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We offer 135 menus, including Triple Dipper, Loaded Potato Skins, Skillet Queso, Texas Cheese Fries, Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Crispy Onion String & Jalapeno Stack and so on.

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Chili's reviews

By Jake P. at 2016-11-22

One of my fav chilis! Wish they had a better selection on the tvs or maybe a few more wrapping around the bar area. Getting chilis points from this app would be great too!
My go to is the margarita chicken... love the platinum presidente margarita to go with it. Fried pickles are ok, chips and queso or even just the salsa are great starters. For lunch the baked potato soup is outstanding!

By Michelle M. at 2016-09-24

Horrible service. Asked all tables around us if they needed more drinks but basically ignored us. Food was marginal at best. Never did bring me the water I ordered when I sat down.

By Monica P. at 2016-08-29

Visited this location Sunday night after 8pm. It was not busy but tables were left dirty for a long time. My food came out cold (chicken mango Chile dish) . This place was underwhelming and i doubt I'll be returning. Go to TGIF near by instead.

By Rob G. at 2015-10-24

On Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 6:14pm marks the LAST time myself and my family will ever set foot in a Chili's restaurant. We usually go to the Texas Roadhouse nearby, or the Mama-Fu's when we're in the mood, but my wife wanted chips and salsa so whatever.

As we walked in the door, it was noticeably dead for a Saturday evening, with a loud drunk guy annoying everyone around him talking about "it teaches teamwork... blah blah coaching blah ribs".... As we waited to be seated, a young girl greeted us and whispered something under her breathe. When I asked her to repeat what she said, she said "follow me" and sat us right at a table 3 feet away, no "Hello how are you tonight" or anything even remotely close to a greeting.

As we sat down, a male waiter walked out to the same row of tables that we were in, set down a check, and walked away, back to the kitchen. "Well, we aren't in his section," I assume. Another waitress walks by us, then walks back to the kitchen as well. I look to my left and see two lesbians kissing in the booth next to me (and sharing a set of headphones). To the rear of them was a nice Mexican couple with three "wooden baby platforms" and a large mess on the floor around them. I counted about 5 more minutes and 7 or 8 waiters all passing by, with not even a look towards our table. We decided to walk out.

If you want to eat sub par frozen food, be ignored, and hang out in a messy loud place, then come to Chili's at Southpark Meadows. You'll be impressed with their lack of fucks given.

By Jeffrey L. at 2016-09-26

Walked in the front door with my wife and the first thing out of the first person's mouth was "Our kitchen closes in 4 minutes." I don't really know what to say beyond that. I don't know if it's their policy or just the store manager's or what but that is no kind of hospitality. You don't want a 1 star review, well, people don't like to be rushed.

By Vivian M. at 2015-11-08

I am never coming back to this place again. The hostess took awhile to seat us because we were a party of 6. Even tho I could clearly see a ton of empty tables with six chairs.

The waitress wasn't friendly at all. She never gave me a refill even when I asked twice. Food took forever to come out. Our appetizers were cold as if they were sitting at the window for a long time. When the entrees came out it looked like they were on dirty plates. Hard looking, dried up food was on the outer edges of every plate.

Total disappointment, wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.

By Melinda M. at 2015-08-26

So Me &My Family Love Love Chilli's.....Corn on the Cobb is the best,Quesadillas(Yum),chicken crispers (Original), chli,Slider s and let's just say More than half the menu I'm guilty of Trying N Loving.... But having Bad Customer service Is just the worst especially when I'm tired Don't wanna cook N Want great food w good company (MyFamBam) our waitress today not only rushed us w ordering but as I continued to order she walked away as I was still talking &proceeded to help her other table as she shouted from afar (yea 'okay) so I could shut up....I am not a happy camper ....I hope the food is really good to clear my mind from this Customer service... Well someone w a collard shirt came to rescue N completed our order,so finally someone realizes we are here for food and not to be treated as were bothering them. I've asked for another server so let's see what happens... Until then I'll wait for the Mystery collard shirt guy to help us get our ordered fulfilled....

The famBam that likes to eat out when mommy's had a long Day!

By Suzannah D. at 2016-02-28

Hey chilis! I've given you 4 chances and you've never once gotten my To go order right, we're done. On my second to last order I asked your lovely to go dude to check my order and he literally said "check it yourself I'm busy" and walked off. When he came back I had checked it and was *gasp surprise!* missing a soup and salad! Thanks so much for the fun times of getting scowled at! Your staff must REALLY love their jobs here!

By Leigh Z. at 2015-08-02

My boyfriend and I went in for an early dinner on a Saturday night. They didn't have an open or clean booth available in the main part of the restaurant but had one in the bar area so we sat there. Our server Dylan was overall attentive and we were able to order and get our drinks quickly. The food we ordered tasyed fresh, was hot and was good. I had the chicken chipotle flatbread and my boyfriend got a burger. We enjoyed our meal and like the quick checkout at the table.

By David N. at 2016-07-29

This is the worst chilis around. I suggest going to another. Extremely slow and inattentive wait staff. So bad, we just left. Definitely in need of a new manager despite the one person who applauded the manager here. This had to be the manager or the managers partner. Most chilis are great, in my opinion and this is disappointing

By Seon B. at 2014-03-23

I came here the day after Valentine's Day for a family dinner. It was a 15 minute wait or so, before we got seated which wasn't too bad. Upon entry I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. As I walked past dirty tables waiting to be cleaned, it made me wonder why do people have to wait when there would be enough tables if somebody cleaned them. The cleanliness of the bathroom was sub par. As I returned to dine with my family I reminded myself this is Chili's, meaning I would be awesomely impressed if I got exceptional service, especially on Valentine's Day weekend.

My dining experience started of well. I ordered a cheeseburger and a half rack of ribs. My wife got a salad. The lettuce on her salad was brown so we were left to deduce it wasn't fresh. My burger bun was very dry and after a couple of bites I realized it was a stale bun. I brought this to the attention of my server. The restaurant manager or manager on duty came out and attempted to defend the food being the way it is, through denials. However the manger did yield to our concerns and comp the burger and salad. At that point my dining experience was at a low point and my interest in a fixed plates was long gone. I was disappointed in the service and food especially on a premier dinning weekend! The ribs was okay nothing to write home about. The two bites of the burger I had was meh. My wife did say her salad was okay.

I won't be coming back to the Chili's again, nor would I recommend it. There's too many good restaurants in the Chili's price range and with better quality food. There's no need to settle for below average dining. This is my experience and I understand other locations may be better, but I would tread carefully either way. I last ate at the Chili's on South Lamar, but that one is now closed down. I wasn't wowed with service there, but the food was decent enough to have an enjoyable dining experience.

By Tiffany N. at 2013-01-01

Let's get this straight. I could live off of the chips and queso at Chili's.

I love with the 2 can dine for $20 that you can just add $0.50 for queso and salsa as an appetizer instead of just ordering it separately!!!!

I ordered the Cajun chicken pasta and it was.... ok. The cheese sauce for the pasta seemed a bit off today. Not how I usually remember it unfortunately.

This Chili's is super friendly. Everyone aims to please (even the host at the front door).

By Megan P. at 2015-08-07

Fried pickles were very dry and did not taste good. The ranch dressing was the best part. The bacon quesadilla was too crispy, almost burnt chip tasting. Chicken was dry. No impressed at all.

By Ashley S. at 2015-03-28

I was so excited to get the 2 for $20 for dinner! I put in my order at 7 PM for a 7:50 pick up... When I picked it upa t 7:50, it was cold and probably had been sitting out since I ordered it. Extremely disappointing. The experience was great, the idea was there, the food was just cold and cold fajitas is never acceptable. My Texas fries were just one big block of cold cheese. I won't be doing this again.

By Glenn L. at 2015-10-14

Arrived at 6pm on Tuesday and the place was not very busy. Decided to sit the the bar so I could watch the game. Took 15 minutes for the waitress to take my order. She was very nice but didn't seem to be in any hurry.
Placed my order of classic nachos, she couldn't figure how to order or price the half order so I told her to place the full order if it would speed things up, along with happy hour southwestern egg rolls and a ice tea.
Got the ice tea promptly, good tea with lots of ice.
Another 30 minutes went by and still no food. Like I said the place wasn't busy, maybe five guys at the bar and five people sitting around the bar.
When the food arrived I noticed how much smaller the egg rolls have gotten. It seemed the cut one egg roll into four instead of halves. But they tasted hot and good. The nachos were anther story. The chips were burnt but the topping looked and tasted like they had been reheated a couple of times. Couldn't finish half the nachos, like I said burnt.
The young lady did a good job keeping the tea filled but she didn't ask how the food was.
I think she knew.
In and out in an hour.

By Erick G. at 2014-10-25

Worst "Cajun pasta" I've ever had.
And don't get me started on the service.
Never going back to this location.

By Lisa M. at 2015-11-13

I love Chili's, but this had to be the worst service EVER!! The waiter NEVER checked on us and when he did it felt like I inconvenienced him!!

By Lindsay D. at 2012-09-20

This is the one for SPM area of course that I was previously not drunk enough to enjoy for quite a while...see review below from 09 lol.

My, how things have changed.....

So, I required chicken enchilada soup today and got the abundance of it with the all you can eat soup and salad which was actually terrific on this Thursday eve!

ROGER IS THE BEST BEST BEST service person we have ever experienced at any of the peppers EVER...I am not kidding...he may be one of the best we have ever even seen....that is not an exaggeration.

I give Roger all 5 stars and wish everyone was like him....he is a machine of kindness, effort, strength, and well, words cannot really describe him---he is just magnificence!

Thank you, Roger. You are amazing!

By Rainie A. at 2012-01-23

I love Chilis. I always get the Guiltless Salmon. Today I was craving for it, so I decided to check out this location and order TOGO. I went to the restaurant, and waited a good 7 minutes for somebody to give me service, as I was there just to pick up my order. This was around 3:40-4pm. It was dead there, but there was 1 server who saw me, smiled and walked away. -_-
So I got my order, brought it home because I was starving, and guess what? My salmon was burnt, and flavorless! It was just a plain burnt salmon!! No flavors or seasoning, NOTHING! I was extremely disappointed at this location. For $13, I got a burnt, flavorless salmon. Sad.
Overall, bad service, bad food.

By Mark D. at 2011-01-29

What's to like?
1. They seated me quickly.
2. The staff was polite and professional. Checked often during the meal.
3. Took my order quickly.
4. Beverage arrived promptly.
5. The meal arrived soon after.
6. Restaurant was clean, neat, and comfortable.

What's not to like?
1. Chicken fajitas - The chicken was bland. The place is called Chili's. You would hope for some flavor. You expect the chicken to, at minimum, be marinated in something tasty.
2. Chicken fajitas - charged extra for rice and beans. huh? when did that start? afterall, rice and beans are two of the cheapest staple foods on the planet, why charge?
3. The beans were cold. I noticed a table near mine sent food back for being cold.
4. Chicken fajitas - only three tortillas. come on, pony up with four.
5. Chicken fajitas - the ratio of chicken to peppers and onions was heavily weighted towards the pepper and onions.

The fact that everything was speedy and friendly provided it with the second star. I do not remember Chili's food being so blah. Lol, and they make it look so exciting in their commercials.

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