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China Wok

China Wok
  • Street 10714 Countryway Blvd
  • City Tampa
  • Region Florida
  • Postcode 33626
  • Telphone (813) 855-8899
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  • Raging (15)
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China Wok introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.75 - $13.5 per person. We offer 198 menus, including Egg Roll each, Shrimp Egg Roll Each, Spring Roll (2), Fried Wonton (12), Krab Rangoon, Fried Dumpling (8), Steamed Dumpling (8) and so on.
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China Wok reviews

By Patrick K. at 2011-12-14

Get In My Belly!

I definitely agree with the other review as this is about as good as it gets in Westchase. A very nice staff, great lunch specials - which include the main dish, fried rice, and either an egg roll or a soft drink for around 6 dollars. I am a creature of habit as the only thing that we have gotten from here has been Sweet and Sour Chicken, General Tso's Chicken and the Chicken Lo Mein but all of them were fantastic and unlike a few other Chinese restaurants in the area you ardent worried about getting sick after a meal. Oh and I must say that through all of my travels in the Orient - absolutely Zero I can emphatically say that they have the best Crab Rangoon that I have ever had! They have a few tables if you want to eat in but honestly this one is really for takeout. The only issue that I had was I am always hungry an hour after I eat here and I don't know why.

By Kandra C. at 2015-09-22

Good food, good staff, fast delivery! Would recommend to a friend, will be ordering again here when I'm in the mood for good Chinese!

By Julie W. at 2015-11-01

I am hard to please when it comes to egg rolls and moo good gai pan. I am use to eating at a place that is the best. We moved to Tampa and though I never eat at places that Cater more to the to go order, we tried it. It WAS delicious and so happy I can get my fix without driving 16 hours to do so. I have eaten here about 15 times now and always happy with my order. The people are nice too!

By Amanda L. at 2015-09-10

My family and I have been ordering from here for awhile. Up till recently I would have given five stars, but the customer service has been lacking at best. I ordered recently and was given the wrong order. I called and requested for them to please send the correct item. They wanted to charge me for their mistake and I explained I paid for the item already they incorrectly sent the wrong thing and I'm not paying for their mistake. It should have not been an argument but it was, especially considering how long we have been ordering from there. They sent the item but it was so well done I couldn't even eat it. Im considering a new place.

By Corky M. at 2014-08-06

Have been a long time customer, but last night will be the last time I ever order from this restaurant. The only positive thing I can say is that my food was hot.

I ordered general chow chicken, which was tuff and had no chicken. The rest if the meal was mushy and so over cooked that it had no taste. I will never return.

By Meghan N. at 2015-01-17

We ordered four menu items for delivery: egg rolls, bourbon chicken, chicken lo mein, and kung pao chicken. I wasn't a fan of the bourbon chicken, but the egg rolls were hot and crispy, and the lo mein and kung pao were really good. Would definitely order from here again.

By Stacey M. at 2015-08-22

I love ordering my Chinese fix at this restaurant. They are really friendly and the food always comes out delicious. I order either the beef with broccoli, general tso, house special lo mean or the seafood delight. The egg roll is yummy. I get the crab ragoons and put them in the fridge before eating them. They taste yummy cold.

By Brandon J. at 2014-03-24

I have had my fair share of Chinese food and this place is just meh .

The chicken with garlic sauce was OK, my vegetable fried rice was actually the highlight of my meal. The price and the actual quality of the food are definitely off balanced. I may go back again, whenever that may be.

By Mark H. at 2013-03-07

Like bookends, there are Chinese restaurants at each end of my street. One called "China" and the other, "China Wok." For all intents and purposes, they both serve to fill the void in one's stomach we call hunger, and that's about all. China Wok along with all other strip-mall, picture-menu, take-out Chinese restaurants that I've encountered, is average at best. Nothing I ate here makes me yearn to return or say I won't ever return. Chinese food isn't my favorite ethnic food variation to begin with, and my underwhelming experience here does little to sway my opinion. We had the AMAZING CHICKEN, which was far from amazing. It was basically thinly sliced chicken stir-fried with a bunch of veggies and served with a side of white rice. We also had the CRAB RANGOON and the BOURBON CHICKEN, all three of which were edible, but not phenomenal. I will say that the best bourbon chicken is usually at the malls, IMHO.

By Amelia C. at 2014-06-11

Good for what it is. A "cheat day" place that has good bourbon chicken, kung pao and moo shu (our regular order). The appetizers are not what I'm used to for takeout chinese. The crab rangoon were very sweet and sort of crab less. While the dumplings were smaller than I expected and the ravioli was over cooked and a little thin though the filling was tasty. Probably the best place to order within Westchase and the staff is very friendly.

By Cari E. at 2012-05-31

I was shocked when I came to review this place and saw it's got a 4 star rating. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! It's even more shocking given that there are 2 chinese joints here and this is definitely the lesser of the two.
I work in West Chase and was craving egg drop soup one day so I thought, "Hey! Let me try a place in West Chase instead of waiting for dinner." I figured there was one in the Publix Shopping Center so I google mapped it. The review I read said give this place a try so I did.

I called in an order for Egg Drop Soup and Sesame Chicken Combo. I arrive 15 minutes later only to have to wait for another 10. The place isn't exactly nice to sit around in. It's as generic as it gets, and leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling that you shouldn't look towards the kitchen. But, that's the nature of a take out chinese place.

When I got back to work starving and open everything up I was immediately disappointed. The fried rice was bright yellow. I hate this kind of fried rice. It's always mushy and tasteless in my experience, not to mention it creeps me out. I tried to keep an open mind as I dug into the Egg Drop. It was down right gelatinous, yick. I heated it up in the microwave since that can happen a bit when it nears room temp (which it was) but it was way to thick to eat. The sesame chicken's outer crust was weird. It's was fried but broke apart weird in your mouth like it was a bit overcooked. This dish was also EXTREMELY SALTLY. Now, I can be a bit sensitive to salt but I had my coworker try it and she agreed. On the flip side, the rice was just as I expected, mushy and tasteless.

One reviewer said that it wasn't the worst Chinese food she had ever had and gave it two stars. I wouldn't go back. Between my order being late and the food nearing inedible, I'll go to the better Chinese place that around the corner of the shopping center on the Linebaugh side, Kang's Garden. I recommend you do too!

By Thea H. at 2012-01-23

It's Chinese New Year and I had to get some Chinese food. I relied on the reviews on Yelp (I'm new to the area) and to my dismay, it was a disappointment. I'm certain there are worse Chinese places (I've been to them) but to say it is 4-star or 5-star worthy is shocking.

There was no online menu so I had to order something pretty simple that every Chinese restaurant makes. The ordering went well and I was on my way. The service was excellent. Yes, I remembered my number and yes I'm a woman. Why that's surprising, I'll never know. Anyway, I get home and the food looks mediocre. And when I eat the food, it is also mediocre. The chicken lo mein was something I feel I could have gotten anywhere halfway decent. Was there anything special about it? No. There wasn't any vegetables except onions in it and the flavor of the chicken was disappointing. I was expecting more. The crab rangoon was sweet but likable but I've had delicious, crisp rangoon before. This was chewy. It's nothing special.

I wanted to like this place. I live in the area and they could have gotten a lot of my business. However, I'll have to keep searching for a great Chinese place in Westchase.

By Tiffany W. at 2013-07-07

Definitely recommended for Chinese food in the Westchase are!! Very good! And they deliver,what!!!!

By Cassandra D. at 2011-12-13

Every neighborhood needs awesome Chinese takeout. If you're in Westchase, this is yours.

I've noticed that finding good anything is pretty hard in Tampa, and most of the Chinese I've found falls way below the bar. Not so here...these guys meet the bar exactly. The food is fresh and well-cooked (I had the veggie lo mein - the noodles were nicely browned and the veggies done. It was flavorful unlike a lot of carryout veggie lo mein you get). The girl at the counter had no trouble understanding us at all (always a plus!) and the delivery drivers on call (they deliver!!) are native English speakers. The crab rangoon was a little on the sweet side, though - they used a really sweet cream cheese - so if that's your thing, you're in luck.

If you've been burned by carryout Chinese (or any other Chinese food) in Tampa, give these guys a try. They'll at least meet your expectations. :)

By Cassandra D. at 2013-12-09

I moved to the countryway neighborhood in June. I received a takeout/delivery menu on my porch and thought it was worth a try. Every place we live we find our favorite Chinese take out. I was excited to see they deliver to the house. I have ordered too many times to count and they always have my address in their system based on my number. They say 45 minutes but usually get it in 25. Everyone I have talked to is very friendly. I LOVE the food and we have lived in so many different states based on being military. One of the best. I just got a yelp account and I'm shocked to see all the negative reviews on here. I order the same stuff each time so maybe it's better than eat others are ordering but I've never had a bad experience with them. I have had some BAD Chinese food over the years and this is far from.

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