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Coriander India Grill
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Estimated average consumption of $7.97 - $15.94 per person. We offer 172 menus, including Virgin Pina Colada, Fruit Punch, Virgin Daiquiri, Virgin Margarita, Virgin Bloody Mary, Mango Lassi, Strawberry Lassi and so on.
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Coriander India Grill reviews

By Kathlene B. at 2012-09-15

I was fine ordering from them until I found out that NONE of the 7 bux that they charge actually goes to the driver. Do you hear that? THEY DON'T PAY THEIR DRIVERS!

My story: I got delivery from Spice Island and had it delivered. I don't like to add gratuity online because if I get crappy service, I'm out that money. Besides, they charge a "delivery" fee and "service" fee, so I figured some of that must go to the driver.

No. The driver gets there and he's pissed at me for not leaving the tip online. He said he only makes gratuity. I didn't give him a cash tip because he was mean and I thought he was lying.

I called Wheel Deliver up to ask about the fees and such. The lady tried to say that the service fee was a tax. 'A tax for what?' "For your order." 'Isn't that what the Pa tax is? What other tax is there?' "It's a tax for using a credit card." '...'

Whatever. So I asked her if the driver's only make gratuity and she said yes. After I told her that I thought that was kind of messed up and that they should state that on their website, I asked her to adjust my bill to leave the driver a tip.

They do have a convenient service, but I'm not rich. I can't afford to pay for my food +7 bux plus tip just to have something delivered. I'll walk and get the food next time.

By Myron G. at 2015-01-20

The customer service was not bad for the short time it took me to find out that they don't deliver to my area. I guess they're confined to just their local area. Why are they on the Internet if they only serve one community.

By Sam K. at 2014-11-25

Was about to be a first time customer, called them on the phone and politely told them that their online system is not working. The dude tells me it;s my computer, while we're talking I move over to my friends computer and it says "We're sorry, we have experienced an error. Please try your request again . . ." the ellipsis included.

So I proceed to order the food anyway and they guy is snappy with me because I told him once more that it's their system and not my computer as I checked again ( it happens often when you use a PHP web development to fetch data from your backend, or in plain english their website is pretty crappy) .

The delivery fee is about 6 bucks so i'm like okay, i probably won't have to tip, then the guy says do you want to tip the driver, I am like excuse me? ( Why would I pay a big ass delivery fee if it doesn't include tip for the driver? It turns out no part of the delivery fee goes to the driver) So I ask him to cancel my order and he just slams the phone down on me.

So I would say this Thank You for making sure I never order through you again, I'd rather pay a $6 Lyft ride which would include tip and pick it up myself. Come to think of it, I think I'll do exactly that.


By Katherine G. at 2014-09-03

Local Pittsburgh delivery service with *unique* restaurants (they're sweethearts at Eat24 and GrubHub, but they deliver from the same places), and all of good quality. Granted, I wish they'd get more restaurants (wooing back that Ethiopian place would be a good start, as would finding a decent sushi place), but this is definitely the best in Pittsburgh

By Christine R. at 2012-06-18

Seriously had to meet the driver at Brillobox, because it was the closest he "was allowed" to get to Larimer/East Liberty. Cried insurance wolf. Honestly, is it still the 80's? (Besides 80's night at the 'Box! Let's be serious here!) Are we not progressive, forward-thinking individuals? East Liberty is TOO SCARY for you? Hey man, I'm hurt. We're all hurt over here. And since we know what it feels like to be hurt, we wouldn't want to hurt you, man. Cause it sucks to be hurt.

World change starts with our attitudes.

By jessica S. at 2011-10-17

they are rude and not helpful. I am from out of town and ordered online. I must have had some difficulty with the processing of my order, because they called to clarify. Then the man who called was rude and spoke to me as if I were a 4 year old because I was unable to give him directions to the hotel I was located. I gave him the address on the phone and he had the guts to ask me if I knew what room I was staying in or if that was hard for me too.
this is WAY too much money to pay for such rude service.

By Shruti M. at 2013-06-15

DO NOT order from here!! This is the worst customer service I've ever experienced!! When I called, the guy didn't even say hello or introduce himself and just kept yelling "phone number!!" at me when I tried to ask a question about the service. When I asked him why the charge was so expensive (because I thought it was 15%), he didn't explain that it was either 6$ or 15%, whichever is more, he just snipped, "because we don't deliver for free!" He was so rude I cancelled my order altogether. His response "Good! Bye!" Wow.....

By Todd W. at 2012-08-24

I have used Wheel Deliver for nearly 10 years. Clearly their prices are ridiculous, but you pay for convenience and I'm lazy. C'est la vie. I have never had a problem with the company, their prices, nor their service. In fact I always talked it up when in other cities for how fast and efficient they are and how courteous their drivers have been.

However after tonight, all of that changes. I ordered food eagerly and sat down to watch TV while I waited knowing it would be a while since Fridays can be busy. I wasn't worried. After almost 90 minutes, however, I called to check on my order. I was told "Sir you canceled this order an hour ago." Odd, an hour before I had been nowhere near my phone and had placed the order via web. I said "That's silly, can you verify please?" And he said "No need, you cancelled your order. You knew your exact order and you said no one would be at the address to answer and for us to just keep the food since it was already being made."


After hearing this on repeat for 5 minutes I finally get a manager on the phone. Sue? Susan? I can't remember because she was too busy accusing me of "fishy business" and banning me from ever using their service again. "Excuse me? I've been using your service for over 10 years and you're not even going to attempt to help me figure this out? Would it seem logical to you for me to just cancel an order and for me to tell you "oh just keep the food, no big deal." and not even attempt to get a refund?" She said "Yup, happens all of the time." I even offered to come in to show my phone records and email records. She said if I came anywhere near her office she would call the police. I demanded an explanation of how they verify their calls to which she laughed hysterically and said "I have six people in the office listening to how ridiculous and dramatic you sound right now. This happens all the time and I'm sure you just think you're going to pull one over on us."

Again, WTF?!

I eventually hung up on the woman because she was clearly either on a power trip or covering up the fact that they stole my food and were eating it as we spoke. She finally refunded my money after I threatened legal action. (I realize how trivial and silly that sounds, however I was mad). She is supposedly "eating my costs" and because she was being so gracious and I in turn was being so "fishy" she banned me from ever using their service again. Not a problem, sweetheart. It will be a cold day in hell before I ever use your services again.

By Meghan C. at 2011-10-12

Aw, why all the hate for Wheel Deliver? Yes, it is expensive. Do you know why? It is because you are paying an independent company to call a restaurant that doesn't deliver, place your order for you, pick it up, and deliver it to your house. How would they be able to stay in business if they didn't charge a delivery fee or had no minimum order amount? For what they do, I think the prices are fair and advertised quite clearly on the website. They aren't trying to trick you into paying more than you think you're paying at all. If you think their delivery charge is too expensive--go pick up your food yourself, for Christ's sake!

I think Wheel Deliver offers a pretty unique service in the area and although I can't afford to order through them all the time, nor am I lazy enough to order delivery all the time, I really appreciate what they do. They offer delivery for a good selection of restaurants--Abay, Thai Cuisine, Fuel & Fuddle, Ali Baba, Spice Island, Mad Mex, and others. Their service has always taken quicker than the estimated time for me, too (yes, it pretty much always is 45 minutes-60 minutes, but at least they are honest about it). I haven't had any problems with them at all.

Tip: Sign up for their email list, they're constantly sending out coupon codes for $3 off your order.

By Heidi S. at 2010-01-20

Ah, the price of convenience...

We recently had a VERY disappointing incident with a delivery order from Mad Mex. We called the restaurant directly to complain and they must have called Wheel Deliver in attempt to pass off some of the blame because to our surprise, we received an apologetic call from Wheel Deliver. Even though every single problem was with the food and had nothing whatsoever to do with Wheel Deliver, Wheel Deliver stepped up to the plate, heh, and gave us full credit on our order. This was a very unexpected gesture. They recorded the order correctly and delivered it promptly, as has been the case with all of our orders thus far.

I do think that Wheel Deliver's website is much in need of improvement but their personnel are excellent in my experience.

By Shelagh C. at 2008-06-18

Bad experience. The website initially lists delivery charges as 15% of the food charges - except unless you scroll down several more lines you won't see that the minimum delivery charge is $5.50. Oh and you have to scroll down even further and squint at the tiny italicized font to find out that some East End neighborhoods have an additional $1 charge - even though this place bills itself as serving the East End area.

Watch out for the "desserts" at $4 a pop. I went with the brownie after being told it was "pretty big" and it turned out to be as small as something from a Little Debbie box.

The delivery was supposed to take less than an hour - forget it. I finally had to call to find out where my food was. The hot sandwich and french fries were both soggy.

And the manager didn't care at all that she had a disgruntled first time customer on the phone.

By Tara M. at 2009-10-31

The amount they charge to deliver food is absolutely outrageous - the bill I had to pay was nearly double how much my food cost, and that was before tip (it was certainly double my cost after that). While the lady who placed my order was helpful, the man who answered the phone to answer my question (is tip included in my charge) was extremely dismissive and rude, stopping to make other conversation while I attempted to ask questions. Next time, I'll just get my food myself.

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