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Cattleman's Steak House

Cattleman's Steak House
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Cattleman's Steak House reviews

By Evan D. at 2016-10-12

Traveling to Texarkana, I found myself at Cattleman's Steakhouse and loved the retro or should I say original neon signage. The interior was authentic, dark wood paneling with mute green upholstered chairs. I had the pleasure of having the wonderful Sheila as my waitress and her suggestions for dinner were delicious. I ended up having the ribeye and a super stuffed potato. For dessert I went with the triple chocolate cake. Everything was cooked beautifully and delicious. At one point the owner came and asked me how everything was and I had a wonderful conversation with him. He welcomed me to his establishment and even asked me if I needed anything before he went on to attend to other patrons. I will definitely be back to try the prime rib! I highly suggest this restaurant for an amazing steak dinner with down home quality food and excellent service. Say hello to Sheila...she was the best!

By Crystal W. at 2016-07-11

I see this place has two dollar signs but I don't believe it's expensive for the amount of food you get. Soup, salad , bread and your meal. Everything was fantastic I highly recommend stopping

By Michael H. at 2016-10-23

This place was recommended by hotel mgr. we wanted a hearty supper after traveling all day. Wife and I were very pleased. Good food and service. We had the steak and baked potato dinner. We highly recommend it. Building on the outside doesn't look anything like the old fashioned steak house decor inside.

By Dave T. at 2016-11-02

I have eaten at Cattleman's about 10 times over that past 5 years. Every time I travel to Texarkana, I have a great dinner at Cattleman's. I have gotten to know Joe, and he treats me like a king every time. I LOVE being there on Prime Rib night. I have some to take back to my hotel for a late-night snack or for an awesome breakfast! Joe is a top-notch owner, and his staff are absolutely awesome! You can go to a chain restaurant and take your chances, but this local place is the place to be. If you have a problem with your meal (not likely), Joe will fix it. Cattleman's- Love it, love it, love it!!

By Kathleen C. at 2016-07-11

Loved eating here, the complementary soup was delicious and home made, the steak perfectly cooked and yummy. Anyone that had fish enjoyed it equally. Our server Carol was a delight and a consummate professional, that read our table perfectly. Being as I'm from Seattle Washington, and one of my favorite places to eat is The Wedgwood Broiler, I think I have found its soulmate in Texarkana.

By Frank P. at 2016-06-21

First time eating here. Service was great and Primerib was spot on. Will definitely recommend to my friends passing through Texarkana.

By Leonard P. at 2016-05-20

Was a great dining experience.great waitress food was super delicious.would recommend to anybody.the ribeye and prime rib is the best I've had and have ate at several of the steakhouses in texarkana and it is by far the best I have ever ate.can't wait to go back and try another item on the menu.also most all of the salad dressings are made from scratch yummy!!!

By Paula H. at 2016-04-28

Great place to eat and great service! You get a bowl of soup with your meal and the night we were there was Veg. Beef and it was wonderful! The manager said the lady who makes their soups has been making them for Cattleman's for 40 years. She can make some good soup!

By Jason B. at 2015-08-19

If you haven't been here in a while go back! Soup, salad, and prime rib are awesome! The service was top notch as well.

By Tara J. at 2015-07-08

Had the fried quail and my daughter had seafood pasta. Both were very good! The soup was fabulous, too!

By Peggy H. at 2016-01-30

We had dinner at Cattleman's tonight and it was delicious, as always. The clam chowder was extra good. I had the sliced prime rib and hubs had the blackened ribeye. This is our go-to location for great steaks, every time!

By Matt T. at 2016-01-09

Home made soup and salad dressing make Cattleman's special. Soup,salad,veg. and potato are included with all meals. throw in the jalapeo cornbread and rolls make for an exceptional value.Great service and and a owner who makes all guests feel at home.

By Tiffany P. at 2014-07-27

I remember going there as a child with my father for dinner before the father/daughter dance. Being a child adds alot of sparkle that is missing in the eyes of the paying adult. The service is good and friendly. Welcoming. The decor and care of the restaurant as a whole is dated and in disrepair. A little attention can go a long way. The food is good. Slightly above average but expensive for the portion and quality..depending on what u order. I recommend the steaks and prime rib. Cornbread rolls and salads are good and fresh. They cater to large groups and do so efficiently. Tuesdays and a great night to go.

By Chris K. at 2013-10-22

So sad. I was in town on business and thought we could score a good Texas steak from a non-chain. Should have turned around at the lobby when my feet made sticky noises as I walked around. The old vinyl chairs are all split open and grimy, old blinds torn half down, bits of trash in the corners---oh why can I not just turn around?? Smells funky, soup was funky, green beans and carrots were cooked to absolute mush, twice baked potato wasn't worth finishing, and the prime rib was just OK. Waitress was nice, but kept piling up dishes in a massive mound in our faces before hauling them away. I would NOT go back and would strongly urge the health department to turn the lights on and see if the place is even safe.

By Carter A. at 2013-05-09

The food is always great here. The staff is professional and very courteous, right down to the bus boy. I love your website. It was really helpful when we pulled it up and were able to browse the menu! Best steak in Texarkana!

By Stefanie B. at 2010-05-21

Whoever gave this place 1 star is out of their mind!!! You can sit all the way on the other side of the restaurant and be faaaarrrr away from the bar. The food is amazing, down home delicious. Enough portions to fill you up for days and the service is the friendliest in town! Really good chicken fried steak as well as an amazing garlic ranch dressing. Some of the best cornbread i have ever had. Go here!! This is the restaurant to visit in Texarkana.

By Dave E. at 2009-07-20

Could not stay long enough to order. Place stinks, smells like a nasty ashtray. Even far from the bar. Can't believe owners still let people smoke in their joints. Will never be back.

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