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Crostini Sandwiches

Crostini Sandwiches
  • Street 231 North St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53704
  • Telphone (608) 241-4284
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Crostini Sandwiches introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.84 - $11.68 per person. We offer 50 menus, including Soup of The Day, Chili, Chili Mac, Small Pasta Salad, Small Potato Salad, Garden Salad, Caesar Salad and so on.
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Crostini Sandwiches reviews

By Demi A. at 2016-10-24

I needed to grab something for lunch and feeling sick of the usual sandwich suspects of Subway and Milio's etc. I thought I would Yelp 'Sandwiches' near my work place. Crostini came up as 3 minutes away and had good ratings so I thought I would try it out. Together with two co workers we drove over there and were very impressed. We found street parking right across the street and the outdoor seating area looked nice. The daily special was listed on a chalkboard out front. Once inside there are seemingly endless delicious items to chose from on the menu boards. Finally, I opted for the Chicken pesto Panini and a Ceasar Salad along with the freshly brewed ice tea. My co workers order the Egg Salad Sandwich and Turkey Cran-Apple Chutney Panini and a chocolate malt. After a short wait one of the employees brought us our food to go. (I had read in the Yelp reviews some folks got a free cookie for their first visit, unfortunately, we didn't get one, either I failed to mention it was our first time or we weren't asked-oh well).
At first I noticed there were no croutons on the ceasar salad and was momentarily disappointed, however, the parmesan on the salad made up for it as well as the awesome dressing and fresh lettuce as well as a hard boiled egg. I never ended up missing the croutons and think they would have been too filling and excessive.
My Panini was great. The portion size was very generous and there was no lack of gooey melted yummy cheese goodness. The chicken breast on the Panini was really good, flavorful and a nice cut of meet. The fresh avocado and spinach was tasty. My ice tea was also delicious, served with a fresh lemon slice (optional).
My co workers were also very impressed with their meals.
We will be back!!!!!!!!!! And I will bring more customers.

By Nikki H. at 2016-08-09

Good food but 2 out of 3 times when I order whole wheat bread or a whole wheat wrap they give me white bread or a white wrap. I am health conscious so this is very frustrating and I get it on my lunch break so I can't have them fix it. I just have to eat the refined carbs and deal with it. I guess I just have to check my order every time, which is frustrating and wastes my precious lunch time.

The other thing is they have absolutely terrible ventilation inside so make sure you order ahead and only get the food to go otherwise you will smell like a kitchen for the rest of the day.

By Craig L. at 2016-07-08

Have to say this was the best damn sandwich I've had in quite some time. Fresh fresh veggies, good sauce, delish bread (I wish I knew their source) & the people running the show, super friendly & helpful.

My wife & I always look for non chain places and were really happy this is close to our neighborhood, it's good to see these types of businesses doing well & we are happy to help them succeed.

By Justin B. at 2016-12-23

First time here, ordered the California panini and my wife's ordered a Philly cheesesteak. Both orders came out quickly. The panini was cooked perfectly. It had a great pesto and juicy tomatoes in it. Both orders came with a small delicious chocolate chip cookie (not sure if that is typical or just because of the holidays). There are plenty of spots to sit inside. The ambience is lacking but the food more than makes up for it. Give this place a try and you'll be happy you did!

By Candice S. at 2016-11-04

This place is amazing! I've been here twice so far and both times the service was excellent and the food delicious! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone.

By Holly T. at 2016-06-07

Oh my goodness! How many places have you been to that give you a FREE cookie just because it's your first time visiting?? Crostini does!!

Free cookie+bag of pickles+delicious sandwiches+good customer service= pretty great experience.

OK. On to the sandwiches. I ordered the Farmer's Market. I have never experienced a sandwich with potato as the main part of it before. It was tasty and definitely filling. The sautéed peppers were also very yum! There were so many flavors wrapped into this sandwich. My husband ordered the Chicago Style Italian Beef. He enjoyed it, but it wasn't his favorite.

We will definitely go back next time we want to have a picnic in downtown Madison!

By Stacey L. at 2016-04-04

This is a tough one. The sandwiches are four-star, maybe five, but there were some bummers to the catering order I recently placed. Nothing horrendously wrong, by any means, but nothing that wowed me. A-OK describes my experience perfectly.

+ You can place catering orders online through a popular Madison food delivery service.
- There are no directions or details for catering orders; it lists the number of sandwich halves and cookies you'll get, but that's it.
+ My delivery order arrived on time; I placed it three days before the event.
- Despite putting detailed directions on how to find us (I was at a private party at a business), the driver couldn't find us and was wandering the apartment building next door. I was running an event in a basement-level business - if I hadn't had my phone or had reception I don't know if he'd had found us.
+ The sandwiches were delicious and came in a nice carrying case.
- The cookies had squared-off sides and looked to be mass produced.
- There were no vegetarian options in the box even though they have a couple veggie subs on the menu.
- There were no plates, napkins, or condiments; there was no mention of this, but for catering that's a pretty common inclusion.

The most important thing, though, is the food, and the sandwiches got gobbled up in quick fashion. As a huge turkey sandwich fan, I can put my stamp on their version. It reminded me in one bite of the deli sandwiches I used to order when living out East. I had forgotten about these sandwiches entirely but their sauce/spices took me back. I will definitely order that sandwich again. It's nothing fancy, but I totally dug it.

Looking forward to trying them in a non-catering capacity, and now that I've experienced their catering I know some handy facts for next time (such as trying to contact the store directly to inquire about including veg items in my order).

By Kate S. at 2016-12-12

The taste was amazing....I would eat here everyday if it weren't for a few things. My first visit, although a bit pricey was so worth it because of how delicious it was. I was so impressed I have ordered lunch for co-workers a few times and every time there was an issue....either it took almost two hours, the order was not correct, the order was missing something, and then the food was cold and soggy by the time it got to us. Just not worth the price.

By Sarah S. at 2016-02-26

Can't complain. This place is conveniently located near my house. This is our go-to place for our lazy nights when we are defiantly not cooking but are in need of a dinner that is not cereal.
They have a lot of Gluten free options delivery and pickup. They have a punch card that when you fill it up you get $5.00 off.
My Husband loves their cheesesteaks and we are transplants from Philly so I think that's saying something. I usually get the spicy chicken with not bacon and no cheese becasue I am no fun :oP
this is a great place to have in the hood and many nights i'd go hungry without them.

By Erin B. at 2016-08-05

Yum yum! I'm at work tonight and I got hungry and I remembered how much I liked Crostini the last time I ordered it. Tonight I got the turkey/artichoke/spinach panini and their signature salad. I must say, I chose very well! That panini was so delicious. I've had other things in the past, but I'm pretty sure I'm always going to get this one from now on. However, the signature salad is amazing! Sure, you say, it's greens and good toppings with a nice dressing. But you obviously don't realize how good a combination it all is!! Good fresh mixed greens, artichokes, broccoli, olives, beans, Parmesan and other veggies. I'm only complaint is that I overdressed it, but that's my fault (the dressing comes on the side). I'll definitely be getting this again! It's all very reasonably priced and was delivered quickly.

By Julie M. at 2016-04-29

Our food was great! Pesto pasta with garlic bread, farmer's market panini and chicken avocado panini! Everyone was happy. Small place so if you have a group you will want to take advantage of the outside deleting. No restrooms, though, so take that business elsewhere!

By Yada D. at 2016-08-03


but other than that sandwiches are amazing - staff are nice and overall super cute mom and pop shop. I would boycott them if their food wasn't so good ( you now get 4 stars instead of 5) . I'm still heartbroken about this Instagram competition - need to work on your PR Crostini sandwiches

Panini's are the best - pasta salad not so much.

By TJ D. at 2016-04-30

I'm angry I have to give this place a single star.

My work, a place which places 9-10 orders every single day from Crostini's. And on the past three Saturdays that we have ordered from here. The first time, it took 3 hours to get our food, and they forgot one of the Cheesecake's we ordered. When calling them back, it took another hour and a half to get a single piece of cheesecake brought back to us. When we called and complained to the "manager" they gave us a 10% discount on our food on the next order.

We called the Saturday after, and it took 2 hours to get our order. We called back and they basically said "Oh well, there was nothing they could do."

We gave them one more chance today. We ordered our food at approximately 1pm. It's now 3:30pm and we have no food. We've called them four different times. Twice they've told us the driver had already left and would be here soon. That was 45 minutes ago. When calling back just now they don't even know where the driver is. Not to mention, on top of that, when we placed our first order, we ordered an order of fries. An hour later when our food wasn't here (Estimated 30 minute deliver time) we were told that the fry truck wasn't there for them to make the fries, which was the delay. Why not just say that right away when someone orders something you don't have in stock. It's ridiculous a company would completely lose a delivery driver and have no idea where he is.

Update: It's 4pm. We got our food. The food is ice cold, the driver appeared stoned out of his mind when he got here, and they forgot several items from our order. Thankfully they didn't charge us for the order, but this entire service experience was terrible. On our call back to complain about the food that -wasn't- delivered as part of the order, we were told "Since you're not paying for it, we're not bringing out more food that you won't pay for". Eventually, we got them to agree to send out the food from the original order.

This entire issue could be solved by finding a competent delivery driver. He drives here 7 days a week. He should know how to get here without getting lost by now.

Our company has decided to cease spending upwards of $1,000 a week at Crostini's. We'll give our business to their direct competition if its in any way more competent then they are.

By Amy F. at 2016-02-04

Totally impressed!! Great service, music ad food. Got cookies on the house for being a first timer! Very small, casual and very friendly.

By Lindsay K. at 2016-06-16

I can't say I've ever had a problem with my order here, but I do only ever order one thing for myself each time I go here. I've always had incredibly friendly service when I walk in, and my order is always ready. I work in the area and there are not a TON of good restaurants around, so this is often a go-to for me. I can't say the food here is going to knock anyone's socks off, but it is absolutely above average and quite tasty. Plus, it's always fun to go to your small, local stores!

By Panda B. at 2016-02-06

Right now this is my favorite place for delivery after a night out.

The burger at $5 is a fantastic deal. The first time I ordered based on price I expected a sad little burger, totally wrong! I've gotten the burger 3 times now (always with added bacon) and it's been great every time.

The Chili Mac is another favorite. Total comfort food and super cheap.

I also love that you can get awesome tea's from the place next door (except Monday's). On Mondays we get the house lemonade which is fantastic; best lemonade in town; not that I can think of another place I get lemonade.

All and all just really happy this place is in the neighborhood.

By Kara R. at 2016-07-12

I love that they have delicious gluten free options, fresh, interesting, and kind. I have training three days in a row nearby and am going to get something different everyday. So excited.

By Kendall F. at 2016-03-05

(Order 3/5/16)
We ordered food at 4:45 pm. Two hours later, we had no food and called the restaurant several times. The restaurant told us that the delivery driver had left a few minutes ago and "should be pulling up." 15 minutes after that, we called the restaurant again, who then had the driver (name: "Roman") call us. The driver lied and said he left the food 30 minutes ago after calling us twice. Problems with this: 1) we had no missed calls, and 2) his unfortunate lie does not match with the restaurant saying "he'd just left." If the driver arrived "30 minutes ago," then the restaurant would have said that he'd already arrived the first time we talked to them. Realizing he was caught in a lie, Roman The Driver(TM) started yelling at us on the phone, berated us for not being "on top of it," and then said he was the manager as an excuse, which really only makes his behavior even more disgusting and appalling.

We're lucky that we ordered from GrubHub, and thus were able to get a refund through them. As I've seen from other reviews, those that ordered direct from the restaurant were not so lucky.

TLDR: 2 hour wait, no food, no refund from restaurant, lying driver with a temper

By Sarah W. at 2016-02-28

This sandwich shop is really great. When you step in it's like going into one of those deli/sandwich places in a big city like NY or Chicago (I'm saying this from my own experience). It's cozy and there's a lot going on. The prices are totally reasonable as well, you can get a lot of sandwiches for around $5 or less and they taste great! I don't think most of the ingredients are local, organic or anything fancy like that but this is reflected in the low prices. I've found a lot of sandwich/burger places charging $10+ for something made with the same quality ingredients. Also, a lot of their stuff is made in house (it's not just dumped from a Sysco freezer bag into the fryer) and tastes great. A few sandwiches that I particularly like are the meatball sub, the tuna melt, and the Chicago hot dog. Another great thing about Crostini's is that they deliver for a reasonable price (it's a $10 minimum and less than $2 delivery fee), so if you're feeling lazy or overwhelmed you can get your food brought to your door! All-in-all I highly recommend this place for a well-made tasty sandwich.

By Isa L. at 2016-02-15

Yummy sandwiches. Prices are a little too high in my opinion, but good food. I've been here once and was completely overwhelmed with the amount of menu items. I ended up choosing the caprese panini. Needed more pesto, but was still delicious. Adorable tiny store with yummy food and good jazz music playing over the speakers!

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