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Captain D's Seafood

Captain D's Seafood
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We offer 57 menus, including Fried Chicken Salad, Bite Size Shrimp Salad, Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad, Side Salad, 2 Pc Fish Dinner, 3 Pc Fish Dinner, Seasoned Tilapia Dinner and so on.
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Captain D's Seafood reviews

By Ken L. at 2015-04-01

I had lunch here today. It was absolutely amazing! Capt. D's appears to have reinvented themselves to be a premier seafood provider. For a fast food restaurant or semi fast food restaurant this place was excellent. The hush puppies were crisp and moist the fish was also crisp and moist and had. a great flavor. The shrimp were adequate and the crab was very good. I wish we had a restaurant like this in Colorado! The service was wonderful, everyone had a great positive attitude and excellent hospitality. I felt very welcome to be there. They appreciated me as a customer. Hats off to the management of this facility. Can't wait to go back!

By Christye G. at 2016-10-23

Yuck! It's like Long John Silvers took a bath in salt and grease and minuscule portions.

By Tim J. at 2014-08-31

For this being fast food it is damn good. I had several appetizers put together to get all the tastes. The hush puppies, the shrimp, the fish...all crispy and tasty. I also had a beef tip app which was super beefy and tender. The fish were large fried cod filets about 9 inches long, about 8 oz each. Reminds me of the clambox at the maine sea shore. The manager totally on top of this place making sure we were all happily well fed. Several sauces on tap here...all self serve which I love. Remoulade was very good gulf coast flavor. Hush puppies had chunks of celery in so yummy. Mmmm stuffed crabs were super meaty. Really on par with any maine roadside seafood place. No tipping wait staff...I like that better. We saved our money for food. Manager was awesome, brought our food to us, cleaning the dining room and chatting with us asking where we were from, joking and talking about football.... (I guess we do have a Chicahgo accent after all). My whole party of four feasted on 30 bucks. We we are coming back there tomorrow. If I lived here I would eat there all the time. My only suggestion would be a greater selection of soda...but then this is the south and they do have lemonaid and sweet tea. Wait, I said that wrong..."sweettea" right? We can't wait to come back and visit yall!

By J T. at 2013-01-21

Well it's a franchise restaurant. The food was cooked well the fries were crispy as well as the fish. The eating area was clean.

By Johnny B. at 2012-01-13

Gather in everyone, I have a secret... I used to be a secret shopper at this location- yes, it's true. I quit because I was never able to give a really good review, NEVER. For the record, the food was never an issue, sometimes (well most of the time) I stood in line too long, wasn't greeted and occasionally the dining area was badly in need of busing. To be a secret shopper, you are expected to visit the drive thru occasionally, and this was a problem, almost every time I went, there was a Captain D's delivery truck blocking the entrance to the drive thru. Now that all that is out of the way, I love the food- the fish, the shrimps, the hush-puppies and even the slaw is edible (that is a stellar review for slaw from me, I don't like cole slaw). IMO, Red Lobster, for all its hype, doesn't fare well against Captain D's...

By Ben L. at 2011-05-29

Ok, it's fast food, but that's my favorite. I love the fried fish, hush puppies, and cole slaw here.

By Chad L. at 2013-04-09

There were a few tables marked "do not sit in this area" because of bugs that were piling through the seam of one of the exterior windows. Another patron of the restaurant advised me to move from where I initially sat which was not marked but was in the same area. The staff did not seem to be concerned about it at all, this other patron told 3 other people not to sit in that area while the staff did nothing more than put out two more hand written signs. It did not seem to be a major concern to them that they had some sort of infestation going on. I will not return to this restaurant.

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