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We offer 102 menus, including Crispy Shrimp Taco, Big Fat Steak Taco TM, Big Fat Chicken Taco TM, Big Fat Taco TM, Chicken Soft Taco, Taco, Soft Taco and so on.
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Del Taco reviews

By Tony G. at 2016-09-07

I don't know why I keep coming here. The lines are always long and the wait times are horrendous! The staff are just slow and make too many mistakes with our orders.

Maybe it's just convenience and the food tastes better than Taco Bell?

Can't quite put my finger on it. The guy at the window had some real difficulty with our order and was sent on a break by the manager who saw the frustration on our faces and gave us our order for free. She ended up giving us our money back and apologized for the wait (10 minutes!) We thanked her and were on our way.

Don't order breakfast at 10:57 though. We learned the hard way.

By Call'em A. at 2016-07-14

I couldn't believe I have to even give one star! This place deserves a minus 4 stars!

Rock hard stale bun on cheeseburger, gross grease filled limp French fries. Uneducated cook and the manager was a complete asshole!

I got home and called the manager and he said that my cheeseburger was fine! WTF! And if I wanted another one to come back. Are you kidding me! Get in my car to get more bad service and extremely old food. No thank you! There's no telling what they would do at that point. No way! No chance!

I don't want anything for free, never! Just want and expect what I pay for and what is advertise!

I could not believe how hard the bun was. How old can the bun truly be to be that hard?!?!

$2 for a small French fry and they were completely grease filled and limpy. How long could have they been sitting there?!?! Seriously!

Beware of the old food and bad service! The manager was seriously on the phone trying to tell me my cheeseburger was fine! Manager didn't truly care and was a asshole!

Bottom line. . . . . They shouldn't serve food that they wouldn't eat themselves.

You have been warned. Go there at your own risk!

I Call'em as I see them!

By Justin B. at 2016-11-27

I understand he people in the fast food industry do not make much money but if you hate your job that much quit! The quality of the food I've gotten from this del Taco in recent months has been absolutely terrible!! No f**ks given in preparation of your food. Zero stars!!!

By Annette A. at 2016-11-11

open 24 hours??? um never! I work early morning hours and have stopped by here on several occasions and it's closed! sometimes I can see workers inside, but all the outside lights are off!!!!! what the...frustrating.

By Daren B. at 2016-10-19

Food was good for the price. Had some craving for some junk food and Del Taco had Taco Tuesday special.

By Randy L. at 2016-08-10

It's because of the store manager Jane I don't rate it a 1-Star. Unfortunately, some of the staff think they are doing the customers a favor by making the food. Poor attitude equal poor service. This Del Taco will continue to be below good service until those staff have a change of attitude.

By Nadine L. at 2016-08-24

DESERVES NO STARS. Down the block from me. NOT 24 hours. I don't eat fast food but when I randomly decide to pull up to the drive thru the lights are dimmed and I see the workers but he refuse to answer an order or even acknowledge you. Why does it say 24 hours and when it is open its inconsistent days. Such a convenient place for me but no help at all when you're hungry

By Cindy V. at 2016-08-26

There is no way to rank below one star because this place really deserves a -2 stars it is horrible. NEVER again shall I go to this location. I went have been to this location a few times in which would be after 10pm sometimes 11pm one night we got there around 10pm on a Saturday and the cashier said they are close and I said its a 24 HR location. He said they haven't changed that, that's wrong "we close at 10" I didn't think much of it until I passed by the next day around 12am and they were serving food in the drive thru. WTF really..... either this location has employees/managers closing the location whenever they want or they were being racist either way, I will NOT be visiting this location again, I rather go all the way to the Del Taco on Lincoln Ave in Buena Park than this location.

By Jillian C. at 2016-07-29

They should really fix this place.. whenever i am craving del taco, i cant even go here because i know the food and service is bad :( i have to drive few miles just to get del taco..

By Tom I. at 2016-10-16

Very slow service and the quality of the food is below good standards.The place is alway dirty and table are not cleaned regularly.

By Natalee M. at 2016-04-26

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I waited in the lobby for about 10 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge me! I should have left at that point but since I was there I ordered, 3 soft tacos, that's all. I am not sure why it takes over 15 minutes to get 3 soft tacos. Horrible service and I'm not sure how This location stays in business.

By Tiggy H. at 2015-08-31

Right now until I get this matter resolved I am not planning on returning due to an improperly made order. I usually get the combo # 5 with no lettuce on my soft tacos and no ice in my drink.

Besides the fact I found quite a few pieces of lettuce on both tacos the cashier gave me a cup so heavy with ice that I was surprised to feel any soda in it. She also cut me off before I was able to order my quesdilla which I really would have enjoyed...

Joana was totally rude when I mentioned this to her and acted very much like she was posing and stuck up.

After this experience if they don't correct their actions I will be leaving this review at 1 star and likely never eating at this location or with this chain again. And this is sad considering as a student at Cypress College I have had good experiences in the past here.

Update: The manager did remake my meal the following week but I am now eating out more selectively. I probably will be back to a corporate location in Westminster later this month for my "birthday shake," but for now I just wanted to update this review.

By D K. at 2016-06-12

Great prices for pseudo-Mexican fast food. And the service was fast: I was acknowledged as soon as I stepped up to the counter - by both the drive-thru guy and the manager. Free wifi. Taco Nights every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I agree with the other posters that the place could be cleaner but that is not why I docked a star. It was for the music; too loud and did not seem appropriate for Mexican-style fast food. But maybe that is the point: to make customers stay as short a time as possible to make way for incoming customers.

By Arbie M. at 2016-03-29

This place had improved so much over the years. They can definitely still improve on cleanliness but their customer service significantly became better!! Keep it up!

By Robert A. at 2016-01-30

Long lines and poor hygiene. Ordering a burrito watching this guy fill the ice machine but with a twist he uses his hands to move the ice around the container. Did u say he didn't wear gloves? Will never eat here.

By Crisca D. at 2015-12-30

I wish I could give no stars because of the rude worker taking orders at the drive-thru. Dude, it's not my fault you hate your job....

By C H. at 2015-08-30

Food poisoning! Spent all weekend sick and the doctor confirmed food poisoning. Had a bean and cheese burrito with sour cream and onions. Immediately sick and in horrible pain afterwards. This location could use an inspection. I grew up eating at this Del Taco and it was always good. So disappointed to know I'll never go back.

By Joseph C. at 2015-05-07

Its okay
Taste good but service is not good at all
Its like not bad not good
But the cashier doesn't like when I use mailing coupons

By Javi P. at 2015-04-19

Can't go wrong with the batter beer fish tacos, cookies and fries!!! I don't get why everyone has to be a negative nancy. It's good food and I've never had issues with my tacos or burritos.

By Andrew L. at 2014-07-15

Went through the drive through at 1am. Got two orders of macho nachos and two chicken soft tacos. The food was cold the tacos were dry and crumbling apart and the cheese was a greasy knot . The nachos had a total of 13 pieces of diced tomatoes and only on the chicken on the steak there was none. The beans were white and dry the steak was so dry it was actually crunchy the chicken nachos were drowning in cheese sauce all in all it was just awful. If you cant provide fresh hot food at 1am when no one is there then don't be open at that hour . I would hate to see what they sell during a rush.

P.s. The manager offered to replace the food . But why would i go back there to have my food messed with out of spite for making a complaint. Perhaps offering vouchers good at any del taco so i can go to good one like the one on western and lincoln. Avoid this place like the plague!

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