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Continental Divide

Continental Divide
  • Street 2501 West Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 359-9690
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Continental Divide introduction
Estimated average consumption of $4.86 - $9.72 per person. We offer 35 menus, including Red Hot Blues, Nachos, Black Angus and Black Bean Chili, Texas Hummus, 3 Cheese Quesadilla, House Salad, Southwest Caesar Salad+ and so on.
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Continental Divide reviews

By David L. at 2016-10-18

After ~12 years of being a huge fan of the Charlottesville location, I'd been eager to try out Richmond's. Walking in it felt different but at the same time familiar. The ceilings are higher, it's certainly less claustrophobic, and while they don't have the outdoor seating everyone's always wished for in Cville, the retractable windows in the front made for a delightful atmosphere on a warm October evening. I was pleased to see the massive Tequila list on the wall and a menu with the usual favorites along with a ton of new items. The house margarita is ridiculously good. You cannot go wrong ordering the red hot & blues for an appetizer and the beef tacos for your entree. Simply delicious.

If you've got a fun night ahead of you and are looking for a place to get it started, C'ville's Continental Divide has always been the place to go. I'm really happy they're doing the same thing in Richmond. Highly recommended.

By Gabe C. at 2016-10-30

All I can say about this place is this: it's super average. Average tacos, average drinks, average everything. I ordered the port shoulder tacos which were okay, don't get me wrong, but I could've made it at home for WAY cheaper. The rice and beans that came on the side... flavorless and the beans weren't even rinsed properly. You don't even get chips and salsa when you go. Everything they serve is so clearly store-bought and not made in-house. I won't be coming here again.

Our service was incredible but not enough to save the food.

By Vinny N. at 2016-09-22

You know, I hate to leave this place a mediocre review, but I was just totally underwhelmed by my dinner experience.

Let me begin by saying they make the best Margarita I've had in RVA. Likewise, the food is decently good, and the layout of the place is cool. Relaxing and open air with a solid, extensive bar and a massive selection of tequilas.

My biggest issue was the dinner my wife and I ordered. We were in the mood for Mexican, and instead of hitting up a cheap place, we decided to see if spending a few extra dollars on Mexican food was worth it. It wasn't.

First, let me say, they didn't give us chips and salsa. I know that's not a huge deal, but that's sort of almost always expected when you dine in at a Mexican place. For the prices they charge, I think it would be nice.

We both ordered the specials. I got the chimichanga, and she got what I think was a tortilla crusted chicken breast. It was just OK. Literally didn't taste like anything different than any other place of that style that I've ever been to. For $14.99 per plate, I sort of expected something different. It's not like anything was bad per se, but it just wasn't good enough to justify going back there again.

Service was fine. Nothing memorable.

I may be back for a marg, but certainly not for dinner.

By Robbie B. at 2016-12-13

Food was fine, drinks were great, but the service was abhorrent. If it wasn't for the drinks this would easily be 1 star.

We sat down, only two tables had parties so the place was virtually empty, it took the waitress around 10-15 minutes to even acknowledge us, I almost left.

After a while we placed our order, ate our food, everything was fine. She never refilled my water despite refilling my girlfriends. And after the "danger" sauce I REALLY needed water.

Towards end of our meal, completely rushed us out for reasons unknown. She dropped the check, and after I paid, ran over and grabbed it as fast as she could. Seemed grumpy.

Anyway I'm definitely never coming back here for food, maybe drinks because the bartender seemed ok and the $8 beer/tequila shot deal is nice.

By Frank B. at 2016-10-13

I have been here 2x now and can share the respect for honest food and adventurous (not reckless ) flavors in addition to fine Tequila makes this place pretty special. If your local get in here. I was with a client and it was a winner ...again.

By Laurie L. at 2016-09-27

Great place for margaritas and tequila! I had their tacos and they're pretty mediocre. The chips and salsa were SUPER spicy and I when I say spicy...they were spicy!! I eat hot & spicy foods practically everyday and my Asian taste buds couldn't handle those. I'd skip on the food here but great place for drinks!

By Jasmine C. at 2016-11-05

It's my first time here during RVA's Nacho Week. The nachos left a lot to be desired. They were very simple. Tasty but lacked one of the keys of nachos, plenty cheese and salsa. The black beans on the nachos were absolutely delicious. I had both tacos that were offered during the special. The chicken taco was one of the best tacos I've ever had. The pulled chicken was juicy and full of flavor and the corn salsa was great. The fish taco wasn't memorable. The fish was fried a little too hard and the lime mayo wasn't great. Overall, the service was a bit too slow for my liking considering it wasn't a full house. The server was pleasant just lacked any sense of urgency as did the hostess because it took about five minutes before we were greeted and another 3 to get a table. I would return here only for the great chicken taco.

By Sheila F. at 2016-11-14

It was the tacos sign that pulled us in--and then we didn't even order tacos!

Nice ambiance and decor: I like the exposed brick wall, the punched-tin style lamps, all the colorful lights, and the wood arches behind the bar.

Drinks: maybe it depends on who's bartending, but I do NOT recommend the house margarita. Ours were way overly sweet--I could only taste bad margarita mix, not even a hint of tequila. The gin & tonic was good. It might just be best to just stick with tequila, as other reviewers have.

Food: I DO highly recommend the roasted cauliflower chowder. The black bean & cheese burrito was "OK" - more tortilla than filling, it seemed, and not enough mushrooms and peppers for my taste. At least the black beans were seasoned, albeit on the subtle side. The San Francisco enchiladas had more of a Tex-Mex flavor. They were Sonoran style--flat/stacked, not rolled up. Others in my party can confirm that the super hot sauce REALLY is super hot. Portion sizes seem a bit small, but with the sides (including a pumpkin muffin), it's enough food.

It'd be worth trying again to order some other dishes and do some tequila tasting.

By Tony H. at 2016-04-09

Pretty good, actually quite good Tex-Mex. the food was well prepared. We were there just before they got rather busy which we still waited longer than normal. My wife and I ordered the Black & Blue nachos, pretty tasty. Then on to the entrees. I ordered the black bean & cheese not bad, yummy! Ate what could, but my wife gave me a nice taste of her Thai chicken burrito. WOW! I wanted to steal it but she was only giving a bite. All in all I had a couple of tap ales and after the first one they ran out so we oowe switched to another at 6 PM during the week. I guess a special happy hour goes quickly. ;-)). All in all it was pretty good dining experience because the food was good. Let me recommend the Thai Chicken burrito. Well go back.

By Jonah P. at 2016-04-28

Terrible "Mexican" food. First off, this is Americanized Mexican cuisine at its worst. An American home cook's half-hearted attempt at most of these dishes would turn out better. In addition, despite having an impressive list of tequilas, the bar destroys their spirits with cheap margarita mix. The only saving graces are a friendly staff and a decent happy hour, when I'm willing to accept mediocre food and drinks if they're served at rock-bottom prices. Honestly can't see myself going back.

By Mona B. at 2015-10-14

I think I just found my New Mexican go to! Interior is super cool, even my husband who never gets excited about restaurants commented three times about how cool the interior was. Comfy, lots of wood, lots of seating, big bar, why haven't I been here before? The drinks, I had a hornitas margarita which was great and super cheap for happy hour. Not too sweet. I do wish I could have had a true margarita with no sweet and sour but I guess richmond's gotta leave that for tio pablo, otherwise what else is tio good for? Back to Continental - The food - So we ordered the black and blue nachos, and yes, because everyone else raved about them. And they were worth it. The cheese combination was great. Green onions. Yum! Salsa, on the side, was tasty and a bit spicy. We all ordered the special for an entree. Tonight it was grilled chicken with chorizo on top. On top of black beans. With some queso on top and some other melted cheese. Super good! I have tried chorizo at many a Mexican place and my stomach regretted it after. This one was quite the opposite. Tasted fresh, not oily. We will definitely be returning anytime I have a Mexican craving. Which suffice to say, is pretty often!

P.S. They deliver to church hill. Omg! #mexicanitswhatsfordinner

By Matthew L. at 2016-08-20

Rude service. Couldn't split the church which caused friction within out group. Very disappointing

By Erica L. at 2016-08-20

Good prices for the food quality and fairly casual atmosphere. Seating includes booths, tables, and a bar. Service has always been quick and kind.

By MacKenzie P. at 2015-11-24

I was really excited for continental divide to open in Richmond after hearing good things about its Charlottesville location. We went a month or two after it first opened and liked the feel of it - very warm, fun atmosphere. The food was just okay, nothing special, and considering the many other IMO better Mexican/Tex-Mex options in the city (En Su Boca, Tio Pablo, Don't Look Back, etc.) I was underwhelmed.

What really ruined it for me was the service. Our food and drinks (beers, mind you) took forever and never came out together. My last beer, that I ordered BEFORE food came out, arrived AFTER we had finished eating. We didn't complain and asked for the check.

At this point my two friends were mostly done with their drinks and I had about 3/4 left of my super late beer. The second after we paid, someone, who I can only assume was the manager, came over and asked us to leave the table and stand at the front window bar to finish our drinks so they could seat the next group. Helloooo?!?

First of all, there are very few situations when that is acceptable (like when a large group lingers for hours during dinner rush after closing out) and our situation was definitely not one of them. We were 3 people at a small table, had been sat for under an hour, and it was like 9:00PM on a Saturday in the summer. The real kicker is that they had the nerve to rush us out when it was their fault I still had a full beer!

Unacceptable. Neither the food nor service are worth returning for.

By Carlos T. at 2016-05-06

They have a nice happy hour setup. Got Pacifico on draft for $3. Their Santa Fe Enchilada was great. Pumpkin muffins contain nuts, so if you have an allergy don't eat them.

By Courtney J. at 2016-05-15

Amazing brunch! top 3 margarita and great service! Give them a try! Mexi-American deliciousness!

By Deidre O. at 2015-10-04

A great twist on Mexican food. It's not all fried, with heavy sauces covering up the flavors. Each dish has a unique twist or two, everything was fresh and full of flavor. Not a huge menu but does not need to be as each item is different from the next. We had the black and blue nachos to start and could taste the flavors of each cheese, I had the tuna caesar salad and the dressing was incredible, my husband had the pork tacos and they were huge.

Definitely going back and trying their other dishes. Service was fantastic!

By Karla B. at 2015-11-27

We had heard it's a different twist on Latino/Mexican, and we went after a matinee show at the Altria theater, for an early dinner, which worked out really well. It's not a large restaurant, and on a Saturday night it was going to be hard to get a table but we were early. Lots of wooden booths and a few tables, with a great big bar.
Outrageous tequila selection, flights, and members benefits for tequilas. We aren't aficionados but did have a couple margaritias, well prepared although when I asked about the "special" on the board they had to figure out what that was. I think our server was fairly new, she did well and hey everyone is new sometime. It was nice that when we were leaving, management asked us if everything was good, especially asked about service.
I had the pork tacos, which came open style soft style, plated with beans that were better than the usual. Plenty of tender meat but one tortilla was overdone a bit. My friend had a thai chicken burrito, which she said was also good. Watch out for the hot sauce on the table, the warning labels are right, Danger was too much for us but Wait a Minute had a nice kick and blended in well with the tacos.

By Jeff C. at 2016-04-27

Absolutely fantastic! Had the pork taco and the beef taboo and dear God were they good! Try them with the mango habenaro. Will be back for brunch. For the Benny divide!!!!!!

By Anne S. at 2015-08-26

I can't believe I've been here four times and never written a review before! I guess I'm compelled to now, as my fourth visit was my favorite. My first was a preopenining event where there was lots of excitement and staff. The service, obviously was a bit slow but the food was good. The middle two visits were a bit odd, as one time the power had been out on a winter day and it was really cold, so it was hard to enjoy but we were celebrating with friends so we made the best of it!
On our recent visit, a Tuesday night, the restaurant was 80percent full and staffed by two servers, a bartender, plus a manager. They really hustled to get food and drinks to all the tables!
As for drinks, the have a large tequila list and offer "flights". During happy hour you can get three First Class shots for $25 or Coach Class shots for $15. It's a great way to try different styles and brands if you are a tequila fan. Also, margaritas can be made in four styles from the tequila of your choice so the options are limitless.
Finally, the food. I think I've had the Red Hot Blues every time. They are a twist on nachos served with two house made sauces which are both great. For dinner we had the beef tacos and the spinach and mushroom enchiladas. Both come with excellent black beans and rice.
Having moved to Richmond from Texas, my standards for Mexican food are really high. Continental Divide puts a nice spin on the classics and makes it worth making the trip across the river!

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