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  • Street 3125 W Cary St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23221
  • Telphone (804) 358-8811
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Coriander introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.92 - $11.84 per person. We offer 15 menus, including Mexican Coke, Mexican Sprite, Mexican Fanta, Mexican Diet Coke, Honest Tea, San Pellegrino, Vegan Lentil Soup and so on.
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Coriander reviews

By Cathy L. at 2016-12-21

2nd or 3rd time here. Last time I had the cold bowl. This time I tried the Lahmajun wrap. So delicious and fresh!

Healthy & delicious! Highly recommended.

By Laurie L. at 2016-10-20

First time trying this place! I got the warm/cold deluxe bowl, I believe it was around $9.99. It's where you get the 6 cold dishes that they have that day and pick beef or chicken as the hot item. I got the beef and you can pick rice or bulgar with it. The beef kind of looked like compacted gyro meet but tasted okay. Nothing special about it, I don't think I'd order it again. The 6 cold items were pretty tasty. I thought going in, I could pick the 6 different items but they only have 6 options. They all were pretty good but one of the items was a sweeter dish that had melon and something else in it. I really only wanted all salty for my food but that was okay.

Overall, good tasty cold items but to the company, maybe make more dishes and have the customers pick the items that they want. That way it gives us more options. For that price of the bowl, I wasn't really full after eating the whole thing and I'm a pretty small woman. The flavor is definitely there in the side dishes and maybe I'll try the chicken next time.

By Rich S. at 2016-07-13

This is a great local alternative to healthy MTO FF chains like Chipotle and Zoe's. Prices are very reasonable, portions are generous, food is very fresh and service is friendly.

Though the cold bowl sounded tempting (I'll try that next time), I decided to go with a chicken wrap. I found the ratio of meat to veggies (raw cabbage, cucumbers and zucchini) to be perfect- and the crunch/chew contrast was also satisfying. Finished with a not-overbearing amount of Greek yogurt, and this lunch hit the spot! Subtle earthy flavors from lemon juice, cilantro and other herbs made this sandwich more flavorful than a typical Greek pita (apparently this is technically an Armenian restaurant).

Water and soda selection was somewhat limited and $, and the free water cup was the smallest I've seen, which was a bit annoying on a 90 degree summer day. Luckily, the kind cashier happily refilled. If I worked in Carytown this would be a regular lunch spot for me.

By Carli P. at 2016-04-27

I was looking for somewhere new to eat last night and stumbled upon this place and it's many good reviews here on Yelp!

Nobody was lying this place was awesome. I got the beef wrap called Lahmajun. It was awesome! It was a huge piece of bread that was very warm and soft and had a very tasty and flavorful beef mixture cooked on to it. It then had a bunch of tasty homemade toppings rolled up into it and it was wrapped up into a way that was very easy to eat. Not only was this place affordable, healthy, and delicious, but the people who worked there were extremely fancy and knowledgeable. My boyfriend and I told them we had never been there so they explained the whole menu to us and they were very good about answering any of our questions.

I can't wait to come here more this summer. This place is perfect for when it gets hot out when you want something that's going to be healthy and light as well as filling!

By Robert K. at 2016-10-11

A very basic menu with fresh and healthy ingredients, friendly service and reasonable (not dirt-cheap) prices, it is no surprise that Coriander is a local favorite, even among the variety of options in Carytown. No matter if you are feeling a bowl, burrito, a cool vegetarian bowl or warm chicken with hot sauce, this can be your go to place for lunch to go. There is seating for maybe a dozen people, both inside and out, so don't plan to spending too much time here, although on an early fall Thursday this place was not packed at noon.

By Sheri H. at 2016-12-10

I love fresh the ingredients. I feel like I'm eating good whole food that actually is good for me. Liz is an amazing chef.

By Lomo C. at 2016-12-17

Delish. Fresh, tasty, healthy food. The Lahmajun is excellent. Tight quarters, so don't bring a crowd. Kids meal - rice, beef, and green beans - is imminently accessible for the little ones. Try this place!

By Donn V. at 2016-07-09

The food here is always flavorful and fresh. Staff is friendly and helpful. Place is a little small, but the food more than makes up for it. Happy to have a place like this in Richmond.

By Daniel G. at 2016-12-06

The staff couldn't be nicer! They always treat me so well, and the food is always delicious! I'm vegan, so this is something really special ! highly recommended

By Tina K. at 2016-05-16

After taking the first delicious bite of my wrap, I asked myself why it had taken me so long to try this place. This is some seriously good food. From the homemade lavash, to the delicious hot sauce which is hot and flavorful, this food is great.

It was our first visit and the staff could not have been nicer. They walked us through the menu, asked if we had any questions and came out to see if we were enjoying everything. Seating is limited. There are a few tables inside and a couple outside. It's a perfect place to grab a quick bite and enjoy Carytown.

I can't wait to return to try additional items from their menu.

By Sam L. at 2015-10-04

Coriander is one of those places in Richmond that makes me sad I don't live in the area anymore. Nestled in a small (seriously, it's tiny) property in Carytown, this unassuming location packs some exceptional food and service.

Walking into this small establishment on Cary Street, I knew that they served Armenian food. As for what exactly Armenian food meant...well, let's just say my knowledge was limited. As SOON as I walked in the door, the owner (wish I had asked her name, but I didn't) started talking to me about the menu and everything that was on it. I absolutely love it when you can tell that the owner of a restaurant takes such obvious pride in the food that they make. Pride in food almost always equals quality. That was the case here.

After some guidance I ended up with the warm bowl with extra feta. Bulgur instead of rice. Extra hot sauce. Combine that with the dreary/cold day outside, and this was one of those special meals for me. Everything just works so well. The bulgur soaks up the juices from the chicken, which is cooked about as well as you can possibly cook it. The lettuce portion of the bowl adds a crunch to the dish which is absolutely crucial considering how tender and moist everything else is. The green beans reminded me of what my family makes on Thanksgiving. Again, more of that special meal feeling. The added feta here goes very well with the spicy hot sauce flavor, and even though it's extra I recommend it for the warm bowl.

It's restaurants like Coriander that make Richmond known as a foodie spot on the East Coast. But it's the friendliness of the owner and employees that make the city special to the people that live there.

Without hesitation, Coriander is the best lunch in the city right now.

My highest recommendation.

By Ipek S. at 2016-02-25

With a satisfying selection of cold appetizers and salads for both vegetarians and vegans, this place offers ethnic food that you can enjoy without guilt. Lahmadjun is highly recommended, the flat naan topped with a mixture of minced meat, vegetables and spices. They offer it as a wrap although if specified they can give the toppings on the side like the traditional way (which I prefer). The only part that confuses me is the Armenian label of the restaurant. I love Armenian food and have had it many times while living in Turkey, and it is more sophisticated than the usual cold salad mezes.

By Rachel I. at 2015-09-01

Nice for a quick lunch. The ordering style was a little confusing to me, but the lady working was super helpful. She suggested I order the cold bowl so I could try several things, so I followed her suggestion. The food was a little different and light. Nothing was so amazing that I thought I have to get back there.

A fun place to go for a lunch in carytown, but the music inside is too loud for such a small space. We sat outside (even though it was a little hot) and enjoyed some good people watching. My friend got a wrap and she seemed to enjoy it. Unfortunately, she's not a food sharer so I'm not sure if it was good or not. :-(

By Tricia D. at 2016-09-25

Great stop! The house wrap was delicious. The veggie lentil as well, although I would've liked a dash of balsamic, but that's personal taste.

By Ashley V. at 2015-07-28

Oh man, this place is so good. It's SO SO good! Everything is fresh and delicious. I ordered the warm bowl with Chicken kebab, Bulgar and fasoulia (green beans with onions and tomatoes). The meal was refreshing and filling. Others with me ordered the Lahmajun and the cold bowl. They were all equally as satisfied.

All in all, we 100% made the right decision to stop at Coriander. It's presence is unassuming, but don't let that fool you-- you are in for something special. Grab a menu and order anything, I bet you won't be disappointed.

The owner even stopped by our table to ask how we enjoyed everything. Someone who cares that much for her patrons clearly is going to put the same time and energy into her food.

I wish I lived in RVA just so I could go back here!

By Aubrey E. at 2016-06-07

Lovely and delicious, and wonderful staff!
Thank you for providing a different type of fare to Carytown, a true gem this place is!!

By Leigh E. at 2015-10-21

Just stopped in and had their homemade wrap with chicken and added feta cheese. So. Damn. Good. I recall the last time I went in, I thought the wraps were on the small side and I could have eaten more, but not this time! The wrap was huge and so tasty! It comes with chicken (or beef), yogurt, hot sauce (if desired), red cabbage, white cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, and rice. But I highly encourage you to spring for the extra $1.99 and add feta cheese.

As other reviewers have mentioned, the place is tiny, plus it was pretty warm in there from the "heated meat skewer" so I took it to go. I should have taken a picture as she made it for me, but all I got is a pic of me finishing up the bits that couldn't be contained by the wrap as my dog looks on, hoping and praying I'll drop something.

By Kristine B. at 2015-06-01

**UPDATE: Returned for a vegetarian lahmajun, and WOW! All of the salads meshing with that amazing made-to-order flatbread, with just a little crispiness to it, was excellent. You fold it up and eat it kind of like a gyro; you can really taste the passion the owners put in to this place. Everything just leaves you feeling so pleasant. Will be back to try other items, and the way they keep a rotation on their salads, it's a place you can frequent and always get excited about. It's a gem that I hope continues to stick around, because it so deserves to live.

Had a chicken wrap with all of the fixings, and YUM! Staff is so nice and personable, and everything just tastes so fresh and is so full of flavor. I was eyeing those delicious looking salads last time, so I'll probably be back for a cold box and/or a lahmajun (hell, for everything!) I love having a quick, delicious, healthy option like this right in the heart of Cary. All of the sauces, too, are absolutely delicious! I love love love the hot sauce- and that spice, paired with the yogurt-y zing of the white sauce just makes everything come together. Highly recommended- especially if you're a guilt-ridden Chipotle addict looking for something delicious, but much better for you.

By Jane P. at 2015-04-13

Pretty happy I was able to find this place for lunch. I was strolling through Richmond for a healthy food option, since I was on my way to a cruise and needed to be in my swimwear in less than a day and by luck and chance I found this place!
I got a warm bowl with chicken kabobs. The food was flavorful and super nutritious. Every bite was filled with spices. My bowl
Came with a crunchy slaw. You can ask to put on hot sauce on your meal. I got mine on the side and it was so delicious. I would recommend you get it on your food if you like spicy food.
The layout of the place was kind of confusing. They didn't really seem to have a organized system to communicate to other workers about orders, so there were a lot of confusions on orders.
There is a lot of space for you to eat at the place even though the place seems tiny. A quick place to get good food!

By Hiren K. at 2016-05-06

Me and a friend were trying to find a new place to eat and went here just before closing. We both got the chicken wrap which was filled with a lot of tasty ingredients. I wish the chicken had a little more flavor, I could taste the seasoning but it didn't really stand out to me like the other parts did. It could have also used a little more sauce, we both felt like it was kind of dry. I was disappointed that my experience didn't match everyone else's on yelp, but it may have been because we went so close to closing. I will definitely give it another try as it is a unique establishment and the people that worked there were very kind and welcoming.

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