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Claim Jumper Restaurants

Claim Jumper Restaurants
  • Street 1530 West Baseline Road
  • City Tempe
  • Region Arizona
  • Postcode 85283
  • Telphone (480) 831-8200
  • Opentime
  • Raging (244)
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Claim Jumper Restaurants reviews

By Lux t. at 2016-09-24

Amazing service and amazing food!! Server was very friendly. Bread fresh out of the oven. Fast food served. Love it!

By Michael H. at 2016-07-15

Food was good server Matt was nice. But he was slow or busy. I'll always rate my meal on the drink service and having to ask for a refill is a guarantee that your tip isn't gonna be the best! Sorry Matt you fell a little short. The meal would have been **** 4 stars if you would have gotten help or been a bit more attentive.

Won't be back to the bar area anytime soon!!!

By Danielle M. at 2016-06-01

We came here over Memorial weekend for a late lunch, early dinner. Lunch is served until 3 or 4 so that was awesome. We ordered off of the lunch menu and still didn't finish all of our food. The portions here are a good size and they have a big selection. Their bread they serve with the meals was really soft. The food came out at a good pace.

My husband and I had the tri tip steak with coconut shrimp. I subbed out the mashed potatoes for a baked potato. It was so good. Not to mention a big potato. It was served with a creamy sweet butter. My daughter had the bacon burger. That thing was massive but she finished it off. One of my boys had the kid's sliders which came with fries and grape. My other son had mac n' cheese with fries and apple slices. The apples were really fresh and were served with caramel dip.

Our drinks were refilled without even asking. BIG Plus for thirsty patrons. We shared a pitcher of their CJ Red Ale. It was light and refreshing and went down without a fight. It paired nicely with our meat. We took a slice of mile high chocolate cake to go.

They also have a happy hour menu which is served at the bar. I highly recommend that. Also make sure to sign up for the Landry's Select Card to get your rewards points. It's good for several restaurants and attractions.

By Kate M. at 2016-05-05

I love the Claim Jumper! I used to go to the one in Rancho Cucamonga, CA a lot, so the memories are probably one of the reasons I love CJs. I've been to this location twice--once for dinner and the second time for happy hour.

When we went for dinner a few months ago I ordered the steak salad. It was good and up to Claim Jumper standards. This last visit my friend and I went for happy hour (which lasts until they close at 9:30!). The happy hour menu items are "small plates" at various prices. I had the street tacos and the Caesar salad--both very good. My friend had the sliders and the fried zucchini sticks. She liked both.

The thing about CUs is the food is consistent. That's important to me. Caution: servings are HUGE, so come starving or be prepared to take 3/4ths of your meal home!

By Missy R. at 2016-03-31

This is the first time I've been to this restaurant chain. I was very pleased to see a Gluten Free menu, yay! Also, they have great happy hour prices and some relatively healthy options. I liked the atmosphere in the bar area, which is where we dined. I always like a large long bar with plenty of seating as well as table options.
The food I ordered was tasty and service was efficient, fast and pleasant.
The area I was in seemed clean and organized and the restroom followed suit.
I would like to come back here with my happy hour peeps to give it another try.

By Stephen A. at 2015-10-04

I am a member of the Landry Select Club (the Franchisor of this chain), and have tons of credits.Therefore, when we got done with my wife's symposium not too far away from here, and she wanted to grab a bite to eat - this was the de facto destination.

It was a busy Friday evening, and there were a lot of large groups present. However, our server, Bailey, just did an amazing job making sure that we were always taken care of throughout the evening.

My wife had the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sweet Potato, and I had the Ultimate Fish & Shrimp.

The sweet potato was stuffed with chicken and bell peppers and were just delicious.

The Ultimate Fish & Shrimp's portions were just very generous.

Nothing stupendous here as far as dishes are concerned, but they are delicious and well prepared, nonetheless.

What made this a 4 star rating was just the diligence and attentiveness of Bailey. Her attention to detail was commendable and exemplary.

By Waneé R. at 2016-11-20

Here visiting Phoenix Arizona, Claim Jumpers...nice and friendly staff, but disapointed about not having a salad bar at this location. Was told by manager that only in California the Claim Jumpers have the salad bar.

By Valerie A. at 2016-08-10

Food is typical American but they definitely make you drool as you walk in and are approached with the case of desserts. Large menu for lunch and dinner and cozy lodge like atmosphere. Great for big groups, and they do offer a kids menu. This location has. Weird fly problem though! But every server we've had when coming here has always been nice. My favorite menu item is the Chinese chicken salad and the coconut shrimp.

By Marlo M. at 2016-07-20

Would happy hour I'm very happy I went here last night even though it's a chain the food was good and service was great and the food is super cheap durning happy hour.

By Eric O. at 2016-11-15

Well Corbin the server was awesome and attentive. The food......well for the prices and quality, it left a lot to be desired. Spinach artichoke dip had good flavor, but they served it with homemade tortilla chips that were salted and seasoned. Whose culinary expertise advised that? A salty chip takes everything away from the flavor of the dip, but Corbin understood and brought me bread very know....the way it should be served. The Entree I picked was the RIBEYE with added bleu cheese and garlic butter, side Caesar, and triple cheese potato pancakes (upon recommendation). First, the Caesar was good and I especially liked the homemade croutons. The rest left me unimpressed. The steak was a New York (lol or your cow was super skinny), it was cooked perfectly at med rare but it was tough and grainy (typical of sub par frozen meat), and they laid about a 1/4 cup of this bleu cheese butter on it (Bleu cheese is very strong and you don't need that much to accent a steak). A quarter of the steak was fat cap and silver skin.........really? The potato pancakes were miniature and fried in panko and very bland for being "triple cheese." They have the prices of a high end restaurant but the culinary expertise of nothing close to that.

By Nicole G. at 2016-11-27

I was disappointed in this place. The salads were wilted and tasteless. Our entrées took forever to come out and when they did they were barely warm so by the time I was half way through my meal it was cold. I felt forgotten about and when I asked for bread it seemed like a hassle. When I finally got the bread I was almost done with my meal. This place was a complete disappointment.

By Erin W. at 2016-04-19

Great happy hour. Not typical happy hour food. Prices are fair and food is good. What a great way to get happy.

By Lisa K. at 2016-11-14

The service at this Claim Jumper location was horrible. I was trying to think if it was a kitchen issue or a service issue or a management issue. I settled on a management issue. There were plenty of servers running around during our Sunday afternoon visit. The restaurant was less than 50% occupied. After FIVE...count 'em...FIVE individuals attending to our party of three elderly female diners, we finally received our food ONE HOUR after entering the establishment. We encountered a carousel of personnel for no apparent reason. There was absolutely no excuse for this poor display of culinary service other than management. The manager dumped us into a no man's land because we requested a table vs. a booth. Nobody was assigned to our table. We had to constantly flag down employees for simple things like, oh...I don't know...THE CHECK??? I will never, ever, ever, ever return to this Claim Jumper location. EVER. Management is incompetent. People need to be fired. This was a disgrace.

By Jean S. at 2016-03-23

It was a good burger as was my guests lunch. Service was excellent.

By Jass R. at 2016-09-25

First time customer. Our server was very prompt and extremely sweet. (Also, no one told
Me the portions were gigantic! )So we order an appetizer along with our meals and end up taking 3 to go boxes. The smell taste and appearance and overall quality of the dishes were great. I loved the variety of the menu. I think this is my new favorite place. Going back for sure!

By Suzy S. at 2016-05-07

Two of my co-workers and I went to Claim Jumper on a Friday for lunch, we all ordered the fish tacos on the recommendation from our server. I guess ordering fish tacos from a place like Claim Jumper was our first mistake, but this is Arizona and we figured it couldn't go to terribly wrong.

The issues started before we were even seated. We stood at the entrance for a solid 10 minutes despite the place being mostly empty. Apparently no one was paying attention or just didn't care that there were potential customers waiting at the door. We were all hungry so we persevered and were finally seated. As I mentioned, we all ordered the fish tacos. Our server recommended them and said that they were the best fish tacos she had ever had. When our tacos arrived we were not super impressed. The fish fillets on the tacos were tough and just barely warm. The corn tortillas were also tough, almost hard in spots. Everything was extremely greasy and bland.

Our server came back and asked us how everything was, when we told her that it was not good she argued with us! She said that their fish tacos are really good, but of course we couldn't expect them to be great because this wasn't a Mexican restaurant. This is the same woman who had 20 minutes previously told us these were the best fish tacos she had ever eaten! The manager came over and offered us a third off of our bill, we accepted because we just wanted to leave and certainly didn't have time to wait for something else to be prepared.

We asked them to split the bill into three equal portions, which they did without a problem. Two of us paid with cards and one member of our party paid with cash. She paid with a $20 bill (her total was $9) and the server never came back with her change! She just disappeared.

Thoroughly disappointing, I'll never return.

By Syndi T. at 2016-01-29

I have been going to Claim Jumper for probably over 10 years. I have known it to have a warm and attractive atmosphere where the service is usually excellent and the food is always good. Claim Jumper is a wonderful place to sit and be able to talk to friends or family. There is no loud blaring music. Claim Jumper has got a huge menu that you can make choices from and you are able to make substitutions to their menu. This visit was no different. I came here to meet my friend for dinner where we both needed to relax and just eat good food and talk. Claim Jumper always has a very attentive wait staff making sure we had everything we needed. I think it's funny that they always ask you if you want dessert considering their portions are huge. Would I come back here again yes yes yes.

By C J D. at 2015-07-14

This claim jumper has always been hit and miss. The last two times, it has became a lot better. Lunch and Happy Hour visits. The hand battered lemon pepper fried zucchini was outstanding. They have a new recipe for their thai slaw. Less sweat and a bit of horseradish now. Window Maker hamburger was excellent, but very big. It was a bit messy (But to be fair, I am a messy eater). Overall, much better than past experiences. I'm giving it only three stars, but will increase it to four if they maintain their recent improvements.

By Art C. at 2016-09-08

I just had the best grilled california cobb sandwich, but subbed with fried chicken. My wife had the chicken fried chicken with mash potatoes, and it was amazing as well. My daughters chicken nuggets were great and she is a pickey eater. Service was perfect. Smiling server and good food, thats all i ask for and this visit nailed it. My family and will definatly be back!

By Jake T. at 2016-11-10

Terrible experience!!!!! It literally took our server 15 minutes to greet us (there was only 3 tables sat so no excuse) after she said she would give us a minute to look over the menu she took an additional 15 minutes to come back. They brought our food out at completely different times so my wife got her meal first 10 minutes before I got mine. They forgot to ring in one of our orders so it didn't come out at all. They gave me a rare burger when I asked for well done. I will never go back. Oh and it was our anniversary so it totally ruined our lunch date.

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