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Estimated average consumption of $8.31 - $16.62 per person. We offer 212 menus, including Dutch Bitterballen, Warm Artisanal Cheese Board, Sriracha Cider Wings, Belgian Big Board, Warm Red Pepper Hummus, Goat Cheese Bruschetta, House-Made Cheese Curds and

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By Laura O. at 2016-12-20

I took some friends here from Colorado, it was the first time for all 4 of us. My friends ordered pancakes/french toast and my husband and I got the chorizo burrito and the eggs Benedict. As far as the sweet breakfasts go, the portions were HUGE and they were absolutely delicious! I'd highly recommend them. The chorizo burrito was good, but it seemed a little dry and the eggs Benedict were just average, nothing to rave about. We also tried their bloody marys and they were good, but Milwaukee always over-prices them.

The atmosphere is wonderful and the service was excellent. I'd definitely go back and try their lunch/brunch/dinner menus.

By Joshua C. at 2016-09-09

Sconnie Burger - 4/5
Burger Bebes - 2.5/5

Parking - 2/5
Service - 3/5
Environment - 4/5

By Viraj H. at 2016-07-04

Cafe Hollander is a nice restaurant in a quiet area, which could do much better if they pay attention to small details. I was recommended this place for brunch by four different people, so I had pretty high expectations from it.

Decor: 4*
It is very well decorated inside with an eurpoean feel. It's pretty large, so it's good for groups, but was full when we went. The best part was the outside seating area, which is at an intersection, and a large area in itself. Really fun to sit out there.
The entire restaurant was packed, and there were many people waiting. A very pleasant ambiance.

Service: 3*
The initial experience was bad, with the host not very cheerful, but a bit rude. There was a wait, and we asked specifically for a table with shade, and were prepared to wait for it, to which the host's attitude was very scornful.
Our server, however, was very nice and friendly. Service was a bit slow due to the rush, but she was prompt in checking in during our meal. There was a problem in my food, which was promptly addressed.

Food: 3*
Some of the food we had was excellent, while the other was really bad. Since it was brunch, we got some blueberry pancakes, which were very good. We also got a quinoa skillet, which lacked taste, and I did not enjoy it. We also got a raspberry coffee, which was really really good, and I would recommend.

Value: 2.5*
Even though the place is really well decorated and popular, the prices are expensive, and portions are small. I thought the prices were steep compared to other similar places.

This is a good place with great ambiance, and they would easily get a 5* review by improving the menu a bit, and training & managing the staff better.
Would I recommend this to others? Definitely, try it for the ambiance, if nothing else. Would I go again? Probably not.

By Craig A. at 2016-12-19

Some of the best bartenders and beer selection in the city! Thanks John, Alex, Tommy, and Steph!

By Cookie A. at 2016-12-13

I was there for lunch with two friends. We all ordered soup and half a sandwich. I ordered chicken chili. There was no chicken and just a couple of beans. Disappointing to say the least. I told our server about it. She said she was sorry. Later the manager ??? came by asking how everything was. I mentioned my soup. He said he'd take off the soup from my bill. The bill came with two dollars off. The total should have been $9.95. Half soup, half sandwich. So how is two dollars off the total right? That makes half a sandwich $8.00. I don't think so. I won't be back. Ever. Nope.

By Carol K. at 2015-11-29

I love Milwaukee because I think the people are real, the food is always a great value and the ambiance of corner bars like Cafe Hollander makes me smile from the moment I pull open the door.

So why not a higher rating for this cute spot? I wanted Milwaukee friendly people and what I got were people who acted like they wanted me to go elsewhere to eat. Was it because it was at a lull in the afternoon? Or that they were prepping for their dinner business? Or that I didn't order my normal drink? I have no idea. But from the time I pulled open the door, to the time I left, I felt like I was an imposition. Hmmmmmm . . . . . .

So this story begins with the host telling us that we need to sit in the front area as the server doesn't want to walk all the way to the back. Uh. Okay. Just seat us and don't tell us why.

Our drinks were brought over and the server asked what we wanted. She was helpful insomuch that she told me the salad I wanted couldn't exclude some things as they were in the mix so she steered me toward a different choice. My dining companion went with her suggestion of the meatloaf dinner.

After a long delay, the food came up. My salad was quite good but my friend said that his food was over salted. We finished and waited for the server to return with the bill or to check on us or anything. Nothing. So I went to the bar to pay and the two people there looked at me like I had committed an unpardonable sin by not waiting for the server.

Oh well. i paid and we left but not without wondering if this was standard or an off day.

I own a place in the neighborhood and have stopped in here several times to have a beer (they have an amazing selection) and a cool drink. But this is the only time I have actually eaten here and it left me feeling lukewarm about the place. Too bad as their patio and cute ambiance reminds me of everything I like about this town I called home for many years.

By Garth L. at 2016-12-14

Our server Daniel was great, and provided great serves. The food and atmosphere was great and warm, despite the freezing cold outside.

By Jennifer K. at 2016-12-08

Almost can't give it 1 star. 1 week later I am still disgusted by my dinner. Ordered a bacon blue cheese burger and instead of bacon I got 4 inches of disgusting white gelatinous fat. When we showed it to the manager she apologized but didn't replace the burger. Nothing. Truly disappointed in a restaurant that we used to frequent. Lots of other quality restaurants that care about what they serve and their customers.

By Madison B. at 2016-12-04

Always come here for brunch! Always fresh and they use quality ingredients. You can't go wrong with the pretzel bun breakfast Sammy or the French toast. Definitely want to go back and try more!

By Jenni P. at 2016-02-15

Stopped in on Saturday for lunch with some friends. When we got there shortly after noon, they had beaten us there & were sitting at the bar. We fought our way through the line of people waiting to see the hostess to get to them at the bar. They had already put us on the list & were told 30-45 minutes later. We got some drinks & were chatting away at the bar, growing increasingly more hungry by the second, and finally checked in with the host to see where we were at on the list. We were told they were waiting for a table to open up upstairs for us (I'm guessing since we had a baby in a car seat / wanted to give us more room?) and we were next as soon as one opened. WELL over an hour later, we finally got a table.

*Sidebar: One of the bartenders came up to us about 15 minutes into us being there and let us know that she accidentally put someone's latte on our bill because she thought they were with us also. I mean, one extra latte on your bar tab isn't the end of the world, and she did offer to fix it (but the guy ended up just giving us cash instead) - but it was just another annoyance added to our already ridiculously long wait.*

We were all ready to eat our arms off at that point so we were elated to get one step closer to food. We were seated at a table right by a window and it was SO so so cold. The window wasn't drafty, but the exposed brick that we were sitting right next to was literally freezing to touch it and cold air was just streaming off of it. Not exactly what you want when it's already freezing outside & you're INSIDE trying to enjoy a nice meal with some friends (and be comfortable while doing so). Anyway, the service was ok, the food was all pretty good, but the whole process leading up to being seated at our frigid table was enough to make me not want to go back anytime soon.

By Dianne S. at 2015-06-12

Can't wait to come back! Service is speedy but friendly! Their cream of mushroom soup is to die for!...creamy, earthy mushrooms, love! There's so much on this menu that I want to try: bone marrow butter burger, mac & cheese, meatloaf!

I was impressed by the choices of steamed mussels and frites! of my all time favorite dishes! Ordered a pound of the classic steamed mussels and was definitely Italy impressed! Frites were tasty too!

They sell growlers of their beer and have a ton of choices on tap. I couldn't pass up their bloody mary ($9) complete with crispy bacon, cheese curd, pickle, and olives!

Tons of patio seating for the summer too!

By Ashley S. at 2016-01-03

I am a big fan of this place for brunch! So much so, that I went 2 Sundays in a row!

They have a nice brunch menu, with some unique items on their menu. The first week I had the hot mess skillet - eggs, bacon, sausage, Black Forest ham, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese. It was really good!

The second time I went there I got the chicken & cornbread waffle. Wow. Just wow. It was outstanding! It's southern fried chicken and a cornbread waffle with sausage gravy and fried eggs. My mouth is just watering as I type that!

Finally, I had a bloody mary. I'm new to the whole bloody mary thing, but the Milwaukeean was so good! It was served it a cute "Milwaukeean" glass. And had some classic bloddy toppings - the bacon was extra tasty.

Great brunch spot. Usually busy!

By Sean B. at 2015-08-03

This granddaddy of The Lowlands Group isn't high on Katie's list, yet they do me no wrong, and it's bike race centric location means I end up eating something there a couple times a year.

The fries here may be a bit soggier than their other venues, but it's their beer list which brought those other venues into being. Lots of Belgium (a few made just for them) and craft brews, well organized by type, with useful descriptions.

For my last visit, brunch, I tested the two types of Glass O' Bacon! Strangely the guy who served it guessed wrong at which was which. For a bit I thought the spicy was going to blow my tongue away as the sweet was so spicy already, ohhhh not the case. Normally I would think the Spicy would greatly outdistance the Sweet for me, but it was held back by not being warm. I doubt this is required for it's spicy dry rub to stick. It's a thick amount of rub, which will help you want more of the great beers. But non-crisp with the fat holding tough is not the best presentation. The Sweet was freshly made and had all the qualities of well made tasty thick slice bacon. Nom^2.

I tried the Belgium sausage with my one egg Americana meal (Menu pricing mismatch secret: save $2 by skipping at egg!). There's a reason Belgium isn't known for sausage (Beir, mussels, chocolate, fries, and sometime pies, sure), but sausage nothing special. I do remember their other meat products tasting better. Scrambled eggs and potato hunks were just as liked them, well cooked!

And a special shout out for the "whole wheat toast" that came "standard" with the Americana. I think I was upgraded to nine-grain toast as it was far and away above any normal toast. Multiple grains and seeds, medium cut, a mist of butter, and flawlessly toasted. Absolute toast perfection!!!

By Dustin T. at 2015-07-08

I'm dining in the twilight outside on Downer Ave with the mosquitos brushing against my legs whiling listening to the 4th of July fireworks popping around me. The bloody mosquitos can go burn themselves alive, but nonetheless, this is set up to be a great dinner.

I was not wowed by Cafe Hollander, but this is a generally positive review. I ordered the Kulminator. You know how some dishes give you an idea what to expect? Other than being under the sandwich section, I had no idea what I was going to get when I ordered the Kulminator. Using the wizardry logic of Dustin of House T, first of his name, King of the Andels, and Elite of the Yelp, "thy must order the coolest sounding dish on the menu."

For those out there who are just like me and don't bother reading the jumble of small font next to the bolded KULMINATOR, it's a grilled cheese. It's a fancy $11 grill cheese. It's hard to make an outstanding grilled cheese, but also difficult to make a crappy one. This is a solid grilled cheese with 2 squishy big pieces of bread. I'm sure you can imagine what a solid grilled cheese tastes like. This is probably pretty close to your imagination + some oddly squishy big pieces of bread.

gawd, I hate mosquitos

TLDR: Screw the mosquitos; cozy atmosphere; Kulminator is a fancy grilled cheese

By Elijah H. at 2015-11-09

I have overcome my recent grudge with cafe hollander and have found it to be a fairly nice place, very fitting of the Downer Ave setting. Previously I went to dinner twice here and both times was not at all impressed with the dish I received (2nd time was the seafood sautee and the first time i cannot recall which dish) which was enough for me to just give up on cafe hollander. I thought I was just having a bad day...on both days...but then my girlfriend also didnt like her dinner on both occasions. So we thought, yeah we'll just avoid this place. People would ask me to go and I'd avoid it like the plague.

Then my gf went for breakfast one day on her own and to her surprise she loved it, even saying it held its weight against pancake house across the street. Bah Humbug, I didnt want to give it a second chance but I did and I DO NOT regret it at all. What won me over was the chicken and waffles. I dont think I have ever had a better chicken and cornbread waffle dish. Definitely a saving grace. My gf on the other hand loves the eggs Benedict. On occasion we get the maple glazed bacon which is decent, and more recently we tried the beignets which were pretty tastey.

I think in general cafe hollander is a nice place, especially in the summer when there is outdoor seating. They also seem to be pretty dog tolerant as long as you're outside. I find it nice to go here before a packer game or after a night of heavy drinking. Sadly winter is coming, but the indoor atmosphere is just as good as the outdoor one and there is a mix of youthful crowd and older residents that makes for a nice time. In short, my opinion is that dinner is best served somewhere else but breakfast is definitely worthy of a try with cafe hollander.

By Charu A. at 2016-02-20

A fun place located in the heart if North Prospect Ave near the beach to have fun and brunch with pals! The patio is always packed with happening crowd! The servers are very hospitable and friendly :) we ordered brunch specials-skillets, mediterrenean omelletes and brewcity omlette. Everything was tasty and fresh! But the best was Wisconsin special cheesecurds :) Mimosas were pretty average, tasted "weird" stale bitterness! Maybe they used a different brand of champagne(?).
The server recommended a delectable dessert named Fudge Skillet that ruled our moods and bought a million dollar smile!

By Daniel K. at 2016-06-30

Somewhere between a 2 and 3 star experience for me. Atmosphere is pleasant. Server was new so I will cut some slack on not knowing the menu (our food took a very long time to come out but I think it was because our server forgot to put the order in, once again, I can write that off to being new). The food and beer are acceptable but the prices are fairly high and the food portion sizes are on the smaller side. If you are in the area, might be worth stopping by for a beer, but I would definitely not go out of my way to eat here.

By Larry O. at 2016-10-22

Went there for lunch today and had the Kulminator. Never had a grilled cheese sandwitch so amazing as this one was with bacon and roasted tomatos! Sweet potato fries were very good also. the building is awesome inside and out. they have a full service bar. wait staff are great also! You will not be dissapointed. they give you large portions so come hungry. Food presentation was top notch. Price was average. I will be back!

By Kate O. at 2015-12-15

Cafe Hollander is a good compromise for the foodie in my and my picky, burger-loving boyfriend, or for my when my parents come to visit. My dad approves of the burgers and even if my mom doesn't actually order a beer she always marvels over the wide variety. My partner's favorite is High Speed Wit.

They have great bloody mary's and offer a casual but nice dining experience. The menu is broad (salad to burger to salmon) and their brunch is spot on. They changed up their menu for the better recently. They now have ribs and a huge yogurt parfait. Come here for a snack, brunch, later in the night - it's a good standard choice.

The menu is similar to Benelux (same owners), but it's better and has a more intimate feel. Trocadero is the same way, in my opinion.

I've only ever had great service, and their patio in the summer is nice despite being right on the road.

By Dominique S. at 2015-12-11

Cool bar. Really packed on sunday mornings so expect atleast s 30 min wait. On first floor, the bar takes up more of the space than the actual dining tables but I was cool with that. My fav here was the mimosas, Wit beer and the haahbrowns. My burger was overcooked which sucked and I had to ask them for lettuce, onions and tomatoes after they brought my meal out. Guess I thought these were items that would automatically b provided unless I requested otherwise. Good atmosphere and good bartenders overall.

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