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Estimated average consumption of $11.77 - $23.54 per person. We offer 78 menus, including Bruschetta Caprice, Griled Chicken Teriyaki, Pan-Seared Scallops, Clams Portuguese, Grilled Clams, Sesame Tuna, Crab & Shrimp Cake and so on.
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By Ruby T. at 2016-11-27

Solid choice: especially with a group... There's definitely something for everyone on their large menu.

We come often for happy hour and are never disappointed with our choices. The food is consistent if not terribly inspired and the portions are generous.

By Anita D. at 2016-05-27

My husband and I had a gift certificate good for Chardonnays or Meritage so we opted to try Chardonnays as we haven't been there before. It's in Seekonk and as of 5pm, the place was filling up. The bar area was crowded which I attributed to happy hour deals, the parking is a hit or miss, there tends to be overflow and its across the busy road which would make me a bit nervous had I ever needed to park there - luckily we did not.

They had a great special the day we were there (Tuesday) 2 for $22 where you get to choose either a select salad, appetizer or dessert plus a select entree for $22. We both opted for the grilled kebabs which normally come with a skewer of beef tenderloin and a skewer of shrimp and scallops but since my husband doesn't like shrimp and I need to go easy on the seafood as I am pregnant, we both did just beef. We also shared a Caesar salad and calamari as our appetizers.

The salad was good, a bit beaver on the dressing with croutons and shaved Parmesan pieces which is always a nice treat. The calamari was good as well, a mix of tentacles and rings (tentacles make me very happy) but an odd ratio of pepper rings to the actual squid...there were a ton. The marinara served with it was tasty as well.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the entrees, although the beef could have used a bit more seasoning. The menu had indicated it would be served with mixed greens and jasmine rice. The mixed greens were delicious - some romaine tossed in a very light lemon and oil vinaigrette with salt and pepper and the jasmine rice was actually more like rice pilaf, not the white steamed rice one would guess. All in all, I love a plate of meat, rice pilaf and salad (I'm Armenian, it's in my blood) so this satisfied me.

By the end of our dinner it was tougher to get out of there (pay and leave) especially since they are one of the places that drops a dessert regardless if you asked for one. The place was packed at this point, and based on the overheard conversations you could tell these people were all regulars.

By Reese A. at 2016-12-08

I keep meaning to write this review! I've been here a bunch of times and keep forgetting!!! They are awesome. The food is good and so is the atmosphere. It can be pricey, but I didn't feel as if I we're getting ripped off or anything... I especially liked the drinks. The bartender will make whatever you like :-D

By Mary K. at 2015-10-20

Came here last night to meet a girlfriend for Happy Hour - in the Bar area only, high top tables for a little privacy or at the bar. They have quite the selection for happy hour specials which is always a plus in my book - you're not limited to just 4 things. We didn't know that it was also Mega Mondays - with every Sangria or Margarita ordered, you get a complimentary Tapa (small plate appetizer). Can't complain!

We both ordered a sangria each and accompanied our drinks with the teriyaki chicken skewers (comes in buffalo also) and the calamari. Also ordered the bbq chicken/pineapple pizza. The skewers were cooked well and had a nice flavor, but I didn't care much for the peanut sauce concoction. The calamari was delicious - def something worth ordering on its own the next go around. We both also enjoyed the pizza thoroughly - personally, I would've liked more pineapple.

As for the drinks - holy moly they were ginormous. Almost too ginormous if you ask me. In this case - size doesn't matter. They were just ok for me, I tried to finish as much of it as I could but by the time I got to the halfway mark - alot of the ice melted already. I would've been fine with a drink half its size. Overall service was friendly but the place started to fill up quite a bit after we got in.

Would def make the trip back here - great specials for happy hour that is worth a try! Prob wouldn't go with the sangrias again - would stick with a wine or hard cider next time around so I could actually enjoy my food a little more without worrying about my drink getting watered down. =)

By Kel S. at 2015-12-21

I went a little while back to try out this spot during restaurant week. It is a fun place to go with girlfriends. I also noticed several families enjoying this establishment.

It is cozy and inviting. I can't speak to a typical night there (it may have been busier than usual due to RW), but we had a good experience on this particular evening. The service was good, the drinks were tasty and the food was lovely. The value for restaurant week was good, especially considering that one of your "courses" included a desert-type martini.

I'd like to try out their sister restaurant, Meritage, in East Greenwich. The menu looks similar, but imagine the location is even nicer...

By Scott V. at 2016-11-20

three stars pretty accurate, the place gets packed for the half price appetizers. the appetizers are just ok, I think most of the people dine at chain restaurants and think they are getting some kind of great deal. the drinks are certainly not cheap and that's were they are making there money. after some margaritas and a few apps with tip it was almost 100.00 not a deal. the place is nice and draws a crowd but you certainly can do a lot better in the area for a restaurant

By Eliza F. at 2016-05-20

Chardonnay's continues to be a favorite after work locale for drinks and apps for me and my girlfriends.

In our most recent visit we ordered the nachos, calamari, buffalo chicken pizza and the red sangria.
The portion of the nachos is sizable, perfect for sharing. They always come out hot, and the cheese is melted to perfection. We find that the sour cream on top can be a little overwhelming, but don't totally dismiss it, ask for it on the side, it has a hint of heat to it. Yum.
The calamari is nicely breaded, and you get a nice mix of rings, tentacles and banana peppers.
I did not try the buffalo chicken pizza, it came out hot, looked crispy, and was gobbled up by my friends.
The sangria is quite large, needing two hands to lift the glass. It might be large, and the ice might melt because it is so large and it takes a while to drink, but it is fruity, tasty and refreshing especially in the summer. I get it almost every time.

We have always had attentive service, but this last visit the hostess went above and beyond our requests and our waiter was nothing but top notch!

Don't be deterred if it looks like there is no parking in front, there is additional parking in the back as well as on the sides.

By Cheryl C. at 2016-11-29

First off, I have to say the food is delish!! But, it is very loud and I am amazed they only have
one tiny restroom. I'm sure its against fire codes. Anyway, 4 couples went and they could
not give us separate checks. Being in the restaurant business for 20 + years, I can understand.
But, we asked if they could do just two checks instead of one big one and again they wouldn't
do it, two of the couples didn't drink at all. They just didn't seem very accommodating at all.
We tried to speak to the manager on the way out. Just a waste of time, he wasn't very nice.
Of course, the restaurant was full, you could hardly move. He couldn't have cared less as we
told him we wouldn't be back.

By Glen P. at 2016-01-28

Been here exactly four times, had exactly two awesome meals and exactly two semi-OK meals. So I guess it's hit of miss on the food.

The place is always busy, yet the service has always been very good.

By Mike P. at 2016-01-27

Wow! I had never been before, but I know I'll be going back. Even on a Wednesday it was very busy which is a testament to its popularity. The service was fast, friendly and knowledgeable. They are also accommodating about allergies.

The grilled pizza as an appetizer was excellent. I had a classic wedge salad and grilled chicken that was quite good. My friends dinners were all excellent.

It looks like they have a large bar so next time I'll see how their drinks are.

By Ck C. at 2016-07-08

Despite bad days which we ALL have
After 15+ years now I still LOVE a Chardonnay's or Meritage!!! Especially for the $$$$!!!! DIRT CHRAP. && the food IS AWESOME

By Haley U. at 2016-09-26

Inside was a little loud, a little cold. And it was a little pricey ($14 for 2 crab cakes). But it was overall a nice experience. The food is very tasty and creative. Had the crab cakes and fresh cod, both absolutely fantastic. I'd go back for the culinary experience.

By Katie L. at 2015-03-02

Never had bad food or bad service here.

Love the bar specials but would come even if they didn't offer them!!

The food is always delicious - you can get fire grilled pizza, pork medallions, chicken skewers or even the nachos and find something you will love!

The desert is also yummy so if you can save room - I recommend the creme brûlée.

I come here several times a year and think I should make it more often!

Top notch service tonight at the bar, I will be back soon!

By Stephanie D. at 2015-12-20

I love Chardonnay's and their sister restaurant Meritage.

My girlfriends and I got together for dinner at 7pm. The reservation wasn't ready upon arrival and we had to wait. It was a little awkward they sat 5 of us at a table for 4 so when the food came it was really crowded.

I ordered the spicy tuna sushi to start which is always fresh and delicious. I decided to try a pasta dish for the first time. The price was $20.00 for the pasta which I found a little pricy since I usually dine at Italian restaurants in East Greenwich and never pay that much. It was ok. It wasn't great it wasn't terrible. I think I'll stick to the apps and pizza going forward.

My margarita was awesome you should definitely get one if you go, they are huge! I definitely recommend you get their for happy hour which takes place from 4:30-6 in the bar area. They offer half price apps and pizzas.

I really want to give this 5 stars since I go to these restaurants frequently...but the table and the lackluster pasta put a damper on this visit.

By Liz M. at 2015-12-26

I have been coming here for around eight years or so. This is one of my favorite places to eat. The only reason I don't go often is because parking is a nightmare. It's a small parking lot so if you want to eat there after six you have to stalk someone who is leaving. It can also be very busy so if your on a time crunch make a reservation. If you can find a spot and get inside it's very inviting. We were recently there for Christmas and it was so tastefully decorated. Very inviting and homey. Service is always good there and the staff are very accommodating. They will do their best to make you happy. The food is amazing. If you have any picky eaters in your family you can go here and everyone will be happy. They have everything. Burgers , pizza , nachos , butternut squash pasta , huge salads. The pizzas here are all thin crust and loaded with toppings. I usually get the authentic one that has a blend of cheese with drizzles of pesto and gravy. The nachos are huge and loaded to the gills with toppings. I sometimes just get those for a meal. I don't get dessert often but when I do it's the dessert pizza. It's sweet and loaded with berries and cream. Delicious. If your a drinker the sangria is delicious there. It comes in a fish bowl sized glass. One is plenty to have. If your looking for just a cocktail or snack the bar is beautiful and the bartenders are attentive. Prices are reasonable depending on what you order. If you are on a budget you can still get a great dinner. If your looking for a great dinner id highly recommend it.

By Matt E. at 2015-06-17

There are so many better options in the area than this place. They over seat people to the point where it's impossible to move around. Food is very bland and uninteresting. They try to hard to do everything but you know that old saying - jack of all trades- master of none. (Sushi? Really?).

Drinks are good but that's about it.

By Aia T. at 2015-12-29


My last visit in this place was my birthday. I love Chardonnays and Meritage. Both are my go to restaurants when I prefer a quiet dinner night. I came on a Saturday night with a friend. We had the authentic pizza which we usually order-always been excellent! The only downside from the visit was Tuna Napoleon and buffalo chicken wings. Both were recommendations but did not hit the spot. They had Tiramisu as special dessert for that day. Not a big deal either. If you want better tiramisu, go to Pizzico or order from Wright's Dairy Farm. I am still willing to come back.

By Francesca D. at 2016-08-06

Horrible experience. We arrived with no reservations and was told the wait time would be 25-30 min for a table of 3. The next arrival was for a table of three and they were seated first. When I asked why I was told they had reservations. Once we were seated our waitress came over and took our drink order and also took the table next to ours. Their drinks arrived before ours and we continued to wait for another 15 min. Our dinner took another 25 minutes to arrive and dessert took about 15 min. After all that I did leave a 20% tip. Don't think I'll be going back.

By Nicole S. at 2015-11-17

The best restaurant around, by far. The quality of the food is impeccable, even a dish so simple as nachos has a delicious blend of havarti, pecorino romano and mozzerella cheese. The nachos are huge by the way, my boyfriend and I can't ever seem to finish them, and they're never soggy. The staff are friendly and personable, Brian B is awesome and always takes care of us when we are in. Best servers around. The restaurant also offers an "appy hour" before 6pm and after 9:30, where they offer a special menu in the bar sections (not just at the bar) of the same size portions at a reduced price! Best way to get high quality food at a really good price. If you haven't gone, go and you'll be hooked.

By Spike M. at 2016-03-13

Lisa and I stopped in here late (10:30pm )Saturday March 12th after a show at the Narrows Center For the Arts in Fall River. Working in the restaurant business myself, I do frown upon showing up late on my part, I did make sure to call when we decided to come and let the kitchen know we would be coming. Every plate we got was fantastic. The good news came when I was checking in on facebook and I noticed it was an 'In the Biz' weekend, where us restaurant folk got a 25% discount ... this made my night.
Thanks you for the great food and experience.

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