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Country's Barbecue
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Estimated average consumption of $6.09 - $12.18 per person. We offer 87 menus, including Large Chef Salad, Small Chef Salad, Country Mex Salad, Grilled Chicken Finger Salad, Fried Chicken Finger Salad, Barbecue Pork Platters, Barbecue Chicken Platters and
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Country's Barbecue reviews

By Michael W. at 2016-11-25

As long as there is a Country's Barbecue, I will never have to cook a Christmas turkey or ham again. Thank you, Country

By Chris L. at 2016-09-18

The people who run this BBQ restaurant are deluded, as are many of the BBQ joints in COLS that consider themselves Grand Olde institutions.

What they do as the smoking process defeats what they are trying to accomplish - smoking the meat whilst it cooks. Brining and a relatively cold smoke would work a lot better, before upping the temp to the required level for complete cooking. What Country's and the other BBQ joints locally do is "smoke flavoring", i.e. cooking over a fire that emits smoke, hence a smoke flavor, but they are NOT smoking the meat by any measure.

Smoking is mostly a lost art in the south, but there still are those who do it the old timey way.
These BBQ joints all taste the same locally, the distinguishing feature being the BBQ sauces, which vary the flavor a bit.

By Sanja B. at 2016-05-16

Sadly I have to take off 2stars but it just bothered the living crap out of me. I walked inside to pick up my order and nobody was standing at the entrance/cashier, which was not the problem the waitress that saw me coming in informed another waiter about me, continuing their conversation without even acknowledging me, nor returning my two loud "HI" 's.
The girl finally made it to the front with another take out order. She was really nice and apologized, which was really nice of her but it still doesn't change that I got ignored by the other waiters. Anyways, the food was amazing!!!! We had the BBQ Rib Platter and BBQ Pulled Pork Platter. I don't have one bad thing to say about it. Delicious meat, baked beans were amazing, corn on the cob - it came fresh from the grill!! Keep up the good work and train your staff better!!!

By Brandon M. at 2016-03-12

Country's BBQ is so puzzlingly mediocre it's frustrating. It has always been so bland and plain and underwhelming that it actually makes me physically agitated when I see it. The sauces are just wrong. I don't get it. You're better off going to a chain like Shane's Rib Shack but of course Columbus is not advanced enough for that yet.

Do not eat here... It falls short Everytime just like Georgia Bulldogs football

By Jess N. at 2016-06-11

The one thing I liked was our server Oneisha. She was so sweet and polite. Her service was great and she looked like she was working really hard that evening.

My family and I came here after my cousin's turning blue graduation at Fort Benning. I guess I expected more from a barbecue place being that we were in the south. The ribs, beef, and pork were very dry. We had to use the sauces on the table to help w the meat. Sides like collard greens, baked beans, and cole slaw were mediocre. My cousin ordered chili. When it came, the server said to be careful bc it was fresh out of the microwave. Why would food at a sit in restaurant be heated in a microwave?!

The restaurant itself was cool with the wooden cabin decor. However, the tables, chairs, and floors didn't feel clean at all.

By Jake K. at 2015-08-07

Taste: B
Uniqueness: B+
Service: A-
Price: A-
Cleanliness: B

Went here expecting original, "fall-off-the-bones," tender ribs. But the pork and ribs were both fairly hard in terms of texture- particularly the ribs. I almost felt like I was chewing a piece of ham. In terms of taste, neither the pork or ribs tasted unique. The sauces tasted overly salted and "vinegary." The much-hyped French fries tasted ok, but they were waaay too soggy with grease in my opinion. In terms of cleanliness, they could definitely improve. I understand that people eat ribs and such here, but having sticky chairs and unclean silverware is always a no-go. My chair was pretty sticky and one of my forks had visible residue. But all these negatives do not mean I had a bad experience. The sweet potato soufflé was delicious and unique. And the corn cob was cooked right to perfection. Our waitress provided great service and did her best to cater to our needs despite how busy it was. For the amount of food that is given per plate, prices are pretty good. The sweet tea is a pretty good deal with unlimited refills and great taste. Suggest you get one and share around with family. Overall, this place is worth coming to at least once. I'm just not sure if it was good enough to convince me to go back.

By Sharon C. at 2016-07-26

Just okay. I ordered the brisket. I was barely warm and the texture was dry. The corn bread was good and the sweet potato was perfectly cooked. However, I came for barbecue.

By Zoe M. at 2016-06-21

If you're going to have a "Texas brisket", you should at least cook it like a proper Texas brisket and not destroy a perfectly good cut of beef. Half-ass slapping my home state's name on it doesn't make it authentic, and it tarnishes the reputation of both Texas and the pit masters who have perfected the art.

By TaCreacia B. at 2016-02-01

Called here on Friday as I was leaving Box Springs to place a to go order. The lady asked me to hold. As I was exiting Exit 4 she comes back to the phone and ask me to hold again. I asked for a manger and she with a very nasty voice said SURE. Even the manager was rude. Needless to say I took my business somewhere else.

By John C. at 2016-01-28

Barbecue chicken sandwich had practically no flavor and included a bone chip. Fries were limp and soggy. Brunswick stew was great. Next time I'll try other offerings.

By Daryl B. at 2016-02-23

Our party of 8 dined here last night. It was my first and last time eating here.
It was our waitress 3rd day in the job and we really were patient and tried to help her out as best we could. She had brought our food and we sat there 10 minutes waiting on silverware, after we had asked twice for it.
I got the rib platter with squash casserole and skillet apples as my sides. The ribs were very tough and lacked flavor. The squash casserole was cold band I got 2 apple slices in a cereal bowl of sauce while others at the table, who ordered them had a bowl full of apple slices. My husband ordered the brisket, along with 2 other gentlemen in our party. They had considerably more meat than he did.
So...the service was bad, the ribs awful and portions were no where near equal so for those reasons, we won't be back.
Pretty bad when the best thing on your plate is a piece of grilled bread.

By Tom T. at 2016-01-04

I thought it would be expensive, but it's actually very fair. I live within walking distance and may return to explore the menu. That being said, the menu is pretty small, but I'm no BBQ eating expert.

By Adrianne P. at 2016-01-23

This place was delicious!! If we ever come to Georgia again def will be stopping here!! Everything was fresh and the prices were great!! The waitress was exceptional as well!

By Jeanna W. at 2015-12-20

I wish I could give this a zero rating. We were told the wait was 20 minutes , after 50 minutes we were finally seated at a makeshift wobbly table. First rule of management, it's better to over estimate the time rather than severely underestimate!! And it's not like the food was worth the wait. It had been years since I've eaten here and now I remember why. Next time I'll pick one of the other multiple BBQ places in Columbus to eat as any of them have to be better than the poor service we experienced today!

By Isabelle E. at 2014-06-05

Hm. I came here after i had two days of mindblowing bbqs, so this was quite a let-down. The giant smoker you see and smell from the parking lot (and parkway) was quite deceiving. The cornbread was delicious. We had fried pickles that were soaking in oil. Yes, theyre deep fried, but there's no need to skip letting it drip off and to simply serve it as a pickle oil soup. The chopped pork was dry, i had to drench it in sauce. The potato salad was okay, it was mustard based, which may be your thing, it wasnt mine. From a scale of 1 to 10, the taste of the white beans was at about 1.5. It was the most plain thing. Service was nice and prompt enough. Location and atmosphere was nice and clean. The iced tea was delicious! Three points solely carried by the service and atmosphere, the food wasn't bad, but it also wasnt satisfying either.

By Andrew Z. at 2015-03-21

Great reviews on Yelp should be written by people that have proper authority, and I have proper authority because I have been coming to Country's Barbecue at Main Street Village for over 20 years now. I've eaten almost everything on the menu, as well as having dined in the restaurant and using the take-out service.

The best things about Country's are the tea, the barbecue pork, the chicken fingers, the fries, and the sides. The tea is basically why I come to Country's. Most people enjoy their sweet tea in all its syrupy goodness, but I find it too sweet as an adult and much prefer a mixture of half-sweet and half-unsweet. I do have to say that the quality of barbecue pork is actually better at Clearview BBQ, but Country's sauces are quite superior in flavor, especially the ketchup-based mild sauce. Make sure you request your barbecue to inside meat and chopped fine.

Another favorite staple that Country's offers is the chicken fingers. The chicken fingers are great by themselves, but the dipping sauce that is served with them raises the meal to a whole 'other level. (Make sure you insist your waitress bring the dipping sauce, because half the time she will forget.) If you like fries from Five Guys Burgers, then you'll love Country's fries even more. They have more flavor and are a lot less salty. Speaking of sides, Country's is one of the few places in Columbus that one can get an assortment of fresh vegetables. Do try the black eyed peas, butter beans, baked beans, corn on the cob, barbecue onions.

I would recommend staying away from the Jimmie Changa, which is the Monday exclusive special. Every time I have ever ordered it, it has been served cold and was severely lacking in a proper portion size. I left hungry. I would also advise against ordering the desserts as the pies lack flavor, especially the lemon meringue. It's all meringue and no pie.

If you're picking up take-out at the window, I would check the order to make sure everything is in there, especially the barbecue sauces and dipping sauces. One would think waitresses that are mostly high school students would remember to put sauces in the bag, but apparently that task is too difficult for them.

By Matthew W. at 2015-06-19

I went here last night and ordered the Vidalia Onion dip for an appetizer. It was amazing. For dinner I ordered the BBQ chicken platter with a salad and corn in the cob. I love corn on the cob so that was good, the salad was just iceberg lettuce and 3 radishes (nothing special), Chicken was huge. Didn't even finish half of it. Corn bread was really good. I would come here again, extremely popular though, so prepare you might have to wait for a table.

By Harold A. at 2015-03-21

Worst bar-b-que in the south. I ordered 1.5 pounds of sliced pork and at least 75% of it was not edible: tendrils, cartilage, fat, sinew, veins and connective tissue but very little meat. They use THE LOWEST GRADE OF PORK POSSIBLE evidently. On a Saturday night the meat was cold and seemed to have been cooked some other day. Ruined our meal, ruined our evening. Horrible, horrible food. What's just as bad is that the place is completely run by rude teens who don't give a crap about you or the food or the restaurant. A 100% total fail. Our meat looked like refuse from the floor of a slaughterhouse. So sorry we chose Country's and will never darken the door again. Owner should be ashamed.

By Jeremy M. at 2015-04-03

I have had a lot of BBQ - from TX to GA to the Carolinas. This place has pretty good BBQ, great service, good prices, and generous serving sizes. The sauce is delicious. The fried pickles, though, are WAY too thin. I had trouble finding the pickle in the breading. I guess some people like them that way, but not me. Some people don't like it, but as long as you aren't a BBQ snob and "too cool" to eat at a place that is a little more commercial than a food truck I think that you will honestly enjoy your visit.

By Andrea L. at 2014-03-24

Country's Barbeque warrants a solid three stars. The verdict: I ordered the brisket. The brisket was tender, but it arrived to me cold. The sauces were mediocre. The brunswick stew was GREAT and the butter beans were so-so.

When I arrived, I could smell the food from the parking lot and it was very inviting. In fact, I was super excited. I was seated outside during a really nice day, so that was a huge plus. I ordered some unsweet tea and water and both came in mason jars, in fact, all the drinks came in mason jars; a pint or quart size. Our drinks got to our table quickly.

Unfortunately, the prompt service stopped there. We didn't see our server for another 10 minutes. She took our order and then our food didn't arrive for another 20 minutes. All of my sides were warm but my brisket was cold. I thought that my sauce had too much vinegar. The brunswick stew was made deliciously, so kudos to Country's for that batch of stew! The butter beans were run of the mill, not too salty, so that's a plus.

Overall, it was enjoyable because we were with a good group of people who made it enjoyable. However, the lack of prompt service made it 4 stars and the inconsistencies in the food took it down to 3 stars.

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