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DaVinci's Pizza & Kripsy Krunchy Chicken

DaVinci's Pizza & Kripsy Krunchy Chicken
  • Street 321 E Broad St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 343-0123
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DaVinci's Pizza & Kripsy Krunchy Chicken introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.68 - $11.36 per person. We offer 79 menus, including Fountain Soda, Bottled Soda, Chicken Strips with Fries, Chicken Wings, French Fries, Cheese Fries, Chili Cheese Fries and so on.
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DaVinci's Pizza & Kripsy Krunchy Chicken reviews

By Cliffy P. at 2015-12-06

No pork on the meat lovers pizza! I love it. How often do you see that? I highly recommend the meat lovers pizza. That's all I ever order and always satisfied. However, My last order took over 1 hour and 20 mNinutes to be delivered.

By Paul K. at 2016-08-16

My bad. Should have checked reviews before I came here. The place has a bad smell to it- like they tried to clean it once a while ago but gave up. I went in for chicken and usually places that sell the Krispy Krunchy brand are alright. Not so much here. Tiny pieces that look pretty old. I got a three piece dark and asked for just thighs but was told it comes as two legs and a thigh- no substitutions... Seriously??? Anyway it all added up to a $8 disappointment/life lesson. Next time I'll hit the subway next door.

By Danny R. at 2016-05-05

If I could give lower then 1 star I would. I placed an order around 9:20. It's now 12:40am and I had to have the order cancelled finally by Eat24. I was told the pizza was just going out the door for delivery the two times I called. No idea what happened but this place has horrible customer service and delivery. No idea how the food is because I never even got it. Pick it up..try it...and good luck if you do!

By Marissa M. at 2016-05-02

Due to terrible customer service these guys lost a would be loyal customer. I ordered $30 worth of chicken for delivery at 8:30pm. The delivery estimate was 9:45, an hour and fifteen mins. A little long, but I don't mind waiting. At 9:45 I get a message saying that it was going to be there at 10:15. 10:15 rolls around and nothing. I call at 10:30, they don't answer the phone. I call at 10:45 to cancel the order but they don't answer the phone, we had already gotten dinner at this point. Then at 11:15 the chicken arrives, cold, like almost refrigerated cold. They refused to give me a refund even though the chicken was delivered over 1.5 hrs late from the original time, AND STONE COLD, lets not even talk about the rock hard biscuits that we threw immediately into the trash...By the time the food got to the house, we all had already eaten. If I wanted to spend money on COLD fried chicken I would have gone to Kroger. Which is what I will do from now on. It's borderline criminal. I will not be giving them my money again. $30 is a lot of money to spend on a meal that you are not going to eat and especially for as much as we order out.

Shame on you DaVinci's!

By Caroline T. at 2015-11-01

To preface, a group of around 40 of us hit this spot after our convention let out. Despite being understaffed and with no advanced warning of our arrival, these guys were pretty great! They kept cool and everyone got their food within 20 mins of ordering. They were out of slices and chicken, so we mostly ordered burgers and whole pizzas The food was decent, nothing outstanding but not dull. Great place for late night eats that isn't McDonalds or subway.

By Chris C. at 2016-06-12

Not much positive to say here. The workers didn't speak much English and couldn't understand us. The food was bland but the biggest negative was NO AIR CONDITIONING! We would have gone somewhere else but it was 96°, the line for subway was out the door, and we didn't feel like walking anymore.

By Je S. at 2016-05-31

If I could give a negative star I would. Stayed I there for 45 mins and watched 6 peoples order get served before mine. And then they made my order wrong TWICE!!!!! Worse service ever. Never going back.

By Washington D. at 2016-02-05

Im only giving them 1 star because i have to give something! Other than that it would have been a negative 100!My pizza was COLD and I ordered buffalo chicken wings and got regular fried chicken wings.When I called i talked to the so call "delivery manager" and when I asked who was running the shift he laughed amd told me his supervisor name was "Aziz" and he didn't know his last name and he was out of town. This is bad business and the customer service is AWFUL! Businesses like this i PRAY on their DOWNFALL due to the way they treat their customers!

By Will N. at 2016-01-15

Worse service ever! Ordered food from here for my daughter's sleepover and it took them 2 hours to deliver it. I had to search through my pantry to find something for the girls to eat. Some of them fell asleep while we waited for the delivery. I will never order from this restaurant again. Wish I could give NO STARS.

By Mark T. at 2015-01-17

The neediest chicken tenders around. My son and I split an 8 piece and it was perfect for lunch. Don't let the appearance of the place steer you away. The batter is crispy, spicy and not greasy.

By Lisa L. at 2015-02-16

We are visiting from California. We ordered pizza, chicken wings and gyro. The gyro is just OK. But the chicken and pizza tasted great. The price was very cheap too.

By Lyle R. at 2014-06-22

Avoid this one. There aren't many choices aside from hotel restaurants in this part of downtown Richmond, just the Subway next to it and DaVinci's Pizza, which is really a fast food take-out joint with typical fried chicken choices, a few sandwiches, a few salad options, a few Italian entres and pizza by the slice or a few choices of whole pies, so they were trying to cover all bases, but did so very poorly. Only the salads seemed even tolerable, and the counter staff on a Friday evening was incompetent to the point of helpless. If you dared to take a chance on the fried chicken, you would have been concerned about how long it had been in the warmer. Though I rarely would say this, you are better off in a hotel restaurant than trying DaVinci's, even at the prices, which were almost low enough to match the quality.

By Bethany S. at 2013-01-31

Wow where should i start. First i could smell this place while i was waiting for the bus on broad street. Smelled super yummy. So my company and i decided to tame that hunger when you smell something that tickles your nose and belly. Well to make bad story short. We ended up paying nearly 20 bucks for 2 steak and cheese subs or should i say 2 cheese subs because i think they were scared to put some meat on all that dry bread. Not a fan of hot subs. But when i want a steak and cheese i would love some steak. SMH some nerve of the guy behind the counter saying that we chose the best place in town for " STEAK AND CHEESE". My one day i decide to splurge and have a calorie and carb loaded treat.#Team go meat!

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