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By Rudi Q. at 2013-05-28

delicious,fast and reasonably priced. i enjoy these chains. the chili cheese fries are dynamite! the burgers ain't bad either. keep in mind that your coming for the food and not the service

By Billy Joe J. at 2012-09-24

I really LOVE Checkers. Extremely, cheap, greasy and tasty food. If ever you have a hangover, my friend this is the place to have your prescription filled. This place has a diverse menu, easy to cure any craving that you may have. I ordered 2 huge burgers this afternoon, an American Double Melt and a Bacon Double Cheeseburger...4 Whhhhhaaaaaat?...Yup. And I got both in less than three to five minutes! Both hot. Both tasty. I will be back!

Tips: These are the details of the Checkers, This restaurant is located in 3077 North Market St., Shreveport, LA
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