to Burger King's currently advertised chicken burger. I needed a quick bite and thought of the King with its various chicken sandwiches and bevy of soft drinks. They were advertising a lovely looking chicken burger sandwich so I ordered it. Looked scrumptious. It isn't. Don't do it. Put it down and slowly step away from the sandwich.

Even with lettuce, tomato, and cheese, it is barely palatable (and I was raised by wolves and born in a barn, so my standards are not so high).

The chicken patty is difficult to describe. The texture is like a soft undercooked McDonald's sausage McMuffin patty and a little larger. It is not breaded and was in my sandwich pretty warm. It is a white patty with a few charbroiling marks. Because the taste is so weird, I subjected myself to a third bite only for purpose of trying to describe the flavor for you. It took me a few minutes to look at it and marvel at its curiosity so by then it was lukewarm. On my third bite, I nailed it! It tastes like a McDonald's Mc rib patty without the barbecue sauce. The fact that it is white and softish but tastes like a brown McRib patty really throws me off.

I've put a lot of weird things in my mouth in my time, but this is the strangest and worst thing yet. (As a barometer for my fellow Yelpers, know that I enjoy raw fish, sushi, poi, spam, cold tofu, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, onions, octopus, and runny eggs, among other things. My stomach is no shrinking violet.. some would say "expanding" though).

I don't like harshing on places or their food. But this is a weird one. Wow.

But, to be short, the restaurant itself is quite pleasant. Well lit, clean and nice courteous people. Long live the King. Death to the chicken burger!

By Scott N. at 2016-06-04

I ordered a fried chicken sandwich and the meat in the center of the patty was pink and slimy, as in raw.


By Steve R. at 2016-07-19

Looked for someplace to pickup food. Stated hours on Tuesday are open till midnight. Stopped by there at 11:20pm and all the lights are off and some workers sitting outside the restaurant told me it was shutdown for the night. No apology or explanation. Glad I made the drive there. Fortunately McDonald's right across the street was open.

By A P. at 2016-04-21

THE WORST customer service I have ever had. Ive never been talked to and disrespected at any place like this burger king location. I go to this burger king because its the closet to me. EVERY single time I go through the drive thru there is someone with an attitude. I kid you not! They must have a high turn over for employees because theres always new people. Im sure they hire anyone because they need the help but my god, there needs to be some reprecussion for the way employees talk to the customers. They need a slap in the face, literally. I know they hear it too because they have those ear pieces in. One time it was this chic named 'POOH'. Who I heard say through the speaker as Im ordering "damn, she ordering the whole menu"! I was ordering for 4 people stupid woman! This past time I asked for extra cheese on my burger and the dude acted like I didnt ask. Twice I asked and he snapped at me "Anything else!" Still didnt get the extra cheese. I'm not arguing over a slice of cheese so I let it go. These are only 2 occasions. Theres been many more. Just examples of the poor customer service Ive experienced. Not to mention the food is mediocre warm. Ive stopped going there and take my business somewhere else. Stay away from this location if you can help it!

By Steve K. at 2014-03-07

I have been pleased with my last few trips to Burger King. In both the drive thru and inside dining, the staff have been very pleasant, helpful, and provide great customer service. The food was cooked well, tasted good, and presentation of food was good (for a fast food restaurant. ) It is difficult for me to give a fast food restaurant five stars (needs to go beyond my expectations), but this location is pretty close.

By Jordanna B. at 2014-09-02

Okay It's funny that I'm giving 5 stars to Burger King but I really have never liked BK until we moved near this one. I use to always opt for McD's.

This restaurant is always clean, The people there are always nice. The food I order is always exactly what I ordered. It is always hot, the fries are even always good. I have been here about 10 times or so in the last year that I've lived here and no matter the time of day I go (sometimes noon, sometimes dinner, and sometimes 11pm late night) the quality of the food is always consistent. Good enough to write a review about!

By Timothy S. at 2012-09-24

Burger King scews themself again! Who is running this franchise? They don't know what they are doing. What I am referring to is that they took their best new burgers off their menu and went back to the old Whopper and basic blah. What the heck!? They got us back with their angus and Texas burgers and now they don't carry those anymore.
Staff is good and the store is clean and the fries are good. This place is only good for some fries so why go here. I suggest Wendy's or for something different Popeye's if you want fast food.

By M P. at 2014-01-10

I must say with the amount of business this Burger King does it has always been accurate, fast and declicious.

They have the best chicken sandwich (The Original) in town.

I would have given 5 stars but, the trash can in the drive thru when you are exiting is always full and overflowing. Who wants to drive over trash? Not me.....

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