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Calabresella Importers of Italian & Greek Food

Calabresella Importers of Italian & Greek Food
Calabresella Importers of Italian & Greek Food introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.69 - $17.38 per person. We offer 68 menus, including Garden Salad, , Yancey Sharp Chedder, Mushrooms, Sweet or Hot Peppers, Extra Sharp Provolone, Black Olives and so on.
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Calabresella Importers of Italian & Greek Food reviews

By J K. at 2016-12-03

Outstanding food. The New York Style Hot Pastrami sandwich is one of the best sandwiches I have ever had.

By Chad M. at 2016-10-20

Awesome food. Awesome deli. The food came fast the people were so nice. I will definitely come back.

By Fox E. at 2015-05-26

If Ella Fitzgerald had ridiculously large breasts, would we Call Her "Breast Ella"? I'm not sure, but what I do know is that Calabresella has one of the best sandwiches you'll ever eat in your life. And I'm talking about sandwiches sandwiches, not anything dirty.

What to get: Steak sub with everything they recommend
What else: Any sandwich

If it starts raining, who do you call? Call-an-umbrella.

Philadelphia may be the king of sandwiches, and there may be some good ones over in Buffalo, but Calabresella puts Rochester right on the sandwich map. It really is that good. It's sinfully juicy, exquisitely delicious, on perfect bread, with peppers, melted cheese, succulent steak, lots of grease but not too much to ruin the sandwich... it's wet, it's hot, it's like the girlfriend (or boyfriend, or both) that you always dreamed of.

If you want to rob a bank and want it to be an inside job, who do you call? Call-a-bank-teller.

The rest of the store is fantastic too. Aisles and aisles of imported Italian and other European goods, tins, jars, all kinds of goodies, a wonderful drink selection... very competitive prices, especially considering what you get is one of the best things you'll eat in the 585... or anywhere.

If you want to see if there are any festival tickets left, who do you call? Call-up-Coachella.

There's not much more that can be said about this sandwich, except that it's a crime that it has less than 20 reviews. Everyone within an hour or two should drive over here and give it a try! And also try the "Sinatra" at Marco's on Maple, the Super Haddock Sandwich at Bailey Seafood, the "Hangover" at Joe's on Hertel, and the Tripleta at Sazon Criollo (all four in Buffalo). But this sandwich at Calabresella gives any of them competition - it's that good.

And if the bountiful Ms. Fitzgerald is so big up top that you Call-Her-Breast-Ella, hopefully all that extra weight won't make her fall over and break a bone... which bone, you ask? Well it has a weird name. It's Called-Her-Patella.

Run, do not walk, to Calabresella, and get a sandwich.

By Darren S. at 2016-02-06

In for lunch today and busy as always!! I ordered LG meatball sub simply awesome always done right. Next time probably small would do.

By Sam S. at 2016-03-30

Amazing subs. The steak bomb is the bomb, literally.

Have to get the Italian sausage, the everything one. Grab a couple on your way out for dinner. Best sausages I've had in my life.

Awesome people, awesome deli.

By Darrell F. at 2014-11-14

I have been buying lunch at this deli for over 20 years and it never disappoints. Take trip back in time and see the type of Italian deli that ruled this city. Very affordable prices subs with an extremely generous portions of quality meat. Today was a steak sub but I also really enjoy the Dominator (grilled turkey with a lot of flavor) and the Colon Kicker (grilled steak and cappicola).

If you never have experienced this place give it a try. It is also loaded with imported Italian foods and plenty of local sauces and pickled items. Oh, and it's a hub of every Zweigle option out there and can be ordered and shipped. This place screams rochester. If your a "subway" fan then come taste a real sandwich or there is no hope for you. Yes there is seating on one side of place, plenty of room. By the way a large sub is only seven bucks, my pic is a small.

By Santi B. at 2016-06-05

I have been coming here since I was a little kid. They have the best sausage and cold cuts around. Plus any of their subs is out of this world. Especially the steak bomber or eggplant parm. The colon kicker is also one my favorites! Gotta try them out!

By Joley B. at 2014-12-29

An unassuming gem on the west side - Calabresella's is my favorite deli for subs and specialty items. I've been coming here for years. Whenever I'm in the the neighborhood, or headed to my dad's for lunch on a day of - this is the place I go.

First of all, their subs are great. Good prices for the size. Honestly, you are getting a great deal on a large sub here! Go anywhere else and pay more. Ingredients are always fresh, and they are made fast to order.

Recently, I was in the mood for soup. Monday's fall and winter homemade soup is Chicken Noodle, so today was the perfect day to head over. Large soup is the perfect size for splitting with a friend or your dad... or you can hog it all yourself if you want to. I think it was quite possibly the best homemade chicken soup I've had in a long time. Full of celery, carrots, and good pieces of REAL chicken. Fun-shaped pasta (I don't know what it was to be honest)... And it was perfectly salty!

Service is always great. I don't think I can say anything more!

By Ed B. at 2016-03-02

This place is awesome! I would eat here more often, but honestly my waste line cant afford it. The sub selection is amazing and the portions are huge. Do yourself a favor and get the colon kicker. Its grilled shaved steak and cap. I prefer to get it with sweet peppers and onions, topped with provolone, meat hot sauce and country sweet. Besides being a sub shop, they have all of the deli meats you could ever want along with many imported and local items to stock your shelves with at home. Or, send some loved ones, who may be geographically challenged, some Rochester favorites via their ordering network. You can send/order Zweigles, abbots etc just about anything Rochester from Calabresellas. Love this place!

By Mark T. at 2016-02-06

Your not going to find a better lunch with old time appreciated treatment and awesome deli subs!

Everyone is so friendly and get to know there names, you'll feel right at home.

It is a family atmosphere and you become part of the family, it's hard to find that now a days.

I've been enjoy Calabresella's for over 20 years every Thursday , except Thanksgiving and snow storms.

I live in Buffalo and work Wednesday and Thursday in Rochester.
This is my recommendation for your lunch, ask Dominic for a cheese and meat plate for two, if theirs two of you, get a small sub and a large drink.
It's the best!
Stop reading and start driving.

By Barbara S. at 2014-04-19

CALABRESELLA is an incredible friendly deli. The owner Dominic is always in a fabulous mood!!! He will greet you with joy every time and make you feel like you're the only one in the store. They have delicious fresh food everyday with great prices, if you live near this delightful deli consider yourself LUCKY!!!

By Pam H. at 2015-07-30

Bread, meat, and toppings were fresh, but overall not very impressed with what we got. My family went and ordered 3 subs to go. My order was turkey, cheddar, lettuce, and a LITTLE mayo. There was more than a little mayo and the cheese wasn't sliced... It was like a chunk of a bar of cheese. The taste was good on the cheese, but there was just soooo much of it. My dad got fried bologna sandwich and couldn't eat more than a few bites. There was just so much bologna on it and his sweet peppers were spicy. Had high hopes based on recommendations...

By Matt O. at 2016-03-24

Unnnnnn real!!! Sandwiches are off the charts!!! Owner is a super nice guy!! Customer oriented attitude!

By Bene L. at 2015-11-23

This is what food is all about, old school! the Best subs you can find, Italian and greek Deli, Great prices on Cold cuts, the staff is awesome. One of my top 5 places to eat. Domenic, Carlo, Steve and Mamma along with the rest of the folks make you feel at home. You can't miss it.

By Lisa G. at 2015-03-31

Sub was delicious but there was a hair. So it left a bad taste in my mouth- literally. I may be has been over a year.

By Stanley M. at 2011-04-26

I can't believe that Calabresella's hasn't been reviewed yet! It's a full deli with tables and chairs where you sit down & eat, or you can grab it and go. PLUS! You can go to and order some of the finest Rochester made products for delivery to Flower City Ex-patriates. I routinely send my brother-in-law Tom a Zweigles survival pack from Calabresellas every year for his birthday.

If you're a sauce fan, Calabresellas has 'em all... Uncle Ralph's, Smitty's, Coach Tony's, Bill Gray's and others too numerous to mention.

Gotta try uncle Ralph's new Texas Twister sauce, it rocks!

By J M. at 2015-04-21

Had a classic Italian assorted. The sharp Provolone was a great add on. Overall I would give the Sub a 5. But because I stood at the sub counter for almost 4 minutes before being acknowledged I can't go higher than 4overall.

By Christopher H. at 2014-07-16

I I am from Rochester, but have lived in southern California for 20+ years. I finally was able to find a way to get some Country Sweet. They had a awesome deal for a gallon and shipping for the lowest price around. I'm eating some fried chicken with my Hot Country Sweet soon! I recommend that if you want some Rochester favorites, order it from !!

By Michelle E. at 2015-06-28

This is the best deli!! The staff is amazing and makes you feel like family as soon as you walk in. The subs are the best in town, highly recommend the steak sub. They also have amazing pasta salad, delicious homemade sausage, and great deals on items like Zweigles hot dogs and Alex's ribs, love this place!!

By Chelsea M. at 2014-06-30

This is unexpected. An unassuming deli that serves what has to be the best steak sub I've ever eaten. This place is probably responsible for a few extra pounds when I used to work over on West Ave. and I would go here for lunch, often. The bread, the aged provolone, the meat, the amount, the seasonings, ohhh man do I miss being over there all the time haha. Super nice family, they'll get to know and remember your order. You simply cannot find fresher ingredients, more carefully prepared, and at a better value anywhere in Rochester. 5 out of 5.

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