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We offer 111 menus, including Chargrilled & Fruit Salad, Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad, Chick-n-Strips Salad, Southwest Chargrilled Salad, Tortilla Strips, Garlic And Butter Croutons, Harvest Nut Granola and so on.
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Chick-fil-A reviews

By Allison C. at 2016-01-16

My boyfriend and I went to this mall in the middle of the day and stopped at Chickfila! We had THE BEST service here! We ordered our food quickly, were promptly asked about our preferences, and were checked on while we ate in the restaurant.

There was a sweet older man that worked there and made it his duty to speak to people at each table. He really made us feel like he wanted us to have a great experience dining in!

By Heather M. at 2016-07-01

This is the worst Chick-fil-a. On numerous occasions I've come to this location on my lunch break and not only are they super slow and inefficient but I've gotten the wrong order multiple times. It's the closest one to my work so I don't have much of an option of going elsewhere. Today was the worst however. I ordered the grilled nugget meal through the drive-thru. When I get to the window the girl first tries to give me the wrong order, I tell her what I order and she tells me to "just pull over there and somebody will bring them out to you EVENTUALLY"....eventually!? Like most people who come through the drive-thru on a weekday, I am on my lunch break from my job and I can't wait around for my food to "eventually" come. They could have given me a heads up when I originally ordered because then I could order something else or cancel my order all together. I ended up pulling over to wait for my food, another 12 minutes before anybody comes out and not even an apology or anything. And now I'm late for work.

Every other location of Chick-fil-a usually provides superlative customer service so I'm thoroughly disappointed. It will be a while before I come back again!

By Yang L. at 2016-11-15

The worst chick fil a I have ever been to and believe me I been to a LOT of chick fil a. It's the slowest and the most unprofessional. Go at your own risks...

By Danielle W. at 2016-10-17

This is the slowest Chick-fil-A that I've ever been to. We were in the drive thru for at least 30 much for driving thru!

By Amber D. at 2016-05-10

This has to be a fluke "Chick-fil-a" because this one was SO atypical that it stood out as one of of the worst (I feel horrible to even type that word) I have ever been to. Ok, lets start off with calling them....yeah, I called them prior with a quick question about "Kids night" of which the owner (I believe) who seemed to put on heirs (this is by no means an exaggeration) and quickly wrote off my question to let me know they do NOT :( Wow, thats a first?!

Secondly, coming in the next day for lunch with my mother and some of my children (three of them to be exact and the baby) the children were stalked by the older gentlemen who walks around and refills the drinks (though we never did get a refill...go figure) as they played in the play area. He kept walking in to "check on" slash glare at the children....of whom I WAS watching intently myself....again...weirdly atypical but definitely weird none the less.

Lastly, the food was the same level of greatness as the other Chick-fil-a's (thus the reason I gave two stars) but in most other respects, it was vastly different! The employee's (minus the owner and older gentlemen) were fine enough...although one teen looking male employee was nicer than the others (I wish I could remember your name and give you a shout out, sorry about that)....but overall, not so good!

Also, as a side-note and a bit of advice for the owner of the store who makes the call on what the eatery is playing music whise...your instrumental music choice, that was VERY much resembling annoying elevator music, needs to be canned all together! Either go with one type of music/genre or another....BUT taking the words out of the music just seems wrong...I mean I knew the songs and wanted to hear the actual artists perform it...and you making good songs bad by turning them into some form of irritatingly bad musical renditions just seemed more then just wrong...ick!

By Andy G. at 2015-08-17

This has to be one of, if not the worst Chick-fil-A I've ever been to.

It's made me realize something: if I go to a place and they consistently have a "now hiring" sign up, this is usually a sign of mismanagement.

If you go to the drive thru, you'll wait at least 30 minutes. If you go inside, they have a ton of employees who look at you with the deer in headlights look on their faces.

The last time I went, all of the cashiers looked at each other without helping anyone and said, "Where is ____?" "Where did ____ go?" "Where is _____?"

After about 15 minutes, people in line just started leaving because they couldn't figure out what was going on with the clueless cashiers. Also, I never saw any managers around. While there was a ton of people employed here, I didn't see many of them actually working. They seemed very lost.

Just go a little further to the Short Pump location or the location off of Parham, but do not go here because it's not worth the frustration.

By Erica G. at 2015-10-11

Who doesn't love Chick-fil-A?? Those breaded boneless chicken filet sandwiches are so delicious. Their food is so simple but the quality ingredients they use make it so great. Hot crispy waffle fries and that freshly squeezed lemonade keeps me coming back constantly.

This location is always busy but if you come during lunch time be prepared for long lines in the drive thru and inside the restaurant. It is worth the wait though because everything is so fresh and yummy.

The staff at Chick-fil-A is so polite and friendly. They probably have the most manner full employees in all of fast food. Every Chick-fil-A I have been to has a staff full smiling employees. It is definitely refreshing to know you will always have good food and service when you come to this restaurant.

By Damian L. at 2015-02-06

Hailing from the North, Chick-fil-A has always been but a rumor to us. We finally got around to trying the Southern chain of chicken, and I gotta say, we're hooked.

--Food: The first thing we tried was the Classic Chicken Sandwich. Seasoned and fried chicken, buttery roll, pickle. Can't mess that up, and it's delicious. Too delicious actually, and is still my favorite thing there. After that we tried various things over the next month including the strips, nuggets, chicken and biscuit, and some various sides / desserts.

The nuggets are probably our second favorite things because they taste a lot like the sandwich, just in, well, nugget form. (Fancy that.) The waffle fries are awesome and filling. My fiancee had the fruit cup once and liked it, but it is a "premium" side, so you'll drop a little more money for it. She also tried the cookie sundae, but they forgot the chocolate sauce so it didn't live up to the image in both her mind and the dessert board. Oh well.

--Cost: It's a dollar or so more than your normal fast food place, but honestly, $7.00 for the chicken sandwich, waffle fries, and a drink seems well worth it.

--Service: So, I'm a little torn. The very first time we went the staff taking our order was a little cold and there was the time they forgot the chocolate sauce. And my fiancee gets her meal without pickles and not once have we gotten a "No pickles" sticker or slip. On the other hand, every time we've been there, the staff wandering the restaurant will ask how your meal is and actually offer to take your trash, so that's super nice and awesome. Minus the one or two small hiccups, everyone is totally pleasant and the place has a good, family atmosphere.

I don't know if this is true with every Chick-fil-A, but this location has monthly events, like Stuffed Animal Sleepover day where children can bring their stuffed animals, leave them for a night after enjoying a meal with them, and then pick them up in the morning along with photos of what happened overnight. Which is cool.

--Atmosphere: It's located in the area of West Broad where there are a lot of restaurants, and it is ALWAYS packed. Which isn't a bad thing as it means the place has business. That said, there is a lot of space available inside and I never feel like it is cramped. There is a lot of parking available in the shared lots around it and I've never had to scramble for a spot, even on the busier days.

--Overall: Yeah, it's a fast food place, but it's a new and wonderful experience. Their chicken sandwich is probably my favorite chicken sandwich anywhere, and their waffle fries are good enough to keep up with any other fast food fries. While I can't say I agree with some of their stances on certain human rights issues, I can say that I do love their food enough to become a regular customer.

By Sdeshaun C. at 2016-03-17

This location is an embarrassment to the Chick Fil A brand. Service is on par with Mc Donalds. Your order is always wrong or cold.

This use to be my favorite location but the service has gone downhill over the past 2 years. There ate a buch of teenagers that work the night shift who woujd rather play around abd giggle than do their jobs.

The Short Pump & N. Paraham locations are excellent. I will not be visiting this location again.

By Laura M. at 2016-08-19

This Chick-fil-a is such a poor example of the chain. We've been here on several occasions lately and the staff looks overworked and miserable. The lines are atrocious. One more than one occasion our order has been incomplete or wrong. Just this last time my child's kid meal was missing fries, and the nuggets were not grilled like we ordered. It also took 10 minutes to find a chocolate milk. I heard several other complaints from guests while we were there. The manager in charge that day's excuse was he had "already worked 70 hours this week." This isn't what I expect from a great restaurant.

By Phil M. at 2016-01-17

Always a great visit to Chick-fil-A. The food is always cooked to perfection and the staff was very friendly. This location is significantly busy, but the staff does a great job of handling the stress. We ordered through mobile ordering and our order was done quickly and correct!

By Martin C. at 2015-11-18

If you want slow service, badly cooked food and your order guaranteed to be messed up this is the chic fil a location for you.

Restaurant is dirty, never have coffee brewed even at breakfast time and staff just don't have a clue.

Couldn't get a breakfast burrito because they had no burritos, that's a first ever.

This location is by far the worst chic fil a in our solar system and its been this way for years - corporate office please do something !!

By Ryan Q. at 2016-10-08

Went here today to grab some breakfast and there were 2 cashiers in front of me, one doing her job and the other was just standing . She didn't even pay attention that i was in front of her until the other lady told her to help me( I even heard her saying I didn't saw him) how could you say you didn't see me when Im in front of her? I ordered something on the lunch menu and she told me its gonna be a 15 minute wait so I said its fine hence i really like the spicy chicken deluxe sandwich, Told her i want to up charge my drink to a lemonade frost and coffee frost, she gave me a lemonade instead of the lemonade frost, I just do not like the way she stares at me i felt like Im bothering her for up charging my order and ordering something which is not on the breakfast menu. The lady who cleaned the tables was nice she even asked if I have my order yet, this people upfront could have say something to me that its gonna be in the next few minutes bla bla but they were just staring at you. This 2 stars is for the lady and the good food. I hope they will work on how to be more friendlier and welcoming ,because a smile and a heartwarming greeting could change someones day.

By Andy R. at 2016-06-08

We just moved back to the area from the Chik Fil A Mecca of Atlanta. This location is the absolute WORST.

It should not take me 15 minutes to go through the drive-thru. And it's happened TWICE! I'm sitting in line right now for the third time pushing 10 minutes.

Every time the person taking the order makes me repeat everything. It's the easiest to get to from the house, but I'll drive the extra few minutes to the Pump Rd one next time.

By Shannon W. at 2016-05-09

Poor service and the slowest chick-fil-a in Richmond! Honestly, you've really got to do better to live up to the value of the corporate name. It's embarrassing.

By Leann S. at 2016-03-21

Very very slow everytime I go here. They always mess your order up and food is usually not very hot. Bad service overall. This is a bad location

By Lauren C. at 2015-12-18

I went to this location to grab breakfast for my small office. I asked if I could get 10 4ct chicken mini's and was told it would take at least an hour. I saw a large party of about 10 individuals who had ordered all of their food on one tab, a lot more than 10 boxes of chick minis, who told me their order took 5 minutes. They said the maximum they would give me is 6 boxes. I got the six and went through the drive through to get 4 more boxes and it was no problem.

The manager is clearly LAZY. YOU ARE A FAST FOOD CHAIN. Terrible customer service.

I would recommend driving the opposite direction on broad and going to they must more efficient location.

By Julie T. at 2015-05-23

I can't see this place has 2 or 3 stars. I always have good food, clean tables and friendly staff here. As a matter of fact I am here right now! Lol tasty food

By Yvonne M. at 2014-05-07

Normally I get the #1 plain chicken filet sandwich, because I like to keep food simple... But, on this day I wanted to be healthier, so I went for the wrap. It was so fresh and delicious.. I was pleasantly surprised. It hit the spot while I was store hopping in the mall. Chick fil a never disapoints!

By Allison H. at 2015-10-13

I've enjoyed going to this Chick fil A since it opened. However, I think one of the cashiers needs retraining in customer service. After I received the wrong drink order, the cashier gave me attitude and tried to argue with me when I told I didn't want what she gave me. Very unlike normal Chick fil A employee attitude. Usually they're quick to apologize and correct the order. Food was standard Chick fil a.

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