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Cheshire Coffee

Cheshire Coffee
  • Street 210 Old Town Road
  • City Cheshire
  • Region Connecticut
  • Postcode 06410
  • Telphone (203) 271-3370
  • Opentime
  • Raging (72)
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Cheshire Coffee introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.52 - $7.04 per person. We offer 87 menus, including Apple Smoke Bacon, Smoked Gouda Cheese, Oven Baked Egg on an Artisan Roll, Canadian Ham, Cheddar Cheese, Western Style Oven Baked Eggs, Pepperjack Cheese on an Artisan
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Cheshire Coffee reviews

By Maria M. at 2016-08-01

Stopped in Cheshire Coffee before my wedding dress appointment next door at Bliss Bridal and grabbed a muffin and an iced coffee. The coffee was amazing! Very flavorful. I also had a peach muffin warmed up with some butter. It was delicious. Very impressed.

The guy behind the counter was hilarious and made for an even better experience. I will definitely stop in for all my future dress fittings next door!

By Kelsey L. at 2016-09-27

Wanted to update my review as I have been here quite a few times as of late and my experience has been 100x better. I have tried a few different lattes all with almond milk and they were all delicious and well made which can sometimes be a hard task working with steaming non dairy milk. Not sure if there is a new barista or what the difference is from my visits in the past but I am happy to say it's much improved!

By Tambra C. at 2016-05-31

This places leaves me with mixed feelings.

I came in at noon and got my usual, a triple latte, and the staff and coffee were both stellar. I sat in the back and worked for an hour and after a shift change ordered another latte...only this time the staff weren't remotely friendly (guess they're too busy catching up and hanging out). They seriously made me feel like I were intruding by interrupting to place my order. So the girl at the counter rolls her eyes when she misunderstands what I order and I repeat it, she screwed up the bill - two charges for one latte, the barista doesn't call out my drink, so it sits there for a few minutes before I walked up and saw it and had to ask, and finally the milk tastes scalded. WTH? I would never think this were the same place the second time around.

Would I come back? I'm not sure. I'll finish my crappy latte and think about it.

By Dan B. at 2016-11-10

Great coffee and great food items. However, quite possibly the most unfriendly staff I've ever experienced.

By Amy R. at 2016-08-01

Cute little coffee spot located on a main street in Cheshire. The selection of food reminded me of Starbucks (muffins, bagels, pastries, breakfast sandwiches). I ended up getting a ham, egg, and cheese croissant and a magic bar. The croissant was good. Just wasn't really what I was in the mood for. The magic bar however was absolutely delicious. The atmosphere was very nice and the staff were friendly.

By Clara Y. at 2016-08-24

I know the coffee options are limited, but honestly I think a Starbucks would be better than this mess. I ordered a tall iced latte with bubbles, (something the menu assured me was possible) what I got was a nasty tasting taro drink that had way too little tea or coffee, too much milk, and one of the worst tapioca I've ever had. The barista working the shift was extremely rude for reasons I don't understand. She also for some reason thinks the taro flavor and vanilla are the same- either she's mistaken, or Cheshire Coffee doesn't understand what taro is.

By Alyssa W. at 2016-10-14

Cheshire Coffee offers different hot coffee, cold coffee, smoothies, and teas for guests to enjoy in outdoor or indoor seating areas. The coffee available is nothing spectacular but it does the job of giving you a slight boost in the morning. The environment offered indoors is relaxed and cafe style with tables, greenery, and artwork. Before you order or before you leave, Cheshire Coffee offers coffee supplies, coffee, tea supplies, and tea for guests to purchase. When searching for coffee in Cheshire, CT, coffee lovers are given the options of Cheshire Coffee or Dunkin' Doughnuts; Cheshire Coffee wins hands down in this small town!

By Nicole A. at 2016-04-22

Visited this coffee shop recently for the first time and I was very satisfied with the quality of the food and the calm environment. The food and drinks they have are very similar to Starbucks, but much better. Staff works very hard and I was impressed with how quickly they handled a line full of people, I got a specialty frozen coffee and a blueberry muffin - muffin was excellent and was not old, it tasted home made. The coffee could have been better, it had a fake chocolate taste that Starbucks also has. Probably wouldn't get that drink again, but would come back for the muffins and to try something else.

Nice environment
Plenty of seating at the time I arrived
Quick and professional service
Pastries are great
It's a little pricey, but you feel better about giving your money here than a corporate business

Again, pricey
The cash register didn't accept two different debit cards that I had, would recommend you bring cash just in case

By Rachel D. at 2016-08-03

My co-worker and I frequently stop here for coffee on our way to work in the morning. The coffee is great and fast and I love stopping in for a panini for lunch. Today however was a bizarre experience. The person who's name shall remain hidden was acting crazy and rude to my co-worker and I. He was making weird head gestures while we were ordering our coffee. When we walked away he made a comment about us and what he was doing to the man behind us. Not sure what happened today but it was so odd. On the flip side the coffees we ordered very good but I would rather go someplace else for coffee going forward.

By Brittany B. at 2016-02-28

I've been looking for a little coffee shop near me, and I finally found it! I am not very well versed in coffee, but I like things that taste good and I like atmosphere. Cheshire Coffee is an adorable location and environment with some pretty tasty drinks....They have a wide range of syrup favors beyond just vanilla and caramel, which is perfect for me. They also have places a to sit; you could bring a book or your laptop here to work or relax for awhile. It is a little small though so if it's busy, you may have an issue with seating.

By Danielle M. at 2016-09-05

This used to be my favorite coffee place until today. I have a severe nut allergy and the two baristas (a blonde with glasses and a tall brunette man) questioned my allergy and gave me a hard time. Cheshire Coffee uses a communal stirrer to stir their lattes. I always ask that they not use the communal stirrer and use a disposable one instead since the communal stirrer may have stirred almond milk or hazelnut syrup. Up until today, the staff has always been great about this. Today, the brunette who helped us at the register, who was very nice, went over and informed the two baristas of my allergy. They automatically dismissed her and told her it was fine bc there are no nut products behind the counter (which is not true). The lady at the register came back and said to us "They never listen to me." and appeared flustered that they just dismissed her. Since I did not trust the blonde barista, I walked over and watched her make my coffee. Her and the male barista were discussing how my request was ridiculous. The blonde barista proceeded to stir my latte with the communal stirrer right in front of me. When I said something to her, she told me there are no nut products behind the bar. I then said "So you have never made a coffee drink with almond milk or hazelnut syrup?" She just went silent and I asked her to remake my drink. She then stormed over and grabbed wooden stirrers, flipped them in me and my husband's face, and aggressively said "I'm stirring it with these." After I was handed my latte, I wondered off to the bathroom and the male barista told the female barista that me asking them to not use the communal stirrer was the most ridiculous thing he's ever heard. My husband then questioned him and the male barista continued to mouth off to my husband. From a customer service standpoint and an allergy awareness standpoint, neither of these employees should be working in the food industry. They clearly do not understand the severity of food allergies and because of this my husband and I will never go back to Cheshire Coffee. The coffee is great but it is not worth getting sick over. If you have a sever allergy beware.

By Ken S. at 2016-08-28

Go here a lot because it's the only coffee house in town except for DD. Coffee is okay. They have a new flavor everyday but the coffee always tastes the same. I think they just change the name to the same old coffee everyday to make you feel like you are getting something special.

By Esterina A. at 2016-03-18

Nice vibe. Low key. Never tried the coffee here but have had most of the teas. All are delicious. Free wifi which is a bonus. It's a nice place to hang out and do work or read. Dogs are welcome too outside. Nice to sit outside when the weather is warm.

By William F. at 2015-06-29

For a suburban coffee shop, Cheshire Coffee is surprisingly good. They do a lot of silly drinks with sugary syrup in them, but they also roast their own beans. I had a Sumatra dark roast, which was very strong. My recommendation is to stick to the plain coffee or maybe a cappuccino, unless you're into flavored drinks. They also have a range of baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. I can't tell if these are made in house, a lot of the sandwiches are pre-made and then heated up in a panini press. Still, they're pretty tasty.

By Dom P. at 2015-09-22

Mediocre coffee but still better than Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks at least somebody's trying to do coffee the right way out here

By John S. at 2015-03-29

Hayden is my favorite barista at Cheshire coffee she always takes care of me and is fast at making drinks.

By Alyssa D. at 2015-11-30

This coffee shop is cozy, comfy and has a great atmosphere. I regularly get an iced dirty chai - which I believe is the best iced dirty chai in CT. I would agree with some below comments - I do think their coffee is a bit expensive. However it is nice and strong.

By Joy B. at 2016-01-23

One of the best coffee shops around. Cheshire coffee has that coffee-shop 'it' factor. They have new roasts almost everyday--fresh, hot, and served to you with a smile. The staff is always friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere warm. It is a bit out of my way personally, but I would (and do) willingly drive here over any other coffee shop, no matter the distance. Yes, it's that good. Muffins and pastries alike taste fresh and are not over-processed sweets like you find elsewhere. The peach muffin and the corn muffin are a staple. Lots of drink options to choose from, sweetened and non. But to me, a good, fresh-tasting cup of black coffee is the mark of a good, nay, great coffee shop.

By Courty C. at 2014-04-16

Had a really good cranberry pecan ham sandwich after a nice bike ride on the nearby trail. Did not realize it was to be a panini when I picked it out of the case and therefore was a little peeved at the 15 min wait for it to be heated to go. Yes it took 15 minutes but yes it was good.

They have a nice selection of Harney and Sons tea which I will definitely be back to purchase.

They also make a better cappuccino than the Waterbury location (cough cough). Nice froth and flavor. (Speaking of Waterbury bashing, I enjoyed my sandwich so much I went a couple days later to the Waterbury location after a trip to Costco and did not find the same sandwiches there. And I left empty-handed.)

Just a note, the sandwiches seem expensive but they are also gigantic. The prices for coffee are pretty steep, but I guess I would rather pay them than Starbucks. Why are there so many kids at a coffee place? I think caffeine stunts growth or something.

By Sarah B. at 2015-01-04

Amazing coffee, helpful baristas that give great suggestions. Sandwiches are good for a quick bite too. We used to live in Cheshire and go weekly. I wish they would expand to Southington :)

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