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Carrabba's Italian Grill

Carrabba's Italian Grill
Carrabba's Italian Grill introduction
We offer 181 menus, including TerraMare, Bianco, Ecco Domani, Pinot Grigio, Rosatello, Moscato, TerraMare, Rosso, Ecco Domani, Merlot, Gabbiano, Chianti, Bocelli, Prosecco, Italy and so on.

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Carrabba's Italian Grill reviews

By Tiffany D. at 2016-10-30

This is a chain, yes, but it's a pretty good one. At Carrabba's, I don't feel tacky bringing family here when they are in town, or going here to celebrate a promotion. I really like it here!

Atmosphere: comfortable booths, wooden square 4 tops and chairs. Medium lighting. Frank Sinatra playing over the speakers, the servers wear uniforms, and the kitchen is open to the dining room. It's a similar vibe to the cheesecake factory. It's a chain but it's nice for large groups, especially to celebrate things like a graduation, etc.

Food: I think it depends on what you order, but I've had mostly got experiences with my food. I have had and enjoyed the:

The Caesar Salad
Fettuccini Carrabba
Chicken Marsala
Tuscan Grilled Chicken

and Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio which is always a nice pairing with most pasta or chicken dishes.

The prices hover around $15 a person. The portions are huge so I think it's worth it for the leftovers. I look forward to going again when my mom is in town.

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By Tiff H. at 2016-05-10

Carrabba's used to be one of the best Italian franchises I've dined at. As my Italian franchise palette doubled and tripled in size, I realized Carrabba's is still pretty top notch.

We didn't make a reservation for lunch on Saturday but we had no trouble getting a table for 9 people at 12 pm. Our server was friendly and has us equipped with water and bread pretty quickly.

I ordered my old time favorite, the Fettuccine Carrabba. I like green peas and I like mushrooms and I like Alfredo sauce, so how can you go wrong with this order? It's tasty - not the "fresh hand cut" pasta I've been spoiled with recently, but hey, it's a chain. My expectations weren't for any of those grass-fed, gluten free, GMO free options.

The pasta came with an option for soup or salad - and seeing as I've already chose one of the heavier meal alternatives (straight up carbs), I decided to go with a salad. The colorful tomatoes were fresh and crisp - not what I expected, which is always a pleasant surprise. The dressing was a lighter take on the usual Italian dressing.

Don't get me wrong, I can't hold Carrabba's to any lower or higher of a standard due to it being a chain or an Americanized Italian restaurant. this isn't the Italian I expect to dish out some bigger bucks for, but it's a good option with a larger group. That being said, Carrabba's is a different choice in the Perimeter area for some family style, heavy Americanized Italian cuisine.

By Shira D. at 2016-08-31

Went here last night with my grandma and was very satisfied with my meal and the service. My grandma, who has been a picky eater lately ate almost her entire meal. I ordered the chicken piccata special and she had the mahi dish. We both got a nice sized Caesar salad and the bread at the table was nice and warm. I didn't catch the server's name but he was friendly and took time to speak to my grandmother and play along with her crazy antics. Ben, the owner, came over to say hi and I've got to say, he is the nicest guy. It says a lot about a franchise when the manager is on the floor and active in making sure everything is done right. It seems like he runs a great business. We will be back.

By Kara T. at 2016-10-22

Carrabba's has always been one of my favorite restaurants. I love pasta and I feel you can not go wrong with their Pasta Weesie. The price is affordable and the portion is ample. I joined their "loyalty" club and I have received invitations for free tastings of new menu items. I'm such a huge fan of this restaurant!

By Miss E. at 2016-12-22

We had our company event there and was very pleased with the service, food, and overall experience. The owner Ben is very professional, and eager to make your experience great. His staff accommodated our every need, and ensured we had no worries. I would definitely recommend this place, and look forward to visiting again. They make you feel like your not just a customer but part of the family.

By Eskender A. at 2016-10-29

Went there with a large group without a resevrvatio
l mkkn. The manager and server accommodated us in a timely mmank90ime. Everyone enjoyed the tasty food. My shrimp pasta was great an left happy. Great job Ben.

By Julianna Y. at 2016-07-08

Not bad for a chain restaurant. Lasagna was delicious. I loved their salad that came with my meal. We ordered sangria with our dinner, order in a pitcher. Sangria was super delicious, on the expensive side. Service was great, our waitress was training a new server.

By Rachael R. at 2016-10-05

Wine Tuesday! Great price, really wonderful bartender and a great place in walking distance of our hotel.

By Diari C. at 2015-08-08

Found a roach in my to go order of spaghetti. I'm quite disappointed, because Carrabba's was my favorite. I immediately returned to the store after getting home and settling in for the evening and found the dead six legged creature floating in my spaghetti sauce.

I spoke to someone who I assume to be the manager on duty. He went through a speech of "this has never happened...we are up to date on code and health inspections...", etc. He then offered to fix me something else, but I declined and requested a full refund. He understood and provided a full refund back to my card.

This breaks my heart, because I've been such a fan for so many years.

By Kenya S. at 2016-09-17

We have been coming here for over three years and we are absolutely NEVER disappointed Service is wonderful and the owner is extremely personable. My husband and I have tried everything on the menu and there is not one dish that we do not love however the calamari and zucchini fritz is amazing!!!! I wish I could give it more stars!!

By Vonnie W. at 2016-03-17

The calamari and soups were so salty. The pasta I ordered tasted better the next day but very heavy in oil. My cousin had a pasta with chicken but could hardly find the chicken. When I noticed the mushrooms weren't included, we had to ask for it to be added but only to be provided on the side. The waiter apologized but it was a turn off to think that the chef didn't make the dish correctly after a long wait of 45 minutes when they originally told us 20 minutes.

By Dan W. at 2016-03-16

I am in the area often for business. I love this place. The food is consistently good, pretty good service and prices aren't bad. I don't think the pasta is as good here as others but I love the dishes from the grill.

By Coco B. at 2015-08-15

Very happy with the service and delicious food! Gabby was our waitress and was very attentive and awesome for substituting veal for chicken. No complaints here, awesome first time dining experience at this establishment!

By Joe S. at 2016-08-27

As an appetizer, we ordered the Calamari Ricardo, which was supposed to be accompanied by a spicy Italian sauce, concerned that it might be too spicy for my husband, which it wasn't, we asked if we could also have some marinara sauce, which the waiter graciously complied. However the calamari was over breaded and very salty. It probably exceeded the normal daily requirements for sodium. I also ordered one of my favorite drinks, a dry Tangerey martini, which was extremely disappointing as it was very watered down.

For my entree, I ordered the combination shrimp with prosciutto and Tuscany sirloin. I ordered the steak medium rare and it came medium, I also had to request the gorgonzola sauce that was supposed to come with it. The shrimps were small with little taste of the prosciutto . The side of grilled asparagus was burnt. My husband ordered spaghetti and a salad which he said he enjoyed.

On the positive side, the service was excellent. Our waiter was very attentive and accommodating. We also enjoyed eating al fresco, as it was a beautiful late summer evening and it was very noisy inside. All in all, even considering the wine and the martini, it was not worth the $97 that it cost, not including tip. My advice it to go to a local authentic Italian restaurant to experience real Italian food. (BTW, I am of Italian descent.)

By RoRo D. at 2016-04-07

My favorite place around Sandy Springs and Dunwoody. Amazing staff and Excellent food. Must try here are the Salmon, the filet and Scallops, the calamari, the lettuce wraps with the pepper oil (oh be careful on how's very potent). I love having Natasha and Chad as my bartenders. This is a place that makes you feel like part of the family. They remember your favorites, give you food suggestions that fits you, and always smiling and making you smile. They also have wine tastings each month with a special menu for that night. My only complaint would be that I wish they had WiFi access. :)

By Beth And Jim S. at 2015-11-11

Made a joke to my coworker on the way in because the health score on the wall was 86 (for bad cold storage temp).

The service was fine but shortly after dinner my coworker and I both got very sick.

I didn't require medical treatment but spent the following day miserable in bed.

Was it FOR SURE the calamari app we shared? We will never know.

I write this to make management really think about food safety and handling/storage temps. And if you go, read the health notice in the entry. Your bowels will thank you.

By Erie E. at 2016-07-10

Came here on a Sunday. The bartender Brandon was very fast, very friendly, very efficient. Had a minor issue with my meal manager came right over and apologized and corrected the issue immediately. Looking forward to my next visit :)))

By Ron T. at 2016-09-08

I was disappointed with a Carrabba meal about a year ago, but I tasted very good "take out" food from the Carrabbas in Macon. Tried the food @ Ashford Crossing location and it was awful. How bad? Ok - for awhile I thought I was at Olive Garden. The olive oil herbs to go with the bread were bland. The chicken piccata was bland or maybe it was a "frozen TV dinner". Will not be back. If you like Olive Garden you are going to like this place.

By Terry J. at 2016-05-19

The server was friendly and patient. Good menu knowledge. Atmosphere was nice, as we sat on the patio. Fettuccini Carrabbas was nice and filling. The plate was small so the initial thought is that it wouldn't be enough. I was wrong. Family member had the Tilapia and enjoyed it also. Nicely seasoned.

By Lisa G. at 2016-09-10

I just love Carrabbas !!!! The food is delicious and always consistent !!!!! The atmosphere is nice. The waiters are always nice and pays attention to your needs. My family goes to carrabas once a week because we really like the food!!!!

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