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Dairy Queen
Dairy Queen introduction
Estimated average consumption of $2.07 - $4.14 per person. We offer 83 menus, including Bacon Cheese GrillBUrger, 1/2 ;b. with Cheese Grillburger, Mushroom Swiss Grillburger, Classic with Cheese Grillburger, Classic Grillburger, California Grillburger, DQ
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Dairy Queen reviews

By Brandon L. at 2016-11-16

Since this is the only Dairy Queen I really know of in the Baltimore County area, and the closest to where I live it will have to do. The food isn't that great, but I usually come here for the ice cream for the most part.

I wish the staff would do a better job of cleaning the restaurant, and the serving area behind the counters. It always looks dirty.

By Vanessa R. at 2016-10-24

Where do these employees get their weed? Because it must be REALLY good. I ordered two cones, both vanilla, one dipped, which basically required a diagram for the cashier to understand. Then I added an "original" Orange Julius. He asked what flavor. Bad start. So we're standing at the end of the counter waiting for our order with the multitudes of others with screwed-up orders (there's gotta be a better way). Get our cones, and the one without chocolate has chocolate fingerprints smeared all over the cone. Finish said cones while waiting for the drink, which I had to remind the employee -- I'll call him Eminem here -- twice about. Entire experience took at least half an hour.

I know it's fast food, but drugs are bad, mmkay?

By Kurt J. at 2016-10-08

First let me say after you place your order they tell you to have a seat cause they'll bring your meal to you :} first the burger tastes like they took their time to make it. Or the cook made the burger with love next the fries. they are hot and crispy. And the peanut butter ice cream is dine-o-mite and for all that the prices are good and the service Is great
This menu will have you coming back for more .

I give this a five star grill and chill real meal deal review

By Rosaire P. at 2016-11-27

came here yesterday before 11:45 am to have lunch with my two year old so , ordered him a kid's burger and ordered myself a number 1 meal with onion rings instead of fries, no tomato or pickles (since it makes me sick ... 8 mo pregnant) and a mini turtle pecan blizzard, cashier was very lovely wish I was able to get her name , ten minutes later a lady (who happens to be a manager/lead) walked around with two ice cream looking for number 1, she couldn't find that number and the cashier apologized and said oh i meant to put 19 , lady with the ice cream saw that our number was 19 so she rudely slammed the blizzard on our table... Like it was my fault that I was suppose to magically know our number couldve been 1 or 19 , waited .... Ice cream melted... My son was getting aggitated, finally stood up and asked for where our order of food was about waiting for 20 min total, cashier assured us that our order will be out shortly ... fifteen minutes later and everyone got their order people who have came in after us has eaten and left , stood up again after waiting an extra 15 min lady that delivered the blizzard gave me an attitude yet again and said it will be out in 3 min ... Finally order cane out COLD AND COMPLETELY WRONG, I asked for a full refund after wasting 45 min, cashier was VERY APOLOGETIC and the main manager who just finished taking care of a customer apologized and gave me full refund, blizzard lady was in the back murmuring making burgers with her bare hands... Toasting bread with her bare hands, delivering food to tables , handling food without washing her hands... NASTY!!! I wish I couldve gotten that lady's name because you ma'am are the reason people get sick and get salmonella, e coli, etc.

By Corey D. at 2016-05-04

Stopped in for a quick bite to eat, 32 minutes later I'm still in line... No way to get out of this drive-thru I'm trapped... I can't comment on the food but this wait is ridiculous
Then they gave us 2 melted sundaes (WTF)
Hope all them incompetent people get fired...

By Ray L. at 2016-05-08

Came in for fries and an a sundae, I still don't understand how it took them so long for ice cream!! Waited about 20 minutes and of course my ice cream was melted and my fries were cold. So I asked one of the employees if she wouldn't mind getting me new ones and she had the nerve to roll her eyes at me! She took the fries back and I swear she came back with the same ones because they were still cold and when she finally brought me my brownie sundae it looked like it had been dropped on the floor. Came in to get a refund and they looked surprised to see me and started giggling and laughing. ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. WILL NEVER GO BACK!!!!!!!!!

By La'Brent M. at 2014-09-09

I love DQ. Stopping by after a training session to get a fruit smoothie has become a bit of a habit now. They have so many flavors I've only tried the Triple Berry and Mango Pineapple. I've decided to try the rest with every visit. The prices aren't outrageous and to add protein to a smoothie is less than a dollar. Best thing I've ever discovered.

In addition to the frozen treats the hot food (and cold) are on point. The Quesadillas are awesome. You can select Veggie or Chicken. They have a Chick Wrap and offer grilled for those living a healthy lifestyle. Their salads are really good but I suggest getting a side salad which me and the Wife found out is almost as filling as an entrée.

For whatever reason if you are on Pulaski Highway and are near the Golden Ring Shopping Center check it out get a smoothie you will thank me later. Just dont go late at night or you may wait a little longer for your food.

By Summer B. at 2014-05-08

Great selection of food I personally like the chicken quesadillas and the hot dog combo with fries. It can get somewhat hectic at times but the staff does well and they get the customers on their way. The ice cream selections is all that and then some. So come out and check them out!

By Virginia B. at 2015-08-17

My favorite fast food place. Cheap, yummy, clean, nice staff, and amazing peanut butter topped sundaes.

By Edward D. at 2015-08-10

DQ always seems to end up being more expensive than you expect a fast food place to be. and service / employee attitude is marginal at best for any fast food experience - and these guys and gals were having a tough day when i visited last Saturday night - which made it even more tense and slow. They were way behind due to some customer difficulty involving law enforcement. It always amazes me how inefficient and unfriendly these national chain employees have devolved to - it's as if they don't care, with an attitude of they deserve the job and we just owe them something for being there (and these employees want a higher min. wage?) - but that's not just DQ and when it's late and i'm out of options, it's best to just take a deep breath and make the most of it.

so, back to the review - once it calmed down and i finally got my snack wrap and ice cream, it got better. despite being an absolute mess (it was almost close and the ice cream station looked like it had exploded), the DQ taste and quality made the madness worth it - there is nothing that really compares to a DQ treat - delish and perfectly balanced quantity. As a bonus, the chicken bacon cheddar snack wrap, which i tried for the first time, was tasty.

as long as you don't expect first class service when you're order from a "five buck meal" menu, and you have time and patience, this store will give you what you expect from a DQ experience.

By David T. at 2014-10-23

What's there to say , who doesn't love ice cream?? Plenty of different ways to have your desert. Cones sundaes shakes blizzards cakes and a few more I'm sure of.
Don't forget the complete dinner menu also. Burgers fries tenders just to name a few.

By Anthony W. at 2013-03-11

Blizzards Baby, FlameThrower Burger Is Good Too

By Shawn C. at 2012-07-11

This Dairy Queen is another great Buisness that offers our Military a 10% discount!!! (That means me....LOL)!!!

This is a great place for a taste treat. After we partook of the Sonic almost across the street on US40, Sheri, Ben, & I headed over here for desert.

Sheri had a peanut butter sunday with whip & nuts.
Ben had a chocolate dipped waffle cone with ice cream.
I had a lucious Heath Bar Blizzard....OMG to die For!!!

I'm kind of hooked on the Heath Bar Blizzard, but every now and then I like to shake it up and get a Butterfingers & Heath Bar Blizzard....LOL!!!

By Steve S. at 2015-03-14

This place has some good points and some bad. Good point is that the food is pretty good for fast food and they have ice cream. I really like the Chicken Bacon Ranch sandwich. The bad is that they give you a number then have to come find you with your food that comes in a basket with no tray. I have to use a napkin to squirt ketchup on. Get some trays please. Also, they didn't bring me my ice cream one time so I asked where it was when they brought my food. Their answer was I had to go get it. My reply was, "I don't work here, you go get it and bring it to me." They looked at me like I was speaking French. Arby's next door has gone crazy with their prices and Sonic & Checkers across the street don't have indoor seating. Out of the four DQ is the best.

By Brandon S. at 2014-08-27

I love the triple berry smoothie with added protein when I leave the gym around the corner.

By Ugo O. at 2014-08-29

Its your typical fast food joint. It was clean when i went in, but the drive through takes too long. I do love the vanilla milkshake though

By Gary B. at 2013-07-08

They worst experience ever. Waiter was rude when I complained my milkshake was too runny. She took it back and came back and tried to give me the same milkshake I just gave her back.

By Jen W. at 2012-01-04

I'm a sucker for Dairy Queen. This DQ is a Grill & Chill so it has an extensive food menu in addition to the sweet dairy treats. The Grill & Chill is one of the only ones in the area. It is a modern, clean place with booths and tables. The food is fast but tasty and the blizzards are awesome. Try the flavor of the month or make your own.

By Jim M. at 2013-08-29

Don't go here. Something is wrong with the ice cream. Just bought a cake for my wife's birthday and it had a coarse sandlike material in the vanilla part. Sickened.

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