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Estimated average consumption of $5.54 - $11.08 per person. We offer 97 menus, including Nachos - Cheese with Jalapenos, Nachos - Cheese with Beans, Jalapenos, Nachos - Cheese Beans Beef, Jalapenos, Cheese Dip, Guacamole Dip, Fajita Nachos - Steak Fajita,
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Del Toro reviews

By Marshea Z. at 2016-08-03

Go there at least once a week. Great salsa and sweet tea! Service is excellent. Wonderful taco salad.

By Alex P. at 2015-02-20

As tonight was one of those nights where I had a powerful craving for mexican, or should I say, tex mex food, I decided to give this a try. Here is my takeaway:

- ENORMOUS portions - I have yet to visit a Tex Mex place where portions would be this massive. My steak fajitas were literally 3 portions for the price one. Just massive. Oh, they didn't do the usual trick of loading it up with onions and bell peppers. Lots and Lots of meat.

- BELOW AVERAGE ambiance - inside is just really plain and I don't have much to say other than, it does not look good or cozy. On this cold night in Alabama, the place was freezing too. The door kept opening and the restaurant is small, so they were clearly struggling to keep it warm. If I had to take a guess, the same happens in the summer

- GOOD service - you know, when there is no other adjective to describe something other than the word "good", this is what I type out here.

- DECENT food - I wouldn't say I didn't enjoy the meal, but I wasn't super happy about it either. It was just kinda there. Chips were too hard. Salsa was great. Steak fajitas were average. Guac and Pico both below average. Refried beans, well, they are refried beans, what else do you want me to say?

By Diana M. at 2015-07-27

Meh. Boring chips and salsa and the fajitas are not stellar. I'm not sure what I expected from a semi dumpy strip-mall restaurant... The sign for Hunan restaurant makes it look like both storefronts open into one large mexinese restaurant.

By Ken L. at 2015-09-07

The whole place needs to be updated and freshened up. It was like eating in an old stale outdated restaurant. The food was plentiful but couldn't help but wonder what the kitchen looked like based on the lobby. I can't get past that so I want be back.

By Art V. at 2016-04-10

BEST!!!! Fajitas anywhere!!!! Cheap prices! Outstanding!!

By Adam R. at 2015-06-17

Del toro has been a family gathering place for me and my family for years! Great Mexican food and super cheap!!! Chicken tacos are my go to.

By Kristina G. at 2014-04-10

The first time my husband and I went to Del Toro, we were almost startled as to how many takeout orders were at the counter. Now we know why.

The first time we went, we experienced EXTREMELY slow service in a nearly empty restaurant. We saw several tables get seated after us and orders taken almost immediately. Granted, the guy came by and bought us chips and salsa, but the HOSTESS took our order after waiting for the waiter. We later found out from the hostess that our waiter was goofing off in the back. I think we may have seen him once, maybe twice after this. Food was decent, service, not so much. After this experience, we specifically wrote on our receipt that we wanted our hostess to get a majority of our tip.

Fast forward about six months later. We figured we might give them another shot. We were disappointed once again. We ordered cheese dip and a couple of soft drinks. We finished our drinks and chips and ended up waiting about ten minutes for refills. Our fajitas arrived warm, but not sizzling. We brushed it off until the table next to us got some hot and sizzling fajitas.

If we ever decide to patronize this establishment again, it will be purely takeout. Shame, too. The margaritas looked fantastic, but who knows how long we'd be waiting for one if we were to order one?

By Andy N. at 2015-05-16

Been coming here for over 15 years at least. Great food everytime. Prices are great compared to other restaurant's. Building just got a new renovation, much needed. Portions, are good and so are the Chips, salsa. Try the "hot salsa". Good stuff.

By Jeremy G. at 2014-07-09

Good Tex/Mex style food. Atmosphere is very dated and the bathrooms are always pretty rough.

By Michael M. at 2015-02-24

This establishment has been serving my community for decades now great food great atmosphere great service the only thing it needs is a update on interior appearance a face lift or makeover you would say I prefer the chicken quesadilla dinner it's awesome and might change you life

By Gilbert D. at 2015-01-28

I recommend the fajitas! One the few places one can eat gluten free. Their crispy chicken tacos with no cheese and chicken fajitas are gluten free and dairy free. Chips and salsa is excellent.

By Zachary S. at 2015-07-27

Best Mexican restaurant I have been to in the entire country. Great prices, and great food. Been going here over 20 years. I always stop by whenever I'm back in town.

By Bryant F. at 2013-09-26

Probably the best mexican style steak dinner I've ever had. The service was very good and the pricing comparable. My only recommendation is that food of this quality should offer more authentic offerings such as that found in taquerias....lengua, tortas, etc.

By Dan G. at 2013-11-13

Food was fantastic! Salsa was not my kind of salsa. It was very heavy on the cilantro. The wife love it though. We will be back.

By Wayne L. at 2013-08-04

I've been going to this little hole in the wall dumpy little "resturante" since they've been in business, twenty plus years. It's always the same ole same ole! Salsa music playing in the background, dimly lit, plastic table covers, cheap paper napkins, and some of the best Mexican food you'll find anywhere! The salsa and chips are the best you'll ever find, so put a lid on that quest, it's over! The food is great!

By Philip L. at 2014-08-24

Great Mexican restaurant in Alabaster. They have the best fajitas. Our favorite is the Parrillada Mexicana. It's a combination of steak, chicken, and shrimp fajitas, served with flour tortillas, rice, beans, guacamole, spur cream, lettuce, and pico de gallo.

By Joshua C. at 2014-01-11

Not sure what all the hype is about but this was just a run of the mill Mexican restaurant we probably won't come back unless every other Mexican restaurant is horrible in the Hoover/alabaster area.

By Fawn B. at 2009-04-05

This is the best Mexican restaurant in the Birmingham area hands down. It was one of the first in Alabaster that served Mexican. Many others have popped up since then, but they come nowhere close. The service is always quick and good. Your drink is always full, and the chips and salsa come quickly.

The chips are fantastic - fresh, crisp, and hot, and the salsa is perfect and mild. The cheese dip is simple and tasty and not too thin like some other places. Some of my favorite dishes are enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, and the chimichanga. The orders are taken quickly, and the food comes out soon thereafter. And it's cheap, too!

I've tried many other places in this area, but I always go back to Del Toro. You can't beat the food, service, or price.

By Natalie S. at 2013-02-06

Little hole in the wall place my husband's family has been eating at for years. Their salsa is hands down the best in Birmingham, and their other servings are as good as or better than you'll find elsewhere and cheaper to boot. Definitely worth looking up.

By Jarrod S. at 2010-08-06

I stopped here with my family for lunch on the long drive home from the beach. We were all pleasantly surprised at the delicious, authentic food and fast, friendly service. I had the burrito suizas which was huge and loaded with flavorful shredded beef. My wife had enchiladas verdes which she also enjoyed but was a lighter portion. My kids both had the Wednesday special chicken quesadilla which neither could finish but both insisted on bringing the leftovers home. Very reasonable prices topped off a nice dining experience. Note the hours - they close in the afternoons between lunch and dinner. Siesta time?

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