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Cheba Hut

Cheba Hut
  • Street 453 W Gilman St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 819-8485
  • Opentime
  • Raging (39)
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Cheba Hut introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.94 - $7.88 per person. We offer 39 menus, including Can Soda, Bottle Water, The Kind Sub, Midwest's Best Club, Humboldt Sub, Kush Sub, Pakalolo Sub and so on.
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Cheba Hut reviews

By Chloe S. at 2016-08-30

I used to live across from this place, and it's been nothing short of entertaining. I kid you not one time I looked out my window, and women in bikinis were wrestling in cheese wiz. Every time I'm there I enjoy myself, as the staff is really laid back and friendly.

Their witty sub sizes - nug, pinner, and blunt - are aptly named for the amount that you get. I usually order the 5-0 with all the pig: bacon, salami, ham, prosciutto, and pepperoni. My fav topping is the giardinera pepper. They allow you to stuff the subs full of toppings, so it's a super filling meal.

Don't forgot that this place also has beer on tap! My friends and I used to frequent their mini bar for a quick drink before going out. Keep on keepin on, cheba!

By Gina N. at 2016-02-17

What a witty little "hut" I've found...
The sammies are all called funky names (cuter than E&G) and are the kind of thing you want when your tasters are enhanced as they sometimes are at night after studying and rewarding oneself with "a treat"
Fresh ingredients and house made ranch sauce to die for!
Fav sandwiches: All Pig, White Widow and all the veggies you could ask for... Then when you think it couldn't get any better..... They ask if you want it grilled-BAM!!!! I'm hooked.
Full bar too or soft drinks and Kool-Aid! Uber fantastic for that dry mouth you have from your "cold" or "allergies" haha
And there are new sides not just chips but baked pretzel nuggets with cheese sauce, salads, and the sweet treats, ohhhhh the sweet treats.... Captain Crunch Berries Bar, Goo Balls, and Fruity pebbles bars....
Staff has always been amazing...patient, don't mind answering questions, helpful, and courteous. Made me feel very welcome.
Everything you need to satisfy your cravings.
When you're hungry for a sub with a certain flair, beat feet Dow to Cheba Hut for a Blunt, Pinner, or Nug. You'll be glad you did.

By Jackie C. at 2016-10-01

I wanted to love this place. Everyone was super nice and the sandwich was ready super fast. The sandwich was actually really good and the pretzel nugs were delicious as well. The only reason they do not get 4 or 5 stars is because I instantly had the liquid after. It might have been the butter in the nugs, or the tuna. I will never know. I had to hustle it to Walmart, buy some wipes and hit the john. I probably won't be back. Again the employees were so nice!!

By Crystal R. at 2015-08-15

During my stay in Madison, a friend recommended I check out Cheba Hut. I had been putting it off till my last day in town and finally made it out there... and believe me, I'm sooo glad I did.

I wasn't completely sure what to expect when I got there but spent a good five minutes just staring at their menu on the wall... Yeah, you can say I'm indecisive. After the check out guy asked me twice if I needed any assistance I settled on the Acapulco Gold sandwich, I mean who doesn't love BBQ chicken?! He then asked if I wanted it "loaded up" and I just had to say yes but without the dressing and it was heaven. I mean I love toasted subs and Cheba Hut does it to perfection! The BBQ chicken was so moist and flavorful with that great tangy flavor that reminds me of western Carolina BBQ... Just delicious! And paired with the Swiss cheese and fresh vegetables just made me eat the whole pinner as soon as I unraveled it.

I ordered my sub to go so I can't say much about the decor or ambiance of the place but the staff were super friendly and the sub was amazing. I could see it as a popular college hang out spot as its right off State St. Cannot wait to come by and try out another sub the next time I'm in town!

By Mike P. at 2016-05-13

Excellent sandwiches great place to eat . They have Kool Aid in the foutain machine. Get a blunt or get a pinner if you want a small sandwich. This place rocks the people are awesome .

By Allie L. at 2016-01-07

Cheba Hut has delicious sub sandwiches. If you get your sandwich on any other bread than Garlic Herb, you're not living up your full Cheba experience. I get the White Widow (Chicken/bacon/mushroom/ranch), loaded up with veggies and their house dressing. They have different sizes of sandwich for the snack appetite of the nug (4") to pinner (8") to the starving side of the blunt (12"), if you haven't already guessed this is a weed themed sandwich shop, and don't be put off by the names if thats not your style. These are amazing sandwiches. I also love the cereal bars. The only thing is they take a while to make your sandwich (probably only because they make it with love) and their delivery service isn't that great so maybe think twice before ordering for delivery. But a minor bump in the road. This is another one of my go to places-lunch, dinner, or late night

By Ana D. at 2016-07-22

Ahhh shizzy fizzy pizzy! This is the perfect sub spot to satisfy those lovely munchies. Vegetarian lovas will enjoy the majic mushroom sandwich on a blunt size garlic herb bread.

By Niko B. at 2016-07-12

Easily the best subs I have ever had. My favorite is the Thai stick (teriyaki chicken) loaded up on the garlic herb bread. Great environment with lots of friendly people. Plus the have kool aid at the fountain...

By Lauren F. at 2016-07-22

Food = pretty darn good! Delivery.... Not so much. Forgot half our order and had to go back. Order was also wrong. They also do not call to inform you they are out of something you ordered and will sub it for something they deem similar.

By Samantha S. at 2014-09-28

I love all my carbs toasted. I would rather be late for work and take the time to toast my bagel than eat it untoasted. This place drew me in because all their subs are TOASTED. Toasted to perfection, served warm, with just a little bit of golden brown starting to appear on the bread. Mmmm....heaven.

This place has a fun vibe. Reggae music playing, really chill workers, plenty of seating inside. Their sandwiches come in 3 sizes 4 inches up to 12 inches. Nicely priced and a pretty extensive menu.

I got the Kali Mist which was delicious. Had a bit of kick to it, nicely sauced. I hate dry sandwiches. Can't wait to come back and try all their subs. They have a fun selection of desserts rice krispies but also captain crunch krispy bars, cinnamon toast crunch bars, and fruity pebble bars.

Sorry Jimmy John's, Which Wich, Firehouse Subs, Quizno's... every other sub place on state street I'm starting a love affair with Cheeba Hut.

By Scott H. at 2015-07-21

Went here for an afternoon snack, and was really excited about every aspect of the restaurant. Somehow, my la canna sandwich was just so-so, but I'm pretty sure I suffered from a case of ordering the absolutely worse thing on the menu...

To anyone that hasn't been here, go to the website before you order. They have really great pictures of every sandwich. I wish I knew that before ordering...

I'd definitely give this place another shot, especially for some of those cereal bars!

By Lee S. at 2015-04-16

Wow is all I can say. I walked in expecting my usual drunk food glory. But I was met with a manager that said I was not welcome because it was too late for them to serve my group. ( we arrived at 12:30 and they pride themselves on being a drunk food haven)

In the past their food and management was so polite and delicious. But unfortunately since it changed hands last winter it has been nothing but a let down.

By Andrew R. at 2015-10-19

There are certain truths in life that are simply infallible. One of those truths is: trust stoners to make your food. No one has doe-eyed love for consumptive gluttony like someone so stoned they can barely think. You want the proprietor of your chow to have such little outside awareness that your dumb meal becomes their world.

For that matter, there is a cynical sheen to the whole marketing effort of Cheba Hut. A pot-themed sandwich joint smack in the middle of the college shopping experience seems a little too cutesy to me. I am, of course, a frowny joyless grandpa though. So don't read too much into my grousing about the marketing. Down to brass tacks.

The food. Man, the food. All ingredients I've experienced ("experienced," you guys) have been very fresh and tasty. Plenty of great combos from standard hams and turkeys to more exotic like Thai chicken. Lots of sauce choices and dessert options too. Everything has a ridiculous/amusing name, so do some reading to figure out what is actually on the stupid thing.

Cheba Hut is like when your weird 14-year-old brother keeps bugging you about checking out his likely awful garage band. Just bad covers of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer, you think as you step into the garage. And you know what? The band is pretty good. They're all dressed unfortunately and the whole affair is kinda sloppy but the band is pretty damn good. That's Cheba Hut.

Get a sandwich from people who think that life is just an unending Scooby Doo cartoon. Do it.

By Lizzie G. at 2016-04-21

The subs are by far the best in Madison. My go-to is the Kali Mist - and you can add/take off any ingredients as well to make any sub perfect. The subs don't come out "freaky fast" by any means, and they'd admit that, but man are they worth it. So good!!

By Esther Y. at 2015-01-25

As a recent college grad, I have grown to love and appreciate a well made late night sandwich. I thought my only hope in sandwiches lied on the shoulders of Jimmy Johns. What a great feeling to be proven wrong!

Came here on a Thursday night, and I fought my boyfriend on the way there; I thought it was going to be a literal hut where stoners smoked in the corner. All the workers there were very chill, and they didn't mind that I took almost ten minutes reading over every item and asking so many questions. The theme of the restaurant is a little off-putting at first, but it eventually grew on me.

I couldn't decide between the Thai Stick Sub and the Chronic. The barbeque mixed with giadiniera (which I asked for) won me over and I ordered the largest size of the Chronic. The bread was perfectly toasted, and the barbeque meat mixed with the peppers was heavenly. The sandwich never got soggy, and the contents of the sub stayed moist and juicy. I thought I wasn't hungry, and I couldn't stop eating this sub.

The restaurant is located right downtown, and I didn't see too much street parking around. I would recommend walking there, or stopping by late night. Menu is long with different breads, meats, and sweet goodies. I was very happy with my experience here, and I plan on coming back.

By Sara M. at 2014-12-28

Don't be fooled by the theme and the drunk college kids hanging out in the restaurant, this place has solid sandwiches. If you want something cheap take-outy but better than say, Subway (and I LIKE subway!), Cheba Hut is a good choice. Just make sure you're comfortable ordering a "blunt", etc, because the menu items are all pot themed..

I'm not a vegetarian but the Griefo, one of the meatless choices on the menu, is always very satisfying. My favorite part is the jalapeño cream cheese! You should add it to whatever sandwich you end up getting :)

Never ordered delivery but they do have a pretty snazzy delivery mobile.

By Armando T. at 2015-06-13

Good food, of course nice people, and my type of atmosphere. I'm from Arizona, so it was nice being at a place I'm familiar with! Will return if in Downtown. Got the AK-47 Sandwich and was on point. But it was a slow time and it took longer than I expected for them to make, could be a little quicker, But no biggy!
Peace and love

By Maty M. at 2015-04-23

I generally love this establishment and would give it five stars if not for the spotty service. This is not to say that the people are bad, sometimes they have been the BEST, I have had the most helpful and suggestive individuals. I have also been in when the employees are relatively useless and are ad high as the stores branding insinuates that they might be.
The subs are so on point and worth the slightly longer wait (and similar price point) as Jimmy Johns. They are mostly toasted and wayyyyyyy full of flavor, also far more options.
The desert options are not something to pass up.
Overall, this is golden for drunk food and when you are looking for a good lunch or diner. Always good, I've been many times in all of the above conditions.
Do not forget... Everyday happy hour is 4:20-6:20. This is all beers on tap for two dolla. It's a great way to kickstart the weekend on a Thursday or Friday! Also the beers are far above average beers for happy hours, like New Glarus and Karbon four type of local stuff.

By Paul M. at 2015-02-08

Full bar, Friendly staff, Best Subs, Outdoor Patio, Beach Party, Comedy Show, Open Late, Cool Vibes, Great Location, and A Nice crowd. What's not to like?

By Russell B. at 2016-02-08

Super chill vibe bro. I had a sub with pineapple and jalapenos on it. Delightful! This place is affordable and you more than what you pay for. Better than JJ, Quiz, Subway, etc.

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