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We offer 56 menus, including Craw Tails, Shrimp from the Bayou, Maryland Style Crab Cakes, Louisiana Red Beans & Rice, Crispy Calamari, Loaf of Bread, Cajun Fire Sticks and so on.
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By Stephanie S. at 2016-08-13


My stuffed eggplant is the best! Giant half eggplant carved into a bowl, hosting many crawfish and shrimps. Yummy!

By Gerard T. at 2016-03-31

Came here for dinner! Always wanted to try out the new location since reopening this year. Ambiance was nice. Location was a little out of the way, it's easy to miss because it's in the middle of the block with small signage. Once you find it, parking can be a headache but I think they have a parking lot toward the end of the block. Once inside we ordered the Gator Bites which was the appetizer. These were tempura battered pieces of white meat gator, seasoned with seafood seasoning, and fried. Served with Remoulade

For the main course we ordered the Grilled Lamb salad. It was a nice portion size and consisted of slow cooked pieces of tender lamb, topped with pancetta, chèvre, cheese and oven dried tomatoes. Served in a pancetta and red onion vinaigrette. Next is the Chilean Seabass which was floured and pan seared. Topped with olive tapenade, orange segments, and artichoke hearts. Served on top of garlic mashed potatoes and carrots.

All in all the food was delicious to the third power . This will be the nearest thing you get to New Orleans and creole cuisine in West Allis/Milwaukee area, better yet Wisconsin. Definitely would recommend and will be back again. Portions were a pretty decent size and prices were between $10-$30 for appetizers and entrees. Ended spending about $80 for appetizer, two entrees, 2 drinks, and dessert.

By Marvin M. at 2016-02-13

The food is terrific--similar to prior location. The infamous carrots were less buttery and sweet, but that's probably a good thing for our health.

I went on day 4 of the new place so I did notice things that are still being worked out. For example, the wait for a drink at the bar is long. Ok that will save you some cash, though, because the wait for a table is also very long. They do have a nice app to see where you are in line (shows how many people are in front of you).

Due to the newness and how busy they were, the food took forever to arrive. I had the Steak Diane and it was amazing. Cooked to perfection and very flavorful.

They do have a comfy waiting room that has a couple of leather couches. Nice touch.

The only real disappointment with the food was the bread pudding. More like monkey bread without the flavor. Mine was served partially warm and partially cold. Clearly a last minute microwave job that wasn't done.

I'll be back. I lived the prior place and the chef is the same.

By Annie G. at 2016-10-17

Not a fan. Overpriced, and the flavor wasn't great at all. My crab tasted burnt. I'm. It sure I'll give this place another chance.

By Mark B. at 2016-02-14

If I could give them lower than one star it would be fitting. This has to be the worst dining experience I have had. As a former restaurant owner I was blown away at the behavior of the "owner". We had waited two hours for our entrees, dealt with wrong drinks being delivered and when our food did arrive one member of our party did not receive their entrée. When I finally finished my meal and saw that hers still had not arrived I sought out the manager who informed me that my fellow diners meal was given to someone else and it would be ready in another 15 minutes.

After several conversations with the manager, who was apologetic and sincere, the "owner" made his way over. He was not as cordial. We was done right rude. As he approached the table, with a smirk on his face he announced he was "ready for his tongue lashing". He never took the time to introduce himself nor offer a sincere apology or explanation. He did however, in his smug demeanor, state "Look I have apologized 5 times I bought a round of drinks (two were delivered incorrectly), what do you want me to do?" Had this "owner" been sincere instead of arrogant and smug it may not have been as bad as it turned out. Our group dines out very frequently and will be sharing this story with our friends and family. This type of "no customer service" gives the whole restaurant business a bad name.

By Ed B. at 2016-03-20

I have been here twice now for lunch. Both times were a very good experience. I have been here with a party of 5 others who are locals and have been coming here for many years in its other location. I tried the Crawfish and stuffed mushroom appetizers. Both were very good. The seafood gumbo is one of the best ever. They serve you a generous portion of the house rice on the side which is unique. I have tried the shrimp and crawfish étouffée and the stuffed eggplant. Both had plenty of crawfish and shrimp in them and the dishes overall were big portions that justify the price you pay. The house rice is good but nothing that blows you away. They also are known for their house carrots and people rave about them. I do not get it. They are large soft slices and mildly seasoned but nothing special other than it is a large portion. Not a single person I have been here with had a bad thing to say and everyone enjoyed their meals.

The quality of food here is very good overall. The service here is also very good. The decor is nice and mixed with the music it really gives you the atmosphere of New Orleans. I will be back here again for sure.

By Nicole S. at 2016-02-20

I have been so excited for this reopening for months! In first 5 min, we ordered some specialty drinks off the menu while we waited and were made known how annoyed the bartender was to make them as she blatantly talked to a customer sitting in front of us how hard it was to make these while rolling her eyes. It was really rude, something I would expect from a dive bar not a restaurant where you can easily spend $100 on dinner for two people. The worst part was, the drinks were terrible. So I guess don't order the specialty drinks they have on the menu since it's such an inconvenience for the bar staff.

The food was great, we had the crawdaddy's Caesar salad, calamari, stuffed eggplant, lobster mashed potatoes and the ribeye. The food came out quickly and our waitress was helpful and attentive. They were not doing substitutions to the sides like we were able to do at the old location. Overall, the food was great, it is just unfortunate about the rude bartender.

By Jason M. at 2016-08-06

This place couldn't spell Cajun much less cook it. Gumbo was more like vegitable water and the bread was cold in the middle after being fried. Really bad choice for anyone who actually has eaten in NOLA!!!

By Leah L. at 2016-02-16

Glad they're back in looks great in here ...service was good and the food was delicious

By Will S. at 2016-04-28

Be prepared for a long wait to be seated if you go at dinner time on the weekend. My wait was 40 minutes and by the time I was being seated others that were coming in were being told it would be almost two hours.

The atmosphere was pleasant, yet the music was quite loud. Though I'm not a lover of seafood, I thought I'd give it a shot. To my amazement, it was pretty good. Probably because it was prepared well.

The main issue I had was that there was a mix-up with my order and I didn't receive my appetizer until my main course arrived. I also didn't like the idea that I had to pay for bread. The bread should be included with the meal, especially since most of the menu items are above $20.

It overall was an enjoyable experience. I may go back sometime, though I probably will go for lunch or try a weekday instead.

By Tracy T. at 2016-03-08

This is my husband and my first time at the new location the food was great as was the waitress Tracy.

By Toni D. at 2016-03-22

Wow! Have you tried it? Fabulous improvement on the 'other' staff. Bartender Eric was personable and attentive. Mike is the owner and has the Craw Daddy's chef. Mike is so personable. The New Orlean's atmosphere is comfortable. The rice and red beans are a meal with andouille.
I was not a fan of the 'other' staff. What an improvement to both the name and the venue!

By Greg C. at 2016-04-29

If you have ever been to New Orleans or the Gulf region you would now this is not Cajun food. The food is terrible and no where near authentic! The menu is over priced and the service is just plain bad!!

By C F. at 2016-10-23

Dined there last name. Ordered medium rare ribeye, served well done. Pasta dishes tasted out of a box. Poor service only completed this awful experience. Not returning.

By Scott M. at 2016-06-01

Wow this place is incredible, what a classy place with great for and live music. I can not wait for the next date night. The staff and bartenders are lively and fun. If you are in the area definitely stop in!

By Walter S. at 2016-06-03

Not authentic, but ok. A little costly for the area. I think the old Crawdaddy's was better.

By Neal S. at 2016-02-11

I am having a great time here. I am so happy this place is back. I am here on opening day and the place is full of great people having awesome food while enjoying the lively atmosphere. The few that reviewed this place before me are fake as I am here on opening day.

By Jeremy B. at 2016-08-10

I think if you call yourself Crawdaddys, you should have boiled crawfish on the menu. Both the Jambalaya and Gumbo I had were pretty boring.

By Barbara K. at 2016-04-07

I had steak Diane Yum Yum yummy! The carrots are awesome! I think there was a recipe online but I can't find it anymore. If I lived in Wisconsin I'd be at Crawsaddys once a week!!

By Randall M. at 2016-02-24

The food was just as great as the old location. Absolutely great. My wife and I both agree this is our favorite restaurant.

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