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Capt.'s Waterfront Grill & Club
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By Garen A. at 2016-11-27

This place was on the verge of a 5 star review, but then I got terrible food poisoning. It's hard for me to get sick from a place and still say #worthit but this place was.

Love the atmosphere, the wait staff and the food.

great lobster roll (where they didn't skimp). Great clam chowder.

Oysters were ok, but since I think that's what got me sick I didn't end up being a fan.

I also had the Buckwild cocktail which was decent, but not something I'd recommend.

I had the shrimp burger which was super tasty and well cooked. I also tried some of the seafood pie thingy they have ... Which had good flavor but was too messy for me.

I think it would be even cooler during the day with a view of the water. It was as nice of an outside view at night.

Still, I definitely enjoyed this place!

Stay Cheerful ;)

By Chris L. at 2016-11-19

So of course we (friends and myself) were here like a day before Halloween. We were super hungry and just wanted to eat.

It's Salem so Halloween meant good luck finding anywhere to eat as there will be over an hour wait. We found this place and a couple spots at the bar were open, so we took it.

My friend ordered the nachos which were devoured instantly. We got steak on them, they were great. Evenly distributed cheese and meat along with the associated veggies.

We also ordered a few drinks. I wanted beer. Honestly I'm not sure what I got but I asked for local favorites and the bartender was knowledgeable at the recommendations she made.

I got a burger which had Texas toast as the bun. Different, but definitely appropriate. It was a nice new way to try a burger. The fries were pretty good too.

When I go back to Salem and I want to go to a nice place with a sports bar, I'm coming here. The oysters are good too!

By Ryan C. at 2016-11-14

Just a quick review -

Happy hour oysters from 4-6pm $1.25. - 4 stars. Tasty, but no map of the oysters presented.

The bar tender - she was cool 5 stars

The lobster roll - 3 stars (I prefer the lobster roll naked with drawn butter)

The other bar customers - 2 stars. I feel bad for the lady working behind the bar having to listen to people complain and have general verbal diarrhea.

What did I learn today? Does the verbal diarrhea get better or worse with more alcohol?

By Shawn W. at 2016-12-13

Great oyster bar & seafood place! The cod sandwich = awesome! My friends got the lobster dinner & it was great & reasonably priced. VERY good service. Dan was awesome!! We'd come back!!!

By Ari J. at 2016-09-30

Stopped in on a road trip for some fresh local seafood.
But the oyster menu featured offerings from New York, Virginia and Canada... Nothing from within 250 miles.
Our waiter recommended the seafood pie, "Wicked good with tons of lobstah". In reality it was a pool of cream with crushed ritz crackers... 3 shrimp, 2 scallops and absolutely NO Lobster..... not saying that there was not enough lobster, there was none, not a morsel. My buddy ordered it too.. he was lucky to find a claw in his portion, but that was it. 2 hours later still nauseous from the ocean of cream and buttery crackers...
At least the beer menu is good.

By Angelina M. at 2016-11-06

You can call a place touristy because it's right by the sea and offers typical seafood and decor--but who cares if the food is delicious, prices reasonable, and friendly staff!

Because of the great reviews, we chose Sea Level as our first stop in Salem for a Saturday lunch. We were immediately seated and the server came right over to get our drink orders. Everything my family ordered was on par.

My husband and I shared a lobster roll and little neck clams. The lobster roll had large chunks of lobster (not smashed up like other places), a light dressing with onion and celery, set atop a bed of lettuce on a roll. It was also served with house-made chips and slaw. The clams were fresh and flavorful served with eight total for $10 with cocktail sauce and horseradish.

My dad got the fried fish sandwich with slaw and fries while my mom ordered the fish tacos of the day. I also tasted those and the fish was flaky with mae ploy sauce and fresh salsa (it came with three tacos per order).

Overall, we had great service and everything was fresh. Plus, you get a great view of the harbor and boats right there.

By Janelle G. at 2016-12-04

I was really excited to try this place due to the reviews. We were sat right away then it went downhill. Terrible, or should I say nonexistent service. Sat here for 15-20 mins and no one approached our table. Not sure if I have ever waited this long. We left.

By Carrianne C. at 2016-10-12

Pretty decent. Half touristy half modern seafood spot. Great location for water views.

I split some oysters, clam chowder and the fishermans platter with the BF. It was tons of food, we barely got through half of the platter. Everything was fried well and tasted good.

Prices are a mixed bag - some things priced well and other things over priced by a few bucks.

I'd stop here again if I was passing through.

By Erika G. at 2016-10-17

Nice place, great layout, RIGHT in the harbor. I loved the bar - big windows open out onto the harbor to catch the sea breezes. Very pleasant.

The Lobster rolls were okay. Just okay. For the price, I expected a bit more delicious. The place seemed a bit touristy, and sort of generic. Loved that bar, but I'm not sure I'd rush back here - or to Salem in general.

By Traci D. at 2016-10-10

The ambiance earns this place a 4. Settled right on the wharf, the sea views are hard to be beat, and the views around 360 degrees if you're seated on the top level.

The oyster selection was good, many local offerings. Had to try the clam chowder, thick, creamy, and full of clams. The lobster roll was great too! They don't offer a hot lobster roll according to the menu, but if you ask the waitress, they are happy to accomodate!

By Dean M. at 2016-12-12

Great fresh oyster service and terrific views of the harbor.
Knowledgeable waitress steered me to Scorten oysters.

By Dennis G. at 2016-11-17

My wife took me here for my 70 birthday this was on Wednesday we were seated immediately at a postage size table this was approximately 7pm we were ignored for 10 minutes finally got water I order coffee and tasted it and found it was made at 8am that day terrible my wife ordered shrimp cocktail for $14.00 for four shrimp per the menu received only two have not received any bread at this time asked for the manager but was not satisfied with his response so we left and went to the Beverly Depot restaurant and have a lovely meal and enjoyed by birthday
Dennis Grocki

By Wendy W. at 2016-06-24

We were looking for a seafood place on the water. Found it. Limited seating outside - everyone wants it during nice weather, however inside has many windows. Outside was all taken upstairs so we asked to sit by a window. Tables of 6 were all located by the windows and we were a party of two. They would not allow us to sit by the window. Larger parties never came to fill up those tables. Annoying.

We ordered the lobster rolls. The lobster portions were plentiful!! Which bumped my review up to 4 stars. Comes with coleslaw and chips. Chips were super crisp and really good.

The view is nice if you are able to sit by a window or outdoors. Food for all, burgers, salads, seafood. Friendly staff. Clean and cute place.

By Katerina H. at 2016-08-31

AMAZING!!!!!!! Went for my birthday dinner which was the best decision I could have made! I love seafood but Sea Level blew my taste buds out of the water!!! First off -- one of the only places I can find black ink pasta so that was already on my mind to order. The chowder was super thick and creamy with soooo much flavor. YUM I'm literally drooling on my phone as I type this.

It was a very pleasant experience. Our waitress Hannah was so kind and helpful (as I tend to ask a million and one questions plus what she recommends). We ordered a pitcher of the Jalapeño Cilantro Lemonade that was super spicy! Very fun drink. Had to settle with some Pinot to calm my taste buds.

OH-the mussels. My gosh. With the white wine sauce. O M G. I was scooping the empty shells into the sauce to actually drink it. Had to order a side of bread just to dunk it in the bowl. All in all, ya gotta get down to Sea Level. You're missin out!!!!!!

By Nicky E. at 2016-06-12

We stopped by the Sea Level after spending an afternoon roaming around the Peabody Essex Museum. I was really glad we did. We got oysters, cod, and shrimp as well as the strawberry basil shrub.

The atmosphere was lovely - we sat upstairs and it overlooks the water. The oysters were great, and the cod was delicious. The shrimp was served on a brioche bun, with lettuce, and tomato (surprising) - it was yummy, but there were like 5 shrimps, I mean...I guess I expected a bit more.

The strawberry basil was refreshing and delightful. Perfect for summer. Would definitely return.

By Steve G. at 2016-08-16

Fantastic transformation of this space into great restaurant. We took my mom here for her birthday. She was looking to get a lobster roll. She loved it. Not too much mayo, served with what looked like home made potato chips. I had the baked scallops. They were served in a baking dish and topped with breaded topping. Really good and served along with mashed potatoes. My wife had the haddock topped with crabmeat. Also good.

The draft beer list is one of the best I've seen in the Boston area. Great bottle selection too. I ended up with a Grimm Catch Wave, and after researching it was a top 50 rated beer in the recent PASTE magazine blind tasting.

Service was super friendly and there is an elevator to get to the second floor. The both floors have very long bars, and on the second floor there are windows all around and an outside deck for eating.

We all had a great experience on our first visit and will be back.

By Bindesh S. at 2016-10-17

+ excellent beer and cocktail menu, recommend "Strawberry & Basil Shrub" and "Spiced Pear Mule" (slightly sweeter).
+ Delicious oysters selection, ask for beer/drink pairing
+ Good selection of basic seafood dishes, try lobster roll if available

- Like any downtown Salem places, parking may be slightly tricky.

By Helene G. at 2016-10-10

When in Salem, you HAVE to eat at this restaurant! It's right on the water and allows for patio seating so you can enjoy the beautiful view.

My niece enjoyed the clam chowder while my sister, my daughter and I all ordered the lobster rolls. We also ordered fried clams as an appetizer.

The fried clams were to die for!! Seriously, the most delicious fried clams I've ever tasted. And the tartar sauce was so good that we actually ate the rest of it after our clams were gone!

The lobster rolls were fantastic! Huge chunks of lobster, creamy mayo (but not too much), just the perfect amount of seasoning. Truly worth every penny!

Our meals also came with house made potato chips, which were crunchy and salted just perfectly!

Next time we're in town, we will definitely eat here again!

By Desiree D. at 2016-10-07

For all my Seafood lovers, youd be a fool if you dont stop on by over here. for about $40 i snagged 4 fresh oysters, 1 clam, a bloody mary, 1 beer, and fish dip. Where to begin? Theres a list of the fresh of the day oysters, they are cleaned well and fresh is an understatement. about 6 different types along with little neck clams. my fish dip appetizer should be split with multiple people. it is so filling and well worth the $10. Not too mention, the abundance of fish too! You can literally see the variuous chunks of fish in it. I wanted to turn it into a sandwhich! Also, my bloody mary had some clams and shellfish in it, got me a little tipsy. good beer selection too! The service was amazing, but wait theres more...The views. Sit upstairs & outside and enjoy your meal. You can see the sea, the bay, the boats, and the stretch of land that surrounds Salem. Very pretty!

By Christi C. at 2016-12-02

Went here in August with some friends while on a trip. It's a bit pricey and we didn't have a view of the harbor since we were seated in the back. Not their fault though but be aware it gets crowded. The food was great. Oysters were fresh and delicious.

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