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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
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We offer 54 menus, including Old Timer's Breakfast, Sunrise Sampler, Grandpa's Country Fried Breakfast, The Cracker Barrel Country Boy Breakfast, Smokehouse Breakfast, Wholesome Morning Sampler, Country Morning Breakfast and so on.
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Cracker Barrel Old Country Store reviews

By Paul G. at 2016-05-27

I'm not the biggest fan of Cracker Barrel, but there's two things they make very well here: Catfish and blueberry pancakes. I'm not a breakfast person at all, so I'm glad that catfish is available at breakfast time. It's always good and fresh here. My wife really likes the pancakes; They're bursting with blueberries. Too many for my taste, but hey, I can eat around them. For some odd reason, the pancakes and catfish at Orlando CB's aren't very good. Maybe it's something in the water. If you've ever tried Orlando water, you'd know I'm being serious.

If you come here on a Sunday, be sure to get there early. After church lets out it's every man for himself.

By Richard N. at 2016-05-29

What can I say about one of my favorite go to joints. I love Cracker Barrell! While the food is delicious - the catfish (blackened or fried), lemon pepper tilapia, fried cod, greens, green beans, corn bread (sigh), pancakes with the crunchy edges (faints) - the restaraunt struggles to appeal to many who've not eaten here due to the connotations which the name and country store appearance gives. If it weren't for a friend of mine insisting that we eat here while traveling 15 years ago, I'd never learn to appreciate how special this place is. If you're a person of color and want a great meal, you'll definitely find it in EVERY Cracker Barrel you'll visit and the service IS ALWAYS on point! Definitely my go to spot when I'm traveling and fear the local establishments with poor Yelp reviews...

By Shawn H. at 2016-04-08

Worst service ever at a Cracker Barrel plus received fried catfish that wasn't even cooked. We will not be going back to this Cracker Barrel.

By Glenn W. at 2015-09-28

I always enjoy Cracker Barrel. This one seems set up a little different that the ones I've visited. But good home cooking nonetheless.

By Marty E. at 2014-07-26

It bothers me we can't have Cracker Barrel on the west coast. I even Googled for an answer, and apparently their market analysts came to the conclusion that Cracker Barrel would not be profitable and have no plans to ever build out there.

F that! I would keep Cracker Barrel open myself and probably weigh 500 lbs. but it would be totally worth it. Turnip greens, cheesy hashbrown casserole, buttermilk biscuits, country fried chicken... I need these things in my life. At least I have something to look forward to when I visit Decatur. Will be here all week until I leave...

By Donna R. at 2013-05-20

First of all, let me preface by saying that I usually LOVE Cracker Barrel, but this locations was pretty bad.

Our waitress was slow, hardly ever came around for refills, our food was given to us from somebody else, and she had no personality.

My breakfast was decent... I mean its hard to screw up Bacon and Hasbrown casserole, but my main part, the Eggs in the Basket (over easy eggs inside toast) was... and I can't believe I am saying this... had TOOO much butter on it. I mean I was biting down and butter was squirting out. The sourdough bread already has so much flavor, you don't need that much butter. My husbands biscuits and gravy was terrible... the gravy lacked flavor and the biscuits tasted like flour. I mean the biscuits are usually their staple, the main reason I eat there and they were horrendous.

It was such a let down cause I haven't been to one in a couple of years and I was so excited to have breakfast and feel at home :(

By I Dont Care D. at 2015-12-18

Great no sugar added apple pie with no added sugar vanilla ice cream is the best also you can get breakfast Anytime which my former homecare clients LOVED!!!!!!!

By Ryan T. at 2014-12-17

I recently ate at this establishment and I have to give them a 5 star rating... I've never had a problem at any of their stores. The food was awesome and the service was very professional and prompt the price is very decent!!

By Marin C. at 2014-04-17

Always satisfying. Mmm good. I like the grilled chicken salad. It's hard to have room for dessert, portion sizes are large. Sometimes there is a wait but, usually they are a well oiled machine.

By Lori M. at 2012-04-25

There is only one place to get cheesy hash brown casserole this good. Cracker Barrel is the place. Likewise, the cheese factor in the general store makes for great browsing while you wait for a seat.

If you haven't been to the south or the heartland, you haven't seen one of these restaurants. Boy oh boy are you missing out.

It isn't that the food is creative or gourmet or even ridiculously fresh. However, their breakfast is sure to fill you to the gills and stick to your ribs. I especially like the hash brown casserole. Their biscuits and gravy are good, if you don't compare it to Granny's. If you like grits, the you are in the right place.

Before you get they, you must navigate from the front door through their gift shop that resembles a general-store. Here you find candles, lotions, cast iron pans, angel mirrors, floral aprons with tons of flounces, and 'every day is a good day to fish' signs. I can spend an hour just wondering at the trinkets in here. Nobody does frilly country decor like,a Cracker Barrel! As for me, I just browse, though I have been tempted from time to time to buy a pair of,the amazing rocking chairs. You want one? You can order from their website. Oh, and if you want the fishing sign, that can also be yours from the website!

Service is always friendly. I find myself saying "yes, ma'am" when I am here. It is a slice of southern hospitality for,wear,y and hungry folks on the road.

Solid breakfast, good chicken fried steak for lunch...Cracker Barrel isn't meant to be gourmet. Instead, it is a rib-sticking' meal, consistent no matter the state, served with a smile. This place beats Denny's any day...if you are in the mood for that style,of food.

By Chris N. at 2011-05-02

I love fine dining, so it may come as a surprise that I'm giving this place five stars. Cracker Barrel is far from fine dining. And yes, I know it's a chain of restaurants. But I had never been to a Cracker Barrel before, until I went to this location in Decatur. I'm really glad I had a chance to experience it before I moved back to the Northwest.

Eating here is truly an "experience" of sorts. Think Claim Jumper, but not as refined or polished, and much more laid back. As you're waiting for a table, you can sit outside in a rocking chair. It's awesome. The staff was super friendly, and the food was pretty darn good.

I'm obsessed with strawberry lemonade. Their version comes in a chilled mug, and that makes it even better. Their fried chicken is amazing, and really brings me back to the days when my grandma would make it for me. They also serve breakfast all day, which is pretty awesome!

Service can be a little slow, but the atmosphere and happy faces surrounding you will make up for it.

By Sean L. at 2011-12-30

OK...Yes, I do like the food and atmosphere and browsing the shop for memories of my childhood. The service is still a little slow. This is my Mom's favorite breakfast in Decatur (Forsyth). Get the single pecan pancake with maple syrup, delicious. As a kid traveling to Florida, I remember getting a special gift/toy for the ride. Good for families and groups. This location is just off I-72 and North US 51, and take the frontage road to Best Buy.

By Timothy H. at 2013-04-23

I like this place! It deserves 5 stars for what it is. Wholesome good food, pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and fun little store to find special treasures. A chance to step back in time and enjoy a welcome break from the day's challenges. Enjoy!

By Julissa C. at 2012-01-03

Pretty much exactly what the name says it is. Slow service and pretty dull and tacky. Not at all a fan. Also the biscuits had no flavor what so ever. Will never go to again.

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