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We offer 135 menus, including Triple Dipper, Loaded Potato Skins, Skillet Queso, Texas Cheese Fries, Hot Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Crispy Onion String & Jalapeno Stack and so on.

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Chili's reviews

By Paula M. at 2014-04-25

We stopped in yesterday and had a great meal. I love their chips and salsa...excellent!

We each had a tall margarita, one regular and one raspberry using Jose Cuervo tequila. Super yummy.

I had the beef enchilada with rice and beans. LOVED the enchiladas and beans. The flavor of the rice didn't go with the mexican meal, tasted more like chicken flavored rice.

Service was excellent.

By James N. at 2016-04-20

Lunch at Chili's with the two kids. 5 minute wait at the door in a half empty restaurant wasn't a good start, but then another 20 plus minutes to be asked what we wanted to drink really drove the patience of my kiddos to the brink. Thankful for the electronic touch pad game at the booth.
Once the hostess discovered we were not attended to, she apologized and said the manager would learn of this.
Food was typical as expected, but nothing was discounted for our aggravating wait.
Not one of my more pleasant visits to this place.

By Isaias S. at 2016-01-29

Chili's is a good restaurant but the servers here need to be retrained of something.. Food comes out alright but service is below what I consider average.
Chili'sToGo also has its problems
On several consecutive occasions orders have had missing stuff (small stuff like appetizer sides) but still it's an inconvenient to have to drive back to get the rest of your order.
I've made checking my bad a habit with this Chili's

By Erica L. at 2016-04-24

Going to have agree with all previous mentions. The service here is ridiculously slow even at 9pm with the bar side open and half of it empty.

By Jen D. at 2016-05-24

I just left the chilis in Lisbon. Shawna was my server and she was the most efficient and polite server I've ever had. My food was cooked exactly the way I asked and it was hot and delicious. She came over to see if my meal was good and refilled my soda without me having to ask. I'll be back for sure. She made my dining experience pleasurable.

By Shu Siufa W. at 2016-03-15

The service here is very slow.... We waited for 20min just to get our food... When we get our food my steak missing avocado and the source... We ordered bone in Bbq wings but when it comes it was boneless with some kind of source..... We have to wait another 10 min ..... Wordless.... Not coming back

By Lisa H. at 2016-05-02

Service was awful, host had us wait for 10 mins. to be seated with empty tables around, server argued with me about my order. Then did not bring it out right. Then continued to forget the rest of the food for our table. Not to mention how dirty it was. Very disappointing.

By Laura M. at 2015-08-25

Probably the best chili's we have ever been. Good food and consistent service. Clean and what you might expect from a chain.

By Tracy K. at 2014-05-25

If I didn't have to give a star, I honestly wouldn't. This is by far the worlds WORST chilis, and I've been to many.

We had to wait 5 minutes for a table when there were a ton empty (just not cleaned). We were seated at 8:15 and it took well over 10 minutes to even be greeted. (Isn't this restaurant supposed to be about team-servers so this doesn't happen?)

Anyway. We put in our drink order. A margarita and a WATERMELON lemonade. (note: we were very clear on the flavor of lemonade) Our drinks arrived much later and were completely incorrect. She gave us a STRAWBERRY lemonade (which essentially tasted like bad store bought country time mixed lemonade)

Mind you- we ordered the 2 for $20 when we put in our drink order. It was simple- An order of fries with jalapeños as an app, fajitas and a pasta with extra sauce.

It was after 9 when our app arrived. No jalapeños in site. We finally tracked down our server and asked for jalapeños... We were completely finished with our fries by the time they finally arrived! At 9:20 our food finally arrived. My pasta was cold and my mothers fajita peppers were completely undercooked.
***Let me also state that about 5 minutes before we got our app, a table of 4 sat behind us. They also ordered 2/$20. Their appetizer came before ours, their food came 3 minutes after ours, and they left at the same time as we did! Our quick meal turned into a 1 hr 45 minute terrible dinner.

I'd also like you to know that we requested at the beginning of the service to add a Togo order to our meal for a family member at home. The waitress completely forgot, so we ordered it online! Our waitress forgot about us so many times that we didn't even bother reminding her! It was easier just to order it online: At least we would have an eta for when our food would be done...

Did I mention how dirty this Chilis was? you could clearly tell that there had been larger parties before us. None of the tables were put back, chairs were thrown about, and the tables were not cleared. Throughout our 1 hr 45 minute "dinner" the tables next to us and others in plain site remained uncleared and dirty. The floor was covered in food and there was even a steak knife laying in the middle of the floor since before we arrived.

Overall, this was by far the worst. A manager didn't even come over to talk to us! Understaffed or not, service should NEVER be this bad.. Especially when it's well after the dinner rush.


By R S. at 2014-06-15

Waitress wasn't very good (although pleasant), asked for water she brought 2 out of 3, after a 15 minute wait. Also 3 people ordered different types of fajitas. Waitress brought ONE container of fajitas to table containing only 3 fajitas (1 for each person) she said she would be back with more (never did) had to ask another waitress to FINALLY get a container with only 3 more in it, 15 minutes later. Each order of fajitas is supposed to come with a container of 3 fajitas... I could see her MAYBE leaving only 1 if there was not any room on the table, but that was not the case. At least 1 of the meals was cold, and the green peppers in the fajitas were not cooked. Other customer across from us sent her meal back, said it was the second time it happened to her at that restaurant. Not impressed.
The best part of the meal was the loaded cheese fries with jalapeños.
Nacho chips were warm, not hot, and greasy.
Other meals were OK not fabulous, had one of same type of meal from Chili's in Uncasville as take out, and it was better than sitting down eating it in Lisbon.

By Kris A. at 2015-04-06

Last 10 out of twelve times I've come here something was wrong with food .... Most of time it's missing one or two ingredients... Rest of time chicken is burnt.... When is send back burnt chicken each time they explain that they don't know how because it's cooked on a conveyor belt... But yet it's burnt served burnt side up for everyone to see.. Was here Saturday had a problem with no dressing and missing pineapple and dried cherries from salad... Also mixed greens had no lettuce just what looked like dirty dandelions..... Manager said yes the ratio of salad greens is off..... I don't even complain anymore I just expect it all I want is it off the check.... I will be back because bartenders are great but I'll eat before I get there

By Jennifer K. at 2014-08-23

While we waited a bit for our food. It was amazing. Also the chef came out to talk about food that I had an allergy too. We just missed dinner rush. But the service was also great

By Kevin G. at 2015-09-09

The worst managed store ever. We went for lunch and they had no sour cream and the waitress had an attitude and at 15 minutes (about 6 people in store) without our drinks we left. This is the third time my family has walked out of the particular chills and we will never go to any of them again. Out of sour cream? That's like a hamburger place being out of hamburgers. Walk over to Walmart and buy some. Bad food bad atmosphere bad service and bad management. Advise go across the street to Ruby Tues they always hit a homerun

By Jessica D. at 2014-06-10

Had to wait 3 hours for 3 meals... Sever never came back after bringing us drinks and taking our order.

By Tara M. at 2014-06-10

Horrible service. Went here with my mom and friend tonight and was appalled. I've worked in restaurants for years (and currently work in a restaurant) so I'm usually very lenient about service but this was ridiculous.
I think our server was Kelsey? We only saw her when she took our order so I could have the name wrong. So she takes our order then disappears for about 45 minutes. We were still waiting for our food but she didn't walk by our table once. So I had to get up, find another server and ask her to check on our food and refill our drinks.
Then magically, that server comes out with our food. I take one look at it and know it was sitting in the window for a very long time. She said she would let the manager know we had to wait so long for our food.
Nope, no manager, no apology, no explanation and our server obviously never came by to check on us.
Time for the check. Once again had to flag down a different server.
As a server and bartender I always tip more than 20%, this girl missed out on some good money...

By Dave S. at 2013-03-16

There is something about national chain restaurants that make you want to write a bad review. That would be unfair. The only thing about national chains such as Chili's is there is no cool feeling of discovery - it is what you expect it to be. Saturday night, 25 minute wait, exactly what they said it would be. The waitress appeared promptly, brought the drinks promptly, and served us well throughout. The nacho appetizer was ample for two, the salsa was disappointing. Our entree was served exactly when it should have been and was hot without signs of being under a heat lamp. Of note, the broccoli was cooked perfectly, not an easy task. The chicken was moist, tender and tasty. We splurged and had dessert, and if you ever eat at Chilis and don't have the molten chocolate cake you have needlessly deprived yourself of something wonderful.
One thing most national chains do is train the servers and it was clear ours, Chelsea, benefitted from such training. She was efficient, knowledgable and very personable.
Yes the place is noisy and the TV's circling the place pull at your attention and away from conversation but as I said earlier, it is what you expect it . I'll go again.

By Sharon S. at 2012-08-05

Love the bar here. Excellent bartenders and the best margaritas.

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