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Coppala's Deli

Coppala's Deli
  • Street 2900 W Cary St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23221
  • Telphone (804) 359-6969
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  • Raging (94)
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Coppala's Deli introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.83 - $15.66 per person. We offer 39 menus, including Pesto Pasta Salad, Antipasto Salad, Marinated Eggplant Salad, Lillie's Potato Salad, Coppola's Greek Salad, Honey Turkey Sandwich, Steak Bomb Sandwich and so on.
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Coppala's Deli reviews

By James T. at 2016-09-15

Food = 5
Price = 5
Experience = 5

It's my "go to" deli for lunch... just plain good. Love the area and people watching too.

By James W. at 2016-09-29

We couldnt compromise on what kind of food we wanted, so we settled for sandwiches. Coppola's makes good sandwiches that are a pretty good deal, but it didnt blow my mind or anything. It was just a fine meal.
The interior of this restauraunt is cozy. The actual amount of seating seems very limited, but everyone else took their meals to go with them, and the food goes down fast, so I guess there isnt much of a need.
Yelp recommended I try the South Bronx sandwich, so i did - its essentially a beefed- up reuben, for a much better price than the reuben they have listed on their menu. Its like a few bucks more, for a significantly larger portion. Youve had a reuben before, right? Thats what it tasted like, with the added bonus of being a good deal for a lot of food.
I was impressed by their drink selection. Always a fan of the under-appreciated Dr. Browns soda, and this place had varieties I had never even heard of. It was very well suited for the sandwich.
I liked my meal but it was not very memorable compared to other places i ended up eating in Richmond later. If my friends brought me here again, I would not be opposed, but I cant find myself coming here again on my own. A good meal.

By Sun J. at 2016-04-23

Great service! Very fast, friendly and helpful!

I ordered the Industrial (cold) as I was taking it to-go. Great meat and cheese. I wish I added more sauce for flavor.

I think the serving is perfect for one person but a little pricey for the serving.

By Andrew A. at 2016-09-24

I've been meaning to go to lunch here and got the opportunity today. I'm from NYC and have been to the big name delis in NYC Katz ,Carnegie and such. I needed to try coppolas to see how it was since it so hard to find a good deli in the region. IE went to Padows for a Pastrami on rye one time and got Pastrami that wasn't thicker than my credit card on rye.
First off for my first time here I wasn't familiar with their heros The guy at the iPad wasn't much help all he cared about was taking the order and not being helpful at all. So if you go know what you want you might not get much help from the person at the counter/iPad. I ordered the industrial hero ,this is basically an Italian, my son got the turkey provolone. The heros are served hot unless told not too make it hot (I guess since nobody was helpful) usually I'll come to a deli order a hero ie:Turkey type of cheese on a hero with Mayo, lettuce, tomato, oil vinegar etc etc etc. Here every hero is made a specific way and if you don't want something on said hero you have to let them know. We got chips and a drink with our heros. They bring the heros to your table if you are eating in. The heros were well made and comes with a side pickle. The fast was very good but I wasn't floored. It's a good eat but not for my style. I usually like an overstuffed hero with the meat falling off the hero. Here the meats centered and held together with a toothpick. All in all it was a decent sandwich but not one I'd go out of my way to eat. Atmosphere was good nice little place with outdoor seating and ample seating inside. I'd go back but I won't go out my way to go back.

By Brent N. at 2016-11-29

This is a great place if you are looking for a solid Deli/Sandwich. All of the items we received looked and tasted great. Good size portions with fresh ingredients. You won't be let down here.

By Rachel I. at 2015-12-14

We were wanting a late lunch after running some errands, and by bf suggested we stop at Coppola's in Carytown. Apparently it's a known Richmond hangout and been around for years. We got there around 3pm and ordered the Industrial and Steak Bomb. In true deli fashion you order over top of a cooler/glass case. It takes them about 5-10 minutes and then they bring your lunch over to the table. Nice touch! I was expecting them to scream a number out, but it was much classier. ;-)

I think both subs were above average, but the Steak Bomb was the better of the two. I'd definitely go back for this sub.

Subs are about $8-10, but I honestly think we could have split one. It wasn't huge, but they were packed with meat and filling.

If you are looking for a bite in Carytown, they are worth checking out. The signs inside said they offer box lunches too, if you need lunch on the go. Several people got carryout while we were there eating.

By Annie B. at 2016-10-25

This place is underrated! It's so delicious and authentic. I love the eggplant parmesan sub, but I've also had a salami one. A little pricey and can take about ten minutes for a sub to be ready, but I would say worth it. They have beer and wine but it isn't really the kind of place that most people would come for happy hour...they sell sandwiches primarily. Good selection of sodas and sparkling waters. Good when you want a sandwich, but you want something more homemade than Subway.

By Cinci S. at 2016-06-16

I have eaten here since 1985. I order the smoked turkey most of the time, since I like it best. It used to be a great sandwich until they switched to Thurman's meat several years ago. I told them then that Thurman's turkey tasted like sawdust- nothing like the higher quality meat they had before. Every year I go back to try this sandwich, hoping I will get to like Thurman's but I am disappointed each time.

I also agree that the sandwiches have less filling in them. Oh well, I guess you can't turn back the clock!!

Their cheesecake is excellent, but ask if it is fresh. Tonight, for the first time, I got one that wasn't- and it's too expensive for that.

By Kat M. at 2016-04-25

Stopped in today with family to try out since I've heard only good things from our RVA friends. Between all of we tried the Steak Bomb and Smoked Turkey! We only had compliments for the food, just the right portion of food with great flavor. Food was all fresh and bread was delicious. Only complaint was the price of the sandwich didn't include a side- chips and drinks were extra. With that price it would have been nice to have a little something included. Service was fast. Willing to try again!

By Pawel P. at 2016-04-20

Came in for lunch at noon to see why this place is voted best in Richmond. I got the club sandwich and wished that I got the Industrial after I seen someone else get theirs delivered to their table.

Sandwich was great no complaints. I knew it was going to be a great sandwich because it took about 5-7min to make, they don't just throw it together. They put love in making the sandwich.

By Christiana H. at 2016-04-24

Fast, personable service - even for noon on Sunday in Carytown!

Ordered the Pizzaiola sandwich - good, but the marinara reminded me of Sloppy Joe sauce. Served with a pickle spear and very filling.
The crowning achievement here was Coppola's Chef Salad. Well worth $8.99, the salad was loaded with a healthy-sized portion of lettuce, and deli-style cheddar, swiss and provolone cheeses, with turkey and ham rolled and sliced, to top it off. Huge, scrumptious salad! Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

By Todd O. at 2015-12-28

I write this review full of sadness. I've been eating at coppollas for most of my life. I used to wear the tshirt. When I moved out of town it was always my first stop when returning home. When friends were in from out of town it was the first place I'd take people. The sandwiches are hands down the best I've ever had and I've travelled all over the world and this country.

The sandwiches have gotten really small not just this most recent visit but the last couple of times I was in. They used to be bulging with meat, cheese and veggies. I actually asked for extra cheese(which I wanted to pay for) this time and the cheese was scarce. I also noticed the cost of my sandwich went up. Which is fine. But don't have the cost go up and the amount of food go Down.

By Rich S. at 2014-10-20

Considering my love for the sandwich, it's pretty surprising that today was my first time experiencing one from Coppola's.

The verdict is that it's solid. The ingredients are fresh, bread was nice and soft and portion of meat generous. I had "The Barnyard," which was pretty basic- with turkey, ham, swiss, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard, and I opted for Rye bread over wheat. Simple but yummy in my tummy. My friend enjoyed his "Cheese Colombo," which he opted to add eggplant to.

I had the day off from work, so gave into a having a Hardywood Singel with my sandwich. After we paid, we were seated, and the food was delivered to us in a matter of minutes. It was not busy at all, but that's probably because we were there at 11.

I agree with others in that given that the sandwiches are not served with a side, the prices should be slightly lower. The portion was sufficient for lunch on its own, but typically I would expect to pay $6-$7 or so, instead of the $8 that it costs. Not expensive enough to prevent me from coming back.

By Mike G. at 2016-08-04

First time here and it was an awesome experience. Food is going to be delicious, I say that because I've only tried the south Bronx club. And this is how a Reuben is supposed to be. Great service and even better food! Will return, and I live and work a stone throw from here. I found a new spot! If only the had beer on tap!

By Veronica N. at 2015-09-18

I've never been to New York City, but I imagine the quintessential New York Italian deli would be much like Coppola's. From the decor to the food, it is very authentic. I had the smoked turkey melt. At first, I just thought I got a standard sandwich. It didn't look like anything special, but it tasted delicious! No comparison to a fast food chain sub. The turkey was flavorful and juicy, the veggies were fresh, and it was perfectly warm. The peppers in whatever sauce they use are also delicious! Only thing I would add is I felt like it should come with chips. It did come with a pickle, though. Great place! Can't wait to take my hubby here!

By Julie W. at 2015-10-26

I think we had the place all to ourselves. Service was quick and friendly even when I asked for my Cheese Columbo on lettuce instead of bread, and they dressed it and included some yummy Roma tomatoes. The bf enjoyed his Industrial. There's also a good selection of market items to take home.

EDIT to reply to Tom's comments - definitely not our first time, but our first yelp review.

By Ric M. at 2015-05-07

The short version (out of 5)
Flavor: 5
Originality: 5
Presentation: 4
Service: 5

I was in the mood for a sandwich in Carytown and after reading the glowing reviews, Coppola's fit the bill.

I went with the steak bomb with marinara sauce. I asked if they could spice it up. They obliged with extra peppers. If you want it extra spicy, order it with "extra hots".

So after a short wait, a server calls out an order number which will be the last two numbers on your order ticket as well as a description of the sandwich.

I was greeted with two portions of a meaty sandwich filled with 100% beef steak and Genoa salami. It's grilled with onions, sweet and hot peppers and mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and Dijon. I really appreciated that the tomatoes resembled tomatoes and were not processed versions their former self.

The sandwich comes out piping hot. Steam billowing from the meat and melted cheese. One bite and you can taste the quality of the ingredients. I struggled with waiting for it to cool down and so like a good pizza, you continue to bite into it knowing that your tongue might regret it a little later. Luckily, they have a good amount of beverages to quench the heat.

Getting back to the sandwich, it's kind of a race to finish it before the bread yields to the awesome juiciness of the marinara sauce. The extra peppers give it a really good kick. Red pepper chili flakes are available table-side if you're so inclined. Bite after bite you can't help but feel satisfied with the Italian flavor filling your mouth but sad knowing that the ride will be ending.

The sandwich is shorter that your typical footlong at Subway but it's definitely more about quality over quantity.

Highly recommended.

By Sam W. at 2014-11-09

The first time I came here I ordered an industrial cold. It was only ok. I was disappointed because I had heard such great things about coppola's deli and it being so close to my apartment I really wanted it to be good. (Later I'd realize my problem was not getting it grilled). Still, I was determined to give it a second chance, mostly because during my first time there the guys behind the counter were friendly and relatable, asking about my day, the weather etc.

The Second time there I struck gold. Because of a fellow yelpers suggestion I ordered the steak bomb with marinara sauce. The steak bomb "100% beef steak and Genoa salami grilled with onions, sweet and hot peppers, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and Dijon."

If you order it with marinara the dijon mixes with the marinara to create an amazing sandwich experience with just the right amount of kick (hidden away beneath the surface) It's become one of my favorite sandwiches and the experience there is always fantastic. The guys behind the counter are friendly and always nice to talk to.

Coppola's deli is awesome!

By Lisa G. at 2014-08-16

Still love Coppola's, but yesterday was a day to test a loyal customer and two new ones.

Took two friends out to lunch. Not only did my sandwich come out with a hair in it (which I sent back immediately), but I think they also forgot about our cheesecake. We had to remind them, and when it came out, mine was broken in half with the two pieces piled on top of each other. The guy told me, "It tastes the same." Sure it does, but if presentation doesn't matter to you, then you shouldn't be in the restaurant business.

The situation reminded me of the scene in the movie CHEF where the kid over-grills the bread and is about to serve it to the customer when his father tells him never compromise your product because that inferior product is what the customer will remember (and subsequently tell the world on Yelp) -- a lesson the kid never forgot. In short, don't serve broken cheesecake. And don't give the customer anything less than your best.

I have no idea what happened with the hair in my sandwich. I doubt they made me a fresh one. Probably just removed it. Sigh.

By Jeff F. at 2015-05-15

Awesome deli friendly service EVERYTIME! Beautiful sandwiches!! What more could you ask for? Try their imported wine

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