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Estimated average consumption of $2.07 - $4.14 per person. We offer 83 menus, including Bacon Cheese GrillBUrger, 1/2 ;b. with Cheese Grillburger, Mushroom Swiss Grillburger, Classic with Cheese Grillburger, Classic Grillburger, California Grillburger, DQ
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By Kathleen W. at 2016-05-12

I've only been to this DQ once, but it was a pretty decent experience. Everything about the workers and the service was great. I did, however, have a bad experience with other customers here. I know that this isn't DQs fault, but it did make my experience less than stellar. There was a group of young men in a corner and they reeked of weed. The smell was over taking the entire establishment. The other issue I had was that there was a group of older high schoolers or younger college students that kept pointing and laughing at me for the cone I was eating. Yes, it was a large cone, but I had been craving ice cream for weeks, and I was very excited about treating myself to this very rare outing.

Apart from those two issues, DQ was wonderful. I loved the ice cream, as always, and my service was perfectly fine.

By Stephanie B. at 2015-03-24

My boyfriend and I stopped here for a quick bite to eat last Sunday.

Wasn't busy at all- which was a bonus! I've never been to a DQ that served food so I was a little skeptical! After ordering my food, I checked out Yelp and the reviews were not so great! Yikes!

My boyfriend and I split: 1 Crispy Chicken Wrap, 1 Cheese Curds and a Small Grasshopper blizzard. I was kind of shocked when our total was near $10 for items that weren't that large.

Service was quick and our food was brought out within a couple minutes. Compared to other fast food wraps, I really enjoyed the Crispy Chicken Wrap. The chicken strip, cheese, lettuce ratio was awesome. Definitely more chicken than other ingredients and the wrap was fairly large.

Cheese curds were pretty typical, much better dipped in ranch dip but they were hard or overcooked.

The blizzard was good size for the two of us to split and it actually was pretty good. Im not into mint flavor much but it wasn't overpowering.

What gave it a three star for me was the fact the place was freezing! All the employees had hoodies and sweatshirts on and all the patrons were eating with coats still on. Would have been nice to enjoy ice cream without already shivering.

By Matt M. at 2015-12-12

This Dairy Queen has an extremely rude staff and management and they are much more concerned about themselves than any customers. This location closes at 10pm according to their website. What they really mean is that they will be out of the building by 10pm and they will close much earlier to clean and take out the trash. When I got there at 9:30pm there were 2 cars ahead of me at the drive-thru and when I got to the menu board they took my order. After I had ordered they refused to serve me and would not open the drive-thru window to explain as all of the employees walked around inside eating and drinking.

By Nathan S. at 2015-03-07

Excited to go to my first dairy queen and they completely messed up our entire order. Bacon cheeseburgers without bacon and hamburgers with cheese... Forgot a soda. Was excited to get home and eat that I didn't check the order till I got home.

By Carrie M. at 2016-03-31

I ordered a Cookie Dough Blizzard. Very little cookie dough and it was runny. They did not do the upside down presentation. Staff was a bit confused, as our orders came out before we finished paying. I would love to know how they made a sundae (my husbands order) and a Blizzard in less than 2 minutes. No quality control?

By Chris K. at 2016-03-20

I love this place, been going there for 15+ years. I've never had any issues, the staff has always been friendy.

By Chuck W. at 2014-06-28

It's a DQ -- so you get DQ. If you like Blizzards, you can get one here. What you can't get is any idea that a manager is in charge.

Two examples: Last night, website said it was open until midnight. At 11:30, the place was pitch black.

And last week, we visited near closing time. We sat in our car and watched the employees empty out. Every one of them had parked in the primary spots right next to the door. Even the manager.

So what -- if paying customers had to park across the lot. Unbelievable -- every manager knows you use the best parking spots for customers. If he isn't paying attention to this detail, what else is slipping through the cracks?

By Erica T. at 2015-10-14

First of all, if it is stated you close at 10 pm why are you closing at 930. Secondly if there are customers in line as you are closing you serve those customers because this is a business based on CUSTOMER SERVICE. We were ignored at the drive through as the person in front of us just finished ordering, I told my boyfriend to pull up to the window because that is absolutely unacceptable and the employees refused to even acknowledge we were outside of the drive through window when the girl was standing right there. Will not be back, corporate should re evaluate this store considering the ratings are horrible and it is one of the Dq's open year round in this area. If I could give zero stars I would.

By R R. at 2014-02-06

This place is AWFUL!! I went in to redeem a birthday voucher for a BOGO Orange Julius, and they didn't accept it, and the employee I dealt with was quite rude.

I said, "This Dairy Queen is also an Orange Julius location, right?" The employee responded "yeah," then I asked why they didn't accept the coupon. She said, "I dunno." It was within the expiration date, and all the other terms of the offer were met. The employee was not at all friendly during this exchange, and the experience was highly embarrassing in front of other customers. In my opinion, this is a pretty crappy way to treat customers, and especially given the substantial competition the business faces in the immediate area.

By Sarah M. at 2015-06-15

Cant go wrong with their blizzards. Went thru the drive thru, which went pretty fast so we were all happy. The server at the window could of been a little more friendly but being how busy they were, its also understandable. We will still be back again.

By Bellinda G. at 2015-04-10

My husband and I brought our little daughter here. I must say the food was pretty good. I remembered seeing something on T.V about germs and bacteria on items like ketchup bottles and salt and pepper shakers and there I was face to face with a salt & pepper shaker that I didn't even want to touch. With all that I could see with my eyes, I couldn't help but wonder what was there that I couldn't see. The place was tidy, the entry carpet was dirty. The food and service was nice but the salt & pepper shaker on the table under the T.V. was filthy. Maybe it is due to all of the traffic. Again, I am not going to give them a bad rating but someone needs to clean the salt & pepper shakers-for real. This isn't me being petty. It wasn't a pretty sight. My camera did little justice in capturing what was there. I saw this one person licking their fingers, an indication that the food was good and then I was hoping he hadn't touched the salt & pepper shakers from the table that we sat.

By DB J. at 2014-07-19

This place is awful. The ice cream is always melted and pure liquid especially if you order a Blizzard. I live a mile away & a Blizzard will not make it home ever because it's already melted before they hand it to you. The other day we ordered small sundaes and the bottom cups weren't even a quarter cup filled ice cream with next to no topping on mine. I'm actually not even sure they gave me any topping. This place is awful. I would much rather drive out to the one on Van Dyke because that place is great.

By Samantha E. at 2013-10-25

im reviewing this place based on last week-ends visit, but honestly, i dont know why we come back. my brother likes it cuz of the blizzards and he is fixated on the red spoon. anyhow, i have never had good service here and i WILL NOT come back. the employees are rude. never smile. like seriously, you serve ice cream, and you weren't even that crazy busy. the portions are CHEAP. i will totally drive out of my way now to go to the van dyke dairy queen next to the wendys. nicer people there and i get an actual Large cone when i order a Large cone. wish i could give a ZERO to the hall rd location. the downside is, i dont believe the van dyke location is open year round. i will have to check

By Michael S. at 2012-08-31

They completely rebuilt this place. The ice cream was GREAT. We had gone in for the Orange Julius. Would not suggest this. The Julius are not like the ones in the malls.

By Al P. at 2013-07-08

I did not care for this location.... they will not accept coupons as they are not a 'participating' location and they don't have Reese's Pieces blizzards even though they advertise it on the menu. I will say I had no issues with the staff and my complaints are with the management/ownership. I will not return to this location even thought I live only a mile away.

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