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We offer 135 menus, including Triple Dipper, Loaded Potato Skins, Skillet Queso, Texas Cheese Fries, Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Crispy Onion String & Jalapeno Stack and so on.

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By Ivelisse S. at 2016-09-30

I was happy from the moment I walked in the door. I have 2 kids (an 8yr old and a 1yr old) so I don't do a lot of restaurants because of my toddler and his short patience for staying seated for long periods of time. However, this is the first time I go to a restaurant that had small tablets on the tables! I was able to focus on the menu while the kids fiddled with the tablet! Menu was delicious and the food scrumptious!!! To add to my pleasant experience, I discovered that you can swipe your card on the tablet and pay your bill (which was itemized and had options to split the bill-for those night out with friends!) Chili's, thank you for such a great dining experience, I will be coming back....often.

By Brandon L. at 2016-09-30

I am one of those people that generally tends to leave reviews with either well above or well below average experiences. And unfortunately, this particular visit fell below the standard.

My wife and I were promptly seated by the hostess towards the rear of the restaurant directly in front of the kitchen. But despite the fact that we were seated in plain view of various members of the wait staff transiting in and out, it took between 5-10 minutes for our own waitress to even acknowledge our presence. She was more than pleasant, but her lack of attentiveness would carry throughout the rest of the evening.

Though my wife was happy with her order, my main gripe with our experience lies solely in my own meal. I ordered the same three soft tacos that I have had at other locations on numerous occasions. To keep it short, all three of the tacos were cold (including the various pieces of steak, chicken, and carnitas), and the "soft taco" shells had an odd semi-hard texture, indicating to me that they may have been old.

Needless to say, based upon this experience, we won't be back. I hold Chili's to a higher standard, to which this location didn't meet. I suggest you continue driving!

By Petrice H. at 2015-08-29

Went here for dinner last night with the Mr. The restaurant was surprisingly clean. I say surprisingly because most Chilis are not that clean. I also noticed that the staff was continually sweeping and kept the tables cleaned off.

I ordered the honey chipotle chicken crispers meal that came with French fries and corn on the cob. My meal was very good and very hot. The crispers were delicious and the fries and corn was on point. The hubby had the enchiladas meal and he said they were good. His meal came with 3 enchiladas and he said they were delicious. Both of our dishes were served hot.

My only complaint was that my husband's dish didn't look appealing and of course it definitely didn't look like the pic on the menu. My husband is a big dude so serving him a little meal just won't do. I think they could have given more beans and rice, we all know they don't cost that much. But he still liked the meal. The food just looked like it was more swimming in the cheese and sauce then anything.

I gave them 3 stars simply on food presentation. I could have used a few more fries but hey, maybe the fry guy was not in the mood last night and then a few of them landed in the ranch dressing, but what if I didn't like ranch dressing. But that's just me.

The food was good and hot and a decent price for what we received. We will definitely go back to this Chilis!!

By Alexis M. at 2016-03-23

This Chilis is the standard, although somehow I always enjoy myself more at this location. The service is better, the food is better, and the environment is better. (I'm comparing to other Chilis in the area and even others I've been to in other states).
I try to order something different every time, because their menu is very extensive and they have almost anything you may be craving. They have burgers, salads, seafood, sandwiches, steaks, Mexican food, a "light" menu, and many appetizers and desserts.
This last time I ordered a southern smokehouse bacon burger and it was really delicious. There was actually enough of everything - unlike some places that totally stiff you on lettuce, bacon, etc. it was a pretty big burger; I only finished about half of it.
Also I love their black beans. They mix them with a blend of spices and a little bit of other flavors and it's quite yummy.
One of my favorite things to order is their margarita grilled chicken off the light menu.
THE BEST THING, however, is undeniably their molten chocolate lava cake. We order it every single time. It's seriously irresistible. This last time, we ordered something different: a new dessert with was a brownie with toffee and caramel topping. It wasn't a mistake per se, the brownie was good, but the molten chocolate cake is just unbeatable.
The only complaint I have is their rice. They make ALL of their rice with a mix of cilantro and other sauce. I absolutely hate cilantro, so I can never order their rice. I don't know why they don't just make a small batch of plain rice.

By Justin P. at 2016-09-09

Okay, let me first say that I haven't exactly ever had a positive experience while dining at this location, however this one takes the cake for being the worst visit we've ever had.

Went here tonight with the hubby and another couple, we were seated by the hostess promptly, however we were never formally greeted. Once approached we were asked "just 4"? Not "Hello!" Or "How are you?". There wasn't a smile, or even a forced laugh. Those two words were all she said.

Once sat we were greeted by a server who took our drink order and never returned. Then we were greeted again by a different server who also took our drink orders. We only had two sweet teas and two lemonades, so not too complicated, right?

Orders were taken and all was well, then the food came out. Nothing looked very appetizing but we were trying to give the place another chance. Then I noticed that my Cajun pasta wasn't fresh in the least bit. It was over cooked and rubbery, lacking in sauce and barely warm. On top of that I ordered shrimp pasta with no Cajun seasoning and I got chicken pasta with Cajun seasoning. I took a few bites and tried to ignore it. Being in the restaurant industry myself, I feel guilty complaining. But then it got worse. When we did finally get them, our drink refills were all wrong, twice.

Finally I grabbed the manager, her name is Diane and she was phenomenal. She retook our drink orders and had the food remade. She was very apologetic and handled everything exactly how a manager should. Because of her I'm giving this place 2 stars and not zero. She did damage control for more than just our table though I'm sure. She was very friendly and seemed very professional.

Long story short, I really would avoid this location. It's not worth it.

By Meagan F. at 2015-05-06

I don't usually review chain restaurants but I'm leaving this review because the bartender was really nice and quick and attentive. (Forget his name though)
Happy hour is super cheap and the drinks are made fairly well. I would definitely back to the bar for happy hour again. It was convenient and quick and super cheap...even with a snack!

By Erica L. at 2015-12-30

Service was great. Food was good. Came fast!! It's chili's. Can't expect more or less!!

By Sarah C. at 2016-02-25

Good was awesome- the waitress was kind of distant. However food was timely and was a good experience

By Patty S. at 2016-05-05

The best time ever! The Margaritas were delicious, I had the El Niño and my friend had the Presidente. We sat for about an hour enjoying our drinks and chips and salsa. The Server Jay checked on us but was not intrusive. Our drinks and chips never ran out. We ordered dinner and it was also fantastic. The prime rib tacos were to die for. Tony the Manager was visible in the dining room and taking food to tables and visiting every table. I can say the whole dining experience was fantastic. Haven't been to Chilis in a while but I can honestly say I am going back tonight for Cinco de Mayo.

By Karen F. at 2014-01-29

Chili's in Citrus Park is close to my office, although I don't visit frequently because I have no willpower whatsoever when it comes to eating their chips and salsa. Both this visit and last visit I sat at the bar for a (hopefully) quick lunch. Last visit it took forever for just my chili & salad lunch to come out (the manager had to finally go get it), but this visit was quicker.

The bartender was friendly and had chips, salsa and tea out to me in no time, although seemed surprised that I wanted a napkin when the chips came out. I went with one of their Lunch Combos, so I started with the Southwest Chicken Soup, followed by the Bacon Avocado Chicken Sandwich served with french fries.

Everything was good - soup had a little bit of a kick to it, and it was a nice piece of chicken on the pretzel roll bun. I do wish the cheese had been slightly melted before going on top of the chicken though, instead of thrown on top as an afterthought. And apparently they forgot to put the avocado on the sandwich, oh well.

Their salsa is addicting, but their chips were under-cooked and very greasy - both this visit and last, which is really disappointing to me. I had hoped last time was just a bad batch, but I guess greasy is the new norm.

Bottom line - good basic food that will satisfy your hunger for a reasonable price.

By Frances H. at 2016-01-16

We have been going here since 2002. Today was ..Quick and friendly service as usual, hubby got the beef enchiladas which were UNLIMITED a promo going on, he definitely got his fill and toke the second serving home. I enjoyed their smoked chicken burrito which is no comparison to a Vallartas burritos. The chicken was dry but this is expected because its"smoke". Happy hour all the time so you cant beat that but over the years it seems that their mugs for happy hour have gotten smaller.

By Marissa M. at 2016-03-10

To anyone who enjoys eating at chilis I would definitely reconsider, at least at the citrus park location anyways. Yesterday my boyfriend and I go in and are immediately seated at a booth right next to the kitchen, we order drinks and begin to look over the menu. As we are looking over the menu THREE baby cockroaches crawl across the wall next to where we are sitting. No restaurant is perfect and I'm fully aware of that but having live roaches crawling across the wall is seriously unacceptable, mind you we let the server know and his response was "wow that's gross". Needless to say we will NOT be returning to chilis ever again.

By Megan K. at 2016-07-07

Typical "Mexican" themed food with a lot of standard bar food mixed in as well. Been going here for years now, service is always excellent but the food is very boring. Menu hasn't been changed or tweaked in years! Restaurant could definitely use a facelift to give it some modern day flare and make it "cool" and attractive again. I wanted to give them 4 stars, but I found out on my last visit that they no longer offer the free chips and salsa by the bar... THAT WAS YOUR STAPLE AND YOU DID AWAY WITH IT????? Very unhappy with that, and something that corporate should evaluate and reconsider.

By Erika C. at 2015-10-10

Completely ignored by wait staff of two sections. No greeting or I'll be right with you. sat for 20 minutes. Rude. It was 430 in the afternoon.

By Steve E. at 2012-11-26

Fast & efficient service at this location which is across the street from the Citrus Park Mall.

I like to sit in the bar area since it's first come, first served for the seating. Sure, it's a well-known chain restaurant, but the food is predictable and it is always served hot, and as ordered at this location. I like their version of unlimited soup & salad since it comes with chips & salsa, although they did discontinue my favorite soup which was the Green Pepper-Chicken-Lime concoction, and replaced it with a chicken and sausage soup. The new soup is good, but the old soup option was better.

The bartenders are friendly and efficient, and it's a nice place to sit and enjoy a burger or soup & salad while catching up on sports news and watching the crazies fight for a parking space at the mall during the Holidays.

By Carol C. at 2013-12-15

Happy hour all day everyday! My husband loves it. He gets his free chips and salsa, 2 for 1s and myself as the DD.

** Advice **
When enjoying your 2 for 1s make sure you double check your bill at the bar, the female bartender we had charged us for each beer. Not cool lady. Even after we brought it to her attention, no apologies? She even double charged me for sour cream. I wasn't gonna make a fuss about that, but I will remember her from now on.

By Candace W. at 2015-07-03

We waited 10 minutes to be seated and once we were seated it took another 25 minutes to take our order and another 45 minutes to receive our food. The waitress failed to explain the situation and kept saying the food will be ready soon. The manager came out and apologized for the wait and explained they were low on cooks. Ridiculous, will definitely be taking my business elsewhere.

By Lisa W. at 2016-03-19

I usually use the takeout service but this time I decided to dine in. I know it isn't fine dining. Got through the front door and waited almost 10 minutes before an employee approached. The place was more than half empty. Should have followed my inner gut and left. I realized I made a mistake when I had to get my own utensils after cleaning off my own table. Ordered the mango chicken. It was ok. Son not so happy with the pizza. I think I will head to Applebee's next time.

By Jennifer Y. at 2015-09-14

I love this Chili's. Kelly is the best server ever and Kailynn is a great hostess !! Our food is always delicious and everyone is very friendly and happy to please. The only complaint I have is the To GO area, usually no one greets you at your car so you have to go inside. And you have to check your order because it's most likely wrong. But if you are inside eating then you are golden!

By Century N. at 2016-03-30

horrible service! waited to be seated at 9:20pm and everyone ignored us! no greeting even though bar waiter walked passed a party of 3 numerous times.

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